D.P. (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


This is great. Pass it here.
Raccoon, where are you?
Let's find that raccoon.
- Long time no see.
- You startled us.
We thought you were the nurse officer.
That won't make the smell go away.
You'll get sent back to your unit
if you get caught.
Hey, Mr. Marine Corps.
Can I get a washcloth?
Stop acting like you don't smoke.
Thank you.
From what I heard, the medical officer
is going to check for people who smoke.
Take a look at my basket.
How does this sound?
Each spray will cost you 2,000 won
worth of food at the PX.
What do you say? Deal?
Deal! Deal! Deal!
- Spray me!
- Hurry up!
The military police knows what we need.
Come on, spray me.
Spray me next.
What would we have done without him?
Officer Han.
Officer Han.
Pack your things.
The medical officer wants you out.
He says you're fine
and wants you back at your unit.
Why can't he see how hurt I am inside?
Let's all leave together.
They've all been smoking.
Since I've been dreaming for too long ♪
I can't find the reasons to move on ♪
Wake up to reality ♪
Realize we're getting old ♪
All our bones ♪
Are breaking down ♪
Look at that punk.
What is your business here?
I'm Captain Lim Ji-seop, the new aide.
Open the gate.
Salute. Got it, sir.
Yes, sir?
"Yes, sir"?
Aren't you a military police?
Come here.
How can you be sure
if I'm an aide or a spy?
Aren't you going to check?
Sorry, sir.
I want you to report to the squad leader
and return your leave days.
I'm sorry, sir!
Aren't you going to let me in?
One, two, three, four
What is it?
Isn't that him?
I heard there's a new aide coming
from the CID.
The CID?
The Central Investigation Department.
I'm asking you what that is, you punk.
You're here.
Sergeant Park, what took you so long?
This is Captain Lim Ji-seop, the new aide.
He's Sergeant First Class Park Beom-gu
who's in charge of D.P. Say hello.
I look forward to working with you.
Yes. Likewise.
I look forward to your support.
Sergeant Park,
you're the big shot here,
so try your best to help him out.
How are things going getting our soldiers
into the special forces?
We're doing our best to prepare, sir.
One of the soldiers fainted
during training.
- So we'll take it step by step.
- Good. Don't overwork them.
But let's add mountain running
to the training.
Yes, sir.
- Salute.
- Yes.
Sir, you have a tennis match
with the section leader.
Gosh, it's time already?
You guys are probably better off
talking without me.
Have everything settled.
Does the general also like playing tennis?
Have a seat.
Sit down. Have a seat.
Is this everyone
in the investigation division?
- Yes, that's right.
- I see. What about the soldiers?
The administrative soldier
is in the office,
and one of the D.P. soldiers
is in his barrack.
Does that mean the other soldier
isn't in his barrack?
Well, the thing is
Yes, sir?
When a superior asks you a question,
you should organize your thoughts
and give a well-structured answer.
I heard something happened recently.
One of them is behind bars
for hitting a senior soldier.
You left out why.
I heard you beat Park Sung-woo to a pulp.
Good job.
I hated how he showed off
for being a D.P. soldier.
But even so, he's your senior,
you ungrateful jerk.
Hey, Nerd.
Salute. You must be tired, sir.
No, you're the one who's probably tired.
You're pretty sturdy.
Did you use to play sports?
I did judo in middle school, sir.
Oh, judo?
Yes, sir.
- Did you get to squeeze some boobs?
- No, sir.
- Kimochi.
- No, sir.
Don't get all fucking serious.
- Lose some weight, okay?
- Yes, sir.
My gosh.
I heard you haven't been eating.
Hurry up and take it.
Thank you.
So that D.P. soldier
went to drink at a karaoke bar
instead of catching the deserter.
Meanwhile, the deserter died,
and a junior beat his senior soldier?
That's right, sir.
Then have him dismissed.
Yes, sir. I'll do it
once he gets out of military prison
His senior, not him.
But the thing is, he's
Does he have connections?
Park Sung-woo's dad, the district head,
will be stepping down next month.
Let's keep it quiet.
And try to focus
on improving your performance.
The evaluation period is coming up.
Yes, sir.
Okay, good.
Oh, and from now on,
you can report directly to me.
Yes, sir.
What should I do with An Jun-ho?
It's not the end of the world.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
You asked me to bring him back
but I failed.
So what?
So what about that?
What are you going to do about that?
You can keep working as a D.P.
But about Shin Woo-suk
He never would've deserted his post
if he didn't join the army
in the first place.
Does that even matter?
Get him out of there.
I can't believe this shit.
How did he even get out?
Jun-ho, be honest with me.
Did you give Beom-gu a blowjob?
You did, right?
Or did you let him fuck you?
Look at his face.
Fucking bastard.
What's wrong with the military these days?
What do you mean?
Everything is just fine.
What's going on?
Am I invisible?
Corporal Han, you're back.
Aren't you going to salute him?
He's Corporal Han.
He's the one in charge of D.P.
Nice to see you guys.
Corporal Han, are you better now?
I'm going to die.
They say I'm terminally ill.
I heard Sung-woo was dismissed.
Because of that,
I have to take his place now.
I guess I'll have to do what I'm told.
Are you going to slack off
just like you did at the hospital?
Yes, sir. I think I was born to slack off.
I also love shrimp snacks.
Sergeant Hwang.
Aren't you being discharged soon?
Why do you keep acting like
you're the big shot here?
Listen, Mr. Civilian.
Do you have no respect for your senior?
Didn't you know?
When you're close to getting discharged,
you're no different from a civilian.
You two D.P. assholes are pissing me off.
One more word,
and I'll rip your mouth open.
"One more word."
You asshole.
It's 8:30 p.m.
Are you having a rap battle or something?
I'm going to watch a TV show,
so shut the fuck up and sit down.
Yes, sir.
Hey, you must be An Jun-ho, my junior.
The hot water melts the grease
from the noodles,
and that grease melts the package,
which creates endocrine disruptors.
It's really bad for you.
But it's delicious.
It's so good that I can't stop eating.
Maybe it tastes so good
thanks to all the endocrine disruptors.
What do you think?
I don't know, sir.
I heard you beat up Sung-woo.
Good job.
You did good.
I was sick, you see.
I had problems breathing,
so I went to the medical corps,
but they couldn't find the cause.
The armed forces hospital couldn't either.
But they wouldn't let me go
to a hospital outside.
Meanwhile, Sung-woo was put in charge.
And he loves to drink and party.
Of course, everything's a mess.
You're right, sir.
Anyway, I'm different from him.
I do things in a new way.
From now on,
you just need to do as I say, okay?
Yes, sir.
And don't get involved with those guys
in the barracks.
They've got nothing to do with us.
We just need to focus on our job.
Catching deserted soldiers.
Yes, sir.
I mean, how peaceful is this place?
No one's here to bully you.
Private An Jun-ho, sir.
Corporal Han Ho-yeol.
If you're done eating,
it's time to get to work.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
His name is Choi Jun-mok.
He's been gone for two months.
I think he was abused in his unit,
but we're not sure how.
He was last spotted at a platform
in Incheon Station.
He tried to commit suicide there.
Are you okay?
Got it?
If it's been two months.
We won't even have his access log.
Did your mommy say you need that
to catch deserters?
No, my aunt, sir.
- Private First Class Heo Gi-yeong, sir.
- Get him the warrant.
Go get it.
Yes, sir.
Second cabinet, third line.
Thank you.
You can thank me with a Big Mac.
I'm sorry, sir?
If you want to thank me,
come back with a Big Mac.
I want it with bacon, okay?
Private First Class Heo here
is always hungry.
Let's go.
See you.
We'll be off now, sir.
An Jun-ho.
Private An Jun-ho, sir.
You'd better not take this for granted.
You're not going on a picnic.
Yes, sir.
Don't get anyone killed.
And don't get killed either.
What are you doing?
Do you want me to go alone?
No, sir.
- Stay. Just stay.
- No, sir.
I'm fine alone.
Go have some shrimp snacks.
- No, sir. I'm fine, sir.
- Go have some snacks.
I can do it alone. Go on back inside.
Shouldn't we go
to the subway station first?
If he tries to kill himself
It's not easy to try again
when you stop while taking a shit.
I'm sorry, sir?
He'll need time to get ready again.
Meanwhile, we're going to stick
to the basics.
by step.
One at a time.
Good. Step by step.
Hello, sir.
What do you think
that interception warrant is for?
I'm not sure, sir.
you use it to check the access log
of online games or search engines.
Deserters tend to be hooked on video games
or hopeless romantics who have
to send emails to their girlfriends.
But in order to do that,
we need to visit each firm,
fill in an application, and wait for days.
And even if we get permission,
we need to access this site
and pay for each and every information.
Money makes the world go round.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Yes, sir.
You don't need to understand.
I'm sorry, sir?
Listen to me, Private An.
What kind of a fool would use his own ID
after having deserted from the army?
They create new IDs
using other people's information.
Then what do you think we need to do
to find the deserter?
Three, two, one.
- Well
- Nope. Too late.
We need to meet his acquaintances.
Family, girlfriend, friends,
and alumni. It doesn't matter who.
Anyone will do.
"He's been out of touch. We're not close.
I don't talk to him."
None of that matters.
Just question everyone.
Why do you think we should?
To predict what the deserter
might have done?
No. Wrong answer.
Deserters don't do the things
they normally do
or things that are predictable.
They intuitively know that it's dangerous.
Jun-ho, you must not like fish cakes.
Then is it the opposite?
To avoid being predictable?
Wrong again.
I thought you were smart.
What college do you go to?
I don't go to college.
What a coincidence. Me neither.
Can you let go, sir?
What we should do is,
we should think in their shoes.
Find out what they'd want to eat,
who they'd want to see,
and what may be on their minds.
It's what Hollywood actors do.
It's called method acting.
Becoming one with the character.
Doesn't that just mean
we're starting from scratch?
Well, yes.
Then what do you think is important
for us to do well?
Stay persistent?
Not be disappointed.
Why aren't you sleeping?
I told you it's important
to get enough sleep.
I just had something on my mind.
But where are we going?
To meet the woman in his journal.
I already explained everything
to the last person who came.
That's not why we're here today.
Let me make myself clear.
There was nothing between us.
We only dated for a month.
But Jun-mok thought of you
as his first love.
Jun-ho, give me the journal.
I don't have it, sir.
You don't?
I guess he forgot to bring it.
In the army,
you're asked to write a journal.
It's like a diary.
Your name
was found in his journal, Ji-hye.
I told you her name is Hye-jeong.
Oh, right. Hye-jeong. That's right.
He wrote tons of stuff about you
in his diary, Hye-jeong.
What did it say?
I didn't read it in detail.
But he wrote about how he fell for you
when you guys first met.
He wrote that he can
never forget that moment.
You had jajangmyeon with him
at the orientation party, right?
And what else?
Oh, right. And
And he wrote that every moment
he spent with you
was very special to him.
Yes, that's right.
- He wrote that about me?
- Yes.
I can't believe he wrote all that.
So you want me to contact you
if Jun-mok ever calls, right?
Yes, please call us.
Okay. Bye.
You're an amazing liar, sir.
Who says I lied?
I had it.
Ma'am, but Jun-mok
I don't remember!
He just came here to eat chicken once
after he quit working here.
Oh, you mean Acorn Jelly?
Yes, Choi Jun-mok.
I haven't seen him in months.
Maybe he's started to lose faith.
Get out of my way!
Who are they talking about?
He went to the army?
I hope he returns soon.
- You saw him a few days ago?
- Where?
Where was it again?
It was at a convenience store
at a subway station.
Hey, Jun-mok.
Are you out on leave?
Yes, I am.
Did he seem a bit dark?
I'm not sure.
I don't think so.
My youngest son is very soft-hearted.
Where in the world could he be?
He can't even sleep in strange places
because he's so sensitive.
What if he gets so scared
and ends up doing something bad
to himself?
No, ma'am. That will never happen.
We'll bring him back
before anything like that happens.
Hold on.
Wait a minute.
This isn't much.
You remind me of Jun-mok.
No, it's okay.
The military already gave us money.
Sure, ma'am.
We'll put this money to good use.
We promise we'll find Jun-mok.
Please take good care of him.
Do you think Choi Jun-mok is okay?
Jun-ho, do you smell yogurt?
It's coming from your jacket.
- I guess it's nicely fermented.
- It's probably rotten.
How long have we been out?
It's been 12 days.
Is there anyone we haven't met yet?
We met all his high school friends.
Don't worry. Jun-mok isn't dead.
How are you so sure?
He hasn't called yet.
Nine out of ten suicidal deserters
call their mothers before they die.
"Hi, I'm Choi Jun-mok.
I'm 177cm tall. I weigh 70 kilograms.
My vision is 1.2, but due to astigmatism
I wear glasses from time to time.
My GPA is 2.7,
and I got lucky and went to college
even though my grades were bad.
I sometimes go to church
with my friends to play table tennis,
and I joined the army after I broke up
with my first love in college.
My dream is to become a public servant,
and my nickname is Acorn Jelly."
Why "Acorn Jelly"?
Because of his name
and because he has no personality.
"That's right. I have no personality.
Please find me."
You're getting a call.
Communications Security,
Corporal Han Ho-yeol, sir.
Did you find anything?
We're working on it, sir.
That's your job, punk.
I'm asking if you made progress.
Well, we're gathering information, sir.
Are you kidding me?
I want updates!
Gosh, why is he yelling?
What did you say, you punk?
Nothing, sir. We'll find him.
I received details on how
Choi Jun-mok was abused back in his unit.
Jun-mok snores pretty loudly
when he sleeps.
They made him wear a gas mask
and didn't let him sleep.
What a bunch of lunatics.
Anything else, sir?
Yes, he used his military debit card
to pay for a bowl of black bean noodles.
A restaurant called Ilpoomhyang
in Ilsan, at 11:30 p.m.
Don't bother to write it down.
If you're not getting anywhere,
just come back.
Yes, sir. Salute.
Is he asking us to return?
It means he'll kill us
if we go back empty-handed.
How much money do we have left?
We received 200,000 won,
and used it on food and transportation.
So now
We have 7,800 won left.
I'll use my secret weapon.
Sir, we're traveling the country on foot.
And for some reason,
the ATM machine is broken,
so we can't withdraw any money.
If you let us in now,
we'll withdraw money and pay you
as soon as the sun rises tomorrow.
Where did you come from?
Where did you come from?
You said you're traveling on foot.
We just moved to the city from Yeongwol,
so we're not familiar with the names
Where in Yeongwol?
- I'm from Yeongwol.
- A place called Deokpo
I'm from Deokpo. Where in Deokpo?
It's near the Donggang River.
- What?
- Once you walk past the army unit there
Oh, you mean the huge potato field
next to where people go rafting?
I'm the youngest son of that family.
Oh, really?
I'm telling you this
because we're all past this now.
All the potatoes were ruined
because of that storm,
so we couldn't sell them.
My dad had a really tough time
due to Typhoon Maemi.
The typhoon from two years ago
was Bolaven.
My little brother
injured his head
when Typhoon Bolaven hit our town.
We're traveling the country on foot,
and for some reason,
the ATM machine is broken
If you could let us in,
we'll withdraw money and
Sleep later. If you sleep now,
you won't be able to sleep past midnight.
I'll sleep when I want to.
Okay, fine.
You were so good earlier.
You should become an actor.
I should get your autograph.
Gosh, will you stop it already?
There you go!
What will you do if I don't stop?
What will you do?
- My gosh.
- I don't want to stop.
Damn it.
There you go!
There! There you go!
- Isn't it weird?
- What is?
Why did he go all the way
to Incheon Station to attempt suicide?
Because there are no screen doors there.
The two previous stations
don't have screen doors either.
Take a look at this.
Choi Jun-mok's friend saw him at the store
in Sangildong Station.
And the Chinese restaurant he went to
This stop is the last stop.
It's right in front of Daehwa Station.
The two stations
They're both the very last stations.
He's a gourmet.
He must enjoy searching for good food.
Would you go searching for good food
in the middle of your suicide attempt?
Why would you even say that?
Here's another thing that's weird.
Choi Jun-mok was always spotted
late at night.
Incheon Station. 11:50 p.m.
Sangildong Station. 12:15 a.m.
Daehwa Station. 11:30 p.m.
He's only active at nighttime.
He's a vampire.
Then why don't you at least try to
Come here.
I checked all the websites he signed up on
before and after he joined the army.
Didn't you say this cost money?
Yes, Jun-mok's mother gave us money.
Anyway, I noticed
that he mostly used this as his ID.
It's "Black" without a "C."
Choi Jun-mok's birthday is September 14.
But this ID had no login records.
So I just looked up "blakmagic."
And look. I got 470 results.
I checked every single ID
and compared all the personal information.
Doesn't this number look familiar?
Four, eight,
five, nine
So you want me to contact you
if Jun-mok ever calls, right?
- Hye-jeong?
- Bingo.
So you're saying he just
typed in 111 for no reason and used
the number of that girl he liked
for the last four digits?
I'm not so sure about that.
This is a better than guessing he went to
eat in the middle of his suicide attempt.
Do you think so?
Communications Security,
Corporal Han Ho-yeol, sir!
Have you lost it, you punk?
No, sir.
- What is it?
- Oh, well
We need another interception warrant.
An Jun-ho took it with him.
No, not that one.
It's for someone else.
So you're saying Choi Jun-mok
created an ID
using his ex-girlfriend's phone number?
I mean, you think he might have?
That's right, sir.
- Do you have evidence?
- It's based on confidence, sir.
According to Jun-ho, at least.
It sounds like
you're talking out of your ass.
If this goes south, I'll get fired,
and you'll both be dead.
Yes, sir.
We'll just get dismissed with you, sir!
You asshole!
Private Heo Gi-yeong, sir.
Oh, hey.
We need an interception warrant
for a civilian.
Hmm. Sure.
Go ahead.
Oh, okay.
Thank you, sir.
What's wrong? Did I say "okay" too easily?
No, sir.
I'm sure you're asking for it
because you're sure of something.
Hey, issue a warrant
for Sergeant Park right away.
Do you need anything else?
No. Thank you, sir. Salute.
That fucking bastard
Send the location to the D.P. soldiers
and tell them I wasn't kidding earlier.
They're dead if they don't catch him.
Everything will be fine. Don't worry.
Okay? Don't be nervous.
Got it, sir.
Did you memorize the Miranda rights?
Don't get nervous and make a mistake.
Okay, sir.
Are you nervous, sir?
Of course, you punk.
I'll still be nervous
even after a hundred arrests.
Hello, are you a member here?
No, we're not. We're the military police.
Is there a back entrance here?
No, there isn't.
I'm sorry.
What do you want?
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Did you enjoy this?
Let me clean it up for you.
Hey, you two!
Stop fooling around and leave or I'll
report you for obstruction of business.
Damn it.
My gosh.
What do you want?
Who are you people?
- Ah. Uh
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You look just like my friend, Jun-mok.
- I thought you were Jun-mok
- My gosh.
I'm sorry. Sorry for troubling you.
I'll push your seat back in.
You can go back to sleep.
Let's not be disappointed.
There's no need to be disappointed.
Back to ground zero. We can do this.
Where is he?
I think I know where Choi Jun-mok is.
Hey, wake that buddy fucker up.
He is a vampire.
Choi Jun-mok was always found
at the last stop late at night
when the subway closes.
So instead of trying to do anything
at his destination,
he just fell asleep
and found himself there?
Then what about his suicide attempt?
Did you sleep well?
Where am I?
The last stop.
The last stop of subway line two.
I see.
I guess this is the end of the line.
I'm sorry.
What's on your mind?
That it's so comfortable here.
What are you doing here?
We're planting trees.
It's not even Arbor Day.
The general asked us to plant them.
He thinks the barracks look too deserted.
Where did you get that tree?
we dug it out from over there.
Yes, sir.
You're a special forces soldier.
Why can't you do this properly?
I want you to dig a hole,
not caress the damn soil.
- How is this so hard?
- How fucking absurd.
How did it go?
- We arrested Choi Jun-mok.
- Really?
We found him on the street.
You prick.
Anyway, good work. Hurry up and return.
Yes, sir. Salute.
This is for Private Heo Gi-yeong.
I know.
Baked eggs?
Do you want one?
I guess you don't like eggs.
It's gone bad. My gosh.
Oh, hello.
Okay, just a moment.
Your girlfriend.
My girlfriend?
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but can I borrow your lighter?
Are you doing okay?
I'm not sure.
I'm asking if you're okay
that you've killed someone.
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