Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 [pop music playing.]
THE AMBIVALEN Are you trying to tell me Ivan left of his own free will? Yes.
He told me he was intrigued by The Blessed.
do you mean he chose The Blessed over us? [Chang.]
That's just so unbelievable.
Maybe he had some kind of ulterior motive.
I don't know.
But he did say there was something we all needed to do.
There's something we need to do? What do you think that is? Looks like our only option is to ask that woman.
Please don't worry.
At the moment, I have no reason to fight you people at all, not that you'd have reason to believe what I say.
Not true.
We do believe you.
You really are a hopeless pushover.
Catalina, first of all, would you mind telling everyone about your powers? I'd like for you to reassure them.
I am telepathic.
The effect of my powers is limited to the ones you call The Blessed, but I conduct multiple telepathic transmissions simultaneously.
So, in other words, what you're saying is that by using you as a conduit, everyone tuning in can communicate.
By connecting a link with me, no matter where they are, our comrades are able to share their thoughts and plans on an immediate basis.
That's why you're called Linker.
And as such, I'm privy to every single conversation that used me as a conduit, meaning that of course I know everything there is to know about the Emperor's scheme.
I know who you're referring to.
Tell us what you know, Catalina.
Tell us what he's intending to do.
What I want, Ivan, is to rule this species called "humans.
" [Ivan, telepathically.]
So the only way humanity can escape extinction is by being subjected to forced evolution at your hands.
Is that what you're saying? They really are such foolish creatures.
No amount of inadequate guidance can save them from their inevitable annihilation.
I see.
So that makes this proof of your failure, then? The hour of destruction is near.
You believe that yourself as well, don't you? That's why you chose to come with me.
Don't forget.
I'm one of those humans on the brink of destruction.
Ivan, you're selling yourself too short.
You're actually more similar to us than you realize.
Wait a minute.
"A Forced Evolution Plan for Humanity"? The Emperor has concluded that implementing this plan is the only way that we can coexist.
Success rate is only at 5%? We can't allow that.
The 5% they're talking about means that over 6 billion people will perish.
It's genocide! Even those that do survive are still doomed.
They're destined to be victims of The Blessed.
Elevating emotions over simple logic, that is a human response.
It's a idea we can ill afford to overlook.
Precisely the reason we have been proceeding in secret.
Then Ivan, he was telling us we should thwart this intention? I do not believe this.
What the hell is going on? Jet, you're okay! So you finally chose to wake up, did you? Yeah, thanks to all of you, but I seem to have slept in too long.
I'm finding it real hard to wrap my head around all this.
Why do you think you could? Does anyone care to explain the situation to our very own snoozing sweetheart? [Catalina.]
For the last few months, Dynamic Ultra's Aerospace R & D department has been launching rockets into space at the rate of one every two weeks.
On paper, their mission was to transport supplies to a microgravity experiment station orbiting at an altitude of 400 kilometers.
You don't mean Correct.
The micro-drones are all going to be released -from that station.
-What? [gasps.]
Hold on a sec.
-[all gasp.]
Please you're not actually swallowing this traitor's story? What proof does she have? Why should we believe her? Jet.
I would like to know as well.
Do you have anything convincing to offer us? A worthwhile reason you'd tip us off? Only that an unforeseen, undetermined element has appeared.
The Emperor is aware and apparently doesn't think it's much of a problem, but that element has put our plan at significant risk.
Even if that's true, how can you betray them so easily? Those people were your comrades until only an hour ago.
We have no concept of friendship.
We were only working together, because we had interests that were shared.
So once you part ways with The Blessed, you have no feelings for them whatsoever? Why would I? [gasps.]
Is that beyond your comprehension? Despite possessing physical powers far superior to that of common man, you cannot escape the yoke of emotion, your weak point as cyborgs.
That's enough out of you.
We understand why you spilled your guts to us, but you still haven't shown us anything to prove your story.
You can choose not to acknowledge this.
Do whatever you want.
That's all I have to say to you on this.
Françoise, would you take a moment to confirm those rocket launches? Just a second.
All of the launch plans she mentioned were announced earlier.
All of the rocket launches were recorded and completely documented by NORAD.
There was likely a launch today as well.
That's correct.
It was 8:00 a.
this morning, Eastern Standard Time.
That would have been the last of the rockets.
What do you mean "last"? Just what I said.
The work of this particular rocket is delivering specialized attitude control propellant to the station.
Once the station is replenished, it will change course and begin dropping atmospheric reentry capsules loaded with micro-drones toward the Earth below.
After being dropped, multiple reentry vehicles will separate from the capsules while passing through the atmosphere, and upon reaching the stratosphere, the reentry vehicles will subsequently release the micro-drones.
-[both gasp.]
The virus being carried by the micro-drones will be released on the humans below.
It will proliferate even as it forces its host to evolve.
As it's expelled into the air through coughing and sneezing, it will trigger continuing infection.
Hold on.
You're saying this contagion -is spreading through the air? -That's right.
Once that point is reached, there will be no way of preventing the continuing contagion.
The contamination will spread in an explosive fashion from person to person.
What the bloody hell? Doctor.
Unfortunately we have no choice but to believe her.
Françoise, what's the status of the rocket that launched this morning? The unmanned supply vehicle has already separated and is on trajectory for the station's orbit.
It's due to arrive in approximately eight hours.
We really only have eight hours? [gasps.]
Doctor are there any weapons on this ship we can use to shoot it down? Ideally I'd say no.
I don't recommend it.
Once the station is destroyed, the micro-drones will scatter through its orbit along with the other debris.
Then of course, they will eventually be drawn in by the Earth's gravitational pull and rain down on the ground.
Surely many drones would never even breach the atmosphere.
That may be true, but they threaten mankind should any reach the ground.
Also, for the same reason, it would be risky to use ground-based fire on the reentry capsules.
Then just what do you suggest? Your best chance is to go to the station.
Once there, you could deflect all of the virus from Earth's orbit into the void of outer space.
You say that like there's nothing to it.
But the Dolphin III is not able to go beyond the atmosphere.
So you're saying there's nothing more we can do? No.
We're not out of options yet.
[cyborgs gasp.]
A rocket, huh? You mean fly to outer space in that? Usually this device would be used to intercept other missiles at high altitude.
We can uncouple the warhead, position the Dolphin III at the proper elevation, and send the missile off.
Mathematically, at least, it should be possible to reach the station's orbit and in time.
Agreed, but in order to reach that elevation, there will be weight limitations.
I'd say that three is the most we can send out there to the station.
Only three, huh? [Jet.]
Since I'm the only one who can move through outer space on his own, -I'll go.
I'll go, too.
We don't know if the station is loaded with guns.
You'll need firepower.
All right, then.
Jet, Heinrich, me we'll go.
Then it's settled.
Let's get started as quickly as we can.
All right.
If we can believe the public blueprints, by leaving the station's core intact, uncoupling and releasing all unnecessary modules, we can boost the thrust to maximum levels, attaining escape velocity.
Once it has left Earth's orbit, it will then vector around Venus, sufficiently changing the trajectory so that ultimately it will plunge into the sun.
Who would have guessed they'd make those blueprints public? [Françoise.]
Technically the listing for it is a research station for a private firm.
But we won't know if it's accurate unless we go see firsthand.
[alarm blares.]
The hangar hatch is open.
Catalina! And where do you think you're going? Who knows? Weren't you supposed to fight alongside us? I mean, after all, you were the one who said we had to thwart the Emperor's scheme.
That in itself is not a reason to fight with you.
Maybe not, but 009, why are you going into space? What? You may be a cyborg, but outer space still holds danger for you as well.
There's no guarantee that you'll return.
Hey, I knew that was the case.
Then how were you able to say that you'd do so without hesitation? [Catalina.]
Keep in mind that synthetic viruses have no effect on cyborgs.
Even in a world where the entire human race has been subjected to forced evolution, cyborgs would certainly survive without incident.
So tell me, why would you be willing to risk your own existence for those miserable humans? [Joe.]
I can't stand by and allow that many people to die without even knowing why, and that's reason enough.
On top of that, do you have any idea of the full extent of your powers? [gasps.]
Your Accelerator isn't merely an ability that allows you to move around at a high velocity.
Regardless of how much you accelerate, you must be able to control it.
At those physical speeds, your senses should not be able to keep pace, but you still have perception and control and can even plan ahead.
Your brain's processing speed has been boosted by a factor of several hundred times.
In other words, while you're accelerating, your brain is in the same state as if it were being overclocked.
If humankind can acquire the same powers through forced evolution, The Blessed are no longer fit to serve as the lords of creation.
Humanity will defend itself, and we will all end up perishing.
That situation must be averted at all costs.
Catalina, that undetermined element you were mentioning earlier I was referring to you, 009.
But I Tell me, when you accelerate, what does it look like to you? Time comes to a stop for you in that reality.
What is it you're feeling in those moments? That day, I know for a fact that you went back in time.
If you wished, you could even have gone back to the time when you were still human, and yet you chose to remain a cyborg who is fighting for humanity without anyone knowing, without ever receiving thanks.
And if that's the case, how can you go on fighting? There are times when I do find it painful, and I admit there are times when I want to escape all this fighting, but if it's a fight that only I will be able to win, I won't run away from it.
I admit I never asked for these powers, but if I can save even one person by using them, then I'm going to accelerate without a second thought, forget the past, move on.
You're the personification of a good man.
Catalina! Ready on scramjet.
Ignited .
Altitude of 50,000 meters, maximum altitude.
Entering stratopause.
Prepare to fire the rocket.
Prep is done.
Starting countdown.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition.
Vessel is steadily ascending.
Stand by.
The booster's fuel will be depleted soon.
Booster separation .
Optimal trajectory is now achieved.
We have a successful launch.
[both sigh.]
Well, then I guess I'll be heading out, too.
Counting on you, 007.
Fret not.
You can leave it to me.
If Lucy's not here when Heinrich gets back, it is not gonna be a pretty sight.
Target in sight Gotcha.
Now for the tricky part.
The unmanned supply shi p has just docked with the station.
We're on track to change your vector.
I can monitor things from here.
Roger that .
Are you guys ready ? [Joe, via brainwave.]
Anytime .
Just do it .
Fairing release.
Let's go .
Remember, your blood oxyge n is only good for 15 minutes.
Copy that .
It's actually more ominous, nothing going on.
It's no use thinking about it .
Let's keep moving in.
002, prepare for reverse thrust .
Roger that .
It's gonna be a bumpy landing.
I knew that from the moment we teamed up , and I still came along.
Don't hold back .
3, 2, 1 , ignition! [grunts.]
004 ! [Jet grunts.]
We came this close to putting another man in orbit.
My bad .
No time for apologies .
[cyborgs gasp.]
This guy again ? [Jet.]
Let's get to the airlock .
Hey, hurry it up.
Ten minutes O-2 left.
002, come on ! Wait! 002, what are you doing? [Jet.]
You two go on ahead.
I'm going to take care of that bastard.
002, watch your back.
Hah! Who do you think you're talking to? I'm Jet Link, remember?! [Heinrich.]
We need an atmospheric fill-up.
Huh? [Jet.]
What's wrong? 004! 009 ! [Heinrich.]
What the hell ? This is not going to be good.
There's no atmosphere in here .
-Not possible.
-[alarms blaring.]
In another six minutes, you'll be out of oxygen! [ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]