CSI: Vegas (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Let the Chips Fall

1 Previously on CSI: Vegas MAN: This is rented to a Mr.
It's like his own little lab to fake evidence.
Hodges didn't do this.
Someone just made it look like he did.
ROBY: Let's go deeper in the DNA.
Our man looks to be of South American descent.
Nora is with Internal Affairs.
I'm gonna interview a few folks around here.
- That is your signature, correct? - GRISSOM: She holds - her cards close to the vest.
- She's gonna give you a peek at the evidence so you can narrow down our list of suspects.
- You know who did it.
- GRISSOM: Only one of our suspects has the skills to do what I saw.
Bah-bah, bah-bah Bah-bah, bah, bah-bah-bah, bah-bah Bah-bah, bah-bah MAN (OVER RADIO): Boomerang 8-7, this is Vegas tower.
Come in.
Boomerang 8-7, this is Vegas tower.
Come in.
Boomerang 8-7, tell me you read me.
We are starting to worry down here.
- What's the call? - Tower can't raise a cargo plane lining up for runway four.
MAN (OVER RADIO): All security vehicles to runway four.
All security vehicles to runway four.
Homeland Security thinks we got a hostage situation or a kamikaze, so get us to four now.
Let's go! (SIRENS WAILING) Eyes on aft compartment.
Guns up on that cargo door, stack behind me.
Stand by for plug door breach.
SIDLE: That's our man.
ROBY: Martin Kline.
You two believe this guy framed David Hodges, He wanted him to look like a rogue lab tech.
- It's a theory.
- So is evolution.
Kline matches the phenotype of the man that we're looking for.
And he has the technical skills to pull it off.
He's a former medical examiner.
SIDLE: These days, Kline makes his living as an expert witness, same as Hodges.
So 8,000 criminals could get sprung because of what this guy did.
Why? He got a bone to pick with the criminal justice system? Oh, he's picked a lot of bones.
That's part of the reason we think he deserves a closer look.
Okay, I haven't had my coffee yet.
Can we not speak in riddles? Detective Cross showed me a case that Hodges supposedly fixed.
It hinges on a piece of broken femur, leached of DNA.
SIDLE: We had ten suspects.
Kline is the only one that would know how to do that.
But he had to get that femur from somewhere.
Kline conducts private autopsies.
I think swiping parts from corpses is generally frowned upon.
The man may have sent somebody to kill Jim Brass just to get our attention.
I don't think a frown's gonna stop him.
(PHONE BUZZING) There's a problem at the airport.
I like where you two are headed on this, but IAB has still got its eyes on you.
Keep flying under the radar.
- Maxine.
- Marcus.
Um, this is Allie Rajan and Josh Folsom.
Guys, this is Special Agent Barron.
Don't gamble with this guy.
He still owes me a drink.
- What's it been three years? - Yeah.
When we call in the local geek squad, it's a mixed bag, but looks like I hit the jackpot in Vegas.
Good thing, too.
We really need all the help we can get on this one.
All right, tell us.
So this cargo plane is inbound from Sonora, Mexico, radio silent on approach.
Homeland Security goes full tilt freak-out, but the plane lands autonomously, no incident.
The plane landed itself? Modern flight systems can communicate with the magnetic sensors in the runway.
Everything's automated.
Lucky thing, too.
What the hell happened up there? That's the question.
Unfortunately, there's nobody alive to answer it.
I wouldn't say that.
You asked us.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? - Oh-oh-oh - Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) Careful, Maverick.
Do you want to fly, Goose? I'd rather get in there.
We'd have to take these pictures first anyway.
At least now we're not tromping over all the evidence.
Not all the evidence.
There's blood on the ceiling.
Cast-off or arterial spray? Could be either.
Two of 'em got it in the neck.
From a fire safety ax, looks like.
That thing is coated.
Can't say I'm optimistic about prints.
We got The Shining at 30,000 feet, - and no easy way to know who did the chopping.
- Hmm.
What do you think? Somebody went nuts with the ax, victim got ahold of it and fought back? That'd be my guess.
(PHONE RINGING) I don't want to guess, Chris.
I want to know.
That's Captain Eduardo Reyes.
The first officer, Mike Conroy.
That's Ellis Truette.
He subs for us sometimes.
Wasn't on the schedule.
- He must've been deadheading.
- What? Uh, sitting jump seat, hitching a ride home.
Our pilots do it all the time.
Is there anything on the black box? No.
Someone pulled the fuse.
Watkins, can you think of any reason why one of those pilots would do something like this? No.
No idea.
These are good men, family men, been with our company for years.
Hell, Captain Reyes is a hero.
When he flew civilian, - he landed a 767 that lost an engine.
- (PHONE RINGING) He-he saved 200 lives.
That's his wife.
Um - Yeah.
- Excuse me.
So, I was, um I was surprised to see you.
I I heard you were based in Atlanta.
Were you checking up on me? I, uh, cleared a couple of FAA cases.
I sort of became Agent Airplane for the Bureau.
Now they send me all over.
Do CSIs have specialties like that? I'm genetics and kinesiology.
- Kind of like body language? - Kind of.
You lost your wedding ring.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good.
I never liked your husband.
You never met my ex.
What are you looking at? A lot of Type A negative, Type O and B positive.
Reyes, Conroy, Truette.
How about all the rest? That's the question.
Once we find out who bled where, might be able to say who killed who.
We're gonna be blood-type testing for the rest of our natural lives.
I called the coroner's office to check which cases Kline's consulted on lately.
Here we go.
Riley Jones, traffic fatality.
CSI deemed it an accident.
Martin Kline conducted a second autopsy at the request of the family two months ago.
That sounds benign.
Kline's done two autopsies this year.
The first was interred at a mausoleum.
That wouldn't be my choice if I was a bone thief.
Jones here is a better bet.
Her family donated her body to science.
You see that? (LAUGHING): Oh.
We get to go to the body farm.
PARK: Type A.
Sample 134 is more from Captain Reyes.
Hello? Let's hear some chatter down there, team.
How about some "Never Have I Ever"? What? It's a drinking game.
You say something you've never done.
And if the other person has, they got to drink, or, you know, chart blood.
So Never have I ever been to England.
- Ugh.
- (LAUGHS) You got me there.
Never have I ever been to a football game.
Football-football or soccer? - Both.
- Ugh.
FOLSOM: All right, all right, never have I ever rapped in a middle school talent show.
- (LAUGHS) - You showed him the video? - Uh, uh.
- (LAUGHTER) FOLSOM: All right, here's a real one.
Never have I ever seen an FBI agent more interested in our boss.
You caught that, too, huh? Hey, seems like a good dude.
She should go for it.
Are you mad? That's a terrible idea.
Well, just mixing work and Hmm.
Never mind.
All right, I'm done on this quadrant.
I'm not seeing any more blood back here.
Do you think someone forget to fasten this crate? No.
This strap got the same treatment as those bodies up front.
They were looking for something.
Do you think one of those guys up there started snooping and got caught? (GASPS) Maybe this was a heist gone wrong.
Maybe it didn't go wrong at all.
Let's imagine that each of these chips - is worth a $1,000.
- Why would we imagine that? Because $1,000 chips at the Zenith Casino are the most valuable chips in Vegas without RFID tracking.
So, they're untraceable.
Anyone could cash them in, a few at a time, no questions asked? Yup.
We found a cargo crate on board that got tampered with midflight.
Checked the packages inside against the manifest.
Only one was missing.
"Nature of goods: gaming.
Destination: Zenith Casino".
This API box is the same size as the one that disappeared from the plane.
Guess how many chips fit inside.
Probably enough to buy me a little lake house.
(LAUGHS) Two million dollars' worth.
All from a factory in Sonora.
(WHISTLES) Two mil? Someone else must've been on the plane.
They killed three men, jumped out a whole lot richer.
But after he jumps, how was the door closed? How was the cabin repressurized? I think your theory might have some holes.
ROBY: We got to play the hand we're dealt.
The killer left something in that plane.
We find it, we find them.
GRISSOM: Wonderful place you have here, Dr.
- Thank you.
- I don't hear that a lot.
Most people think body farms are ghoulish.
As if there's another way to study decomposition.
(INHALES) Ah, that smell.
So many memories.
I understand you're interested in one of our bodies.
What has you so curious about Riley Jones? Well, we're not sure you were given an intact corpse.
Well, I'm sorry then.
It might be too difficult to tell at this point.
Jones has Grid 17 here all to herself, - so, here she is.
- Hmm.
And there she is.
And, well, there's more over there, and, well, you're welcome to whatever you can find.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Looks like a coyote or something was here.
Let's hope there's enough bones left to tell if Dr.
Kline was the first scavenger to find Ms.
Hey, Watson? The game's afoot.
The human body is just no match for a crash ax.
Captain Reyes and First Officer Conroy both died of arterial hemorrhaging.
23 lacerations and not one defensive wound? Huh.
None here, either.
You'd think the second guy faced with an ax-wielding maniac would maybe get a hand up, no? Maybe they were already incapacitated.
Are these from taser prongs? You mean from a stun gun? RAMIREZ: That was my thinking.
Puncture diameter and depth are both consistent with taser prongs.
Hold up.
Tasers are packed with AFID tags, AFIDs.
Numbered confetti basically IDs the weapon.
They blow out when fired.
- We didn't find any.
- True but if the door was open midflight for a thief to jump, there would have been a vacuum.
I mean, bodies are too heavy, cargo was tied down.
But any little bit of paper it would've been sucked right out.
Story gets a little more complicated over here.
Ellis Truette, our jump seat rider.
RAMIREZ: I looked him up.
Poor guy's wife died in childbirth.
Sad stuff.
His little boy is eight.
Anyway, Truette was involved in the fight, but he wasn't tased, and he didn't die like the other two.
- How'd he die? - Hypoxia.
Pulmonary vasoconstriction and alveolar hemorrhaging confirm.
You think he was starved from oxygen when the cabin depressurized? So he was still alive when the killer jumped out with the chips.
Mm, not for long.
Probably didn't help that his lung capacity was already limited.
Stage three or four lung cancer.
Everyone ends up in a room like this sooner or later.
For Mr.
Truette, it wasn't going to be much later.
Truette wasn't tased.
He wasn't nearly as hacked up.
He was already dying of terminal cancer.
We sure he was an innocent victim? You think he was in on the heist? He could've snuck a partner in crime on board, someone he shouldn't have trusted.
I mean, the man was about to leave his kid fatherless.
Maybe he didn't want to leave him penniless, too.
Is that what happened? BARRON: So your people have a hunch this Truette guy was in on it? My three least favorite words - are "coupon", "quinoa" and "hunch".
- (LAUGHS) I had Truette's luggage sent up for analysis.
Well, I think you can skip the fancy science this time.
You give me one good look at someone's bag, I'll tell you 50 things about them.
50 things, huh? Go on.
How about one? I bet he smuggled in his partner in here.
They don't X-ray commercial pilots' luggage in Mexico.
- Boss? - Yeah.
Prelims came back on the blood.
212 samples all from the decedents.
If there was another passenger, they didn't bleed on that plane.
I think we can stop saying "if".
This is a Trojan horse.
You know what? I don't think we can learn 50 things about this guy, but I'd settle for one or two.
PARK: Only thing I see is residue from a cleaning product.
Even if it was just a baby wipe, we're probably out of luck on DNA.
- What is that? Lint? - Here.
I think it's one of those stickers that they slap on your luggage at the airport.
Think that'll tell us something, Agent Airplane? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) I'm impressed.
You got all the broken spinous processes in order.
Well, we've had some practice.
SIDLE: Yeah, I'm still missing three bones.
There's no left true rib number four, right tibia or right talus.
GRISSOM: A private autopsy was done by a man who may have taken souvenirs.
It wasn't Martin Kline, was it? What makes you think that? The Nevada pathology community is basically middle school.
I mean, nobody wants to sit at Marty's table.
If I were to guess who's a creepy bone thief Well, that would be a good guess.
Let's have a look and see what the old weirdo might have taken.
Tibia and talus were on the menu for a coyote, maybe a bobcat.
Yeah, well, I think true rib number four was removed by a different kind of animal.
One with opposable thumbs, perhaps? And a Stryker Autopsy Saw with an oscillating tip.
There you are.
Sticker you found was from 2014.
A flight Truette's cousin was on.
Check out my man's sheet.
ROBY: Gary Hayworth.
He's got sticky fingers.
Yup, attached to a wee little man.
Five-two, about a buck-25 at his last booking.
So he'd fit in Truette's bag.
Not only that.
Last known address is Truette's house.
I guess they live together.
I mean, he'd have to be a real dirtbag to kill his own cousin, but he does appear to be a real dirtbag.
I think he's about to meet the FBI.
They look good in those windbreakers, but never would I ever.
You know, what I was starting to say the other day about, um, dating someone from work? I just think it's a recipe for disaster.
Allie, the game is "Never Have I Ever".
It's not a list of things you claim you wouldn't do.
Hello, ma'am.
Agent Barron, FBI.
I'm looking for Gary Hayworth.
I'm sorry.
He's not here.
Uh, do you you all want to come in? Yes, please.
I haven't seen Gary in a while, but I'm not always here.
I'm one of the sitters that takes care of Cole when when Ellis was working.
Look, I heard he's gonna have to go to foster care now.
- He in there now? - Yeah.
I took him for ice cream, but it's not like much is gonna cheer him up.
He put himself in his room when we got home.
He's a really sweet kid.
I Any idea when Gary was here last? He just comes and goes.
I thought he lived here.
No, I think he just stays in the guest room when he needs a place to crash.
I just haven't seen him much lately, which is fine by me.
- Not a fan? - It's none of my business, but I just never thought that he was the best influence.
House is clear.
Suspect's MIA.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Of course.
You find something that puts Gary Hayworth on that plane or tells us where he is now, Bureau's buying.
I think he's guilty.
Of dressing like a roadie for Nickelback.
(LAUGHS) Sloppy guy.
What is that? RAJAN: I'm almost afraid to find out.
But I will just in case he wore it on the plane.
What have you got there? Truette's computer.
Check out the last site he visited.
Currency exchange calculator.
Who knew two million dollars turned into so many Maldivian rufiyaa? - Looks like our missing man Gary did.
- Mm-hmm.
- (SNIFFLES) I'm Josh.
You're Cole, right? (CRYING) FOLSOM: What you got there? You get that from your dad? No, it's new.
It was on my bed when I got back from ice cream.
Uncle Gary probably brought it because he heard about Dad.
You got that today? I knew my dad was sick, but I didn't think he was gonna (CRYING) Of course not.
Why are all these people here? Someone hurt your dad.
Who? We don't know yet.
Are you gonna catch him? Yes.
I am.
Hey, would it be all right if I borrowed your snow globe? It might help.
If it was magic, the person who did this would already be in prison.
He will be soon.
Hey, it'll just be for just a day or two.
I'm gonna I'm gonna do my best.
All right.
We've got a killer in the wind with two million dollars, and you're playing with Silly Putty.
Yeah, if there's a better way to pull prints from a curved surface, well, you let me know.
I'm trying to get Gary in Truette's house after the crash.
Well, that'll shrink our radius.
Any chance we got lucky, and those prints are all airplane grease? We're not that lucky.
I pulled a half dozen prints.
More art than science, isn't it? It's art and science.
BARRON: Does that say "matches", plural? Yeah, some of these are Gary's, but, yup, looks like we got a second suspect floating around Truette's world.
Jenny Romero grand larceny, grand theft auto.
She's hardcore.
And petite.
She'd practically fit in a knapsack.
I'll put out a BOLO.
You are good, Roby.
Sidle? I'm sorry.
Have we met? No, but we have a mutual acquaintance.
Abbas from the body farm.
And there is your husband.
Now we have the matched set.
Everything all right here? Oh, absolutely.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Martin Kline.
I heard you were double-checking my work.
Don't worry.
I'm not offended.
Your reputation precedes you.
I know all about you, really.
That's why I wanted to talk.
About what? Riley Jones's cause of death.
I'd love to see if we're all on the same page.
GRISSOM: Yeah, well, I'd love to talk, but, uh, we're running late.
We have to be somewhere, meet somebody.
Of course.
Have a nice night.
I'll come bother you some other time.
What the hell was that about? Fishing expedition.
He knows we're on to him.
I don't think he'll be back.
He wouldn't want to make us more suspicions.
He's not going to leave us anything to find, either.
He'll scrub all of it.
We can't hide anymore, Gil.
It's time to get a warrant.
It's gonna have to be dealt with.
(UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) You won't go for drinks last night, but you take me up for coffee this morning.
What am I missing, huh? I don't know.
Boundaries? - (BOTH LAUGH) - You are single.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What happened there? I stopped making breakfast.
Um, he stopped picking up after himself.
And we both gave a little less every year until there was nothing left between us.
You ever think about giving it one more shot? Something long-term? I'm married to my job.
That's it for now.
There's our buddy in the mirror.
You recognize that guy? Is that Gary Hayworth? Mm-hmm.
Here I thought we were just grabbing breakfast.
How'd you find him? It's called "French fry forensics".
Half of his shirts all have the same stain.
It's a mix of beef tallow and starch, instead of cooking oil.
We called all the places on this side of town that did it the old-fashioned way.
He practically lives here.
BARRON: Sure looks like it.
Who knew carbs make such a great alibi? I doubt he could fit in the same suitcase he could as a young man.
He wasn't on that plane, but doesn't mean he's not an accomplice.
I didn't do anything.
Okay, well, let's hear about what you didn't do.
You and your friend Jenny Romero.
Where is she? I don't know.
I don't know.
Why? Because we're looking for the person who killed two API pilots, and double-crossed your cousin in the middle of their heist.
You seen any of these recently? - Whole bunch of red ones? - Wait.
Are you trying to say Ellis robbed a casino? 'Cause that's No.
No way.
And-and Jenny never even met Ellis.
You don't want to lie to the FBI.
Her prints were in his home.
- On a snow globe.
- Well, yeah.
of course they were.
She picked that up for me.
The kid's dad just died.
I wanted Cole to know someone still cared about him, so we left him a present.
I'd like to ask her to verify that story.
Can you put us in touch? She's not answering my calls today.
I was not enthusiastic enough about her new hairstyle.
You see her, you call me, hmm? I mean, it's really dealer's choice, isn't it? 'Cause it's a few different charges that might apply to Dr.
Kline stealing that bone.
Destruction of evidence would give us - the widest search parameters.
- Yeah.
But that'll set off alarm bells at the DA's office before it even gets to the judge.
You think the DA would shut us down? I think the DA is like every other lawyer.
She doesn't even want to know our investigation exists until we're ready for prime time.
"Removal of remains for sale, purchase or punishment".
Category D felony.
This might give us cover.
You know if we're wrong about this guy, that's the ball game.
You'll have to watch David Hodges's trial from the cheap seats.
Max, if you have any hesitation about this, it shouldn't be what happens to us.
We're not the ones with the long career ahead of us.
There's other ways to get a warrant.
One that doesn't put your job at risk.
This is my job.
If David Hodges goes down, then this lab's reputation never recovers.
I'll get you that warrant to search Kline's house.
Hey, little man.
You know, I need to hang on to the snow globe your uncle gave you a little longer.
So until I can give it back, I figured you should have another one.
He's nervous about CPS today.
- Yeah.
- What do you say, Cole? - Thanks.
- Good job.
I'm gonna get your stuff, buddy.
Hey, sometimes in life, it feels like we're caught in a storm.
You can't see what lies ahead.
And then things settle.
You can see clearly.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) You know, when I was your age, I spent a little time where you're going today.
And you're gonna be fine, all right? Hi Cole.
I'm Theresa.
And it's Laura, right? You're the one who called? Yeah.
He's, uh, all set to go.
Joshua Folsom, Criminalistics.
If Cole needs anything, you call me.
If we're all done with goodbyes, just sign right here.
Here you go.
Come on, Cole.
I got it.
- Be good, Cole.
- Watch your step.
What? Just wave to the boy.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) We're not doing this here.
(CAR ENGINE STARTS) FOLSOM: There's this riddle I know.
How does someone get frostbite in the Desert? Well, it's kind of a cheat.
See, they're not in the Desert.
They're over it.
40,000 feet up, where it's minus 60 degrees.
- Am I being accused of something? - BARRON: Not yet.
Maybe soon.
You look a lot like a killer we're after.
I'm not a murderer.
Don't get huffy, former Airman Kennerly.
It's a matter of public record, you're an attempted murderer.
FOLSOM: Six years in an Air Force brig for trying to kill your superior officer.
Oh, seems lenient now.
I made a mistake.
I have paid for it.
And I have turned my life around.
Whose idea was it to steal those poker chips? - Yours or Truette's? - Well, it must have been his because I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe he wanted to get down to Mexico, ride jump seat.
If there was no record of him on that flight, - then nobody would know what he did.
- The other possibility would be that his murderous babysitter sold him on a plan.
He smuggles you on board.
He distracts the pilot.
You grab the chips.
You get back in the bag.
And the thing is, if you had done that, you'd be rich.
BARRON: But not as rich, right? One million bucks wasn't enough for you.
Ellis Truette was dying.
He was stealing to provide for his son.
I can almost understand that, but you butchering three people? Making that sweet kid an orphan? Takes a special kind of evil, Laura.
You can't prove I was up there.
If you're not charging me with anything, I can go, right? The door is right there.
But I'm not gonna kid you.
We'll be watching.
- Ooh, she doesn't like you.
- (DOOR CLOSES) She's really gonna hate me when I put her on that plane.
Feds tracked down Gary's girlfriend.
Jenny Romero had an alibi.
Makes sense.
She didn't do it.
I was a bit surprised to hear it was the babysitter who swung the ax.
Any luck here? A lot of prints on the packages in the crate she opened, but none were hers.
Nothing puts Laura on this plane.
I'm out of places to look.
Well, this got released.
Oh, thanks.
I'd like to get that back to Cole.
The blood on the ceiling.
It was upside down.
(GASPS SOFTLY) If I lie when I say that I'm getting emotional Emotional Let me try to express all the things That you want me to That you want me to Yeah, one: I feel nothing Two: I got something Three: I need you near You're the only one that never fools around here, so You won't ever break FOLSOM: Got another riddle for you, Laura.
What's tiny, colorful and worth the rest of your life? It's called an "AFID tag".
See? This little gal and a hundred just like her get blown out of a taser every time one's fired.
The little serial numbers there? They're tied to just one cartridge.
Like the one you bought.
ROBY: And used to kill three people.
But taking out the pilots didn't go as planned, did it? 'Cause they fought back.
FOLSOM: So you grabbed the closest weapon you could the crash ax and that's when things got very, very bloody, even before the plane started to roll.
And by the time the plane stabilized, I'm sure you thought they were all dead.
FOLSOM: But one other person was still alive when you jumped: your partner, Ellis Truette.
He had just enough fight left in him to shut the door and activate the auto-land system.
Is that right? Wow.
What a hero.
FOLSOM: Maybe not, but Ellis Truette's final act was saving thousands of lives on the ground.
And he wasn't a killer.
What do I get if I give it back? Oh, you will.
But first (HANDCUFFS CLINK) You know how those fit, right? (SIREN WAILING) FIREMAN: Sorry about your timing, Dr.
Grissom, but you might be a little too late with that warrant.
Not much left to search here.
The call came in an hour ago.
That's when the neighbors heard it.
Do you know if they saw anything? No witnesses is what I heard.
Cops are outside.
I don't even think they've got an ID yet.
FIREMAN: Honestly, good luck with that one.
SIDLE: His name was Martin Kline.
Hopefully, DNA will give us an ID, seeing as how his teeth blew up with his head.
It's Kline's watch, his shoes.
Yeah, probably not his grenade, though.
I guess the new question now is, who'd want Kline dead? I mean, the timing of this Yeah, right before we show up to search.
Any proof that Kline was connected to Hodges's case Whoever did this, pretty determined to keep their secrets a secret.
- Uncle Gary.
- Oh! Ah! Look who it is, huh? (HAYWORTH LAUGHS) - What are you doing here, man? - So Huh? I didn't know I was gonna see you today.
Um, s-sorry.
Folsom was showing me how they do fingerprints.
Oh, man, don't worry about it.
You look so cool.
You got stuff on your face.
- (LAUGHTER) - Hey, Cole.
You know, you can see Bridge Mountain if you squint from over there.
- Really? - Yeah.
I want to talk to your uncle for a sec, okay? Go check it out, bud.
Thought I was coming in here to, uh, thank you for what you did for Ellis.
But I mean, I what ? What is he doing here? Cole hasn't been placed in a home yet.
I wanted to talk to you about that.
That's what your cousin wanted when the cancer got him, right? He tell you he was gonna set you two up? Hey, man, I'm not here to bust you, all right? I'm here about what's left of your family.
What's best for him.
I mean, you know, I mean, I lo I love that kid.
And he deserved I'm just not sure I'd make a great dad.
Having a not-great dad who loves him is a hell of a lot better than no dad at all.
Believe me.
I know.
You really think I could do it? FOLSOM: Cole! Come here, bud.
HAYWORTH: Yeah, come over here, buddy.
Hey, I'm gonna leave you with your Uncle, all right? You remember what I told you? My dad was a hero.
- (BOTH IMITATE EXPLOSION) - Yo! - Aah! Aah! - He's strong, man.
(LAUGHS) It's the strong friendship, you know? (LAUGHS) Come on, buddy.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, Sara? The fire in here didn't come from the blast.
GRISSOM: Someone didn't want us to play with Dr.
Kline's toys.
This just looks like a giant mess.
It was actually someone cleaning up.
- What's that? - Duct tape.
It was stuck to what was left of his neck.
The grenade was taped to him.
Kline was working for someone else when he framed Hodges.
He had to be.
(SIGHS) Well, we didn't pack for a fire.
Max is sending a team.
We don't have to do all this ourselves.
I'll see if the fire guys got some shovels we can use.
Hey, Sara? You didn't process this hallway, did you? Not yet, no.
- Could you close the door? - Uh-huh.
(EXHALES) I think they finally made a mistake.

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