Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 [pop music playing.]
The cowboy is dead ? [man #2.]
Is that even possible ? [man #3.]
There's no mistake .
[man #1.]
Who's responsible ? [man #3.]
The Zero-Zero cyborgs .
[man #4.]
Oh, them .
I did realize that he'd jumped the gun.
[man #2.]
S houldn't they be dealt with? [man #1.]
I have no objections .
[man #3.]
Teacher, will you handle this ? [man #4.]
Very well .
[man #4.]
Something came up.
I'm canceling this afternoon's class.
Would you inform my students? [Joe.]
Well, Ms.
Davenport I guess our only choice is to believe what you told us.
Call me Lucy.
Now, you told us that those people murdered your father, but it's unlikely that they'd just kill him because he discovered their existence.
He'd be hard pressed to find someone who'd believe a race of immortals are running the world from the shadows.
It's a hard pill to swallow.
So you're saying just because of that thing, they killed him? If that's true, then we need to find out what it is we're dealing with, and quickly.
It's like a child's spy notebook, right? Just like you said, the Blessed do exist, but I'm really not sure if we should be taking them on.
They assaulted us without a second thought, and that makes them enemies.
All we managed to do when we fought them was brush away the sparks that rained down on us.
Unless they're recognized as enemies of the entire world, I don't think we should make any moves against them.
I'd have to agree with Joe on this.
I'm sure you're disappointed, but if we take any action, it would cause an incident the world couldn't ignore.
But listen.
You've been fighting for justice all this time, right? We need you.
What you call justice may not be the same thing as our justice.
Right now, all we want is to live normal lives.
[Lucy sighs.]
It looks like you have your answer, Ms.
I'm afraid that springing into action is out of the question.
Besides, the United Nations have their Guardians now, too.
Hold on.
But what if the Blessed are controlling the United Nations? That is within the realm of possibility, I admit.
But I've got an old friend on the U.
's Peace Observation Committee, so don't worry.
Let's hit the road.
We'll escort you until they come pick you up.
But I thought the Guardians were coming here.
In other words, you don't want them to find this place.
Davenport do you have a second? Get in.
The Guardians' E.
is two hours .
[Heinrich, via communicator.]
Roger that.
By the way, I did some researc h on the man who attacked us just now.
Did you find anything? [Françoise.]
Arnold Knox- - looks like he really was the wealthiest mogul in Texas.
So you're saying the mogul was a monster in disguise? He's from an old family that's lived there since before the Civil War.
Arnold Knox is its current patriarch and its seventh head.
So, basically, he's a well-bred cowboy .
The thing is there's something strang e about the former patriarchs.
This is Arnold Knox, and this is his predecessor, and here's the patriarch before that.
You mean they're all the same person ? Well, he is "Junior" in name, but [both.]
Hmm .
I'm all right.
Thank you, though.
It's clear.
Come in.
Wait here for now.
Try to stay away from the windows, okay? [grunts.]
[Ivan, telepathically.]
I didn't sense it yesterday, but someone is using telepathy right now.
It doesn't bode well.
[both grunt.]
What? [debris clattering.]
Lucy! [Pyunma.]
What the heck just happened? -[weapon cocks.]
-Where'd it come from? [Françoise.]
From what I can see , there's only one car nearby.
[both growl.]
[both groan.]
Get in.
Damn it.
They killed Lucy.
[tires squeal.]
Who else knew about the meet-up? Only the Guardians, right? [Françoise.]
That's what I thought.
There must have been a leak somewhere along the line.
Everything that Lucy said is ringing true.
-Damn it.
Have we any idea how the Blessed are coordinating their attack? I lack sufficient data at this time, although it does seem as if an organization's behind this.
Stowaway here.
Huh? Eh! Yo.
I'm taking the long way home, but they're still tailing us.
So tell me, are we going to lead them home, or are we going to deal with them? I think you already know that answer.
[weapon cocks.]
004! 008! Please respond.
What's wrong? I think something's happened to them.
Damn it.
Who's this guy? [grunts.]
Oh, no.
002, please respond! 002, or Jet Link.
You're far too dependent on your flying.
What in the blue blazes? [Geronimo grunts.]
Don't approach him directly from the front.
Damn you.
How'd he do that? [Ivan.]
He altered the density of the ai r and refracted the beam.
Ai-yah! [grunting.]
Come on.
What is up with this freak show? [Ivan.]
He's manipulating gravity with his gestures .
And he has to look at his opponen t before he launches each attack.
That must be what those goggles are for.
The effect loses strength with distance .
Like the glow of a flashlight, it can only reach so far.
Well look, if we can't get in his face, how are we -supposed to beat him? -[Joe.]
We'll just have to -make sure he doesn't spot us.
Joe? Where have you been ? Sorry.
I was making sure they were safe.
Accelerator! Try this.
I can't get near this guy.
[lenses whir.]
009, Joe Shimamura.
You're everything I'd expect of the cyborg who saved the world from nuclear winter.
Wait a minute.
You know about us? Yes, everything there is to know.
Watch your back, 009.
His mental energy has intensified.
You did well to evade that.
Still, I read all your moves.
You don't hold any surprises for me.
003, I need you to take me outside.
That's too risky.
They're in far more danger fighting him.
[Teacher, thinking.]
Hmm? Who's that? Is there someone else there? [Ivan.]
That sensation , it's the telepathy I detected earlier.
Is that you, Ivan Whisky? We've never conversed via telepathy before.
I always thought that you were merely a mechanical psychic, but that's not the case, is it? Are you one of us? [Ivan.]
Me ? [chuckles.]
For the first time in ages, my interest is piqued.
I have no use for junk.
-Eh? -Now.
I neutralized his gravity field.
What kind of power is that? There's nothing we can do.
We can't get close to him.
Yeah? Watch me.
Such a monotonous mode of attack.
Sorry we're late.
How'd you like my blitz attack? Payback time.
Blimey, that's one tough bloke.
Why won't you die? Oh, all right.
First I'll take out the garbage.
Huh? How'd you get inside? [gasps.]
[Ivan sighs.]
All right, then.
Let's see who's hiding behind this mask.
This man he was in all those photos.
Well, that would explain why he knew so much about us.
I believe they're mutants, each with a different power.
Hmm? Ivan? Oh, he's asleep.
Teleportation is hard on him.
He'll be sleeping for a while.
[cyborgs gasp.]
"All the world's a stage," and I am playing my part.
[Heinrich chuckles.]
That was your game.
Thank you.
And thank you for your cooperation, dear lady.
Forgive me.
The plan was to keep an eye on the enemy.
However, it was more than I'd bargained for.
I can't begin to thank you for saving me all of you, even though I was the one who dragged you into this.
[engine whirring.]
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]