Curious George (2006) s09e04 Episode Script

Oh Deer

(THEME SONG PLAYING) George! NARRATOR: All spring, George and Allie had a project, a garden.
They dug holes, planted seeds, watered and waited.
Until a tiny sprout appeared.
(CHEERING) Before long, they were the proud parents of a healthy, growing garden.
Then one day, Allie had some news.
It's all up to you now, George.
(CHATTERS) NARRATOR: It turned out, Allie and the Renkins were going on vacation for six weeks.
(SHOUTS) The garden was in George's hands.
Every morning, he watered and pulled out the weeds so the flowers had room to grow.
And then one day (GASPS) flowers started blooming.
(EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) (CHATTERING) George couldn't wait to send Allie a picture.
(SIGHS) (GASPS) Someone else was impressed with George and Allie's flowers too.
A deer.
(CHUCKLES) (GASPS) George had to be careful not to scare the deer away.
(CLATTERS) Oh! Ah The next morning, George was eager to check his garden.
(HUMMING) Flowers weren't supposed to go back into the ground, were they? Oh! (GASPS) His deer friend was back.
(CHATTERS) (GASPS) (SCREAMS AND WHOOPS) Oh! It tuned out that the deer liked George's flowers too much.
(GIBBERING) This was horrible.
George could just imagine what Allie would say.
(SCREAMS) George didn't know what to do.
Then at breakfast (EXCLAIMS) He had an idea.
(WHOOPING) Maybe if George shared his oatmeal, the deer wouldn't want to eat his garden.
Ah! But the deer didn't like oatmeal.
Oh! She liked flowers.
Ow! It was time to call in an expert.
BILL: Hmm.
Hmm Looks like a deer's been eating your flowers.
Yup, my mom had the same problem.
But last week she built a high fence and they all went way far away.
Hmm There's plenty of grass and wildflowers for them to eat, you just have to keep them out there.
Hey, maybe you could build a tall fence too.
A really high one they can't jump over.
Ah! Let's see, to buy wood for a real deer-proof fence, we'll need exactly Way more money than we've got.
(MUMBLES) NARRATOR: So the fence was out.
How else could George keep the deer away? (SHRIEKING) Only one thing had kept the deer out so far.
(CHATTERS) (WHOOPING) You mean you want to stand in the garden all day? Uh-uh.
NARRATOR: George had built a scarecrow to keep pigeons away, maybe he could make a scare-deer.
(CHATTERING) (SNEEZES) (CHATTERS) It's the straw, sometimes it makes me (SNEEZES) (CHATTERS) Looks pretty (SNEEZES) good.
NARRATOR: The next morning No Oh! It was worse, the scare-deer wasn't working and it seems the deer had told her friends about George and Allie's garden.
(SNEEZES) Excuse me! Hmm The scare-deer didn't keep the deer out, but Bill's loud noise did.
Aha! What? (WHOOPING) NARRATOR: George knew just what to do.
If there was one thing George was an expert at, it was making noise.
(CHATTERS) I have to set it on repeat, it'll go all night.
(METAL CLANGING ON SPEAKERS) NARRATOR: George's noise machine was sure to keep the deer away.
(YAWNS) Good morning, George.
(SIGHS) I'm beat.
We need to think of something that doesn't keep everyone awake.
(YAWNING) But first, I just need a nap.
NARRATOR: There had to be a way to save the garden.
(SIGHS) (BLABBERS) Tree sap! George didn't like the way it made his fur feel sticky.
(GASPS) (EXCLAIMS) Maybe George could find a way to make the garden sticky.
(CHATTERING) Tape was sticky, it would keep the deer out of the garden, all right.
Unfortunately, it kept them out too.
Oh! Well, this isn't going to work.
The proper way to approach this problem is scientifically.
And scientifically, I'm out of ideas.
We tried to keep the deer out with a scarecrow they could see, noises they could hear and sticky tape they could feel, what's left? Hmm.
Yeah I tried that once on my mom's garden before she got the fence.
I made the stinkiest potion ever.
Rotten eggs, old socks.
Then I put it on my mom's garden.
It kept the deer out and my mom, too.
Turns out nobody like a garden that smells like old socks, who knew? (CHUCKLES) (CHATTERS) Taste, right! Only deer like the way flowers taste, that's the problem.
(SIGHS) NARRATOR: Allie was coming back in just a few days and George was worried there wouldn't be any garden left when she got home.
(SIGHS) But then he remembered something the deer didn't like.
(GASPS) Oatmeal.
(SIGHS) But that didn't make sense.
Oatmeal was delicious! It was just oats with a little cinnamon on top.
(EXCLAIMS) If deer didn't like the taste of cinnamon on oatmeal, maybe they wouldn't like it on flowers either.
(CHATTERING) George made a special flower protecting formula full of cinnamon.
(HUMMING) If the deer didn't like the taste of the flowers, maybe they wouldn't eat them.
At least that's what George hoped.
(CHATTERS) The next morning, George and Bill arrived early.
There wasn't a single deer in sight.
The garden was saved! (CHEERING) Hooray! Not bad for a city kid.
NARRATOR: The deer had moved on and found food that didn't taste bad to them.
And after just a few days The flowers grew back.
Just in time for Allie's return.
(GASPS) Flowers! Look at them, they just grow! How easy is that? (GROANS) Hey, look what I made in camp.
A deer call.
It sounds like this.
(BOTH SCREAMING) Look, it works! Here they come (CHATTERING) Yeah, I know, my turn.