Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 [pop music playing.]
[orchestra playing.]
EMPEROR Let's go.
I'm detecting no signs of life within the research facility.
Oh, come on.
Is this their day off or something? Or inside, the entire factory is teeming with robots.
[Françoise, via brainwave.]
There should be an entrance up ahead.
Be careful, everyone.
Open it.
Wasn't expecting that.
There's nothing at all in here.
So did they run? [Joe.]
Can you hear anything from Ivan ? There's nothing.
Maybe they have a special room on site that can block brainwaves.
We'll take a look .
Our time limit's only 20 minutes, right? That is a lot of ground to cover.
It'll be more efficient if we split up.
Two-man cells, move out.
Catalina I'd like you to come with me.
Well, I guess that leaves the two of us by ourselves.
After all these years, you didn't expect anything else? [Blessed.]
Welcome, Ivan Whisky.
It would seem that your comrades have finally arrived.
I hope you get the chance to bid them farewell.
[Igarashi sighs.]
[both gasp.]
Captain Igarashi.
Were you able to locat e and apprehend the Zero-Zero cyborgs? No, sir.
The situation has drastically changed.
The cyborgs are not the enemy as presumed.
Our true foe is The Blessed.
The Blessed ? A superhuman race of unknown origin that we encountered during our mission to suppress the Zero-Zero cyborgs.
One of my men was killed in action due to their unique powers.
We cannot afford to let this enemy run rampant.
They've been among us for quite some time, and they're plotting something diabolical against humanity.
We brought you proof, research materials on The Blessed collected through the years.
And you are ? An informant I've come to trust by the name of Lucy Davenport.
We need to launch an investigation confidentially based on her sworn testimony.
I regret to inform you the U.
has already been infiltrated by an enemy agent.
What are you saying ? [Igarashi.]
I'm afraid it's Director Pyotr, sir.
He has cunningly led us on a mission to annihilate the cyborgs, bolstering the power of The Blessed.
I beg your pardon, Igarashi, but what on Eart h -are you talking about? -Huh? [Swiss.]
Our Director is Schmidt in Geneva, remember ? We've never heard of this man named Pyotr.
What did you say? The North American unit and I have been under his command for quite a while now.
You're not making sense.
The person in command of the North American unit is you, Igarashi.
What are you What's happening? [Swiss.]
We can see that you're tire d and in need of some rest.
What's going on? [Joe.]
There's evidence that someone has been here very recently.
009, for back in Minnesota, I'd like to apologize.
What? For what occurred there.
It may have been my duty, but I tried to kill you.
I'm very sorry for all that happened.
There's no need for you to apologize.
It's all good.
Now that we've combined forces, I'm sure we can handle The Blessed.
Tell me now, do you have the power to manipulate time? In the forest, I saw you rewind the timeline.
Catalina did you see it, too, what I did? [Françoise.]
Joe, do you read me? Françoise? We did find some old blueprints of this facility, but there was no room that could fit the bill.
But then we did some digging, and there are far too many construction-related documents.
If they were trying to keep it a secret, then it's highly likely that they've built a basement.
If they're underground, that would explai n why Ivan's brainwaves are being blocked.
There should be a corridor somewhere leading underground.
Roger that.
Thanks .
Let's go, Catalina.
Sure, basement.
That really ups the creepy factor.
Please don't unleash any monsters on us.
This is Team C .
A Blessed member is here.
-Hmm? -[gasps.]
Decided to show your face? -[grunting.]
Not your average, run-of-the-mill cyborgs.
No, no, no.
Not giving up already? [tanks whir.]
Bloody hell! This was a trap! What's wrong? 006, 007? [Chang.]
We're trapped! They got us boxed in ! I'm going on ahead.
It would seem you're having quite a lot of troubl e disposing of one used cyborg, aren't you? I can assure you 009 is no mere cyborg.
Oh? And what do you mean by that? It appears that acceleration is not his only power.
I witnessed him rewinding time back in Minnesota.
You simply tuned in to his consciousness and hallucinated that, nothing more.
I saw what occurred.
So is that your reason for letting him live? [Catalina.]
His brain's been overclocked through surgery.
That might be a catalyst, meaning that, given time, those that we've overclocked ourselves could possibly acquire unimaginable powers as well.
Exactly what are you saying? That the Forced Evolution Plan might very well result in producing a human species that poses a threat to us.
It's already been proven that the overclocked become compliant, outstanding humans.
They pose no danger to our kind.
Even so There's even a success story among those you know personally.
You'll find out soon enough.
[Ivan groaning.]
So at last you awaken, Ivan Whisky.
[Ivan, telepathically.]
Who are you? They call me Emperor right now.
That is quite a lofty name.
It's based on something that took place many years ago.
Tell me, what do you want with me? [Emperor.]
I want to team up with you.
You possess amazing powers, too much for outdated cyborgs to handle.
Wouldn't you agree? Join forces with us, and you'll be able to get more out of those powers.
What do you say? What would I be using them for? Curious, are you? Currently, we're attempting to force humans to evolve.
Evolve? That's right.
We can no longer overlook what those foolish humans are doing, repeating their pointless wars over and over, blindly triggering disasters.
They're on a steady path to their own extinction.
To prevent that from occurring, fundamental changes to their kind need to be made.
Even with all that being the case , wouldn't you say that forced evolution is a bit drastic? As a defender of humanity all this time, you do realize the modern human race is no longer worthy of being protected.
True, in part.
I agree that humans have reached a dead end in terms of evolution.
And that's why we're going to change them by this method.
You're saying it's for the good of humanity ? Absolutely, Ivan.
Are you all right, Lucy? Yeah.
Wasn't expecting that.
Who knew they could erase the Director's existence? It could be that, or they could be manipulating the others' memories.
I'm sure The Blessed are capable of something like that as well.
There's no doubt that The Blessed are exercising their control from within the shadows.
We've got to alert the public to this as soon as we can, or there's gonna be hell to pay [Joe.]
! Chang Changku! [G.
Sorry about this, Joe.
We fell right into their stupid mousetrap.
[Chang groans.]
I can't even make a dent in that.
For what possible reason lock us up in here? It makes no sense.
Hmm? [buzzing.]
Bloody hell! [Chang.]
Hold on.
Is that nerve gas? No.
It's a cloud of micro-drones.
Get stung by those things, and it's game over.
-[machinery whines.]
009, go after that Blessed.
We can handle this.
Don't let him get away.
Everybody, step back! [exhales.]
All right.
We should be okay for now.
What is wrong? [clanking.]
I understand what your goal is , but if you push evolution forcibly on living beings, there are sure to be cracks eventually.
That, too, has been taken into account.
According to our experiments, 5%.
So a sacrifice of 5% is justifiable? No.
That would be how many would survive.
Hang in there, okay? [gasps.]
Oh, no.
I think one made it into his suit.
From his air intake tube? So it managed to shred the filter.
[Guardian gasps.]
Hey, what's wrong? [Guardian.]
Did you hear it, That voice? [Guardian #2.]
I heard it, all right.
Well, I didn't hear anything.
They're gonna crash into us! Are The Blessed controlling them now, too? That's a no.
However, something is wreaking havoc with their brainwaves and blood pressure.
Aw, you're kidding me! Hey, hey, easy, easy! [Chang.]
Control yourselves! Calm down! Ai-yah.
That was close.
Will you guys stop that?! Damn it.
These two are moving like [Chang.]
Just like Joe does! Be careful, please.
Good luck.
Ivan! Just what is it you want with him? What is it you're plotting? I want answers now! I'm not through with you.
Uhh! [coughs.]
Welcome, 009.
I was hoping to be able to see your powers.
Pyotr, what are you doing here? You'll see, Linker.
Watch this.
Are you in shock ? He is the success story I alluded to earlier.
You mean Pyotr is a human? What's going on here? Catalina don't tell me that you're also one of The Blessed.
Catalina! [Chang.]
003, we need you to take a loo k at these guys' medical data.
What's the matter? What's going on? The squad members' blood pressure, it's skyrocketing.
That's not all.
Their brains are producing lethal amounts of adrenaline.
They're in danger.
News flash! We're the ones in danger! [Françoise.]
Their blood pressure is over 250 .
Their body temps are soaring dangerously.
Stop them before they die! [G.
Easier said than done .
Just look inside their masks.
Those poor men are bleeding from their eyes and ears.
[Guardian coughs.]
The light.
I can see the light.
I did it.
Now the world belongs to me! [Guardian #2.]
Mom! Mom! [G.
What happened to them? [Françoise.]
Cardiopulmonary arrest.
What the hell's going on here? [Joe groans.]
What do you think? He's one of the humans we've overclocked.
Looks like his physical abilitie s have been greatly enhanced.
That's not the only thing.
We've also seen they're competent, rational, and compliant human beings.
At long last, I shall have acquired subjects I can call my comrades.
Since recorded history began, leaders have sought friendship with their constituents.
That's not the same .
Friendship is a word that applies when it's an equal relationship.
That's enough interference, cyborg.
I'm in acceleration mode.
How did [Blessed.]
It appears your fears were groundless, Linker .
He's not even a match for an overclocked human.
He's merely an inconsequential piece of junk.
Why aren't you accelerating further? Why aren't you rewinding the timeline? [groans.]
Your job is done now.
Thank you for your help.
You're done, too, Joe Shimamura .
009, that's enough.
What? Ivan, why? I find myself strangely intrigued by their existence.
What are you talking about? Oh, no.
They've got you under their spell, too? You've gotta resist what they're doing.
Ivan! What are you doing? Ivan.
Teleportation, eh? After 3,000 years, who knew I would see wonders that I have as yet to experience? Ivan, don't! [G.
Ivan! [Ivan.]
Forget about me .
There's something you all need to do.
Ivan! [G.
Do you hear all that? [Chang.]
Is something about to explode? Not so good.
Let's move.
This way.
And you, too.
Come on.
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]