Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 [pop music playing.]
This doesn't mean I trust you now.
Understand? BREAKING POIN -I'm going with you.
Alpha Leader Igarashi, moving out.
[Joe, via brainwave.]
Why would they take Ivan? [Chang.]
I wish I knew, but I don't have a clue.
Sorry .
It was the Guardians who took him, right ? [Jet.]
Igarashi seemed as shocked as we were .
That means the Guardians definitely weren't behind this.
Either way, we're getting Ivan back.
How the hell's he able to move like that? [Jet.]
The bastard who took Iva n just flew into the state park to the north.
Roger that.
Those maneuvers he's pulling are unreal.
How can he physically do that? -[projectiles clatter.]
-What the Huh? [Igarashi.]
Plasma field armor? Oh, sure, so now you show up? [Igarashi.]
You were way too fast for me.
So this guy is one of The Blessed? [Jet.]
Doesn't he know it's futile? I'll leave the rest to you.
Be sure you don't drop that baby, all right?! What? [Igarashi.]
What the hell are you doing?! [groans.]
My body.
What's wrong? [gasping.]
What the hell? [grunts.]
[Jet grunting.]
What's happening to me? My body, I can't Ivan, wake up! Wake up! [weapon firing.]
Move! [grunting.]
No! [Jet grunts.]
It's like they've got a mind of their own.
Damn it to hell.
Uhh! I can't control it! Force quit! Don't do it.
Stop! Force-quit the tank.
Shut off the main power! Hey, are you all right in there? [sighs.]
Jet Link, are you alive? [groans.]
Barely, yeah.
Jet? What the hell? I've lost control of my own body! What? Come on.
Can you just stop? No, I can't! Sorry about this, Jet.
Jet, are you okay? Hey, what happened to you? I totally lost control of my body.
Hmm? One of The Blessed manipulates machines.
Oh, no! Fortunately his brain seems to be completely intact.
The damage is quite serious.
I fear it's going to take quite some time to make needed repairs and bring him to a full recovery.
Doctor, you have any idea what happened to Jet? That's a good question.
I gave him a thorough examination and discovered something peculiar.
What is it? It looks like a bacterial thread, but it's actually synthetic.
That said, it's not made of any kind of metal, either.
All I can say is that it's an organic polymer.
Organic what now? Yes.
I can't even begin to guess how it was made, but this thing serves as some sort of antenna for receiving thought-waves from The Blessed and apparently can control machines.
A Blessed who can manipulate machines at will, huh? Sounds dangerous to me.
So, any news? Were you able to track Ivan? Actually, I can no longer locate his brain output.
Are you serious? The only explanation is that something's blocking him from us.
Are they planning to try for the upper hand by swooping in and taking Ivan away? They would have simply done away with him by now if that were the case.
It could be that they wanted to take Ivan for something.
I do not have a good feeling.
How's Jet? Looks like he's gonna be all right, although it's going to take time for him to recover.
I'm sorry.
I was completely useless.
In a situation like that, what could you do? Up until now, I've done nothing but torment every one of you.
Please forgive me.
And you? Don't you have anything to say? I do not.
Seriously? You've got a lot of nerve after all that time you spent trying to kill us! My actions were based on what I saw.
I read the situation, and I lead my squad.
So you're not even going to pretend to apologize? We were misled.
I'm truly sorry.
I accept that I'm to blame.
Françoise, don't forget.
She had no choice but to follow her orders.
I've uncovered something that I find very unsettling.
Eh? Is something the matter? [Françoise.]
No, it's nothing.
Well, if you say so, then.
There is new information I'd like the Guardians to know as well.
What is it? Take a look.
This is the micro-drone built by The Blessed.
A micro-drone? After some extensive research, I've discovered that there's a nanomachine embedded in this bug's belly.
Furthermore, I've found it's a synthetic virus created from scratch.
It's designed to activate once it enters the epidermis of a living body.
Are The Blessed planning to trigger a pandemic? I'm getting bad vibes from all of this.
What is it? I've found him.
I've traced Ivan's brainwaves.
He's at-- It's called Dynamic Ultra.
They do high-tech research.
They're a major military supplier.
The Savior tanks are built by them.
That's not all.
Their R & D team is astounding.
Bleeding-edge munitions are made there.
The company was founded 50 years ago.
The current director, who was also the founder, was able to build it in a single generation.
But strangely, no one has actually seen the director lately.
Even his most recent photograph dates back to 30 years ago.
He doesn't look his age, no matter how you slice it.
I just remembered.
In my father's files, he'd written something about this director, Steven Archimedes, "The Invention King.
" Father said he was a member of The Blessed.
Great, now we're dealing with a mathematician from Greece? As I'm sure you already know, Dynamic Ultra leads the bio-research industry.
I'm sure my father tried to contact them numerous times over the years.
So you're saying that Dr.
Davenport likely got that sample from this facility? -[gasps.]
The Blessed who abducted Ivan headed in the direction of the Savior tank plant, which also happens to be a company capable of creating a man-made virus? It's all adding up so well, the result almost seems like a cliché.
But even if it's a trap, we go.
You're right.
I'll go with you.
The Blessed will only bring harm to humanity, and that means they're an enemy the Guardians should take down.
But then there's the danger of them taking control of your gear.
Savior tanks are equipped with plasma armor.
So by releasing a powerful discharge, it can vaporize whatever comes into contact with it.
The A.
running the Savior tanks seemed to detect no threat as far as those capsules are concerned, but we can deal with that by reprogramming the settings.
Normally it will activate only when a bullet comes into contact, but if we programmed it to stay on That condition can't last very long.
About 20 minutes at most.
Hopefully that's enough.
20 minutes, in and out.
I'll pick four members from my platoon to help, plus me, as I said.
[communicator chirps.]
Captain, transmission from HQ.
Igarashi here.
Well, Igarashi, I'm very disappointed in you.
You will withdraw now.
What? Why would you have me do that? At this very moment, we're on the trail of one of those cyborgs.
It's only a matter of time before we secure him.
We can't withdraw now, or all our efforts up to this point will have been for nothing.
-That's precisely why.
I'm sorry to say this, but it's become apparent that you're lacking in certain leadership qualities.
Gather your troops, and return to HQ immediately.
As for your pursuit of the cyborg, I'll assign another squad to that.
Director! [gasps.]
But why? Why would he have me return at a time like this? You think he's in the clutches of The Blessed? Looks like it.
You should go back, because if you stay with us, you're going to be treated as fugitives.
Very well.
However, my squad stays here.
I'll go back to HQ alone.
Captain, I'll go back with you.
No, you will stay behind with them to wipe out The Blessed.
You must avenge our fallen.
But, sir-- I'm taking full responsibility for the deaths of my men.
What will you do about The Blessed? I suspect that Director Pyotr either is one or is working with them.
The senseless reasoning on those orders, the intel of unknown origin, plus the strange way The Blessed had all the data that we had.
But once you start to add it all up, the Director seems the most obvious suspect.
You really think you can do it alone? I have all the friends I need back at HQ.
I'm sure I'll gather enough evidence in no time.
I'll shove it right in their faces.
I plan to interrogate my suspects head-on.
In that case, I want to go with you.
I'll tell them about my father, all of his files, everything I've experienced.
If we submit that insectlike micro-drone as evidence, we should be able to tell the world about what The Blessed are up to.
It will be good to have you there.
Agreed, but watch your backs.
There might be others of The Blessed lurking around HQ.
I am aware.
I hope everything works out.
All systems go.
Just say the word.
Dolphin III, lift off.
Once airborne, engage stealth mode.
We're all set to take off.
So now what? I'll go, with 006 and 007.
Not being a machine in the first place, I should be safe.
I doubt whatever they have can take root in a cell that can change at will.
My subcutaneous fat can envelop any kind of attack they throw at me like child's play.
For now, I've lost Ivan's brainwaves, but there's no sign that he's left there.
So we gotta walk all around and find him in this huge factory? We can only spend 20 minutes on the search.
After that time, you guys need to go back.
Any minute now, we'll arrive at Dynamic Ultra.
You look like something's bothering you.
No, it's nothing.
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]