Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

1 FOR WHOSE SAKE [clanking.]
[Geronimo grunts.]
Joe! Jet! -[gasps.]
-It's all right.
They're okay.
They're in sleep mode.
[Françoise gasps.]
[Gilmore clears throat.]
I see you're back with us again.
004? [Françoise sighs.]
Heinrich why didn't you tell us what you intended? [Jet.]
Even if we'd known at the time, there was nothing we could have done, understand? If you think otherwise, you're kidding yourself.
Says who? Maybe if we'd-- We did everything possible.
We all teamed up, and for what? The results would have been the same.
You don't know that! Stop, for God's sakes! Don't make me say it again! Listen Heinrich accomplished his final task and completed the mission.
Along with its deadly cargo of micro-drones, he has steered the station away from its Earth orbit.
To ensure Heinrich's efforts weren't in vain, I'll get Ivan back.
If the Emperor and I can't see eye to eye on the matter, I swear I'll [pop music playing.]
What's wrong there, Iggy? You look out of sorts.
Great Britain? You're here? Yes.
What happened to the guards? There isn't anyone here.
If you stop to think, because they no longer have a reason to keep you two locked up, I'll wager.
What do you mean? Why not? [sighs.]
What I am about to tell you is not going to be easy to hear.
Then Pyotr wasn't the only secret member of The Blessed.
Well, who could say? So what are your plans now? Are you going to board the Dolphin with me? Hmm.
Not now.
I'm gathering information on my own.
This isn't over.
We have to stop them.
Ivan, it would seem your former comrades are more competent than they appear.
Not only did they thwart my plan, but, for good measure, they also removed the Professor.
[Ivan, telepathically.]
I was confident they were capable of that.
A deplorable turn of events.
And therefore what would be your next move? Well, that would be up to you.
What is it you want of me? I'm sure it's more than just becoming bosom friends.
My, my.
Every ounce as perceptive as I thought you were.
Why don't you join me? Help me guide the human race into becoming better than they are.
So you refuse to abandon the notion of subjugating humans, despite the probable outcome? [chuckles.]
It's as I suspected.
You mean to bring harm to the human race.
I came to determine your intent, what you have planned, and now that I know, I will not let it happen.
I'll stop you if it costs both our lives.
That's the role I was meant to play.
Ivan's using his mental power.
Where is he? [Françoise.]
In New York, not far from U.
Ivan talk to us.
We're here.
I see you've thwarte d the plot by The Blessed.
Nice work.
-Hmm? -Ivan.
You okay? At the moment, I'm facing off against the Emperor.
What did you say? [Emperor.]
In the realm of raw strength, you can surpass even me.
Are you sure of this, matching our powers against each other? This is quite interesting.
Damn you, Emperor.
Do you have any idea what you're doing? [Ivan.]
The downside is that scores of peopl e will be swept into the turmoil.
Listen, you need to teleport me there.
Unfortunately, it does look as thoug h I have to ask for your help again.
[Françoise gasps.]
Damn him.
We are not gonna let him have all the glory, are we? Come on! Location, New York, Themis Island.
[Ivan shudders.]
Hmm? Accelerator! That one was for Heinrich, you bastard.
Well, you caught me off guard.
It has been 3,000 years since last I was struck.
So, 009's Accelerator could be the key to saving humanity after all.
[console beeping.]
Igarashi? -[line beeps open.]
-Listen, everybody knows what you're up to.
The Guardians just received an emergency summons.
Are you planning a shootout in New York? Well, it's not like we have many options to choose from, but if you try to stop us, it's gonna be bad.
Well, ordinarily I'd take you on, but right now it seems I'm the only one who can prove your innocence.
What are you talking about? There isn't a single person at U.
headquarters who has any memory of this incident.
It appears as though Pyotr isn't the only one to erase memories.
Did you say erase memories? Not that I have any proof.
I'll head over now to join you.
He hung up.
Wow, what the hell is that guy thinking? All this high-speed running around you're doing is futile.
Give it up.
Never! Really, now, think you can thwart me, do you? Because you're working to wipe out the human race.
There seems to be a slight misunderstanding here.
Humankind has given up on its evolutionary progress.
Doing so ensures its self-destruction.
That's precisely why I want to guide them, to help them become better versions of their current selves.
That's a self-righteous way of looking at it.
They don't need your help.
Humans always change of their own free will.
That's why I'm here, to ensure they continue living free and that's what I intend to do! There was a time when I tried to save foolish humans, those full of pride and spirit like you, but then.
I realized that even with my power, it wasn't nearly adequate to save the entire human race.
What's different now, Emperor? How are you going to save humanity this time? By resetting it.
Resetting? Emperor insanity.
If you go that route, it will destroy us, too.
A dangerous battlefield is no place for a young female civilian to hang out.
So sorry.
Oh, no.
I should apologize.
I'm the one who forced all of you back into battle.
Don't give it a second thought.
Remember, we're Zero-Zero cyborgs.
That's our mission.
It's what we do.
I want you to promise that you'll all survive! Tell Heinrich, too! Consider the message delivered.
-What's that? -[rotors thrumming.]
Sorry to keep you waiting.
It's the U.
Crap, so we can't exactly blast 'em to hell and back, huh? In that case, let's just go meet Joe and Ivan.
What do you mean by reset ? Just what the word implies.
When a program suffers a glitch, it cannot be fundamentally resolved through makeshift adjustments.
You must start again from the basic design.
By doing what? I will accomplish this by fusing Ivan's telepathy with my own powers, then erase humanity's useless memories.
No way will I let you do that! [groans.]
What's this? [thunder crashing.]
Eh? [gasps.]
Igarashi, is that you? Sorry to make you wait.
Well, it looks as if our lead actor has just taken the stage.
A missile? No, I don't think so.
That's-- [gunfire echoing.]
What's that? [Pyotr.]
As ordered by my master, I shall now commence my mission and dispose of you.
Pyotr? [growling.]
Eh? Where'd he go? Ai-yah! [G.
Damn you! [grunts.]
009, it's a gravity wave.
How many powers does he have? Only one.
Eh? -[Ivan shudders.]
-Ivan! Wait.
I do not want to hurt you, Ivan.
Oh? What's this? [Joe.]
Ivan! [Emperor.]
An anti-field.
Would you mind timing out for a little while? Your demise gains me nothing.
I cannot claim your cyborg powers.
What is this? How can he possibly move faster than me? [scoffs.]
I'm not moving fast at all.
That so-called Accelerator Mode may be boosting your thought processes to accommodate your physicality's increased velocity.
-As regards speed of thought -[crushing.]
having lived for 3,000 years, I leave you in the dust.
[Joe gasps.]
You're an epic disappointment.
I had hopes for you after hearing what Linker said.
[Catalina exhales.]
009 I know you have more power than you're showing, the power to transcend time.
002! 002! What's wrong?! 002! Hey, thanks for that.
I owe you one.
Huh? [Igarashi yells.]
Igarashi! Where'd he go? He's like a Joe who can fly.
I'll thank you not to compare me to that piece of junk.
I am a member of a new breed, chosen by the gods.
After disposing of you cyborg defects, I shall help guide humanity as a proud servant of those gods.
Hah! You're crazy as a bedbug.
You're actually putting up a fight, Igarashi.
Don't mock me, you bastard! [wind blowing.]
Linker I'm so disappointed in you.
I know exactly what you're thinking.
[Ivan gasps.]
I possess the same linking power as you do.
How could you have my power? I see now, Emperor.
Your ability is to copy the powers of others.
That's right, Ivan.
I can reproduce any power that I come into contact with.
You can't.
The day he I make a copy, leaving the donor's power in place, and so, they never realize it's mine.
By the way, Linker what is the reason you are here? What are Emperor.
What-- What am I doing here? As I recall, your mission was to do away with the cyborgs, was it not? That's right.
I went to Lake Superior with Igarashi.
No, Catalina.
What'd you do? I erased the memories of your bond.
They may be a precious and cherished thing to humans, but if one were to erase them completely, then there would be no more grief in the world.
That would be a good thing, yes? How could you? [gasps.]
Damn it.
Don't those damn Savior tanks have any flaws? They do, but [Jet.]
What should I do ? Hold him there.
10 seconds should do it.
This guy, for 10 seconds ? Impossible, right? No, I can do it! [tires squeal.]
[Jet grunting.]
Damn it.
I'm losing control.
Igarashi, it ain't over yet! Hold on a little longer! [crash.]
Damn you.
Are you actually going to fight me with your bare hands? Whatever it takes, you tin can! [Jet grunting.]
As long as I'm holding on to you, you can't accelerate worth a damn.
What are you doing? [Jet yells.]
Damn you! [groaning.]
I made a mistake.
However, my functions are still intact.
Jet .
Some nice control there.
Huh? Igarashi.
So long, Pyotr.
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]