CSI: Vegas (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Long Pig

1 Previously on CSI: Vegas GRISSOM: Hodges worked every one of the cases you saw in that storage unit.
BRASS: You think someone stole your stuff and is using it frame you.
That's exactly what I think.
SIDLE: The dog took a nice bite out of whoever broke into Hodges' garage.
Hopefully the blood on this tooth tells us who framed Hodges.
Our man looks to be of South American descent.
Nora is with Internal Affairs.
I still haven't decided whether I'm gonna be running my investigation out of Vegas or Washoe County.
I'm gonna interview a few folks around here, let you know what I decide.
MAN: Bruh, she gonna be ready.
Ah, look at this, ah.
- No! No - Aah! GRISSOM: Looks delicious.
You want one? Oh we don't usually eat in the lab.
Need to eat on the go this week.
Hodges case is keeping me hopping.
Thank you for agreeing to meet me.
I wasn't aware I had a choice.
Your buddy David's created quite a mess.
8,000 convictions are about to go poof.
I'm going back, meeting with all of Hodges' supervisors who signed off on his work.
There's one case out of the 12 that fell under your term.
Not sure if you'll recall the Diane Chase case? I remember it.
Mob lawyer.
She was killed by bridesmaids at her son's wedding.
From 2006.
Good memory.
We found a blood sample from one of the women who was convicted in David Hodges' storage unit.
And you think he replicated her DNA to make the case? You'll be called to testify about how you missed it.
That is your signature, correct? I didn't sign a redacted report back then, and I can't sign off on Hodges's guilt now without a look at the evidence.
I'm not asking for your professional opinion.
I'm asking if this is your signature.
It's really pretty simple.
You either made an error in oversight or you were a party to Mr.
Hodges' malfeasance.
You have a sterling reputation, Dr.
But David Hodges operated with impunity under your tenure.
Now he finally gets found out, and you and your wife pop up in Vegas? We came back because someone tried to murder our friend, Captain Jim Brass of the Las Vegas Police Department.
Then you both went back to work for Criminalistics.
We'd rather be working on our boat.
But you can't protect your legacy when you're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
I think we need to talk about why you're really back here at CSI.
Oh, no, that was just the microwave my burrito's done.
I'm actually looking at the assignment right now, and it'll be ready.
Sir, I just want to say one more time, thank you.
- What? - ROBY: What? You need an A on this one, buddy.
- Mom.
- Because I pay your tuition, Bryan.
And it's called return on investment.
All right, love you.
- I love you.
I'll call you later.
Cloak and Dagger.
So what couldn't be talked about on the phone? I just got cross-examined by that IAB lady.
I think it would serve us all better if I started working cases that don't originate in David Hodges' backyard.
Tell you what, you can start now.
Welcome to the barbecue.
The pig went into the pit around 11:00 last night.
And when they dug it up this morning, found a new arrival.
Allie, your scene.
What do you see? I see a vic who was dead before they covered him up.
If he'd been cooked alive he would've curled into a fetal position before rigor mortis set in.
So he was killed, then dumped.
He was put there knowing he would be found.
We got a killer who wants an audience.
And we're standing on his stage.
(SIZZLING) Are you done yet? DARYA: I thought so.
But the temperature's still rising it's 140 degrees now.
Carryover cooking.
The meat keeps broiling even after you take it off the flame.
Cause of death's gonna be tricky, too.
'Cause I'm pretty sure his organs are roasted.
I think it's time to invest in little yellow tents.
Route the killer took when he carried in the body.
Got trampled by the luau crowd.
How do you know where he came from? No security footage.
This is the only path out of view of the cameras.
- Either lucky or - Killer knew the property.
Pit in any better shape than the rest of this scene? Heat's worse than feet the pit's fried.
You know, Hugo will kill me if we bring a pile of goo into his morgue.
To have any shot at keeping him intact, I think we'll have to take it all everything in the pit and everything that came out of it.
I like that.
The whole pig and caboodle.
I'm a GM, not a CSI.
What's that supposed to do? What, this? Um, it's a portable Raman spectrometer.
It bangs a little light off molecules, - makes 'em vibrate, and then - It'll tell us whether any of these shovels were used to unearth that pig - and dump the body.
- I don't believe any of my people would do this.
Hawaii has eight islands.
We like to say Vegas is the ninth.
There are more kama'aina local Hawaiians here than anywhere else on the mainland.
Our luaus send a message.
Everyone here is ohana.
A guy getting cooked sends a slightly different message.
That whole area back there by the new pit is accessible by the public.
Who decided to put it there? Well, I did.
What are you saying, that I need an alibi? - Are you saying you don't have one? - I worked late.
And I went home.
Ask my wife.
Maybe I'll ask him.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? - Oh-oh-oh - Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! - (LOUD ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You got to turn it down.
Neighbors just called the cops.
Hey, Bryan, what's up? - (INDISTINCT ARGUING) - Come on! Hey, man, chill! Xander! Hold up! Stop! Stop! Get off of him! You got to break this Come on.
MAN: Did you see that? I'm so sorry.
- I didn't - Get on the ground now! Bryan, Bryan, listen to him! Hey! His mom is a cop! Please.
- Please - Ma'am! - Get on the ground now! - On the ground.
How you feeling today? Out to sea.
Which is where we should be.
I have my meeting with Nora Cross in an hour.
You have any tips? She likes apples.
Holds her cards very close to the vest.
Wouldn't even show me the methodology that Hodges supposedly used to replicate DNA in 2006.
Well, I wish I had more time in that storage space maybe we would know something about the guy behind this.
Well, Hodges'll learn more at discovery.
His attorney will get to see everything they got.
Well, that's gonna be too late.
Discovery is weeks away.
If we're gonna figure out which one of these guys framed Hodges before trial, we have to pick up the pace.
That woman is already suspicious of why we're even here.
Have some faith.
You know how persuasive I can be.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Aloha! I, uh got an ID on your vic.
How did you run prints already? I haven't even had a chance to rehydrate his fingertips yet.
No need.
I found this.
It's a sacral nerve implant it's like a pacemaker for regulating bowel function.
I figured a lot of medical implants had serial numbers, sure enough this one belongs to this guy.
Jeremy "JJ" Jackson.
Guess that explains what he was doing at The Hibiscus.
His family owns the place.
Looks like he was a healthy young man.
He didn't need the sacral nerve implant until he donated his kidney.
Not that I would've noticed he's missing a kidney.
What do you mean? This young man baked at about 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
All of JJ's internal organs dissolved and seeped out onto the pig.
- That's not mud, is it? - Sorry to say, I haven't started his autopsy yet.
He has to cool first.
Wonder if all this was cause.
It looks like he was hit by something.
Something weird.
I've never seen anything like it.
Won't know more until we can put him back together.
It's gonna be like turning a pulled pork sandwich back into a pig.
I could use some help.
I can't.
I'm lead on this one.
Have to go meet with his family.
Would you settle for me? If I have to.
Why would someone do this? Everyone just loved JJ.
Did JJ have anyone who would want to hurt him? No one.
I mean, he was just a light in this world.
I mean he was a light in our world.
He donated his kidney to a friend of a friend for goodness sakes.
Was there any unusual behavior from JJ recently, anything at all? He did quit the hotel.
He was being groomed to replace me as a CEO eventually.
Last week he just I don't know, he just up and quit.
I think it has something to do with Roy.
Our GM.
He and JJ didn't get along.
Kahale? I saw him at the luau.
It's not easy to go out on your own.
So I, I was I was proud of JJ, but truth be told, I thought he'd be back in a week.
(CRYING): He's never coming back.
(SIREN WAILING) Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Are you okay? Let's go home.
(ENGINE STARTS) Would you mind if I ask you a question? Could we just jump to the fireworks? I mean, you wanted to meet because I signed off on bad stuff that Hodges supposedly did, right? When are you going to show me those files? - Accuse me of being complicit - Actually, none of the 12 cases Hodges tampered with happened under your watch.
So congrats.
Main reason I wanted to sit with you is nobody worked with Hodges longer than you.
Just want to go through, get an account of everything - you observed - Well, then I can speed things up.
I never saw anything.
Hodges is a good man.
He was a great lab tech.
- He's professional - Listen.
Friendly advice.
You don't want to start offering character testimony for the accused you do that, D.
's got no choice but to impugn your character.
What's wrong with my character? "Sara Sidle's temperament can be an issue.
She has blind spots.
An inability to channel emotional energy stands in the way of her becoming the best CSI she can be".
What's that from? A performance review written just before the Chase investigation.
By your supervisor at the time.
That's about when you two got serious, right? That has nothing to do with it.
You were distracted by an affair that began in the workplace.
That's why you failed to notice That is completely untrue! I didn't bring this up to rile you.
I just want you to know where it will go if you get up on the stand and start to What, tell the truth about Hodges? If I do that, I'll get beat up with my husband's own words twisted against me.
Got it.
We're gonna finish this later.
I got to get back to work.
On what, exactly? Murder at a luau.
Why don't you ask around? You should know that wasn't all of it.
If Sara masters her demons, she'll thrive as a CSI for as long as she wants.
She's made for this job".
I always wanted to go to a luau.
I'm not sure sifting through dirt from a barbecue pit really counts.
When you were sailing around in the South Pacific, did you miss all this? The glamour? Some people say I was made for this job.
Got something here.
Not sure what this white powder is.
It's cyanuric acid.
It's hard to imagine what it would be doing in a barbecue pit.
Why? What is it? It's mostly used to sanitize high-traffic pools.
You know, I met a man who was dealing with the hotel pool.
JJ might not be the only thing we pulled out of the ground.
I think we just dug up a suspect, too.
CARSON: Good-looking pool, Mr.
What do y'all use to keep it clean? I don't, uh I don't know.
You said you were down here dealing with some problem with the pool the night of the murder.
We found cyanuric acid next to the victim's blood in the sand next to the pit.
- What does that mean? - I can't say with certainty.
But I think it means someone who was dealing with the pool is involved.
Let me be square with you.
I knew it was JJ in the pit.
I knew when I saw those red shoes of his.
And you didn't say anything? I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.
Well, we now think you might've murdered a man and roasted his corpse.
You think that's the right idea? Why don't you show us where you keep your pool chemicals? Hey, Kai? You got a key to the maintenance room? You might hear from some people, JJ and I butted heads.
But I swear I didn't kill him.
Well, JJ's parents said you two didn't get along.
Why is that? Well, maybe 'cause he was a rapist.
Kai, enough! Honestly, you people should just go home, take the win! Karma got him! Look, Roy, you know how much I need this job, but I'm not gonna stay quiet.
What are you talking about? JJ raped my girlfriend, Rachel Koa.
What? Did JJ's mommy and daddy not tell you? Honestly, it figures you guys don't know, they probably had the records erased.
Can we speak with Rachel? No.
You can't.
She reported JJ to the police, but his family had lawyers.
They made her take it back or they were gonna ruin her.
Which they did anyway, so She lost her job, she was banned from the hotel.
Lost friends.
She OD'd two weeks ago.
JJ was scum.
Whoever killed him did the world a favor.
It's not enough to hold either of them.
But Carson's looking into Kai's alibi.
Roy's, too.
- You know, part of me hopes they hold up.
- Yeah? JJ ended up on top of a pig.
Whoever put him there went too far, but they had their reasons.
Okay, Rachel's rape kit will still be on file even though she withdrew her claim.
- Process it.
- I pulled Rachel Koa's statement.
Here's how it went down according to her.
She and JJ had drinks after work.
Next thing she knows he's pulling her into a hotel room.
Ripped off her necklace in the process.
He was just too strong.
A golden boy with no enemies, huh? JJ's parents lied to me.
They banned Rachel and her whole family from the hotel.
Their son was a rapist and they covered it up.
Alleged rapist, Allie.
No matter what JJ may or may not have done in the past, he is the victim here.
Of course.
- You're right.
- Okay.
So it says here that Rachel had a half sister.
A professor at West Las Vegas, so if you're right about motive She might know more people who fit.
So get a list um, someone who is strong enough to carry the body, someone who works with cyanuric acid, someone who's capable of butchering JJ and dumping him.
We need to talk.
Roby, I'm concerned you may have made a serious mistake.
Rehiring Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom? They aren't on trial.
- David Hodges is.
- You're right.
But they're both all wrapped up in his case.
Maybe you're not concerned about optics I'm very concerned about optics.
When people see this lab, I want them to know we get it right.
There is an assault on the truth out there.
Not your truth, not my truth.
But the truth.
And you think they're telling the truth? I think that when I get a chance to hire people people of talent, people with integrity I'm gonna do it every single time.
To do what? Specifically.
That's what I'm here to ask.
They're telling me they got an animal cruelty case and something to do with a barbecued pig? They were telling the truth.
Do you want to see the files? Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you even have the authority to ask to see them? When this is over when Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom's testimony helps the D.
put David Hodges where he belongs I hope you're still sitting there.
Where you belong.
Honestly, have you ever seen anything like these incisions? Mm-mm.
It's not just the rape that I blame him for.
JJ got Rachel into drugs, parties.
She wasn't made for that life.
And now she's gone.
Was it just you and Rachel here? We have some extended family in Vegas.
Course, I know why you're asking.
Rachel's friends and family have motive, right? I mean, it's definitely possible JJ's death was revenge for what he did.
You think he just did it to Rachel? Nobody else's family might want a piece of him? We're only aware of the one crime.
Is there anyone you could think of who would do something like this? Have you ever been homesick? Rachel was homesick.
But I brought her here.
It was my idea.
I thought we'd have more opportunities in Vegas.
Whoever did this, and I really don't know who they are, they gave me a gift when JJ died.
I can shut my eyes in peace at night.
I wish I could help you, but You remind me of one of my students from Kauai.
Your mana it's good.
There's a quiet about you.
I'd say good luck but instead, I'll say, "Take care of your silence, Allie".
("HUNTER" BY BECCA MANCARI PLAYING) Letters in the mailbox Say I'm gonna hunt you down I'm gonna hunt you down I am the prophet Hey, I am the savior Well, I am the prophet Hey, I am the savior.
This is not what I had in mind tonight.
Far from prying eyes.
I borrowed some stuff from the lab.
I bet you got some fun looks from the people downstairs in the casino while you were wheeling this stuff in.
Could you check that agarose gel? To see if I was able to replicate this DNA? Trying to see if Hodges could've faked the Chase evidence? The answer is, yeah, he could've.
So even with the technology we had back then, it was possible.
Whoever did this thought of everything and it's really starting to piss me off calling him "whoever" all the time.
How was your meeting with, uh, what's her name? Oh, she's interesting.
She made it clear that we can forget about looking at that evidence.
Well, I wouldn't share it if I was her.
You're always so good at channeling your emotions.
Maintaining a professional temperament.
What is it, Sara? Detective Cross wants both of us to meet her downtown tomorrow.
I'm hoping that you could keep her in suspense a little longer while I change her mind.
How are you gonna do that? We're gonna make a trade.
She's gonna give you a peek at the evidence.
So you can narrow down a list of suspects.
But it has to be her idea.
Oh, shoot.
Oh, shoot, okay.
We'll make this work.
What? You're making breakfast.
I mean, last time you cooked it was "We're moving to Vegas".
First of all, that is not true, and secondly, I make a really good Western scramble.
And thirdly, I love you, son.
I love you, too.
And Mom? I know.
I just heard it from Dad again.
Work twice as hard, expect half as much.
And come home.
I did.
(QUIETLY): And you did.
And you're gonna do really good in school? Mm-hmm.
And who's Kellie? Your eggs are burning.
Oh, my you! - (LAUGHS) - Stop it! Get your plate! How we feel? New day, fresh start? I came in early to process Rachel's kit.
Tox confirmed Rachel had GHB in her system a lot of it.
So she was drugged like she said she was.
And there was physical evidence of assault, no question.
But JJ was not a match.
She was drugged.
She must've been confused about who attacked her.
We need to find the real rapist.
People thought he did it.
Forget people, Allie.
What does the evidence say? Take another look at JJ's remains.
Figure out a physical profile of who caused all that damage.
Check it against Roy Kahale, and all of JJ's business partners.
There's no active file on the sexual assault.
Let me open one.
I can work more than one case at a time.
Look at him.
This young man was falsely accused of rape.
Killed and thrown in a pit.
We can come back to Rachel.
But for right now figure out who killed that man.
All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't do what Hugo just did.
He looks great.
RAMIREZ: I can now confirm exsanguination as cause of death.
Credit where it's due, your friend here Mr.
Folsom, did not completely beclown himself.
I did all the blood loss calculations.
The most interesting thing is where the blood spilled from.
The punctured skin is so dehydrated, I could really use a second opinion from our resident desiccated corpse whisperer.
Please don't make that a thing.
Probably too long for a nickname.
RAMIREZ: The rest were so denatured.
This is the best I could find.
RAJAN: Not too shabby.
Well protected from heat, retained some moisture.
Probably from under his arm? - Mm.
- Whisperer.
Surgical slice on one side.
And torn flesh on the other.
I would've guessed a serrated blade, but it'd have to be wider and shorter.
So what we're really looking for is something like this.
So Jaws treated him like a chew toy? - Wait, what are you doing? - His ribs were shattered, huh? I'm sorry, Hugo.
You really are an artist, but I've got to get in there.
Eh, okay.
See? It's not the same color.
Some of them were cooked pretty good.
- We thought that was part of his rib.
- Nope.
This isn't a part of JJ.
This is a part of what killed him.
Aloha and e komo mai to The Hibiscus Hotel.
How may I help you? We're gonna need that weapon.
- We have a warrant, ma'am.
- Oh.
Let me call maintenance to come take it down.
Is this the only one you want? There's more? (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) You know, I was actually a little more excited about finding a potential murder weapon.
Yeah, I wasn't really hoping for a hundred.
I found these in Roy Kahale's office.
Bag, tag, put 'em with the rest.
Not even a trace of blood.
Or even a single decent fingerprint.
Either the cleaning crew at the Hibiscus does a damn good job, - or the killer did.
- Either way.
It's still a dead end.
I guess we should just move on.
If we test each weapon for wound pattern, - then it might tell us which - I need a minute.
kind of weapon Is this a peace offering? Or are we just never gonna get on the same page? I'm giving peace a chance.
I had some time to think about the choices you're offering.
One throw David Hodges into the wood chipper.
Two climb in myself.
That's evocative.
Not sure it's quite fair.
I want to tell you why I left yesterday, it It's this idea you have that Gil and I were swept up in a romance, not paying attention to our jobs.
- You wouldn't be the first.
- Well, it wasn't like that.
The work at CSI, that-that was our passion.
You know, it's what brought us together.
I just want the truth.
You want me to support the case you've built.
But based on what I know, all I could really say on the stand is that Hodges might have falsified DNA as you suggest.
"Might have" isn't gonna cut it.
If you believe that Gil Grissom would cheat the process, that he would jump to a conclusion and work backwards to get there you're not as good at your job as you think you are.
I think you're being a little naive.
Naivete, by definition, is a lack of experience, wisdom judgment.
The antonyms are intelligence, perception, enlightenment.
And that would be my wife.
You know, I don't usually have this much trouble bringing a man around.
Tell me about it.
It took me years.
He didn't understand my temper.
He didn't understand why I would get emotional on the job.
You read some of that.
One night, during a a particularly tough case, uh, I told him my story.
My whole story.
My childhood was complicated.
Gil understood and after that, he was just there.
The A.
, the D.
, Judge Shapiro.
That civil attorney they assigned, Anson Wix.
Hodges' lawyer, me, Dr.
Roby I could keep going.
- With what? - The list of people playing tug-of-war over this mess.
None of whom you want to test.
SIDLE: Most people are motivated by impulses.
Desire, anger, fear.
There aren't any gears that shift for my husband until he sees how they work.
But you put him in a lab you give him time to study he finds his way.
So, it looks like we're all seeing this the same way.
Just a real unfortunate situation.
It could've been worse.
That's true.
Officer Chung is not gonna press charges.
He gets it.
But I just thought, you know, this day and age, let's really make sure we're all good here.
I'm good.
So, Max, Bryan will serve his community hours and, you know, no sheet.
He's clean.
Thank you.
Lucky kid.
To have a mom like you, who can smooth it out.
Would you tell him something for me? Tell him to think about steering clear of that crowd.
Nothing good happens after midnight, you know? Officer? You think about something for me.
Think about why my son the one who was breaking up the fight was the one you grabbed first.
(GRUNTING) I thought I was the one taking this case too personally.
- Huh.
- Has he done something to offend? Usually I do my Pilates, but sometimes you just need to swing with a leiomano.
These are beautiful, aren't they? Yeah, one of them made an ugly mess.
Come on, want to find out which one? Come on.
- (GRUNTING) - Yes.
(GRUNTING) These are almost surgical, right? But his? His are much more haphazard.
And those contusions? Came from something longer and thicker.
An improvised weapon.
But how does a shark tooth end up in his rib? Here's a better question.
Do sharks get tartar? This tooth belonged to a tiger shark.
Ancient Hawaiians called them niuhi.
They can shed 35,000 teeth in a lifetime.
I've seen a bunch of these, and no tiger sharks don't need to floss.
So it's not some kind of natural fishy tooth business? Mass spec says it's a calcium hydroxide formula.
Well, we'd better find out if these weapons were coated in the same stuff.
It's most commonly used in museums.
They used to preserve bones with it.
What about anthropologists? Sure, maybe.
That's what Rachel's half sister Cynthia Koa does.
She works with Hawaiian artifacts.
Sounds like she might deserve another look.
I think I saw her at the scene.
She must've come back to see her work.
I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd seen Cynthia before, when I went to interview her.
But that's that's what it must've been.
You should take a look at her stuff.
So get together with Detective Carson, go through your notes, and get him started on a warrant application.
I didn't I didn't take any notes.
And it was just me.
I went alone.
You what? I thought JJ raped her sister, and I felt for her.
I didn't want to overwhelm her, and I didn't think that she'd Okay, the Koas were banned from that hotel.
If you could swear she was there Might be enough for a warrant.
I can swear.
Max I'm sorry.
Hello there, slugger.
Could explain the contusions.
If not the rest of it.
Leucocrystal Violet strikes out again.
You're not gonna find anything.
But if you keep digging, you'll learn I also own a volleyball.
Allie, take this down to the lab.
We could test it further.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
I'm not finding anything here.
We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.
Don't press, just breathe.
Hey, Carson, did you check the jewelry boxes? Every nook and cranny.
RAJAN: Cynthia? Can I see the necklace you're wearing? It falls under the warrant, ma'am.
You see what I'm seeing, Allie? Can you explain this, Cynthia? It was Rachel's.
That man tore it off of her when he raped her.
I wrapped it around my baseball bat.
I thought he deserved the Captain Cook treatment.
What's that? Cook came to Hawaii uninvited.
He tricked and killed our people.
My ancestors made him pay.
They roasted him.
He came to Hawaii an explorer.
He left as long pig.
CARSON: And you think that's what you did to JJ? Delivered justice? He's the reason my sister's dead.
No one else was gonna keep him accountable.
Not his parents.
Or the Las Vegas police.
It was up to me to expose him for the pig he is.
But you didn't do it alone.
JJ was a large man.
You didn't carry his body by yourself.
Kai Manu helped you.
Kai knew where the cameras were.
He'd just finished cleaning the pool for Roy.
He still had a tablet of cyanuric acid on him.
- We found one in the pit.
- No.
I did it all.
By myself.
I don't think that's possible.
You can ask me a million times.
My answer's never changing.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Kama'aina stick together.
You should know.
We ran Rachel's kit.
JJ didn't rape her.
You don't know that.
No, we do.
That's why it's so important not to decide what you're gonna do before you really know.
It wasn't enough to end his life.
She had to ruin his name.
Reputation is big.
When you lose it, it's hard to get it back.
I'm sorry.
Not just for missing her, but for the way I was with you.
You do this job long enough, and you figure out that you got to have an outlet.
I got my Pilates.
Folsom's got his yoga.
What do you have, Allie? When you want to scream, where do you go? I think I would feel better if there was something I could do for Rachel Koa.
There might be.
We cannot thank you enough.
Not for just finding that awful woman, but for proving that our son was not what they said.
I knew that girl was lying.
Rachel wasn't lying.
It's rare that a woman lies about being raped.
But Rachel was drugged, so she got it wrong.
JJ's DNA exonerated him.
His whole genome wasn't a match.
But there's a woman in our lab, she looked closer.
And the thing is there were some alleles on his Y-chromosome that were.
What does that mean? RAJAN: Y-chromosome can only come from the father, Mrs.
JJ and your husband do look very much alike.
Those tests are wrong.
We had the truth sitting in our storage area for months.
But Scott pushed Rachel to drop the charges.
You know, I keep thinking what if she hadn't? JJ knew that you hurt that girl.
Didn't he? Is that why he quit? Are you going to arrest him? Ms.
Koa was pressured to drop her charges before she died.
So without a complainant You cost us everything.
I'm going to take everything from you.
(LYNN CRYING) Good morning, Dr.
Good morning, Ms.
Where's the fruit? This is everything David Hodges has been accused of.
Everything we found in his storage unit.
It's probably only a fraction of what he did, but it's all we know about.
You can start with the worst of it, and keep going until you're convinced if you want.
That's the Ronald Pose case.
I'm not, uh, familiar with this one.
It's a doozy.
Pose was choked to death on the cremains of his dead wife.
I apologize, it's not a happy way to end the day, but I figure if a little glimpse will get you to see the truth, maybe you'll be more willing to say it.
He faked the evidence.
And if he faked it here Okay.
You got it.
I'll testify in the Diane Chase case.
I'm glad I met you, Dr.
An honest man is hard to find.
Where do we go when we die? It worked? I want to know what kind of magic you used to put that woman under your spell.
She's under the opinion that I'm emotional.
So I went with it.
What did you see? Enough.
You know who did it? Only one of our suspects has the skills to do what I saw.
Where do we go? Where do we go? (SIGHS) Now we just have to prove it.
When we die Ooh, where do we go, ooh Where do we go? - Ooh, where do we go, ooh - (MUFFLED SCREAMING) Where do we go? - Ooh, where do we go, ooh - (MUFFLED SCREAMING) Where do we go? Where do we go when we die?
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