Cyborg 009: Call of Justice (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 [orchestra playing.]
[scattered gunfire.]
[Geronimo grunting.]
[Françoise, via brainwave.]
Jet, Jet, come in.
Are Jet and Igarashi okay? They were moving at significantly high speed.
But there seems to have been some sort of explosion near 52nd Street.
I have to go there.
No! 003, wait ! [groaning.]
[pop music playing.]
[orchestra playing.]
BEYOND THE LIGH There goes our very own angel of danger.
-You watch your back, okay? -Right.
My apologies.
I'm in a hurry! [crying.]
[gun rattling.]
But why? [sighs.]
Looks like you've reached the end of your usefulness.
Too bad.
You need to forget everything.
Catalina! [grunting.]
I've wiped her brain completely clean, even her language ability.
All that remains are solely her instincts as a life-form.
You've taken away her past, her memories.
You've even stolen her dignity as a human being.
I didn't harm her, not so much as a scratch.
That's kind, isn't it? Shut your mouth! If you take that away, it's no different than killing her.
Is that so? But she looks so untroubled and at peace like this.
It will take some time, but if all humans start over from this level of purity, the world changes for the better.
You monster.
This is your plan to save mankind? [Emperor.]
Humanity already created ultimate chao s by toppling the Tower of Babel.
Now they need to start over again from scratch.
No need to worry.
I shall tenderly nurture this new era of mankind, guiding them into a world of peerless potential.
Who do you think you are, some kind of god?! One does not become a god of one's own accord.
However, the day when this new race of humanity will clamor to anoint me as such is not far away.
That is enough.
I will not allow you to get away with this! [Joe groaning.]
I believe I'll wipe your memories as well.
If you would just let go and forget everything, your torment would end.
My friends who were wounded and fell in battle all the people that I've lost there's no way I'll ever forget them! [Françoise.]
Gilmore! Doctor ! What is it, 003?! It's Jet's brainwaves.
I can't detect them, nothing at all.
But I'm certain he defeated Pyotr .
Jet, come in.
Where are you, anyway? Come in! Say something! [growls.]
Hold on.
Joe's in danger.
We must intervene, so I want you to go to him.
Joe I'm almost there.
You have to get to the castle quick.
But you're still-- [Joe.]
Ivan's trapped inside an anti-field .
He can't move.
And Catalina is here, too.
All right.
We need to get over there.
We've got to find a way through this.
Roger that .
[engine sputtering.]
Ai-yah! [G.
Ahh, I'm going to fall soon.
They hit the engine.
We can't sustain our flight.
008, there.
That's it.
That was more like crashing than landing, if you ask me.
Nice one, Pyunma.
Certainly some adventurous piloting there.
Under the circumstances, I'd call that gentle.
Where is he? [Geronimo.]
Come on.
Let's go.
[tires screeching.]
Ivan! [telepathically.]
Help Catalina.
Was it the Emperor? Yes.
How could he? [Catalina gasps.]
What's wrong? Catalina, please! [Ivan.]
She might be linking her consciousness with 009 .
You're persistent.
I'll give you that.
[Chang exhaling.]
-Am I glad to see you.
-Don't worry.
-I can take care of this ice.
-008, You go that way.
I see that you have arrived, my cyborgs.
[Pyunma groans.]
You can join your rash leader and throw all of your lives away.
[cyborgs groaning.]
You cyborg simpletons.
All bark, no bite.
Geronimo! [yells.]
Joe, Accelerate like you did that day! [Ivan.]
This looks to be a very dire situation .
You mean his Accelerator is having no effect? It seems the Emperor is predicting 009's moves by eclipsing him in speed of thought.
So then With his usual acceleration, Joe can't win.
Oh, no.
The only thing we can do to assist is put our faith in 009 and keep fighting.
Everybody, are you willing to do that? Of course.
You better believe it.
-You can count on us.
That's the reason we came here in the first place.
Thanks, guys.
Troublesome creatures.
You're nothing more than a bunch of warm bodies.
You think so, huh?! I'll show you warm! [exhaling.]
You'll see what we troublesome creatures are made of.
[cyborgs grunting.]
Accelerator! [cyborgs yell.]
Why can't I accelerate like I did before? [screams.]
Joe! Accelerator! [gasping.]
Ivan? Wait.
This view.
[Emperor gasping.]
What is this nothingness I see? What was that? What did I see just now? What was that place? The emptiness.
What happened? [Ivan.]
That is what 009 see s while he's accelerating.
It would seem the Emperor just saw the same thing.
How is that possible? [wails.]
-Catalina? Is that 009's view when he accelerates? Damn you, Linker.
You used your power on me and 009.
You linked our minds.
You will regret that decision! -[Françoise gasps.]
-[Catalina yelling.]
Catalina! Catalina! [gasping.]
No, don't! [screams.]
Catalina! Catalina, say something.
I'll never forget you, no matter what Joe.
Catalina! I know that I wiped her mind clean.
How does she remember you? You sad fool.
Because humans never forget what's most important to them.
To be swayed by such pointless pity.
Such a foolish woman.
Don't you have a heart? As to what you mean by a heart, I never really had one to begin with.
These useless sensations of yours, this "love," that makes you weak.
No, that's not true.
Power without heart, that's only a form of weakness.
Why am I not hitting him? [Ivan.]
You must sense it, too , the fact that 009's acceleration is faster than before.
Don't make me laugh.
What good will mere acceleration do? You still don't understand? Every time 009 uses his Accelerator, he sees that view all alone.
You be quiet, Ivan.
[Ivan gasping.]
Every time he accelerates? Not possible.
There's no way this novice could endure that level of overwhelming loneliness.
[Joe yells.]
For three millennia, you've looked down on other s and manipulated them to serve your needs, but by using his power of acceleration, 009 has lived many times longer than you and has always accepted the needs of others.
That, in the end, is what makes him so powerful.
What a ridiculous sentiment.
Do you mean to say that this cyborg is more powerful than me? Uhh! [Joe.]
Why? Why isn't time rewinding? 009, even if you manage to exceed the speed of light, there are some things that happen that you simply cannot change.
Then Catalina is really.
I am done playing with you! [cyborgs yell.]
Ivan! [gasps.]
Ivan! Are you still planning to generate that shockwave? Don't fight me on this.
Let's you and I destroy the world together.
That would be fun, wouldn't it? -Ivan! -Don't worry.
As long as I simply give in to his will, we can escape destruction.
Are you including yourself in that ? [Ivan.]
Please, look after the others for me .
I won't let you do this .
Accelerator! Did you abandon your comrades and escape, 009? Attention, cyborgs.
Take your last breaths before your destruction.
I'm going to reduce this place to a barren wasteland.
It's no use, Emperor.
You see, your goal is never achieved.
What was that? Moments ago, I saw the future.
I went through time and saw what comes to pass.
Joe! [no audio.]
[panicked gasping.]
Get me out of here.
Let me out! [Joe.]
You'll never be able to go back.
Why not? And how can you be acting so calm? I've lived on this planet for 3,000 years, but this fear makes me tremble with loneliness.
How can you possibly endure this at all?! Because.
Because that is my mission in life.
Joe! Ivan, do you know where he went? It seems that he and the Emperor have gone beyond the event horizon.
But where is that? In a place beyond our reach, another dimension.
Do you mean Joe.
[rotors thrumming.]
Wait a moment.
I can still sense 009's presence.
Don't worry.
Joe's all right.
The official word on the inciden t that occurred in New York three months ago was that it had been identified, fought, and contained by the United Nations forces.
No one would ever know everything that the Zero-Zero cyborgs had accomplished, but these unsung heroes put their lives on the line to avert the threat of an evil plot by a race of mysterious superhumans called The Blessed.
The cyborgs did exist.
Seeing these nine brave souls who fought for humanity, upholding justice, facing impossible odds, yet pushing forward, is something that I will never forget.
So where will you go? Now that Catalina has been given a proper burial, maybe back home for a little farming.
Seriously? [Igarashi.]
They've recognized my accomplishments in the battle against the cyborgs, and I've been promoted to Director.
Guess I won't be quitting very soon.
And with that, I take it, you'll carry on their wishes? It's a heavy load, but I'll do what I can.
If anyone's earned a rest, it's them.
[ballad playing.]
[singing in Japanese.]