Curious George (2006) s05e09 Episode Script

Windmill Monkey

(THEME SONG PLAYING) George! NARRATOR: In spring, good gardeners can't wait to get things growing.
(CHATTERING) Need any more help? Okay, I have to go help Professor Wiseman design her new terrarium.
Bye, George! NARRATOR: George had his seed system set.
First, he dug a hole, then, he planted some seeds, and then he covered the hole.
Compass had a seed system too.
But he didn't plant seeds, he ate them.
He thought it was awfully nice of George to put out a pigeon buffet.
(COMPASS COOING) (GASPS) (COOS) (CHATTERING) (COOING) (CHATTERING ANGRILY) NARRATOR: Compass thought this restaurant had weird rules.
(CHATTERING) Maybe they weren't supposed to eat the seeds until George was finished.
(COOING) (CHATTERS) (COOING) (GASPS) (EXCLAIMING) (CHATTERING LOUDLY) Or maybe you weren't supposed to eat while George was around.
(GASPS) (SCREAMING) (PANTING) NARRATOR: George wished there were two of him.
And then he remembered.
Farmer Renkins protected his garden from the birds with a scarecrow.
(EXCLAIMS) So George decided to make a scarecrow too.
(HUMMING) (CHUCKLING) (WHOOPING) Only, it wasn't very scary.
Maybe the birds were only scared away when something was moving.
(CHATTERING) That was it! But how could he get it to move? He also needed more seeds.
(WHINES) Seeds were easy.
Making a scarecrow move was hard.
I heard a guy named Quixote opened a new bakery up ahead.
Hungry? (EXCLAIMS) Huh? NARRATOR: It was the biggest pinwheel George had ever seen.
MYH: Pretty neat, huh? Uh-huh! MYH: It's a windmill.
Ooh! Yep.
It grinds my grain for me.
(CHATTERS) (CHATTERING EXCITEDLY) Let me show you how it works.
When the wind blows, it pushes the sails.
Just like wind pushes a sailboat along the water.
But since sails are attached to the mill, instead of moving forward they spin around.
(CHUCKLES) Some people use windmills to make electricity.
Oh I use mine to make flour and butter! MYH: Well, I'll be What do you think, George? Ooh! QUIXOTE: That's the butter churner.
QUIXOTE: Those stones grind the grain into flour for bread.
Bread and butter go together like Well, (CHUCKLES) Bread and butter.
Aha! Mmm.
That is pretty amazing.
My windmill? (GULPS) No, your butter.
I didn't know a windmill could do that.
Oh, you can use a windmill to move just about anything.
Huh? Yes, this one's a pepper mill.
George could use a windmill to make his scarecrow move.
(COOING) And George's garden could finally grow.
Oh! He was gonna need a bigger windmill.
Luckily, George knew a perfect place for finding things.
The recycling room.
NARRATOR: Now what did Mr.
Quixote say? If you're building a windmill, you'll need sails.
A sturdy base.
(CHATTERS) Something for the sails to spin around and something to make the scarecrow move.
(GASPS) (CHUCKLES) Now that he had the windmill parts, he just had to put them together.
(COOS) Huh? (HUMMING) NARRATOR: Time to take those sails for a spin.
Oh! But his windmill stopped short.
So George gave his windmill a leg up.
Four of them.
Aha! (WHOOPING) When you're making a windmill (EXCLAIMS) Ooh! It's easy to get wrapped up in your work.
(CHATTERS) So George gave his sails a trim.
His sails moved, but his windmill didn't.
What was he missing? QUIXOTE: When the wind blows, it pushes the sails.
NARRATOR: And then George realized, these were too loose.
So he got more sticks and attached the sails with tape.
Aha! Hmm George could push his sails, but the wind couldn't.
Huh? Oh! Mr.
Quixote's sails were stiff.
Oh Maybe that gave the wind more to push against.
(EXCLAIMS) So George made his sail stiff.
(CHATTERS) (COOING) (EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) All his windmill needed now was a scarecrow mover.
(CHUCKLES) At last, his windmill was finished and it was a good thing too.
Huh? Because he was out of tape.
Now he just had to wait for the wind.
(EXCLAIMING) And get a weight for his windmill.
He'd made his scarecrow move.
But he did feel bad for Compass and his friends.
(EXCLAIMS) (PANTING) (CHUCKLES) (EXCLAIMING) (COOING) Now the pigeons could eat their food while George grew his.