Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 [pop music playing.]
THE UNBLESSED [thunder crashes.]
[all grunting.]
There's no way this thing is any kind of natural phenomenon.
In what world would a natural phenomenon cause icicles to specifically target us? Everyone, hurry inside! [panting.]
I'd heard about their power, but who knew they were really capable of something like that? [sighs, groans.]
[machinery rumbling.]
-It's all right.
No need to worry.
Because of the storm, neither the sensors nor the cameras are working.
The infrared will be unreliable as well.
The pressure sensors installed in the grounds aren't picking up anything either.
But there's got to be an enemy out there creating this weather artificially.
Even if at a distance, he's watching from somewhere, or he couldn't target us so accurately.
My guess is that the attack is coming from the sky.
You mean from inside that supercell floating above us? Is that even possible? First things first, people.
I think you'll be needing these.
Never thought we'd be putting on our combat gear again.
Hold on.
This area right above the clouds is scorching hot.
All channels open .
Roger .
005, 006, and 007, I want you as decoys.
So we're supposed to be willing targets for this? Great.
I'm loving this.
Well, that is the role we were destined to play.
008, I want you to cover 003.
003, run your search from the ground using your eyes and ears.
Track all changes in the storm's temperature and air currents.
002, search from above.
Leave it to me.
004, 009, you are snipers.
Did they-- Could they follow me to this place? Possibly.
It might have been the signals emitted from this device.
There was a mental lapse on my part, too .
I'd forgotten that nowadays most rental cars come with an anti-theft GPS service.
The one in Ms.
Davenport's car might have been hacked from the very beginning.
They've been following me from the moment I left the airport to this place? Well, that would be my assumption.
It adds up.
They launched their attacks when they got the signal from that device.
That's probably what is happening.
I am such an idiot.
I'm a failure as a journalist.
Start the operation.
Roger that .
Come on.
Let's go! Hey, wait for me! [ice crackling.]
002, 003, come on.
Don't take all day now.
I can hear it.
Found you.
That's it .
Eh? A cowboy.
What's up with that? I've never heard of a cowboy throwing icicles from the sky.
Nor I.
Ai-yah! [chuckles.]
That man [chuckles.]
Hold on a second.
Isn't that Arnold Knox? Yes.
He's the wealthiest man in Texas.
Listen, everybody.
Hold your fire.
They know this fellow? [sighs.]
Seems we owe you, 009.
What is this? Aren't you going to fire back? [groaning.]
Damn it.
-Oh, you're welcome, by the way.
Does he have eyes in the back of his head? Hand over what Lucy Davenport brought you right now.
[all gasping.]
If you comply with my demands immediately, I just might let you all live, you miserable cyborgs.
Apparently this fellow really does know all about us.
He looks like nothing more than a normal human being.
That's true , but it's what he wants that interests me more.
You mean this device? So what's it gonna be? Never! Then you'll die like Dr.
Davenport met his demise.
Your tricks aren't gonna work on us anymore.
Don't gimme that.
Damn mechanical doll.
What the Accelerator! [yells.]
You can accelerate all you want, but you're not able to match the speed of lightning.
Can your puny brain comprehend that? Not yet.
You haven't defeated me.
What a fool.
Look at you, groveling around on the ground like that.
Quite fitting for a bunch of windup dolls like you.
We're not dolls, cowboy.
We're human beings.
Got that? Tell me, exactly who or what is this man? [Lucy.]
The Blessed.
Huh? They're the Blessed, known as the "exalted ones.
" At least that's what my father called them.
My father said they're an immortal tribe who've survived continuously since ancient times hiding in the shadows.
In other words, all those myths and legends about a long-lived species all over the world, they're true.
In that case, Ms.
Davenport , assuming an immortal species does exist, why is it that no one has been able to discover them until now? One reason, their powers.
They've ruled from the shadows all this time.
Davenport, taking the leap from the monster we see before our eyes to the Blessed, who have ruled this world from the shadows for centuries, isn't that a bit of a stretch? [G.
So sorry to interrup t such a scintillating conversation, but what we want to know more than anything right now is how to end this attack and stop him, not who he is or where he comes from.
Silver bullets, holy water, garlic, at this point, whatever will put him down is fine by me.
Ah, man.
002! [groans.]
Joe! [Knox.]
I don't understand.
Why would you go so far to protect a woman you've only met today? Because we don't look the other way when someone's in trouble.
That could not be more illogical.
Just because something's logical doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.
My, my.
So not only are you windup dolls, but morons as well.
Damn it.
No, stop it.
002! 001, how is he able to anticipate our every move? [Ivan.]
Most likely , he's sensing the disturbance in the air currents.
He's able to change the temperature so drastically by aligning air molecules according to the direction of motion.
And as a byproduct of all that, he's controlling those winds? Oh, no.
Unless he's Maxwell's demon somehow represented in human form, such power is inconceivable.
You're absolutely right, Doctor.
He is aware of the movements of every single air molecule around him and can control them.
But even cyborgs like us don't have power to do something like that.
You're right.
So how is he able to? [Ivan.]
Most likely through some type of telekinesis .
As a result, I believe our enemy has superpowers.
If your hypothesis is indeed correct, 001, does that mean that the enemy is somehow decreasing entropy? [Ivan.]
That's right.
But if that's the case , then entropy must also be increasing somewhere else.
Wait a second.
Do you mean that abnormal high-temperature layer I found above the clouds? [Ivan.]
No question .
If that's the case, 002, there's something -I need you to help me with.
-What is it? What's all the pointless yammering about down there? Enough, you windup dolls.
We're talking about how we're gonna stop you.
Well, someone's blowing smoke, and you're gonna regret it.
Is that your idea of lightning rods? [Joe.]
002, sync your movements to mine .
You got it.
[machine gun firing.]
Accelerator! Hmm? Mach one! Mach two! Right.
I'm on it.
What just happened out there? [Ivan.]
The enemy was exploiting the imbalance in entropy , but inside a closed system, entropy is forced to max itself out and restore the balance.
In other words, 009 and 002 blocked the attack with a series of shock waves, creating a small, closed system around the enemy, forcing that limitation to take place.
And that's what caused the storm to die down in an instant.
Well, that sure was an anticlimax.
Makes you wonder exactly what this guy's famous for.
Before he died, my father was in contact with him.
The man who killed my father -was Knox.
Father was right about them the whole time.
The Blessed occupy pivotal positions in our society.
I had much more information about them, but my notes went up along with my rental car.
This is all I have left of them.
I was also planning to ask you for your help in decoding this, but I suppose that won't happen now.
What is this? A partial list of those my father identified as being members of The Blessed.
Someone with the power to manipulate the atmosphere, huh? He sure was a piece of work.
We've never taken on anyone the likes of him before, eh? How are we supposed to fight against someone like that? [Heinrich.]
And if what Lucy told us is true, then there are probably tons more of them where he came from.
And if one of them attacks again Joe, I'm scared.
I fear that our days of fighting are far from over.
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]