Curfew (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

WESTON: I feel like the world's broken.
(TICKING) I never used to think that.
I never really thought about it, I suppose.
These days, I just feel a total absence of joy in my life.
I look at my children, or .
just random people walking down the street, and I want to shake them.
I mean .
don't they realise it's over? Do you think the world was "fixed" before? No, of course not.
It takes something like this to make you realise .
how everything's ruined.
Are you referring to the relationship with your wife? What I did .
and what they asked me to do .
it changed everything.
I'm wondering, when you say the world is broken, maybe .
you're referring to something that is broken inside of you.
It's like you haven't listened to a word I've been saying.
What I did .
it can't be undone.
And, as a direct consequence .
the world has changed.
Everything has changed because of what I did.
Good? A That Plane For Me (CA PLANE FOR ME STOPS) Don't come any closer.
It's not safe.
It got me.
Do you read me? Over.
'Team 21 to Team 11.
Do you read me? Over.
' Leave it.
I don't want to talk to them.
I should probably just, you know, acknowledge.
(BLEEPING) We read you, 21.
I know Ruby's pissed off, but can you please ask her to talk to us? Tell her to go fuck herself.
That's a a negative.
'Definitely a negative.
' Come on, Ruby! Look, we're only three places behind you.
Get 'em to pull over, we can pick you up in five minutes.
Can you stop them from talking? Yeah.
(BLEEP) Thanks.
So, Ruby why did you decide to take part in the race? Yeah, let's not do this.
Do what? You ask me lots of questions and pretend to be interested in what I say.
Then I pretend to be interested in you and then we bond and learn from each other.
It's just such total bullshit.
I'm sorry, but it is.
Excuse me.
We've just lost both our parents.
You could at least pretend to give a shit.
I'm sorry.
Your mum seemed like a really good woman.
Wherever she is, I hope she's at peace.
(SHE GROANS) Oh, my God! That's Mum! She's alive! What's she doing on the roof? Team 11 to Team er Awesome.
'Thanks for picking up our mum.
' 'If you can just pull over at the side of the road, that'll be awesome.
' 'Sorry, old bean, I don't think that's a very good idea.
' 'It's probably gonna be hard for you to hear, so you'd better sit down.
' Fact of the matter is (MOANING FROM ABOVE) .
your mum's had it.
'She's been bitten, see.
' 'I'm sure she was a very nice person.
' She seemed like it.
Think of the good times.
Can we just talk to her, please? They wanna talk to her before No.
They wanna talk to her before she changes.
Don't worry.
I got this.
Your little kids wanna speak to you.
MEG: 'We love you, Mum.
' You have to keep going.
I was bitten.
I'm sorry I can't come with you but you're gonna win this race.
And you're gonna make me and your dad proud.
'And when you get to that island, you're gonna make something of yourself.
' 'Meg, you'll be OK.
' 'Zane's a good man and he loves you.
' 'Start a family together but make sure you get a career first.
' And, Roman, it doesn't matter if you're gay.
'It doesn't make me love you any less.
' Wait a minute, Mum.
I'm not gay.
Love you, too, Mum.
'You have to keep going.
' 'And if you get scared, just remember I'm right here with you.
' You just have to close your eyes and remember all the good times that we had together.
'Cos they were the happiest days of my life.
' That's the most beautifullest thing I ever heard in my life.
Such a nice lady, man.
Overtake them, Zane.
Don't look back, Roman.
(GROANING AND PANTING) (JENNY MOANING) How's she doing? I don't know how to describe it.
Terrible, obviously, but kind of amazing, too.
(JENNY GROANS) I guess that's part and parcel of the whole turning into a monster thing, huh? Ohh I don't know.
(JENNY MOANS AND COUGHS) What? She's Hulking out like a motherfucker.
I'm just saying there could be another reason, that's all.
(JENNY COUGHS) What did you give her? Nothing.
I just gave her a drink.
Before putting her on the roof.
Where's the acid? (JENNY COUGHING) How much did you give her? Less than half.
And the mescaline.
And maybe a smidgen of ether.
JENNY: I think I'm OK! No, wait! I think I'm gonna be JENNY VOMITS) The van is weeping.
Do you know why? Because you gave away all of our narcotics just so you could spike an innocent member of the public, you animal.
Sorry, Doc.
I just thought it would be quite funny to see what happens if you spike one of those things.
And ease Jenny's pain, of course.
Fair enough.
Ohh! (MOTHERS) I'm OK.
I think I'm OK.
I think it's fair to say we may have overstated the transformative aspects of your condition.
I don't know.
I took mescaline in Mexico City once.
That was that was pretty transformative.
Wait a minute! You spiked me? Yes.
Un-fucking-believable! Did you try any other psychotropics while you was out there? Cos I heard the Aztecs were mad for them.
I sucked a couple of toads.
Turned my wee blue.
I won't do that again.
Someone take the wheel for me.
Yeah, me, me, me.
No, no, no, I I've got this.
Well, now.
Welcome back, Jenny.
What's wrong with you people? You think this is some kind of joke? Not at all.
We couldn't be more serious.
The middle pedal's the brake, right? What I'm interested in is what made you think you were becoming a monster in the first place? You spiked me.
That happened long after you bought a ticket to Mookland.
(TYRES SCREECH) Have a seat, Jenny.
Middle one's the brake.
Maybe you wanted to be a monster to begin with.
Maybe the real monster is inside of you.
But you're not ready to go back - She's not ready to go back to her family.
We gotta get to the root of this problem.
You're trying to analyse me? You're insane.
Well, insanity's relative.
Just depends what side of the cage you're on.
(ENGINE ROARING) We can do this.
(PIN RATTLES AND CLATTERS) Let's see if Daddy's plan's any smarter than he was.
(FIZZING AND CLATTERING) JENNY: You don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't abandon my children.
Yet here you are.
I thought I was gonna turn into one of those things.
But it was just a scratch.
What's interesting is that you immediately thought you were a monster.
You clearly felt more comfortable embracing death than continuing to struggle for survival.
And I think that's very interesting.
I don't care if you think it is.
I want to get out of this madhouse and protect my children.
Dr Jones You wanna protect your children? OK, you need to let me out right now.
I need to be with them.
Dr Jones Then why did you reject them? I didn't reject them.
Oh, Dr Jones Why not let me talk to them? What is it? Just when we're starting to make progress.
What? (ENGINE OFF) (TWO GUNSHOTS) (HE INHALES AND EXHALES) Smell that? Something smells fishy.
Should I break out the breathing apparatus? No, no, no.
We may need that later.
Maybe their bonfire's out of control or maybe there's some sort of contestant-related skulduggery.
And I'll bet dollars for doughnuts I can guess which.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) We think it's a trap.
Couple of vehicles went in there a while back.
Haven't heard from 'em since.
It's like I said.
What about the smoke? We won't be able to see anything.
Already thought of that.
Are you sure that's gonna help, there, buddy? Trust me, I drive better this way.
You don't drive! Exactly.
Where's the gear stick? (ENGINE STARTS) (MUSIC BLARING) (KOMBI APPROACHING) MEG: I think I can hear someone else.
(MUSIC BLARING FROM KOMBI) ROMAN: No one's shooting at them.
See what happens when you follow your instincts.
Now, we need to start breaking down those barriers.
Uh when we were talking about embracing death, I'm wondering if we can explore that maybe a part of that is connected to a fear of being alive.
I don't want to explore anything.
I want you to pull over right now.
I'm detecting a little bit of hostility right now.
(SHE GROANS) What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your mother? (JENNY GROANS ANGRILY) What's the second thing? (FAITH GROANING SOFTLY) (GUN CLICKS) (CRIES OUT IN PAIN) (BRAKE PADS SQUEAKING) (SHE GROANS) You all right there, love? It's OK.
Er My name's Lou.
Lou Collins.
My name's Step The Fuck Away! All right.
There's no need for any of that.
I Just looked like you were in a bit of discomfort right now and I thought maybe you needed some help.
Looks like you can take care of yourself.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) Mind how you go.
MICHAEL: Maybe she decided she really likes Volvos.
Either that or it's the dog.
Yeah, I mean, she always said she wanted a dog but .
I think that was just to annoy my mum.
Maybe she's just gone off dating a fugitive and wants to embrace the suburban dream mortgage steady job, kids - Can't see it.
Don't be fooled by the dyed hair and piercings.
She's a home-maker at heart.
Or maybe she just didn't want to be stuck in a vehicle with her boyfriend and his ex, who also happens to be her big sister.
You walked out on me.
You were safe.
You could have called me.
My mum was sick.
I had to help her.
You didn't have to sleep with Ruby, my fucking sister.
You only ever think about yourself.
That's not fair.
Isn't it? Isn't that what this whole race is about? You looking after number one? Yeah, well born alone, die alone.
(TYRES SCREECHING) Get out! Seriously? (ENGINE IDLING) If you're that selfish, I don't see why I should help you.
You know how dangerous it is out there? Kaye, there are Mooks everywhere.
Can you hear me? Now, to ascertain your cognitive functions, I want you to list the first five elements of the periodic table.
Hy Hydrogen.
Now, can you repeat in descending order? Boron.
Where am I? You're in the Central Brooke Heath administrative building.
I'm well aware of your knowledge and experience, so I'm gonna be completely transparent with you.
You've been infected.
You've been in a period of suspended animation for a long period of time.
The process hasn't resolved in you.
I don't know why.
But to revive you, I've administered a dose of dexamfetamine.
What dose have you given me? 200 milligrams.
As I'm sure you're aware, the side effects of such a large dose are extreme.
Not to mention illegal.
Well, we've lost a lot of restrictions since the outbreak of the November 13th Virus.
'What do you want to know so badly?' 'I want to know about one of your former patients' 'Michael Garwick.
' (TICKING) WESTON: I don't see myself as a bad man.
People can say what they want.
I was the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Some might say that the people in the wrong place were those living in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Look, I did what I did .
to save the people living in the rest of the United Kingdom.
Yeah, but it didn't, did it? Well, history can be the judge of that.
We did what we had to do and .
and we will keep doing it.
I'm I'm wondering about um .
the feelings of guilt you mentioned in our last session.
I'd like to get back to that.
It wasn't my idea to employ strategic weapons in Scotland.
But extreme situations call for extreme measures.
You know, the attempt to contain the virus may not have worked but it was .
calculated risk.
Do you think that the new measures are necessary? I thought you weren't supposed to express an opinion.
I'm not.
You expressed reservations about the curfew on previous occasions.
I'm sick of people moaning about civil liberties.
The virus has to be contained.
If that means changing the way we live our lives, then I'm sorry but that's what we've got to do.
People want the curfew.
They want to be safe.
Is that so bad? Time's up.
You know, every week, you sit there saying nothing, silently passing judgment on me.
I know you say you don't.
But I can see it in your eyes.
Maybe we should cover that in our next session.
Maybe not.
(OUTER DOOR SLAMS) (BEEP) WOMAN: 'Sorry to interrupt, but there's a slight issue with Mr Weston's bill.
' 'He refused to pay, in no uncertain terms.
' (BEEP) What did he say? 'He told me to shove it up my arse.
' And did you? 'Uh no, I didn't.
' Good.
That's good.
So, how does this doohickey work? This, man, is cutting edge in government issue information technology.
Feel how sturdy it is, man.
Feel it.
(HE TAPS SOFTLY) Yeah, man.
You can't get this kind of thing in the shops, you know? Let me show you something, yeah? 'The curfew will begin in ten minutes.
' Shit.
No, no, no, it won't.
I'm just showing you how it works.
People are gonna love these things, you know? They tell you where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there by.
You don't have to worry about a thing.
'Maybe you didn't want to live in a world like this any more.
' Maybe you wanted to believe that cut was a bite.
Maybe you wanted to become a Mook .
live free give in to your baser instincts.
Now you're disappointed that you're not.
I'm freer than you.
I know who you are.
You were a normal guy, but after the curfew you went crazy.
My son showed me your videos on the internet.
You're the guys who film themselves doing stupid stunts and post it online.
Hear that, Cheese? She's a fan of the show.
Would you like a badge? Cos I got badges, you know.
Look at this.
Hey? Look at this, hey? That's for you, babes.
That one (BADGE CLATTERS) You act like you're crazy, but you're putting it on.
You're just as scared as me.
All this mad bullshit is a defence.
You spend your time listening to crap music and drinking cocktails, making out that life's just a game and nothing really matters.
Well, I'm sorry, but it does! It does matter.
On the contrary .
we're living the dream.
Life is a joke, and death .
has to be embraced, not feared.
And it's not polite to criticise music you do not understand.
You're the one that's scared of life.
That's why you don't take it seriously.
You're too scared to feel anything.
So don't talk to me about my feelings.
I'd like to get back to your children.
Why you abandoned them .
at a time when they needed you most.
(ENGINE DRONING) (BEEP) (HE SINGS ALONG) What's your progress? 'Closing in on Garwick.
' Let me know as soon as you've got him.
I've got a visual.
(SEAT BELT STRETCHING) (CHOKING) Aarghh! (GROANING) (TYRES SCREECHING) (BLEEPING AND WHIRRING) (ZAPPING) (SHE GROANS) (SHE GRUNTS) (CLICK) Now, we know for a fact, that Michael Garwick was injected with an early strain of the virus in the trials that you oversaw.
And there must be something in his plasma cells that blocks the surface proteins from entering white blood cells.
Do you know how many people were killed by smallpox in the 20th century? 500 million.
And how many have died of it since 1979? None, because it's been eradicated.
And how did Edward Jenner achieve this? He realised that milkmaids infected with cowpox were immune to the disease.
He carefully examined the background history of a specific specimen selection that were displaying the results he was looking for.
Are you saying I need to look deeper into the patient's medical history? I'm saying that whatever caused him to produce antibodies happened before the trial began.
The key lies in his past.
But why are you so bothered, Mr Underhill? The people you're working for don't want a cure.
They're only interested in one thing.
That's power.
KAYE: What for? You saved my life back there.
(HE WINCES) You know, when me and Ruby got together You really, really don't need to go there.
Let me just say what I've got to say and we don't have to talk about it again, I promise.
It wasn't that I didn't think about how you might feel.
I thought maybe you wouldn't be that bothered.
Do you love her? Of course not.
You don't love anyone.
I loved you.
I know you're angry, Jenny, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
That is a real emotion.
The anger you're feeling right now, that is real.
It's real, all right.
That's right.
And it's the truth.
It's a true emotion.
It's the truth that is gonna set you free.
Now, how did you feel when you left your children? Want to know what I felt? Relief.
That they'd do better without me.
I'd slow them down, be too cautious, not take the risks needed to win.
That's right.
And what is it? You're afraid of losing.
Why are you so scared of risk? I'm not scared of losing.
I wanted it to be a bite.
That's how my husband died.
I wanted to join him.
Keep going.
(SHE SNIFFLES) Keep going.
I didn't want to see my children killed in a crash or .
turn into one of those things.
I wanted to die.
I wanted to die before they did.
Thank you, Jenny.
Thank you for your honesty.
Doesn't that feel good? Yeah.
I think you're ready to go back to your family.
I think she's ready.
That's good.
Not my board, man.
I'm begging you, please, not my board.
Get you another one on the island.
Ready? How do you feel? Ready for what? Why don't we just pull over? Absolutely not.
You're scared of risk.
Right? This is gonna be so cathartic, it's just giving me goose bumps.
Why are there wheels on that surfboard? SYMPHONY: The Hustle All right, when I get my assistant to nod, you're gonna throw that lever and you're gonna shoot out of there like a cork out of a bottle.
It only hurts if you fall off.
Or if you crash into something.
Or something crashes into you.
All right.
Now, whatever you do, you don't look at the road.
You focus on the board and how it's gonna deliver you to the relative safety of your loving family.
Listen, Jenny, you're not gonna die.
You know why? Cos you're not ready to die.
Are you? No.
This board is life and you're not ready to let go of it.
Right? All right.
How are we looking? Nearly there.
Isn't that the van Mum was in? ROMAN: What the hell? Here they come! Hold her steady.
Ease off the gas a little bit.
Thank you, Dr Jones! Aargh! (JENNY PANTING NERVOUSLY) Captain.
This is your prescription.
Take it twice a day before meals.
Go with God.
You'd better pull over.
You're gonna wanna see this.
(PANTING) MEG: Mum! (JENNY GASPS WITH RELIEF) Are you all right, Mum? I'm OK.
I'm actually OK.
We thought we'd lost you.
I thought I'd been bitten but I'm OK.
Sorry for leaving you.
(MUFFLED SPEECH) That is a thing of beauty there, Cheese.
Whoa! Oh, take it easy, mate.
You'll do yourself a mischief.
Gotta get my board back.
(BARKING) ROMAN: Brutus, look who it is! Look who came back.
(BRUTUS WHINES) Are they completely mad? No, they're not mad.
They're just misunderstood.
(BRUTUS PANTING) (WHIRRING) You know, I've always known when a moment turns into a memory.
And this, my friend .
is gonna be a fine one.
One for the road, El Capitano? Don't mind if I do.
(ENGINE ROARING) I'm not slowing down.
Not slowing down for anyone.
Yeah, I don't think we should hang about, guys.
Word has it the lady in that Jag there took out three of our fellow racers.
Another victim of intense emotional trauma.
This one seems to have fallen for the misguided notion that an orgy of senseless violence will somehow bring her peace.
Cheese, Capitano, spread out across the road.
Our work is not done here yet.
Clearly she has chosen the wrong team to play chicken with.
(ENGINE ROARING IN DISTANCE) You know, I'm struck by something that Jenny said while we were exploring her repressed emotions.
She turned the tables on me figuratively speaking.
She said we used our death-defying antics as a defence mechanism because we were frightened of living.
So, I ask you, as we stare death in its beady little eyes .
who here's afraid? Yeah.
Definitely me.
I'm scared.
Very scared.
(ENGINE ROARING) And who's scared of life? No, I'm not.
I love life.
I like life a lot.
It's good, life.
There we have it, gentlemen.
I say we stand down.
Er that government minister I told you about.
(CLOCK TICKING) He um He was too busy at work to come in .
and he said he felt better.
And he called to thank me.
THERAPIST: And how does that make you feel? Like a fool and an imposter.
Because he's not better.
The man is a monster.
He killed two million people and wears it like a badge of pride.
People think he's a hero and they promote him to the Ministry of .
Internal Security, whoever the hell that is.
And he thinks I've cured him and I've made him worse.
It strikes me that you're very angry about what could be described as a positive outcome.
(CHUCKLES) It's not just him.
It's the curfew.
They like it.
The certainty, the (EXHALES) .
being told what to do.
It is like reclining into a hot bath for them.
But it's not for you? Oh, it is making me insane.
Well, you know what they say? Insanity is relative.
It just depends on what side of the cage you're on.
(HE CLUCKS) (MUSIC BLARING) (MUSIC OFF) I would definitely classify that under "Weird".
Yeah, weird and really annoying.
That's because you weren't listening.
You were hearing it but you weren't really listening.
(MUSIC RESUMES) We're gonna win this race, kids.
I've never been more sure of anything in my life.