D.P. (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

That Woman

Have you lost it?
You think you're better than me
because you have some money?
Gosh, you're unbelievable.
Fuck it.
It's like I'm living with a vulture.
Your sister's crying, you punk.
Since I've been dreaming for too long ♪
I can't find the reasons to move on ♪
Wake up to reality ♪
Realize we're getting old ♪
All our goals ♪
Are breaking down ♪
As a soldier of the 103rd division,
let's start the day brightly.
Private Cho, it's okay.
It doesn't need to be that nice.
Jun-ho-kun, I'm using fire
to polish your boots.
Seniors do this for juniors
who go on leave.
It's all done.
Sit down.
Thank you, sir.
I'm jealous of you, Jun-ho-kun.
I've never been rewarded
an extra leave before.
No, you don't need to feel sorry.
Have fun. Enjoy your time outside.
But by any chance,
if you have some extra time,
can you get me this?
I want this color.
I use it to draw comics.
Sure. Okay, sir.
Thank you.
How is this carbon?
It's obviously aluminum.
I'll call you back. Just wait. Bye.
This punk
Ho-yeong. Jun-woo.
Private An Jun-ho, sir.
Corporal Han Ho-yeol, sir.
You guys did great.
I'm sure all those deserters
want to be left alone,
but our D.P. just goes
and catches them all.
It's very rewarding, isn't it? Great work.
- They found him on the street.
- Still, I'd say they're talented.
It's only the first half,
and you already caught seven.
Let's catch ten this year, okay?
- Sergeant Park, are you okay with that?
- Well, sure. Yes.
Have fun on your leave.
Don't get yourselves in trouble.
Ho-yeong and Jun-woo.
Private An Jun-ho, sir.
Corporal Han Ho-yeol, sir.
You're free to have fun on your leave,
but sleep with your phones
in your underwear.
What if I don't wear underwear? Sir?
I bet he does that on purpose.
Jun-woo, let's go.
Private An Jun-ho, sir.
Just be casual when we're outside.
Okay, sir.
Instant noodles
without endocrine disruptors
as requested by Private An
from Bongcheon-dong.
It's almost done. Coming right up.
Do you have any brothers?
- I have a younger sibling.
- Mm. A younger sister?
She's not pretty.
I didn't ask.
Are your parents doing well?
I guess they're okay.
Why are you giving such insincere answers
to your senior?
You told me to be casual outside.
What a smart-ass.
Did you start boxing when you were little?
Did your parents make you do it?
I learned it so I could avoid
getting beaten up by my dad.
Why did our parents give birth to us?
I never asked to be born.
I know, right?
My gosh. Beom-gu always calls
at the worst times.
Corporal Han Ho-yeol on the phone, sir.
But we're on leave. That's
I called the D.P. soldiers as you asked.
They'll be heading to Busan right away.
- Set point.
- That's right, sir.
This may be out of line,
but we shouldn't bother them
when they're on leave.
We shouldn't involve ourselves
with deserters from other
I didn't see you there.
I'm sorry.
Nice reflexes.
The grip on this racket's a bit weird.
I'm sorry, sir. I'll get you a new one.
Do you have something to report?
No, sir. Have a good day.
He keeps nudging me the wrong way.
The day of the sea ♪
Jun-ho, let's have beef ribs
after we eat this.
Is it really okay to do this?
Yes, this is a cooperative investigation.
We're just helping the D.P.
from another unit.
After we're done helping,
Beef ribs ♪
- That's what we'll be having.
- Right.
He's handsome.
I hear he's a good fighter.
There are two types of deserters.
Guys who are scary because you don't know
what they'll end up doing.
And guys who are just plain scary.
Choi Jun-mok was the former,
and he's the latter.
What do you mean?
They're tough.
Some even used to be in gangs.
You could even get stabbed. Ugh.
Don't worry.
We're just here to help.
Hi, Busan.
I love Busan.
Nice view. Nice view.
Right. You must be from Gangwon-do.
Yes, would you like some potatoes?
Give him one.
We're out of potatoes.
I guess we forgot to bring them.
Nice to meet you.
Yes, hello. We're
I'm Kim Gyu, the head of the D.P.
at the Capital Defense Command.
Yes, nice to meet you.
You couldn't possibly afford to come here
with the money you get.
But you're wearing a shiny suit
and you're dressed like a penguin.
You must use your mother's credit card.
I love my mother's credit card.
A penguin
I heard you're here to assist us.
We're here to help because you've been
struggling to catch this guy.
Is there a problem?
I'm fine.
We traced his whereabouts
and tried to guess where he went.
Take a look. This is where
Jeong Hyeon-min's father lives.
And this is where his girlfriend lives.
They're busy,
so just keep it short.
I'm sorry, sir.
You just need to go here.
We'll go to his father's place instead.
You're okay with that, right?
Okay, sure. Go ahead.
We'll be off.
Thank you in advance.
- Let's go.
- Thank you in advance.
This is annoying.
They must use good beans.
I love the acidity.
Why did you act that way earlier?
Well, you see, I don't like Choco Pies.
But I really craved them
when I was in boot camp.
So I went to church and got one.
But instead of eating it,
I kept it in my locker.
Why do you think I did that?
So I could save it
until the fifth week of training
and have it once it was all over.
But there's this jerk who stole it.
What would you have done?
I would have killed him.
Kim Gyu was that asshole.
But he doesn't remember.
He's one sick son of a bitch.
Hold it in. Stay put.
This is no longer a joke.
We're going to catch Jeong Hyeon-min.
His girlfriend's place
is obviously not important.
Unit 307, Haeundae-gu 432-7, Busan.
It's Jeong Hyeon-min's father's address.
I memorized it.
I'm impressed you caught that.
Let's go get him before they do.
What the hell are you doing, idiot?
Gosh, you dumbass.
Let's go, damn it. Let's do this. Come on.
My gosh, fuck this.
They're coming from behind, asshole!
He fucking shot me from behind.
Open the door already, for fuck's sake!
This is fucking annoying.
Where's the old man gone off to?
Hello, we're from the church nearby.
Do you have time for a short chat?
I'll fucking kill you!
Just go. Stop bothering me.
Can't you spare
Was someone here?
I fucking told you to answer the door.
Shouldn't you go back to your unit now?
You could really end up
ruining your life at this rate.
How much worse can things get?
Don't you know
who ruined my life in the first place?
Don't you?
Hyeon-min! You're bleeding!
If you have no money, just shut up.
I don't care if you're my dad.
I'll fuck you up.
I'll go check who it is.
Those fucking Jesus freaks!
What do you fucking want?
Jeong Hyeon-min?
It really is him.
Get lost, you shits.
- Watch your head!
- Damn it!
Sir, wait. Please. Wait.
Hyeon-min, run!
He's in here.
Run for it!
- We need to drag him out.
- What should I do?
Just kick the door open, you punk.
It hurts!
Run, Hyeon-min!
Run away, Hyeon-min!
Jeong Hyeon-min!
I'm sorry!
Gosh, why do you make things so difficult?
I'm not a police detective.
I'm not a spider or a mountain climber.
So why
Why do I need to
My gosh, seriously
That asshole.
This is fun.
Here I come!
Hey! Stop! You punk!
Come at me, you bastard!
Get lost, you fucker.
Don't do it, you punk.
- Don't.
- Get lost!
Why won't he get lost?
Hyeon-min, I'm just trying to help!
- Your commander wants you
- You asshole.
I can't see!
Turn the lights back on!
You punk
Gosh, you punk.
- What's up with you?
- Hey, my back.
- Your back?
- Yes.
I think I broke my back.
Get off me, you punk.
Call 911.
- Jun-ho
- What a fucking idiot.
What a fucking loser. Seriously.
That damn loser.
You bastard!
Did you box?
Jeong Hyeon-min, that's enough.
Fuck you, you asshole!
Not bad.
You asshole!
You fucking
You asshole!
You prick!
Damn it!
You fucking asshole! You bastard!
That fucking asshole is crazy.
Bring it on, you fucker!
That was fun, you asshole.
You fucking jerk.
How did it go?
I'm in front of building 25.
- What the heck are you saying?
- I don't know which building this is.
And unfortunately,
I'm unable to move right now.
Standing fights are useless.
Grappling is the best.
I just lost.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Give me your hand.
What do you think?
What are you doing?
It's the cobra clutch.
Tell me if it hurts too much.
This is how you do it.
Gosh, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
- What am I going to do?
- Why don't we
Yes, sir.
No, I'm sorry.
We weren't trying to get in the way.
They just wanted to help,
but things got out of hand.
I'm sorry. Yes.
Okay, sir. Salute.
I apologize, sir. I'll tell them
to come back and set things right.
Gosh, no wonder I didn't like you
from the start.
Do you really not know what you did wrong?
Sergeant Park.
Why can't you do your job right
and catch deserters?
I helped so that you could
get more points,
but why did you have to make a mess?
Sergeant Park Beom-gu.
Sergeant Park Beom-gu, sir.
What? Are you offended now
that I'm not using honorifics?
Executive officers use honorifics
to sergeants just to be polite, okay?
We're just being nice
because we know how hard it is!
So show some damn respect when I'm around.
Fuck! That fucking asshole!
Let's calm down.
Is everything okay, sir?
- Are Jun-ho and Ho-yeol at the hospital?
- Yes, sir.
How badly are they hurt?
They'll live, sir.
Yes, I'm sure they will.
Tell them to come back this instant.
Okay, sir.
By the way, did you hear, sir?
Jeong Hyeon-min's unit,
the 53rd Infantry Division of the CDC
They're shooting Real Man there next week.
The division commander there
is from the military academy too.
He graduated ahead of the Captain.
Then they'll need to catch the deserter
before the shoot.
I'm sorry, sir.
Gosh, you seem to be doing okay, Ho-yeol.
What's your problem?
You knew it was me, didn't you?
At first, I enjoyed seeing your reaction.
But it got out of hand.
Choco Pies.
Are you having fun?
- Is this funny to you?
- Listen, mister.
- You messed up our mission.
- We messed it up?
This wouldn't have happened
if we worked together.
We were going to catch him,
but you got in the way.
Quit the bullshit and just drop it.
Right. How's your injury?
I heard you still haven't caught
the deserter who stabbed you.
Gosh, that was ages ago.
You might never be able to catch him
if you get dismissed.
I'm right, aren't I?
Why would I be dismissed?
We got in this mess
while trying to help you.
Yes, of course. I know that.
But our captain
seems to have called your unit
and asked why you had to cause a mess
in our jurisdiction.
You should have done better.
have this and get better.
Let's go.
It's delicious.
Damn it.
Salute. Corporal Han Ho-yeol,
returning to
No, don't come.
I'm sorry, sir?
Are you fucking deaf?
Don't come back
until you catch Jeong Hyeon-min.
I thought we were being disciplined.
I'll deal with it.
Just catch Jeong Hyeon-min.
Catch him before the CDC guys do.
We'll catch him even if it kills us.
You better catch him.
Jun-ho, we just got extra lives.
A bonus.
Where should we begin?
Hello, this is Private Heo Gi-yeong
at the Communications Security Office.
Salute. This is Private An Jun-ho, sir.
Sir, can you trace an IP address for us?
No, I can't. This isn't the NIS.
First, get an interception warrant
for civilians.
It's for a soldier, not a civilian.
And not many, just one.
There's a guy named Kim Gyu.
He's a D.P. in the CDC.
I'll buy you a Big Mac with bacon.
I can't believe you're trying to coax me
with food too.
I'll also get you six pieces of McNuggets.
What's his name again?
Kim Gyu?
I want mustard sauce.
Yes, we just got here, sir.
But are you sure
it's the department store, sir?
Yes. Corporal Kim Gyu used
the Wi-Fi there for the last three days.
He came here to do a stakeout?
Not shopping?
Thank you, sir.
Over there.
By any chance, have you seen this guy?
Some people came earlier and asked me
a bunch of questions about him.
What's going on?
So do you know him?
I said I don't know him that well.
He's Yeong-ok's boyfriend,
so I just said hello to him once.
Just go.
I'm working right now.
This is so annoying.
I know it's hard.
My little sister also worked
at a department store.
So I know how hard it is.
I figured you might need it.
It's waterproof.
Thank you.
Don't mention it. Thank you for this.
So Mun Yeong-ok
is Jeong Hyeon-min's girlfriend?
Yeong-ok used to work here too,
but she took a long leave.
She won't answer her phone either.
You said you met Jeong Hyeon-min once.
Where did you meet him?
Oh, well
A shop.
What shop?
Well, you know where people drink
and sing
- Ah
- Mm.
With guys.
This job can be pretty stressful,
so we sometimes go to relieve our stress.
That night, after a team dinner,
we were deciding where to go.
Then Yeong-ok told us to follow her.
That's just wrong. Yes.
Right, does anyone know him?
Yes, of course. You're right.
Isn't this Hyeon?
- It's Hyeon.
- No, not today.
- Hey, Jjang-gu.
- Yes, okay.
- Weren't you close with Hyeon?
- I love you.
Hyeon? What about him?
We're looking for him,
but it's very hard to reach him.
- He's like that. He's a grasshopper.
- "A grasshopper"?
He doesn't work for just one bar.
He freelances here and there.
Do you happen to know her?
Her name is Mun Yeong-ok.
Hey, this girl
She's the one Hyeon tried to con.
She bought him a used car, paid his rent,
and even promised to wait
until he was discharged from the army.
I think she even paid off his prepayment.
His prepayment.
Where does she get all that money
working at a department store?
I just don't get why anyone
would do something like that.
Jeong Hyeon-min is a real asshole.
He's not an asshole. He's trash.
Yes, he's trash.
Hey, Jun-ho.
My back hurts so much.
Can we go to a dry sauna first?
- There are 22.
- What? Dry saunas?
Host bars in Haeundae.
He freelances, so I'm sure
he's working in one of these bars.
Okay, let's go.
But let's go to a dry sauna first.
I'm dead serious.
It really hurts.
What is it?
Gosh, you lost.
Can you help me find
- Let's do this.
- Take a look. Have you seen him?
Take a look.
Gosh, I said I don't know him.
Hey, wait.
- Before you go
- I'm busy right now.
Gosh, you're handsome.
What do you want?
I'm sorry.
I really don't know.
- I'm not asking for much. Come on.
- Please, go.
- I know you're tired, so drink this.
- I don't know him.
May I help you?
- Hello, we're with the military police
- Welcome.
- Hey, I'm here.
- Hey, Su-jin.
I prepared something nice for you
in room number five.
Hey, take them to room number five.
Are you a host?
- No, we're
- I've never seen you here before.
These men are
You may have heard of us.
- Yes, we're hosts here.
- Oh
God's gift for room number five
from Gangwon-do.
- We'll make it worth your while.
- He's so cute.
They're cute.
What the heck are we doing?
Do I really have to wear this?
Of course. What else can we do?
Mun Yeong-ok is head over heels
for Jeong Hyeon-min.
Do you think she'll gladly guide
two D.P. soldiers
to where her boyfriend is hiding
if we ask her where he is?
You got us in this mess,
so you'd better take responsibility.
Okay. You look pretty.
I'll meet you outside.
You punk, just go inside.
- Please just go already.
- No, wait. Wait.
- Aren't you a D.P. soldier?
- I am, but this is wrong.
Mun Yeong-ok is inside.
Don't you want to catch Jeong Hyeon-min?
- We have to, but this isn't right.
- Forget it!
I'm done!
Do you think I want to do this?
Listen, Jun-ho.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Fuck this. I can't believe
Hello, everyone. I'm Ho-yeol.
I'm as passionate as a tiger.
I'm actually here tonight to introduce you
to someone new.
The sorrowful eyes of Yeongwol,
I hope you all brought your swimsuits.
The moment you look into his eyes,
you'll want to dive into them.
Let me introduce him to you.
Let him introduce himself.
I want to hear his voice.
I'm Jun.
- He's Jun.
- He's cute.
I can't drink anymore.
I called a cab for you.
Should I drop you off at home?
You got that right!
- Everyone!
- Let's go!
Next time, babe.
Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Bye!
- Anyone wanna come over?
- Bye!
What are you doing after work?
Do you want to grab breakfast?
What's wrong?
Did you think
I'd ask you to go to a motel?
- That's not it.
- You're cute.
But I have a boyfriend.
You're new, aren't you?
You seem a little lost.
Well, yes.
I work in the same business.
You should come by.
Ask for me.
What's with you?
Why are you looking at me
as if you pity me?
I didn't.
But is something wrong?
You have a shadow over your face
as if you've done something wrong.
Yes, I should eat to survive.
Jun-ho, I ordered rice with beef ribs.
What did Mun Yeong-ok say?
She currently works at a bar.
I think she still has feelings
for Jeong Hyeon-min.
She lives a tiring life and so do we.
Corporal Han,
why are you so eager to catch him?
It's fun.
Military life can get boring,
but time flies when I do this.
I get to travel the country
and carry out the mission
given to me by the military.
You think this is fun?
What's with you?
Fuck this.
Did you just say "Fuck this"?
I'm not hearing things, right?
I guess I've been too easy on you.
I must have done a good job.
Who is it?
Why is he acting like a moody teenager?
Here's your beef ribs on rice.
Thanks. I wasn't quite sure.
About what?
Whether you'd show up or not.
You don't have feelings for me, right?
I told you I have a boyfriend.
Where is he?
In the army.
Ma'am, I'm here.
Hey, Su-ae.
Is he your new boyfriend?
He's cute.
No, he's just my cousin.
- We're going to have lunch together.
- I see.
I thought you came to ask for money again.
Gosh, no.
But while we're on that subject,
can I get paid in advance for this month
What did I tell you last time?
You still need to pay me back
for your outfit and interest.
You're still asking me for that?
It wasn't even that much.
How annoying.
Are you asking for money
so you can give it to Hyeon-min again?
He always beats you
and asks you for money.
I'm worried about you.
Haven't you come to your senses yet?
Don't talk about him that way.
If you need cash,
you need to find a different job.
And start sleeping with the customers.
You don't want that, do you?
Uncle wants you to come home.
He says he'll lend us the money.
He wants us back.
What do you think you're doing?
I asked you what you're doing.
Why are you
Why are you doing this?
Who do you think you are?
Who are you to ask me that?
You asked me for help.
And you call this helping me?
I'll do everything I can to help.
I'll help.
Sir, these are beef ribs on rice.
We stepped out of line last time.
No, it's okay.
Then why don't we eat? Okay.
- You can eat this later.
- Thank you.
I think we can catch Jeong Hyeon-min.
Where the hell are you?
But we need some money.
Trust me on this.
Give me a minute.
Thank you.
What the hell is that?
Daydreaming again?
What? Didn't you go back to your unit?
Hey, let me borrow some money.
What? Money to do what?
We can catch him
if you lend me three million won.
What are you on about?
Mun Yeong-ok
isn't at the department store.
She's with us.
Please, take your money.
Tell me.
Why are you so nice to me?
You remind me of someone I know.
I guess you pity her too.
Why do you keep saying that?
Why do you keep telling yourself
that you're pitiful?
I'll pay you back soon.
This isn't much.
You can give it to that woman.
I don't know if she'll like it, though.
Thank you. I mean it.
You should quit your job.
You seem a little lost.
Hey, Ho-yeol. We're on our way.
You promised to quit drinking.
You're here.
What happened to your face?
I'm okay.
No one followed you, right?
What about the money?
I brought it.
I'll pay you back soon.
Eat before you go.
Let's eat next time.
What are you doing?
How long are you going to keep this up?
I'll deal with it myself.
I'll keep in touch.
Eat before you go.
It's the least you can do.
Stop being so clingy.
Private Jeong Hyeon-min.
Private Jeong Hyeon-min.
It's time to go back to your unit.
- What the fuck?
- Hey, you punk!
Your platoon commander misses you so much
that he can't even sleep at night.
He has insomnia now, you punk! Let's go!
Crazy bastards
You punk.
You asshole.
- Get up, you asshole.
- No, wait. Wait.
- Get up, you fucker.
- No, wait! Stop!
- You fucking bastard! You asshole!
- Stop it! That's enough! Stop
Get off!
You fucking bitch!
Hyeon-min. Your leave is over.
Fucking asshole.
Get up, you fucking bastard.
You fucking asshole!
Come here, you asshole!
Fucking asshole!
Fuck you!
You're under emergency arrest
for desertion.
Get off, you fucker!
Did you see that? Did you, Jun-ho?
Did you see that?
Did you see me grapple him?
You have the right to remain silent,
but it's pretty much useless.
You have a right to a lawyer,
but no one's ever done that before.
And what else is there?
Fuck it. I don't know. I forgot.
- Stay still!
- Get off me, you assholes!
Hurry up. My gosh.
- Fuck!
- We got him.
Get off me, you bastard!
You fucking asshole!
You annoying bastard.
Grappling is the best.
- My gosh.
- This is my fucking money, you asshole.
Fuck you, you fucking losers.
My gosh.
Don't you dare take that money!
What is this?
- What the
- Ho-yeol.
Where's my money?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Are you serious right now?
They're fucking gift vouchers!
I told you, didn't I?
Don't pity people too easily.
But you caught Hyeon-min,
thanks to me, right?
Don't hate me too much.
But I really meant it
when I thanked you earlier.
Hey, Sergeant Park!
What brings you here at this hour?
I heard the D.P. guys
caught Jeong Hyeon-min.
Yes, sir.
Then why didn't you
hand him over to the CDC?
Because our boys caught him.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You fucking listen to me,
Captain Lim Ji-seop, sir.
Do you know why executive officers
use honorifics to sergeants?
To be polite?
To show respect?
It's because you know you're fucked
the moment we open our mouths.
For example, how you sent our boys
on a mission during their leave
to suck up to the CDC division commander!
If you want me to show you respect
you'd better earn it first.
You got that?
This is how you hold a racket.
He's one scary son of a bitch.
Hey, are you kidding me?
You promised to hand over the deserter
if I lent you the money.
I had no other choice.
The higher-ups want us to bring him in.
He's our deserter.
We caught him.
What's your problem?
You only came to help.
I already have enough on my hands
because of the money.
Here you go.
The money has been successfully wired.
My mom's got a credit card too.
- Good night.
- Hey, Ho-yeol.
I almost forgot.
Thanks for this.
You little
I'm sorry you had to catch a deserter
while you were on your leave.
- It's okay, sir.
- It's okay, sir.
Don't think of slacking off
now that you're back from your leave.
Do your best in here too.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Does that mean we spent
our entire leave in Busan?
Are you a soldier or a civilian?
Do you want to go on another leave?
No, sir.
You D.P. assholes are always
thinking of ways to go outside.
You only cause trouble out there.
Aren't I right?
You won't be getting any more leaves.
You got that?
Your family called.
Your father collapsed.
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