Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 [pop music playing.]
[orchestra playing.]
I'm gonna try to draw them as far away from you as possible.
Counting on you! Damn it.
You mean we have to just sit here and watch Pyunma race for his life? For the moment, we just need to put all our trust in him and not interfere.
Well, hi there.
Any souvenirs to take home? Nope.
I could tell he knew something, but it looks like they have an unspoken agreement to keep quiet about all of this.
Sounds rather dicey.
And on top of that, the Guardians seem to have sniffed us out, too.
They what? You don't think your contact sold you out, did he? Hey, don't go around smearing his good name.
We Brits take our friendships very seriously, you know.
Well, in that case There must be someone out there who's somehow managing to keep us under tight surveillance, wouldn't you say? -[clanking.]
There they are now! Hmm.
[Joe gasps.]
What just happened? [Françoise.]
Joe Françoise what in the world is happening to me? It's all right, really.
You realize it, too, don't you? [gasps.]
Blood? Don't you see? It's a miracle.
We're back to being ordinary humans.
No, that can't be.
You found what you were seeking.
The answer you've been looking for is right there before you.
He's right.
Joe, think about it.
This is what we've been wishing for all this time.
Now we can live our lives without going into battle.
Yes, but, Françoise, I [Rajiv.]
No need to doubt yourself.
You can simply accept yourself as you are right now.
Joe, I feel so happy.
Report your status .
We've spotted a moving object, and we're giving chase, but we're still not able to identify it.
So I see.
It's likely 008.
Stand by with the depth charges! Roger that.
It's a counterattack! There's no mistake.
I want him captured immediately! [Guardians.]
Roger that! Sorry, guys.
Looks like my cover's been blown.
So he was just a decoy.
If that's the case Take the search back to where you first spotted 008.
That's where you'll find them! [Igarashi.]
Catalina, how's it looking on your end ? We think we've pinpointed 009's location.
We should arrive there soon.
I've got a fair number of questions for them.
If at all possible, I want you to bring them back alive.
Yes, sir.
[fire crackling.]
Does it still hurt? A little.
I never thought to see the day I would treat your wounds like this.
What are you so concerned about? If we lose our powers as cyborgs, what then? What are we supposed to do with our lives? [Françoise.]
You searched for a way to live without having to fight, and you have arrived at the answer, it seems, have you not? This is the answer? You're telling me that being a human again is what I really wanted? You've laid down your arms in this restoration.
If one bears arms, it's human nature to want to use them.
Isn't that precisely why you've been suffering all this time? The only way to avoid violence is to turn my back on my cyborg body.
Joe, please, let's accept them, these bodies.
It is a human's inalienable right not to bear arms or harm another, and you should just follow your heart in these matters.
He's right.
Listen, Joe.
I feel so certain.
Being like this will make us so much happier.
Yes, you could be right.
Hey, Joe, do you copy ? Françoise, respond! Hey, can you hear me?! Something's not right here.
What is it? [Jet.]
Joe and the others aren't responding.
They're not? It can't be the Blessed, can it? -[explosions.]
-[both gasp.]
Depth charges! [Igarashi.]
We're only trying to smoke them out of hiding .
They'll have to surface eventually.
Don't stop 'til then.
-Take Ivan! -Right! Thanks to what 008 did, they couldn't have gotten a read on our exact location.
They're dropping them at random, just waiting us out 'til we give up.
Let's see which one of us can wait longer.
002, what's wrong ? [gasps.]
Heinrich? You know how it is.
Under attack by the Guardians.
You? The bastards were lying in wait for us over here, too.
Are you serious? Joe and the others are in trouble.
All right.
What's going on? [both gasp.]
Geronimo , those stinkin' Guardians have launched an attack on us.
They're probably headed your way, too.
I'm not getting any response from Joe or Françoise.
You gotta get out of there right now.
Geronimo? Uh, why aren't you responding to Jet's brainwave communications? -Eh? -Huh? We never heard them.
What? Our powers, somehow they've gone away.
Eh? We can't fight anymore, not as we are now.
Geronimo, we now realize if we were to lay down our arms now, then we wouldn't have to fight anymore.
Eh? [grunts.]
You monster, what did you do to them? No, don't! Out of my way.
Eh? Joe.
Joe, are you all right? [gasps.]
Geronimo that hurt me.
It's strange.
I'd forgotten what pain like this felt like.
Squad, prepare for descent.
Commence operation! As soon as you find the cyborgs, you have the green light to terminate.
Roger that! [Geronimo.]
Joe, Françoise, open your eyes! You can rest assured.
They're in transition.
They'll soon complete their choice.
Should they live on as human beings now or continue their existence as cyborgs? There's no need to make that choice.
Oh? And what do you mean by that? The Great Spirit, He was the one who gave us these physical bodies.
Understand? They weren't ours to begin with.
Are you saying even a modified body will never lose sight of its true will and purpose in this world? We are just like the ship of Theseus.
However our bodies might be refashioned, so long as we hold on to our souls, we will remain who we are, no matter what occurs.
They're here.
[suit whirs.]
I've got the advantage, way more experience in underwater combat.
So they did spot us after all.
No choice.
I have to shoot it down.
I let my guard down.
008, come in.
What's going on? Sorry, you guys.
I was totally taken by surprise.
Now what are we gonna do? I'll go talk to them, cut a deal.
What?! I've noticed that whenever you go out, it never really ends with just a talk, you know? Well, whatever.
That's up to them! [sighs.]
You're under arrest for violating the International Terrorism Prevention Act.
I want you all to surrender at once.
Unfortunately, the others are out right now.
I'm holding down the fort by myself.
001, 006, I know the Doctor and Lucy are both in there.
So you see right through me, is that it? As a matter of fact, you're right.
Now stop resisting, and do as I say! Gotta give you props for having more than one brain cell, my friend, but you still don't get it, do you? Don't get what? You're wasting your time on this path, you know.
Open your eyes, and see who your true enemy is! I bet that struck a chord.
Am I right? [sighs.]
Seems maybe I should at least listen to what you people have to say about all this.
Except not out here.
At headquarters! If you think I'm gonna let you haul me off to a place like that, you're crazy.
Enough of this.
Take them in! [groans.]
What are the Guardians doing here? Do you think they've come to arrest us? No.
What I believe they intend is to kill us where we stand.
[both gasp.]
Geronimo! Are you [grunts.]
You're a warrior of justice.
I believe in you, Joe.
With our bodies weak as this, it would just take one bullet, and we'd be no more.
So you are going? I have to.
I can't leave my friend to die.
No! Don't do it! Do you want to help your friend? Is that your answer then? Wait! [sighs.]
Geronimo! I'll fight with you! Joe! Françoise! Get out of there! Damn it.
Let me go! [groans.]
This game ends now, 002.
Eh? [yells.]
Accelerator! Why? Is this really the future I wanted? Is this my answer? [Joe.]
It can't be.
This can't be it! All I wanted was to save everyone from having to fight! Françoise! [crackling.]
What is this? [gasps.]
What was that? Joe, thank you.
At that moment, for the first time, I wanted my Accelerator.
And is that the answer you were looking for? [Joe.]
So that's it then.
Staying in the fight is our destiny.
I think it just might be.
Looks like somebody's back in action, aren't they? Yeah.
I didn't mean to make you worry.
I'm sorry.
Have you found your true answer, then? Are you truly certain? You might modify our bodies, but nothing in this world can change our souls.
If I'm going to save all those I can, then both this body and this power are an important part of me.
So be it, then.
Looks like we won't avoid war.
Sir, I Be true.
Follow your heart, 009.
Huh? [Geronimo.]
Oh? So his power must be To shine a light on the doubts in one's heart and, through mere illusions, to lead one to one's choice.
So even the pain I felt, that was an illusion.
And if so [gasps.]
009, his power can't be explained simply because he's equipped with an Accelerator.
Chang Changku.
Sorry about all of this.
Jet's a pretty lousy negotiator.
Well, pardon me for actually trying something.
Take them away! [whirring.]
[both gasp.]
[rifle fires.]
Hey! What the hell are you doing?! [Lucy yells.]
What's going on here? The Blessed? The what? Get me out of these.
I'll get him! [Jet.]
Joe ! What's the matter, Jet? Joe, they took Ivan! [Geronimo.]
What?! Are you sure? Joe, why don't you go on ahead? Hurry back to the Dolphin.
Oh, yeah.
Accelerator! No doubts anymore.
You guys, wait for me .
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]