Curfew (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Guys, this is Faith.
Faith, this is Ty and Maxi.
And Ty's friend, Henry, he spends the night with us.
And this is Snoopy.
You do not mind dogs? - I love dogs.
- Good.
- Do not bother.
- Come on.
Normally hang out at ten, but today is Friday, so - At five in the morning.
- Yes.
You can let them play for another half an hour.
- If you don't hang yourself.
- I will not hang.
If you decide go to the bar after the opera Where to me.
My number is on the fridge.
And this is Simon.
I make caramel dessert with a side dish of peaches.
Want some ice water? Oh my God.
With pleasure, thank you.
And you, mom? Come on, but one serving.
And then the child will be pushed.
You do not have to.
Well what do you want me.
This is my little sister.
- Let's get this one.
- I do not want.
It is necessary that everyone liked the movie.
- Maybe this one? - Already saw.
Can I go to the kitchen for popcorn? Sure you may.
- Or maybe - This one? And how about a kung fu movie? What is kung fu? Clear.
How to turn on the divid? Serial Kill Similarity in Scotland suggests what's in london several imitator killers.
But authorities quickly denied rumors that these brutal attacks made a maniac.
Police Maxi? Maxi? Maxi.
What's the matter? There is a big spider.
In my opinion, he himself is afraid of you.
And run away from you.
Hey spider.
Do not be afraid.
Maxi is not at all scary.
When the wheels are jammed, I panicked.
In vain I turned at that speed.
And in a perfect world I would not shoot at cars.
What are you doing? What? He does not move.
Sleeping, probably.
Curled up there and sniffs.
Nothing to sit around.
You have to be at Watford by midnight trucks will not wait and without them the wall does not fall.
Something is wrong.
Errol, something is wrong.
Are you a doctor? Not.
You are deeply pregnant and got into an accident, that's freaking out.
The usual thing.
Everything will be fine.
And with the baby too.
Believe me.
And now let's go.
Dad writes that the tunnel passes under the wall.
This is a former factory, there in the 40s did the "spitfire".
Under the ground, so that the Germans did not bomb.
In the 50s - asylum for members of parliament.
Oh, you.
What was there in the 60s? Nothing.
But it says Roman, this is not interesting to anyone.
If it is underground and not lit, does it mean there are plenty of beasts? They hunt at night.
Well, dad thought so.
Come on, mom, we're tenth, all awesome.
Get ready for the turn.
Just like in the parable about a hare and a turtle.
The main thing is not speed and get to the finish line alive.
The hare lost because that he is a lazy asshole.
He would have won if he had not gone to sleep.
You miss the point of the story.
Kay is right.
We obviously are not the fastest car.
It must be done just like a turtle.
We do that.
Don `t doubt.
Stupidity we do.
We are two, and you are one.
Well, darkness.
Or not.
I even like it.
This is Clarence.
He will take us over the wall.
Come out.
Come on.
You probably Faith.
And Errol Jr.
Name we have not chosen.
I'm Clarence.
We haven't seen him for six years.
- I'm glad to see you.
- How are you? Good.
Long time no see.
Well, let's in the body, settle down I will transport you.
Yes Yes.
The plan has changed.
We will not climb into the body, and I'll be driving.
Guard knows me I travel here every day.
That's it.
And do not gaze.
Errol, you get me right: we take great risks.
And I cry to you generously.
So you know I have a lot of money.
How do I know, suddenly you will take us dick knows where and finish off? - How do I know? - Ok, quiet.
Only her - in the back.
Why? Because I'm a woman? Bitch you.
We have female drivers - one and a half pieces.
- No one will notice.
- She will give birth soon.
I will go in the back.
You will be driving, she is in the back, I'll go with Johnny.
Oh well.
Leave us for a minute.
You are welcome.
- Okay.
- Thank.
- What is the problem? - Yes, nothing.
Simply you're nervous - well, because of the baby.
Here it is.
Listen, let's go.
Let's go.
Actually cars do not miss at night.
Only with a certain load.
- To a research center.
- What is it, Errol? What is in the boxes? Not.
Yes, you ohereli.
I didn't want to talk right away I knew that it would be difficult for you.
This is just until we get behind the wall, from the power of about 15 minutes.
The main thing - don't turn around okay You can handle it.
Look at me.
Take a look.
You can handle it.
Don't turn around.
It is fast.
He will beat him.
Great movie.
I can do that too.
Do you know kung fu? - Which one is stronger? - This.
Maxi, the dog is your duty.
Maxi, do not block.
Snoopy? What are you, Maxi? - What's the matter? - And what if the monsters in the yard? See? No monsters.
Snoopy! To me, Snoopy! Snoopy? I came up with a fun game.
Called "Empty House".
Turn off the light, hiding in the basement and sit quietly, as if we are not.
What for? To play mom and dad.
They are: "Fathers, where are our children?" And we jump out and scream: "Surprise!" I do not like the basement.
It is cozy there.
And you can burst anything you want.
Dad has candy with alcohol.
It is impossible for us.
What about Snoopy? He's fine, honestly.
I want Snoopy.
While sit here.
Maxi went for Snoopy.
Maxi! What's the matter? What happened? Did Snoopy bite you? So.
Calmly Here you just need to enter the code and the gates themselves will open.
How terrible it is.
Although not.
Now really creepy.
Something chopped off food.
I have an idea.
I had to work and during air raids.
So there is a backup generator.
Can you run it? Why not? As soon as I give food, open the gates and watch so as not to close.
- Okay.
We'll come up with something.
Tryndets “What's up with Maxi?” - Scratched, nothing terrible.
- It is necessary to stick the patch.
- Then I'll bring it.
In the meantime, we will sit quietly.
Good? I just run upstairs.
- What for? - I quickly, and you sit here, okay? - Do not be afraid.
Ty Lock me up the door.
- Okay.
- Maxi.
- What are you? - Lock me up.
Come on, come on.
Someone climbed into our garden.
We are in the area where the killings were, send someone to us.
Dad said that freaks will not be here.
Well, dad is obviously not too good understood their behavior.
In vain we went here.
No, we are in place.
- We all went in vain.
- Mama.
We can not return.
Do you understand? Totally.
Roman is right.
There is no going back.
No one is to blame.
We need to think about what to do next namely - find and run a generator.
We can, yes, Roman? Of course.
Stand still.
What if you get lost? Suddenly these creatures will attack you? Not.
We sit in the car.
Someone must go.
Not you, Zane.
What's wrong? I can handle.
We have guests.
Go straight to us.
Do you think the connection is catching here? Now we find out.
21st - 11th, reception.
21st - 11th.
Twenty meters.
Do you have electrical protection? Charging.
Ten meters.
I see nothing.
Five meters.
- Bitch.
- Lord.
What the fuck? - It is on the roof.
- urine! Soaked? I do not know.
Again! Recharge - 30 seconds.
You are kidding? Kay Come on, come on! Caution.
He is simply stunned.
We will fix this.
Ruby Ruby! Mama? Do not go to my son! Run in the car! Quickly! - Run into the car! - I will not leave you! Run! Fuck you! The boy coped.
I am now.
It useful for skin.
Looking at all.
- Do you think? - So they say.
Suits you.
Where is mom? You still love him, right? What makes you think? But he is lying.
Well, about what he wants on the island and save the world.
Bullshit it all.
I know.
Always knew.
21st, is the 11th.
21st, is the 11th.
Help is needed.
Mom got into trouble.
It's twenty This is Ruby.
What happened? Errol, you have to be at the gate in ten minutes, go.
Yes, you do not fuss.
I'll take her a drink.
Here, this is for you.
Chilly You did not doubt.
Well yes.
I want to convince you too.
What kind of nonsense? We are going to the roadblock strict admission, and you decided to hide under the fucking cap? I'm trying for you.
He doesn't move, Errol.
Have a drink.
Take a drink.
Yes, I do not need.
- Errol! - I already know.
We must go, Errol! Hook up slurp! I tell you never said, but Remember how you told me what is pregnant? I knew.
Long known.
God knows how, foresaw that.
I felt you were expecting a baby.
That's why I'm not worried.
I know that he is alive.
He will push.
And we are with you promise each other to do everything to protect him.
Good? I promise.
I promise.
He will push.
I know for sure.
Wait a bit.
Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Ty! - Open the door! - Police! Open the door! Get her out! Not! Go, go! Sorry.
Do not come closer.
Is it dangerous.
Not saved.
He bit me.
We seem to be unfamiliar.
I am Jenny.
Ruby - Are you sister Kay? - Yes.
You look like.
It seemed to me the opposite.
And Michael is Kay's boyfriend? They are drawn to each other.
Children are looking for you.
I have them glorious.
But I will stay here.
Well, they are unlikely to agree.
Do me a favor.
Mama? Did you see mom? Go to the car.
Where is she? She will not come.
21st, how do you hear? 11th, the gates are open, where are you? We drive up.
Ruby with us.
Everything is good.
They are right around the corner.
We go further.
Won't you come out We go further.
Ruby rides with them.
They are already near.
She is said nothing before leaving? Yes.
Would you like it, Michael.
She talked about you.
About why you're in a race.
Sorry I lied.
There was no choice.
But I will not be back.
There is no medicine.
Otherwise, it would have opened.
I knew you were lying.
But I do not care.
Do you know why? You think you won't help, but you are mistaken.
I'll make you.
Stop the engine! Documents, please.
Get out of the car.
I need to look at the van.
For God's sake.
True, I would not advise.
Not understood.
Read the manifest.
I sit in the back of freaks.
They are locked up but do not approach them.
Nothing car.
- The baby is jostling! - Stand! What? He is alive, Errol.
Our baby is alive.
So it did not seem to me.
You are Errol Chambers.
General I'm from Cleethorpes.
I know everything about you.
- Robbery at Brookmans Park - This is not proven.
And they will not prove it.
Listen, I haven't seen anything.
Good luck to you.
Cleethorpes will be proud of you.
And then.
And - congratulations.
Soon? From day to day.
Only you.
In what sense - only me Well, who else is capable of this? What? Take the race pregnant? So what? Others would not have dared.
Would you be scared? - What? - I do not know.
I did not mean anything like that.
- Honey, let's go.
- Wait a minute.
Do I put a child in danger? - You misunderstood.
- Right.
General, don't react that way.
What are you, rude to me, bitch? You ohrenel, or what? Get in the car.
Quickly got into the car! Bitch! Faith! Honey, you're angry about the case.
I understand.
Do you sit behind the wheel? I will go without you.
Baby Errol Jr.
needs a dad and you are me.
We promised.
Do everything to save it.
So I do.
You seriously think Will I let you steal my son? I will find you.
And now you're scared.
Wait, come on again.
Sebyashka Check it out, bro.
I told you so.
Well, okay.
Finger something in the frame is not stuck? - What are you, Joker? - Evaluate.
Come on.
Yes, a good photo came out.
What air, eh! Fucking fresh.
And in the tunnel of stinks! See, for the wall only we make our way.