Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 [rumbling.]
[bullets firing.]
Damn it.
Where the hell is the enemy? 002, 003, come on.
Don't take all day now.
[eye whirs.]
[pop music playing.]
A TEMPESTUOUS VISITOR Ivan, I've got your milk.
[woman chuckles.]
[woman, via communicator.]
Behave yourselves.
I mean it.
[man, via communicator.]
Yeah, yeah.
Davenport, what exactly do you want to hear from us? Why come all this way? It's urgent.
Needless to say, it concerns your past.
Our past? Don't be clueless.
I mean what the U.
and world governments have covered up, all those military actions you were involved in.
Military actions, you say? Doctor, we-- [clears throat.]
There seems to be some sort of misunderstanding.
No, I don't believe so.
This photo was taken in 1965.
At that time, a giant robot appeared in Tokyo, causing a huge uproar.
As I'm sure you can see, the man in this photo is clearly you.
And this one was taken the following year, 1966, in Vietnam.
The man standing next to that odd-looking, high-tech black weapon, that's you, isn't it? And later that year in the Aegean Sea, a volcanic island suddenly exploded and sank.
There, the person flying right beside the eruption, that would be you, correct? Oh, believe me, I have plenty more photos of you people.
1967, the Middle East.
-1975, Bolivia.
1976, Venezuela.
1979, Southeast Asia.
1985, New York.
Whenever some kind of conflict or crisis has occurred, there have also been multiple sightings of you people, and in every case, you looked exactly the way you do right now.
Just how do you explain all of this? You people are cyborgs, aren't you? Built by Dr.
Impressive research.
You have us all figured out, then? Of course I do.
Code name 001.
Ivan Whisky.
Russian national.
Possesses prodigious intelligence and telepathic powers.
Ditto 002.
Jet Link.
Able to fly at the speed of sound.
003 would be Françoise Arnoul.
French national.
Possesses superhuman sight and hearing.
004, Albert Heinrich.
German national.
Has weapons installed throughout his body.
005, Geronimo, Jr.
Possesses a steel-like body and superhuman strength.
006, Chang Changku.
Chinese national.
Spews white-hot flames from his mouth.
007, Great Britain.
British national.
Able to shape-shift into anything through molecular conversion.
Piece of cake.
008, Pyunma.
Kenyan national.
Able to function at deep sea levels.
And finally 009, Joe Shimamura.
Japanese national.
Possesses the ability to move at supersonic speed.
Listen, I've got to be honest with you.
It's hard to believe the technology for advanced cyborgs already existed in the sixties, and yet the truth is that's exactly what all of you are.
Yes, your hunch was correct.
Like you said, we're cyborgs.
But know this.
None of us became one by choice, and we haven't been fighting under anyone else's orders either.
Where am I? [footsteps.]
Who are you?! [gas hissing.]
What are you doing to me? [groans.]
Where am I? [gasps.]
Huh? [machine guns firing.]
I'm--I'm alive.
What's happened to me? [Dr.
Well done, 009.
You've passed with flying colors.
We were abducted and changed.
It was Black Ghost, a mysterious organization.
They are responsible.
We were created as a new breed of soldiers for the nuclear age so that Black Ghost could take over the world.
So you're saying you had no idea of this when you took on the job? None at all.
I was under the impression that I was doing research to augment human capabilities through science and cybernetics.
Black Ghost also said that our subjects were donors who agreed to participate voluntarily.
Gilmore, he was the one that figured out their diabolical intentions.
He took us under his wing, and together we fought back against them.
And then? Whatever became of it, this Black Ghost organization? Uh [sighs.]
After a prolonged battle, we finally did it.
Against all odds, we successfully destroyed Black Ghost.
[Black Ghost.]
Foolish boy.
That won't have any effect on me.
No matter what you use, no power in existence can annihilate me.
What did you say? [Black Ghost.]
You might succeed in destroying me, but that doesn't mean you've brought about -the demise of Black Ghost.
-Hmm? And that's because the being you see before you is nothing more than a single cell of what you call Black Ghost.
Some kind of barrier.
Utterly futile.
Then how 'bout this? I'm not going to give up.
I will never do that! Listen to me.
If you're nothing but a single cell, then I'm going to destroy every last cell in sight, right down to the last one.
Is that so? Impossible.
And why? Because in order to kill every incarnation of Black Ghost, you'd have to kill every single human being on Earth.
Huh? What do you mean? Just what I said.
Black Ghost was created from what lurks inside human souls, a monster created from the malice and unseemly desires of humans.
You see? It's unstoppable.
009, watch this now.
It's the end of Black Ghost.
It's like a science fiction story, isn't it? I guess that's what it might sound like to you.
All right, then.
Assuming this is all true, after you destroyed Black Ghost, why did you and your people continue fighting? Even though Black Ghost had been destroyed, there was still war in this world.
You see, we knew we could help, so we battled suspect parties and led covert operations behind the scenes of international conflicts.
So to continue your cover, you established the Gilmore Foundation? Yes, exactly.
But, of course, once the Cold War had ended, that was the end of that as well.
I do remember it.
It happened several weeks after that historic U.
-Soviet summit.
At United Nations headquarters in New York, a meeting was held concerning major powers reducing their armaments stockpiles, and it was afterwards that things went south.
The end of the Cold War will usher in an era of peace for us all.
Please, Dr.
You must be aware that the Communists aren't our only enemies.
It's very likely that a new foe will confront us soon enough.
You can rest assured.
These enemies you describe are exactly what my Zero-Zero cyborgs will be on the lookout for.
With them operating under the banner of a so-called "Mini U.
," we will pursue our goal of maintaining world peace.
So, gentlemen, I hope that you'll seize this opportunity - to achieve disarmament-- -That's the problem right there.
They have the powers of a small nation's military.
With such powerful weaponry there in your hands, who can guarantee that you yourselves won't emerge as that new world threat? Wait.
What are you saying? No.
After we had done so much to save their lives, it was a slap in the face.
Still, after all their crowing about being immortal, we did manage to annihilate Black Ghost, so it's not like nothing good came out of it, right, Doctor? What are you saying? The organizations that had profited from the Cold War, every one of them imploded after the tensions were erased.
Although, we've entered the 21st century, and the world is now a more unstable, dangerous place than it has ever been before.
-It was our opportunity.
-Hmm? We just want to live ordinary lives like everyone else.
Let others have the task of maintaining the peace of the world.
Well, that wish came true.
The U.
's finally mustered its own standing army to fight terrorist threats.
What are they called, the Guardians? And what about the global terrorist attack a few years ago, the one that triggered the creation of those very Guardians? There's evidence showing you people were involved in that incident as well.
Do you realize how many innocent lives were lost in Dubai during those nuclear attacks? [gasps.]
That's enough! If you're so sure we did all that, then why did you bother setting up this meeting with us? Why not report whatever you want? And then just leave us alone.
That day, even though we'd foreseen that nuclear strike, the fact is we failed to put a stop to it.
We've been fighting for as long as I remember, over half a century now.
We just want to live in peace.
If after all this, you still don't believe our story, you're more than welcome to publish whatever you want about us, because we have nothing to hide.
It's up to you.
I see.
My apologies.
The truth is I came here to discuss something else entirely.
Eh? My father thought very highly of all of you.
I truly believe you're the only ones who can help, but I had to know.
That's why I did so much research.
I couldn't be sure you were really on the side of justice as my father said.
The evidence points either way.
I wanted to find out for myself.
I beg of you, Earth needs your help.
Are you willing to fight for peace another time, just as you did before? [gasps.]
You mentioned your father.
May I ask who he is? Dr.
Timothy Davenport.
He was a molecular geneticist.
Ah, Dr.
Davenport, yes.
A brilliant and well-respected man.
I've read several of his papers, but we never had the opportunity to meet.
My father admired and worshipped you all, and he told me that no one but you could drag this enemy out of the shadows and defeat them.
Enemy? [Dr.
Is there something I'm not seeing in these? What you really need to focus on in these photos is not the fact that you're all in them.
Look closer.
What is that? Hold on a minute.
Different hairstyles and facial hair, but that's the same person.
Are you serious? But now that you mention it-- Well, that's simply impossible.
This enemy that you've told us about, are you talking about this man? No.
They can be found all over the world.
Their race and nationality vary, but there's one specific trait that they share, immortality.
At the very least, terrifying longevity.
My father wrote about that.
No way.
You mean, you're saying that they're all cyborgs, the same as we are? No, not at all.
For centuries now, these people have wandered among us unnoticed and undetected.
Hold up.
Centuries? What are they, vampires? G.
The three of you are way too gullible.
Come on.
Didn't I tell you to behave? Now, now.
It's not like the girl's car was rigged in any way.
There's no tracking device.
She's clean.
Just an ordinary rental.
Forget about all that.
I want to hear more about this immortality thing.
What intel have you got? Strangely enough, they seem to be not unlike vampires.
However, they make Dracula look tame.
They're far more cunning and inhumane.
Oh, come on.
That's some conspiracy theory.
You're saying that for centuries, mankind's been manipulated by a band of immortals? Is that so hard to believe? How 'bout it, Mr.
MI6? You ever heard of something like that? No, never.
They didn't come up at the CIA, either.
What do you mean by that? After we closed down, we went our own ways, all working for a period of time in our respective home countries, special forces, intelligence, and the like.
None of the world's intelligence agencies reported this, so how do you know so much about it? It's terrifying precisely because no one has any clue.
And I wasn't the one who discovered them.
It was my father.
He was the one who first saw through their secrecy and got killed trying to expose their existence to the world.
What's that? Something my father told me to give you if we ever met.
I've kept it safe all these years.
What's inside of it? I don't know.
He also said I should never open it.
Father said it's a dreadful thing only two people are qualified to handle, Dr.
Gilmore and Ivan Whisky.
An insect? No.
A robot, maybe? [gasps.]
Doctor, that object is emitting radio signals.
Is it, really? [thunder crashing.]
What is it? [ice crackling.]
Wait a minute.
It's only around this farm.
The temperature and air pressure are nose-diving.
A blizzard in the heart of Texas this time of year? Huh? What in the world is going on out there? I should have known.
It's them.
They've found where I am.
Oh, no.
Hey, come back! Geronimo, go after her, and stop her.
Let go of me! Let me go! You don't understand! I left some important documents in that car! [Françoise, via communicator.]
004, above you! [gasps.]
You gotta be kidding.
Françoise, any luck on your end? [winces.]
It's no good.
With it storming, I can't see or hear anything.
I got this.
Whoa! Look out! How can you Our bodies are especially durable.
We can keep this up all day.
It's everywhere.
Accelerator! [thunder crashing.]
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]