Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 [pop music playing.]
[rotors whirring.]
THE GUARDIANS We're at the location in Texas, sir.
It's highly likely that the Zero-Zero cyborg s have turned to murder in order to regain their past glory.
They're a danger to all humanity.
Detain them at once.
Roger that.
Take it down.
[clanking, whirring.]
Hi-yah! All right, let's do this! [yells.]
Stand down, all of you.
They're under the command of the United Nations.
Fighting will solve nothing.
[Jet groans.]
We're with the Transnational Terrorism Special Guard Force.
I'm the commander of this division, Takeru Igarashi.
Adjutant General Lieutenant Catalina Canetti.
Unless I'm mistaken, you're the Isaac Gilmore who alerted us.
I am Dr.
You mind explaining yourselves? What is all this? We were hoping for an explanation from you.
You requested our protection, yet no one showed up at the meeting place.
The motel where our target was staying has been demolished.
The state highway is riddled with signs of an attack, and after we had followed those signs, we came upon this scene of devastation, which could be mistaken for a battlefield.
And there's the matter of the two bodies.
Same question, sir.
What is this? That devastation was brought on us by the two men laying there.
And so you killed them? Dr.
Gilmore, you and all your Zero-Zero cyborgs are under arrest for first-degree homicide.
What are you saying? [suits whir.]
Lucy Davenport, I presume? Yes? We're placing you under protective custody.
What's wrong? Aren't you going to step over? We can't hand her over to you.
What? That motel that was left in ruins, well, it happened after we contacted you.
Are you suggesting that we ordered that attack? Either that, or you're just dimwits who leaked the information.
You'd better watch your mouth.
Don't misunderstand.
I am well aware that in the past, you were fighting for humankind.
For those actions, I do salute you.
That said, understand that at this moment, you're no more than suspects to us.
Tell me, hot stuff, exactly what is it you think we've done? I think you've perpetuated violence as a means of regaining what you've lost.
What do you mean by that, Lieutenant? With the end of the Cold War, the Zero-Zero cyborgs went completely off the grid and were eventually forgotten by the public.
But today, world peace is enforced by our unit, the Guardians, for the United Nations, but I believe you may be unhappy with the status quo.
And so, in order to return to the limelight as combatants, you've fabricated a nonexistent threat.
Are you calling this some charade we've devised? Preposterous.
There's no way that we would ever do that.
None of us wants to fight.
We just want to live normal lives.
Then you won't mind if we verify that.
Starting with Ms.
Davenport, give us your account of recent events.
All right.
It'll be all right.
Everything is fine.
Damn it.
How dare they call us murderers? Well, we did kill them.
That is true.
But that was just self-defense! If we were to show them what Lucy brought us, it might clear things up.
Since we can't fully trust the United Nations, it would be better not to hand that over.
She's not planning to do it, either.
The interrogation's about to start.
[static buzzing.]
What's wrong? They're jamming us.
No wonder they're the crown jewel of the U.
At this rate, we won't pick up any audio or video.
For the moment, I'm afraid there's no choice but to wait and see.
I'm sure that you'll find this hard to believe, but the Blessed are behind all of this.
For generations, they've manipulated human society from the shadows.
The Blessed, huh? Hmm.
[communicator chimes.]
Captain, we've identified the bodies.
A teacher from New Mexico? Edward Higgins, age 48, a physics teacher who resides in Torrance County.
He's been on staff at his current high school for the last 12 years, diligent and had a great work ethic.
He was popular with his students, and his private life was beyond reproach.
Now then, you're absolutely sure the other one is Arnold Knox? Yes.
A multimillionaire from Texas, and the other a high school teacher from New Mexico.
Transport the bodies to the lab.
Have them perform thorough tests.
See if they check out as normal.
Are you starting to believe the cyborgs' story, Captain? Don't know.
However, there's no question that something went down here.
What is that? It's the weather data for this area.
I'm interested in the time period they claim Knox attacked them.
A tornado.
It seems to have appeared out of nowhere.
And there's a long list of other abnormal changes in the weather.
It's time-stamped just before we arrived here.
How could anybody possibly do this? For the time being, I'll continue the interrogation.
Keep a close watch on all of those cyborgs.
Yes, sir.
[metallic footsteps thumping.]
I wonder if he's going to be out for a while.
Think of how much power he used.
Wouldn't be surprised at all.
You're right.
Lieutenant Canetti? You can call me Catalina.
Is eavesdropping standard practice? I lost sight of you, so I came to look.
That's all.
We're a little worried about Ivan.
Ivan Whisky.
The psychic, right? Hold on! Is he asleep? [Joe.]
He used up most of his power in yesterday's battle.
He's fine, but when he'll actually wake up, well, that's anyone's guess.
He certainly doesn't look as if he has immense power, does he? Once he falls asleep, you can't see how extraordinary he is.
You're right.
When he's like this, he's just as a cute as a baby.
Are you happy now? Then would you please leave us alone? I need to warn you.
It's putrid.
I'll chance it.
The Blessed.
You said your father came up with that name, right? -Yes.
-If you don't mind, I'd like to hear more about him in detail.
What do you want to know? I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to start.
Captain, the Director is on the line .
On my way.
Captain, how long are you planning to spin your wheels there? If you've detained Dr.
Gilmore and his team, bring them in without further delay.
Something doesn't feel right here.
Before I bring them, I'd like to do a little more digging.
I didn't send you out there so you could play detective.
They brutally murdered civilians in order to make themselves relevant.
I have no intention of letting that continue.
Captain Igarashi, I'm ordering you again.
Bring Dr.
Gilmore and the Zero-Zero cyborgs into our custody.
You may use deadly force if they resist [sighs.]
What is it you'd like to discuss, Captain? I'm going to take all of you in to headquarters.
And if we refuse? Then I'll have to use force.
What about Lucy? She'll be coming with you to HQ.
And after that? That's up to my superiors.
And you cannot defy your superiors' orders? Middle management positions are such a drag, aren't they? Say whatever you want.
However, please remember one thing.
Ensuring the peace in our world is the Guardians' sacred mission, even if we should come up against bizarre monsters.
You need to tell HQ exactly what you saw.
If the Blessed are controlling the world from the shadows, they shouldn't be happy about having their cover blown.
I'll be waiting outside.
[door closes.]
So what are we gonna do now? Don't tell me you're all planning to go with these creeps.
It's obvious we can't trust them.
No let's surrender.
Seriously? Just like he said, I agree this is our chance to expose the Blessed.
You don't think it could be a trap? [Pyunma.]
Couldn't they be planning to kill us all along with Lucy? Yes, that's a possibility, but if we resist now, we give credence to their doubts, and they could pin everything on us.
If that happens, then the Blessed win for sure.
I think Joe might be right about this.
Do you think they'll come out? Who knows? Eh? Huh.
Get down! [coughs.]
Bastards! No! That wasn't us! [grunting.]
Why'd they fire? They must have staged this after all.
They were afraid of being exposed.
What in the blue blazes? Was it the Blessed again? Where are they? I don't detect any intruders nearby.
Huh? 002! [Joe.]
Back off, 002.
Don't fight back .
That's not an option anymore! -[Françoise.]
002! - Huh ? Damn.
003, I owe you one.
Hey, get down, you guys! [gasps.]
All units, advance, and maintain fire.
Surround the targets, and take them.
[weapon cocks.]
This isn't even gonna slow them down.
Ai-yah! Even my flames don't work! [yelping.]
007, on your six! Got it.
It bloody deflected my shot.
Optical weapons are a bust, too? [gasps.]
Our house.
009, at this rate I know.
Everyone, let's meet up in the basement .
Targets are retreating.
Advance on them.
Remember, Joe, they're only doing their duty, like any soldiers.
Accelerator! [thinking.]
Damn it.
How long do we have to hide? How far do we have to run? They've taken away the life that we finally got to live.
We've lost our home, and it's still not enough? Why can't you understand? All we want What's wrong? Why aren't you going through with it? [gasps.]
You're not our enemy.
What is this? All systems are go.
We can take off anytime, Doctor.
Dolphin III, time to move.
What's that sound? [Igarashi.]
They had that thing hidden all the time? Contact H.
Get the U.
military in the loop, -and track them down.
-Sir! [Director.]
That was a little too close for comfort in my opinion, but as a result, nothing has come to light, and our distrust of the cyborgs has been validated.
This was a success.
Now there's not a country in the U.
that opposes hunting down the cyborgs.
It's a pity that we let that journalist get away, though.
Something intrigues me more .
Do you mean the infant, my Emperor? Yes.
I would like to meet him in person.
Can you set that up for me? Very well.
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]