Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 [pop music playing.]
THE HOUSE OF FORTUNE [orchestra playing.]
Contact H.
Get the U.
military in the loop, -and track them down.
-Yes, sir! -[gasps.]
A reconnaissance drone, 17 kilometers east.
Is it the Guardians? 002, switch Dolphin III to stealth mode.
Roger that.
So I guess that little incident back at the house makes us fugitives for real, doesn't it? I guess maybe.
Where'd those missiles come from? Hmm.
Well, if you ask me, I'd say it must have been some fellow who wanted to sow the seeds of discord between us and the Guardians.
The Blessed? Yes, but that complicates things for us a bit, now, doesn't it, you know, being as we can't cross swords with the Guardians and so forth.
The Blessed can take the Guardians.
They're gonna be way overmatched, meaning we'll have to do it ourselves.
Hold on! We can't lump them all together.
Not every one of the Blessed is someone we have to fight.
Come on.
Didn't you just see how overwhelming their power is? Twice, actually.
And backing off's what you want? But we still can't be sure that they're a threat to humanity.
[Jet scoffs.]
If there's a way to get through this without going into battle, then that's the path we should follow.
True enough.
I see your point.
But I also agree with Jet's view that we should do something before it's too late.
That strange piece of technology Lucy brought us and Ivan, you haven't forgotten them? [Ivan, telepathically.]
Yes, I believe they're mutants, each with a different power.
Are they really the kind of people who will never see eye to eye with humans? Ivan.
This is the data from our analysis of Ivan Whisky .
What are your thoughts, Professor? [Professor.]
So, he isn't a machine? [Director.]
While he has undergone cyborg surgery , it appears he had those abilities from the beginning, meaning that he's either one of us or possibly You believe him to have powers superior to ours? Yes.
Moreover, thanks to Linker having made contact with him, we now have a better idea of what it was that Teacher sensed about Ivan.
Sensed about him ? [Director.]
As strange as these findings may seem , it's apparent that Ivan Whisky is possibly the most powerful of us all.
To think that someone of such high calibe r would be consorting with those cyborgs.
What a tragic waste.
I would relish the chance to meet with him.
[knock on door.]
Come in.
You wished to see us, Director? [Director.]
The incident in Texas was embarrassing, beyond deplorable.
My apologies, sir.
Allowing the cyborgs to abduct an upstanding citizen right from under us is a total disgrace to the Guardians.
-Yes, sir.
-Are you prepared to take responsibility for this? I am, sir.
Hey, guys.
Take a look at this.
Wait a minute.
I recognize him.
He's a famous German composer.
Here's a Dutch physicist and a Lebanese bureaucrat and the CEO of a major grocery concern.
Ai-yah! You mean I've got a rival in that bunch? Whatever the case, it appears that all of them wield a significant amount of social clout.
In terms of nationality and race, they're all over the map.
It's possible organizationally they're not working together.
If so, then I think there's a chance they might talk to us.
Which "they" are you talking about? I mean the Blessed.
[all gasp.]
If they've secretly been running the world up 'til now, it's not as if their stewardship has been all detrimental, has it? Consider it.
I'm sure there must be some of them opposed to war.
But still-- Lucy, what we want now is for us to explore how to resolve everything without going into battle.
Well, sure, nothing would beat ending this mess in a peaceful manner, but to be completely honest, I doubt they'll talk to us.
Even so, I still believe it is worth a try.
That brings me to this man.
Isn't that Rajiv Shyamalan, the Miracle Monk? [Chang.]
Whoa, he looks like he could be a thousand years old! He may be.
If in fact he's been using his powers to save people all this time, then I think that we can get through to him.
If he's an elder, then the influence he has over the other Blessed could be quite significant.
I'm going with you.
I know my way around Minnesota.
You're gonna need me.
Doctor, do we have your approval? Hmm.
Minnesota, huh? Jet, can you take us there via Chicago? Chicago? I have an old acquaintance at the German consulate.
There's a chance I might be able to get some information out of him on this German musician.
Very well.
Then I shall look into this tycoon.
No need to remind you how mad for gossip we Brits are.
Roger that.
About that object Lucy brought us , the results of my analysis suggest it's an ultrahigh performance insectoid micro-drone.
A micro-drone? Even with our technology, I can't replicate it.
The quality is stunning.
Could they possibly plan to use it as a bioweapon to trigger a pandemic? There's no question we are going to be dealing with a dangerous foe.
Be on your guard when you interact with him.
Joe, it's around here.
I just wonder, what kind of power does Shyamalan have? [man.]
I knew that you people would come to pay me a visit.
[Joe and Françoise gasp.]
You've traveled a long way.
Won't you come inside? Hmm.
[fire crackling.]
Now, then, have a seat.
Françoise Arnoul, I presume? And Joe Shimamura, am I right? Yes, you are correct.
Did you hear about us from the others? I was not told, exactly.
When you have lived as long as I have, there's not much going on that eludes you.
I have a question.
Are you and your kind really immortal? Let's see.
On average, I suppose our life span is about 10 times that of the average person.
However, life span aside, even we can't survive getting our heads chopped off.
Would that make you a different life-form than humans? No, we're human.
We are simply a mutation that has lasted since long ago.
It would seem that we occur in a ratio of about one in 10 million.
That comes to 3,000 or so in the world.
And you all have special powers? That might well be true.
But since none of us have identical powers, one never knows what that ability might be until such point and time that it's awakened.
Does that surprise you? Whatever the case may be, we have coexisted with humanity since before recorded history.
After co-existing with them for such a long time, tell me, what are you trying to do to humanity now? Mm.
A scant minority of my kind are planning an uprising.
I believe they seek to shatter the existing order and create a new world.
[both gasp.]
Now, that insectoid micro-drone, what is it you're planning to do with it? What would you do if you knew? We would stop it.
Stop what? [Françoise.]
What do you mean? -All the fighting.
-We have come here in the hope that you would tell us how we can do that.
If anyone would know, you would, right, how to stop a new war from breaking out? Truthfully, it would be the two of you who hold the answer to that question.
[both gasp.]
I see that you have not realized it yet.
You'll understand once you give it a try.
But we What's wrong? Isn't this why you are here? Joe, I'll do it.
Françoise, wait! I've analyzed his heart rate and respiration.
It doesn't seem like he's lying to us.
But still Even if something should occur, Joe, I'll be all right if you're here.
Won't I? Now, then, come here.
[Françoise gasps.]
What do you think? This is a quiet, wonderful place, don't you agree? Yes.
[sonar pinging.]
It's totally dark.
There's absolutely nothing out there! Well, since there's no convection current like the sea has, you're not gonna find any oxygen on a lake bottom.
So nothing can survive down here, except maybe for some plankton and you, right? It's like that, yeah.
[console chiming.]
The U.
headquarters, eh? Are you certain we should answer? We don't have the option of ignoring it, and, at some point, we need to clear up this misunderstanding.
Hello, Dr.
Gilmore .
I must assume you're aware of the purpose of this call? This is your only warning.
What did you say? [diplomat.]
In regard to this guy you asked me to look into, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything I can tell you about him.
What's that supposed to mean? What it means is that there's information which is beyond even our grasp, reaching as high as clearance level eight.
That's just great.
Nothing but bad vibes about all of this.
So with what sort of rumors are you going to regale me? [man.]
You need to drop this matter posthaste .
Oh, come now.
That sounds rather boring to me.
At any rate, get out of Chicago.
That's all I have to say to you at this time.
Bloody hell! They found me! Uh-oh.
So they've got their claws sunk in here, too.
You're wrong about that attack.
We have no reason to open fire on the Guardians or the U.
! Listen to me.
It was the existence of the Blessed that started all of this.
The Blessed? What exactly is that? They're the ones that you should be fighting.
They're the real enemy in all of this.
Those missiles, they must have fired them to create a rift between us and the Guardians.
Our alliance is a real threat to them.
Do you understand what that level of treachery shows? It means the Blessed must be among you, too.
Why would they do that? [caller.]
Pyotr ? Thank you very much, all of you.
From here on in, you are forbidden to contact Dr.
Gilmore and his Zero-Zero cyborgs under any circumstances.
Henceforth, they will be regarded as a terrorist threat with the capacity to act on an international scale, and they are going to be arrested-- [man #2.]
Just a minute! What about this "Blessed" they spoke of? Just an asinine farce they dreamed up.
They hope to throw mankind into chaos by fabricating a nonexistent enemy for us to pursue.
[man #3.]
Yes, but- - Kindly direct your attention to this.
Both the men who were so brutally murdered were innocent civilians, not only that, but intellectuals trusted by those around them.
I'm afraid this is only the beginning.
If we stand idly by, it won't be long before these fugitives become a threat to humanity.
We will stop them at any cost before that situation comes to pass.
[men grumble.]
[rotors thrumming.]
Captain, we traced their transmission , and it seems to be coming from Lake Superior.
From there, some headed to Chicago, others to the mountains of Minnesota, meaning they've split into three units.
What is the source of that intelligence? It was a transmission from Director Pyotr.
Very well.
Then change our course.
Yes, sir.
[birds chirping.]
There's no need to worry.
She's searching for an answer more deeply within herself than she's ever gone.
I see.
So that is the answer.
I've got it, Joe.
I think that I was able to find it, a way for us to avoid fighting.
Which is good, since I can no longer fight.
Hey, that sound! What's that noise all about? It would appear someone's detected the sensor I sent up to the surface.
The Guardians? Probably, yeah.
You think they're planning to launch an attack? Not yet.
They're most likely going to try to determine our exact location first.
Well, then, I guess it's about time for me to step up.
Pyunma! We're counting on you ! [Dr.
Have a care, 008.
Leave it to me.
All right, how far have they gone by now? Wait.
Is that them? [Guardian.]
Captain! Our underwater uni t has detected something near the bottom! Is it the Dolphin? Unknown at this time, sir, but it's circling around at high speed.
Tell them they are to stay on it.
Roger that, sir.
They're circling? I'm gonna try to draw them as far away from you as possible.
Counting on you! I've got this.
Come on.
Follow me.
Wait a second.
What do you mean? Just that.
I'm not physically able to fight now.
Why? What's the matter? [Rajiv.]
It would appear that she has found her answer.
Now, Joe, what do you plan to do? [Françoise.]
Please, Joe, come over here.
It's all right.
[Joe panting.]
What just happened? You'll be fine.
Now, why not have some tea? Go on.
It's hot.
What the What is happening to me? [ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]