Curious George (2006) s03e08 Episode Script

Seed Trouble

(THEME SONG PLAYING) George! NARRATOR: George liked eating at Chef Pisghetti's place.
A monkey could always count on getting a good meal there.
PISGHETTI: So, you like my tiny, tasty torta? Huh? Uh-huh.
(MUNCHING AND SLURPING) That's because I use only home-grown ingredients and that's my problem.
(SIGHS) Oh? (MUTTERS IN CONFUSION) PISGHETTI: Well, you remember my little rooftop garden? Where I grow all of my fresh veggies.
Eh? Well, it's not big enough to keep all my customers fed.
But I had an idea to expand.
Look, look! (BOTH GASPING) I've never seen anything like that.
Is it even possible? (SIGHS) No.
The laws of gravity, they can be so unfair.
Oh! (EXCLAIMS EXCITEDLY) (CHATTERS) That's right! We could put a garden on our roof and help you.
Benne! You do this for me and I'll make special eggplant Parmesan a la Georgio and friend.
(EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) (SLURPS) We need seeds to plant a garden.
You see? The seeds are in these packets.
Corn, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers (EXCLAIMS) And (EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) (CHUCKLES) Eggplant.
(CHATTERS EXCITEDLY) (CHATTERS) You don't plant eggs to get eggplant, George.
Aha! (CLUCKING) Yes, chickens come from eggs, but you don't plant 'em.
You see, eggs come from chickens, then chickens come from eggs.
Huh? (SIGHS) Uh Another day maybe.
(EXCLAIMS ENTHUSIASTICALLY) Aha! (ELEVATOR DINGS) Thanks for letting us use the roof! Every roof should have a garden.
NARRATOR: George and dirt? When would that Man with the Yellow Hat ever learn? (DOG GROWLING) (GEORGE GRUNTING) Let's see, we'll put melons here so they can spread out, corn here, tomatoes on these trellises and (GRUNTS) (MYH GRUNTS) (CHUCKLES) (GIGGLES) Say George, why don't you get the seeds out? (CHATTERING) (EXCLAIMS) (HUMMING) (COMPASS COOING) (EXCLAIMS) NARRATOR: George couldn't wait to tell his friend Compass about the garden.
(CHATTERS) (EXCLAIMS) Compass wished George would let him eat those tasty seeds.
(PIGEONS COOING) And so did Compass' friends.
(EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) Ha! Aha! MYH: Okay, George, time for the seeds.
We'll start with the eggplant.
(CHATTERS) Um, you didn't dump all six seed packets in there, did you? Uh-huh! (GROANS) Stop! (EXCLAIMS) You can't plant different seeds together! They won't grow right.
Oh! NARRATOR: Hmm, mixing seeds might make interesting new plants.
(GASPS) Well, George, each type of seed has different needs and must be planted just right.
Oh! PISGHETTI: Mamma Mia! I made you a special veggie pizza! Extra guava, the way you like it.
(LAUGHS) (GASPS) So fast! You've already planted everything.
Um Well, chef, actually we Ah, the melon mounds, soon your hills will be alive with succulent fruit.
And tomatoes.
(CHUCKLES) Ooh, drink deep, my rosy darlings.
Someday you will be in my marinara.
(CHATTERS) (CHUCKLES) I must go tell Nettie the good news.
You both make me so very happy! (LAUGHING) Oh, boy, I hope the grocer has seeds left.
Sorry, George, I'm all cleaned out.
Oh! (SIGHS) Hey! Professor Wiseman's a genius! I'll go ask her if there's anything we can do and meet you back home.
NARRATOR: George hated to disappoint the chef.
He always looked so happy on his box.
(GROANS) There had to a way to tell the seeds apart.
Maybe different color seeds produce different plants.
Aha! Aha! (EXCLAIMS) NARRATOR: The smallest seeds fell through that bowl with all the holes in it.
Huh? George wondered if what worked for yellow would work for brown and white.
(EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) Sorting by both color and size, George ended up with six piles of different seeds.
(GEORGE CHATTERS) There were six packets too! George had unmixed the mixed up seeds.
(EXCLAIMS ENTHUSIASTICALLY) Now he could plant the garden.
(PIGEONS COOING) But George didn't know where to plant the seeds.
Which ones were the corn? Which were tomatoes? (EXCLAIMS IN FRUSTRATION) (GASPS) (SCREAMS) And he forgot about those hungry pigeons.
(SIGHS) Nobody could tell what would come from a seed just by looking at it.
(SPITTING) Ah! Those watermelon seeds matched the seeds in one of his piles.
(EXCLAIMS) (HUMMING) That's going to be one crazy salad, George.
There were seeds inside the pepper (MUTTERING) and they matched a pile too.
(EXCLAIMS) Ah! It happened again with the cucumber, the tomato (EXCLAIMING) The eggplant Mmm? Ooh.
Aha! And even the corn.
George, Professor Wiseman has a whole book about seeds! (CHATTERS EXCITEDLY) MYH: Wow! (LAUGHS) Well you don't need my help, you've got a monkey.
(CHATTERS) Well, I'll be (COOING) (GEORGE HUMMING) (EXHALES) That's the last one.
What should we do with the extra seeds? (CHATTERS) (EXCLAIMS) (PIGEONS COOING) NARRATOR: George and The Man with the Yellow Hat took excellent care of the roof garden together.
Um, George? (CHUCKLES) (CHATTERING) (COOING) NARRATOR: Until at last the vegetables were ready to be picked.
Everyone, please thank my friends, for the delicious vegetables you're eating tonight.
(ALL AGREEING) (CHUCKLING) For you, eggplant Parmesan a la Georgio and friend.
Mmm, so good.
(CHATTERING) NARRATOR: They say the best meals come from a chef's heart, but sometimes, they come from the roof of a monkey.