Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 [pop music playing.]
[music playing.]
WISH UPON A STAR [Heinrich, via brainwave.]
Just as we thought, -there's no air.
What's going on? The station is unmanned, you say? But from what we saw in the plans, it is equipped with an oxygen generator.
Maybe it is, but we still have vacuum in here .
There's no sign of anyone.
If there's no one onboard, do you think someone could be controlling it from down here? There's no sign of any recent communication.
In that case, we'll have to assume it's an autonomous space station.
Meaning the micro-drones are automatically released.
Damn it ! [Joe.]
002, what's wrong ? Bastard.
He's moving all over the place.
Yeah, like I'd fall for the same trick twice.
Damn it.
I can't let him get anywhere near 004 and 009.
What's happening ? [Joe.]
It looks like the supply operation's done .
The station's changing course.
There was just a course change.
By my calculations, in another 15 minutes, the atmospheric reentry vehicles with the micro-drones will arrive at the drop point.
Only 15 minutes ? [Gilmore.]
Calm down .
Your first order of business should be finding oxygen.
I'll find the oxygen generator .
Why don't you head over to the control center.
Got it.
What are these? [Françoise.]
Those are the reentry capsules.
So then the micro-drones are inside these things ? [Françoise.]
If those get dropped, humanity will suffer the consequences.
003, show me the way .
Copy that .
003, are you sure this is the control room ? [Françoise.]
Yes, absolutely .
From in there, you should be able to purge the modules, for that matter, control everything else in the station, too.
That all sounds great, but.
what exactly am I supposed to do? [Gilmore.]
So there's no console, no monitors? It was never designed for manual operation in the first place.
Even without an interface, a computer has to control this station.
If I can just talk to it Agreed.
But how? [Heinrich.]
Well, let's see .
If it's wired like it was in the blueprints, around here, maybe? [Joe.]
Okay, I'm here .
I've reached the specified module.
Yes, roger that.
That's the oxygen generator.
Right .
The device is running, but no 0-2 is being delivered.
009, there's no time for brooding .
Can you release that oxygen throughout the ship? [Joe.]
So there's no question that oxygen is being generated .
Hey, don't you dare.
[Joe gasps.]
That device contains pure oxygen .
004? Wait.
You can see me ? That's right.
I've taken control of the station.
Sit tight.
I'm gonna send some air your way.
-[gas hissing.]
-[Joe sighs.]
There .
The conditions are still rougher than at the top of Mount Everest, but for you and me, it should suffice.
Yeah, but I'd really like to know.
How'd you get control? Humph.
You ought to know by now there's always a way.
Ah, I bet you decided to plug yourself in directly, huh? This is faster and more efficient.
All of those devices just get in the way.
If you were able to gain control of the station, do you think you could possibly just change its course? [Heinrich.]
Already on it .
Just give me a little more time.
Listen, 009, the O-2 from that device, looks like it's being sent to the central module.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying there could be someone there? Well, I can't really be certain, but if there's a controller in there, might be wise to check it out.
I guess I'll just go take a look.
You got it.
I'll start purging all unnecessary modules.
Now purging solar panels number one and number two.
Purge confirm, solar one and two.
Panels three and four are next.
Roger that .
Now starting to purge panels three and four.
002, we've secured an oxygen supply .
Hang on .
I'll be right there.
Easier said than done.
[Super Gun zapping.]
Predicting my moves to head me off? I'll show you, bastard! [growls.]
Come back here! No way are you getting away from me! If you want to get inside, you're gonna have to go through me first.
I've shut dow n module number three's electrical system.
Now closing the bulkhead.
Did that take you by surprise, 004 ? -[gasps.]
-You seemed to be laboring under the impression that you'd taken over this station.
Actually, I am the one who infiltrated it.
Oh? You're still able to resist? But how long will that last, I wonder? [shouts.]
What is it? What's going on? [Blessed.]
That voice belongs to 009, right ? What? [gasps.]
I see .
So you cyborgs have been communicating amongst yourselves via brainwaves, eh? Who's asking these questions? [Blessed.]
Steven Archimedes .
No, on second thought, I should probably call myself the Professor.
The Professor? Since you've come all this way, please allow me to invite you into my room.
Where are you? Why, I'm right here.
I wonder how many years it's bee n since I last spoke directly to a human.
So you are the Professor? [Gilmore.]
How much oxygen does 002 have? Not very much, I'm afraid.
I'll be out of both oxygen and propellant pretty soon.
At this rate [Jet grunts.]
Your comrade certainly is a reckless one.
Are you talking about 002? It would appear his intention is to use the flying debris field in an attempt to destroy my terminal.
However, such a move would be suicidal.
By calculating trajectories with my computing power, it would be child's play to evade the path of the oncoming debris.
[Jet grunts.]
[Jet chuckles.]
I guess that's a no-brainer, huh ? Still You may be a math whiz, but there's no way you can track this many all at once.
Dear me .
I was wondering what kind of show he was going to put on, but all he's going after is a draw.
How disappointing.
You're wrong.
He's not going to give up, no matter what, because he doesn't work that way.
This is between your computing skill s and my speed.
It all comes down to which is faster.
Ready, set And go! So I've used up all my oxygen and propellant, huh? Sorry, Joe.
Looks like I'm gonna have to leave the rest to you.
Can you really call that a victory ? All we suffered in this exchange was the loss of one terminal.
So typical of you humans.
What do you mean? Or weren't you also members of the human race yourselves? Yes, that's true.
We were born of humans, but we are not human.
Wait a minute.
Are you telling me that you're evolved humans? Well, now to tell you the truth, I'm not sure about that myself, but since the dawn of history, we've coexisted with humans.
If I were to put it more accurately, the concept of history itself is something we gave to you humans.
Gave to us? Not just history, either.
Knowledge, economics, religion, government, ideology, we gave all that to you, and in doing so, we've prodded your advancement.
However, it seems that we've spoiled you a bit.
Humanity has started down a path running counter to our intentions.
Some correction is in order.
So is that why you're planning to unleash that virus? This is a plan that will also benefit the human race.
If we do nothing, it won't be long before you die out.
That's not true! You realize what you're doing? Think about it.
If you shoot me, you will effectively extinguish the last hope of humanity.
Have you forgotten, perhaps, who it was that allowed you into this room? Earlier, humans who discovered our power reacted in one of two ways.
They either worshipped us, or they lived in abject fear.
The latter included rogues, rebellious ones who attempted to destroy us.
They drove stakes through our hearts, beheaded us, burned us alive, and fired silver bullets at us.
Not that it all makes sense.
It's mostly superstitious nonsense, but we are living beings.
It is possible to kill us, hence the need for us to protect ourselves as we're doing now.
Hm m? So they know what it's like to feel fear like the rest of us, and that information is something we can take advantage of.
How did you escape my control ? Oh, am I hearing just a little panic? I don't know how many centuries you've lived 'til now, but it looks like I'm better at controlling my emotions.
Nothing to say? I guess that really hit a nerve.
Unlike you, I have no emotions.
Therefore, I do not feel fear.
Look, Professor, the truth is that out of all The Blessed I've met, you have the most.
His brainwaves are fluttering.
Keep going.
Really stick it to him now.
Don't let him off.
Professor, this is where you came to distance yourself from everything that can hurt you fleeing to the safety of your cage.
Seems to me, the thing you're most afraid of is the human race.
Wrong .
Now's your chance.
Come on.
Do it ! [Heinrich.]
The station has returned to normal operating conditions.
I'm going to start the final purge.
Roger that .
What now, Professor? There's time to fix this.
I can still save your life, if you so wish.
You words are meaningless.
I fear nothing, not even my own demise.
009, get to the airlock.
Right .
When he collided with the debris earlier , 002 did calculations on his trajectory to make sure that he could get back to the station.
You wouldn't think it to look at him , but that one's pretty cunning.
Don't tell him I said that.
What's Jet's condition ? [Françoise.]
To cut down on his oxygen consumption , he put himself into sleep mode.
When he gets some air, he should wake right up.
I know you're happy to see me, but no kiss, okay? [chuckles.]
The purge is complete.
I've put the micro-drone drop via the reentry capsules on hold as well.
Now we just have to start up the main engine and then make our way out, right? 004, you need to get over here.
Hold up a second .
I think someone's trying to take control of the station again.
Wait a minute .
The Professor is still alive? These are talents we've already seen, but it's a different member of The Blessed.
No wavering in his emotions at all.
Another member of The Blessed? Where is he? I detect nothing.
There's no sign of anyone else in the station.
In that case, it's coming from Earth! [Jet.]
Damn it.
After all that, we're right back to where we started? No.
We can still do this if we can get the engine started before he takes over and accelerate to escape velocity.
Wait a second.
We can still pull this off .
I'm putting in the final trajectory.
I'll head over as soon as I'm done with that.
Better get cracking, Heinrich .
Right .
Hey, could you two go check on the escape capsule? We've made it this far.
Last thing we want is to end up burned to a crisp.
Everything looks fine .
Yeah .
That's good to know.
What ? [Joe.]
004, what's going on ? [Heinrich.]
I'm sorry , but there's no way I can leave here now.
What are you talking about ? The moment I disconnect, whoever that Blessed is will doubtless try to take control of the station.
It's not just failing to deflect it away from Earth.
It'll also set the micro-drones operation back in motion.
And besides, I've already made up my mind to pilot this station to the very end.
Just hang on.
I'm coming to get you! -[Joe grunting.]
Stop it ! There's no more time.
Come on.
There's no way you'll be able to-- 'Til next time.
No, Heinrich! Don't do it ! There's got to be another way.
But there's not.
Farewell, my friends.
Heinrich, no! [ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]