D.P. (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Monty Hall Problem

You know that tunnel
that we always run through?
When we joined the special duty team
My heart was beating
When I received airborne training
I thought I was dead
There's an air-raid shelter
beneath that tunnel.
It's actually an underground tunnel
dug out by the North Koreans.
Isn't that crazy?
If a war breaks out,
we'll be hiding in a tunnel
that the North dug out
with the purpose to infiltrate this place.
It's just so fucking absurd.
But never mind the fucking war.
I might die before then.
We're training every single night.
Don't you agree?
Don't you?
I agree, sir.
I saw something interesting
while I was on leave.
"Cho Suk-bong, the rising star of judo."
Is this really you?
Yes, sir.
Then how did you end up
becoming such a nerdy loser? Huh?
I'm sorry, sir.
All of a sudden?
Forget that.
Let's see you put on a show again.
Why are you zoning out?
The anti-aircraft missile, you punk.
Get ready.
Buddy Fucker 1, ready to fire!
What are you doing?
Start jerking off, you bastard.
Since I've been dreaming for too long ♪
I can't find the reasons to move on ♪
Wake up to reality ♪
Realize we're getting old ♪
All our goals ♪
Are breaking down ♪
What are you doing here?
How did you get out?
Where's Mom?
She went to get Dad's stuff.
He didn't hit her.
What about Dad?
Who knows?
He probably got drunk and fell.
- What about your eyebrows?
- What?
- I swear I'll kill you.
- You should go. I'll stay.
Tell Mom not to come.
Do you have money?
Do you?
Excuse me.
Can you tell your father
to lower the volume?
He won't listen to us.
This punk isn't my kid.
- She's getting on my goddamn nerves.
- I'm sorry.
My goodness.
Do you have money or not?
If you don't, just go.
Who did you beat up this time?
And what about you? Huh?
Aren't you too low in rank
to be beating people up?
The military is a mess these days.
One day, when you die,
I swear I'll be laughing out loud.
Sure. You do that.
That sounds great.
Hi, Jun-ho.
What are you
- Come and have some meat.
- Get over here.
I ran by the wharf and saw him there.
So I tackled him, and he just fell.
I bet Private An and I
were married in our previous lives.
Huh? We're amazing partners. Right, babe?
That's gross.
Jun-ho, you're lucky.
You can grow your hair
and use your cell phone in the army.
Just eat your food.
It's not dangerous, is it?
Not at all.
Maybe it's because Private An used to box,
but he takes good care of his body.
And most importantly, he has me.
Thank you.
Please continue
to take good care of Jun-ho.
Don't mention it.
I've always wondered
where Private An got his good looks
and intelligence.
I guess it was you.
- Gosh, that's hot!
- My goodness.
- Jun-ho! What's with you?
- Are you okay?
You should get changed.
You're right.
What are you doing at my house?
You didn't answer my calls.
Is there another deserter?
Lots of guys are on leave.
They won't come back.
Let's say goodbye and leave.
We need to get going.
We can just leave right away.
We should at least say goodbye.
There's no need.
Hey, Jun-ho.
You haven't said a single word
to your mother since you got here.
Aren't you coming in?
Ma'am, I'm really sorry.
Something urgent came up,
so we need to get going.
We'll be off now.
Say goodbye to your mother.
Take good care of yourself.
be nice to those deserters.
- They're in a rough spot.
- Why aren't you asking me?
Why I don't come home
whenever I'm on leave.
Why I never write back to your letters.
I just figured you were busy. I thought
And why don't you
just run away?
Don't say that.
Don't skip your meals.
Forget it.
Just take it.
I should go now.
"I'll see you again."
You're allowed to say that.
Are you on your way?
What's with Ho-yeol?
If I get stressed,
I'll get urinary stones.
Do you want to see me die or what?
Look at your face.
Aren't you going to greet
your mom? We haven't met in ages.
You can start over again.
Those guys who bullied you
will be tried in court and be punished
Mom, are you dumb?
This country isn't like that.
The guys who made me wear a gas mask
are being transferred.
They're going to a different unit.
They won't become convicts
or go to jail.
They'll just be sent somewhere else
as if nothing happened.
Excuse me.
You're high in rank, right?
Is this true?
We're carrying out
a thorough investigation.
We're not sure about the trial yet.
Does that mean there might not be a trial?
That's just wrong!
Ma'am, the thing is
He joined the army to protect the country,
but he was beaten and harassed.
That's why he deserted!
Mom, that's enough.
Why isn't anyone taking responsibility?
- Please, mom
- Say something, will you?
The military judge will hold the trial.
And the judge
surely won't reach a verdict
merely for the interest of a certain unit
or personnel.
Nor should he be able to.
See? What did I tell you?
The world has changed.
It'll all work out.
My life's become a lot easier
thanks to you two.
I mean, we live in a different age.
The military police
need to be careful of human rights
and have to make sure
not to offend the soldiers.
This won't help us
develop strong soldiers.
It'll only weaken
the discipline of the military.
If a war breaks out, we won't have
what it takes to carry out a mission.
But our unit is different.
You two are doing a great job.
And it makes me feel very reassured.
And that guy who snores.
What was his name again, Captain Lim?
Ah. It's Private Choi Jun-mok.
Yes, Choi something.
We decided to keep things quiet
about what happened in his unit,
so keep that in mind.
But isn't the issue a bit too serious
I heard the general there
is being promoted soon.
You taught me another lesson, sir.
Captain Lim.
You really need to watch what you say.
Who do you think you are
to talk out of your ass like that?
I'm sorry, sir.
A captain makes decisions
for the entire organization.
Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Drink up.
We were really startled too.
The guys searched the mountain all night
but couldn't find him.
Did you notice anything unusual?
Our unit is directly controlled
by the army corps.
So it's very important
to keep things clean.
You know how it is.
We train them hard,
so they're too tired to bully anyone.
If anyone loses it,
they might shoot someone.
He was a sergeant,
so no one really messed with him.
And he was picked as a model soldier
two times.
Were there any soldiers
who had issues with Sergeant Heo
or frequently got into arguments with him?
Sergeant Heo
still owes some money at the PX.
Chi-do really loved money.
He tore his shoulder muscle,
but he still insisted on rappelling.
We do helicopter rappel training
four times a year.
The soldiers get paid 155,000 won
for training as it's dangerous.
Gosh, I don't know where he spends
all his money.
We gathered our paychecks and made a bet.-
What kind of a bet?
All sorts of stuff.
Soccer. Yut. Guessing who'd come
first place in The Music Trend.
The medical officer warned Chi-do
that he could severely hurt his arm
if he rappelled.
But this is what he said.
"What's the probability of that?"
Sergeant Heo was the one
who started the bets.
And he always took everything.
What do you mean?
Oh, well
Sergeant Heo never lost a bet.
Sergeant Heo,
are you a professional gambler?
By any chance,
is your father Heo Yeong-man?
"The hand is faster than the eye."
I always keep a close watch,
but you always win.
I told you we should stop earlier.
How did you get four of a kind?
You can never beat me.
Do you know why?
There are three doors.
If you open the right door,
you get a six-day leave.
Yeong-sik, pick a door.
Okay. Yeong-sik picked door number one.
But then, he finds out
that door number three isn't it.
Then let me ask you one more time.
Yeong-sik, will you stick
with door number one?
Or will you switch to door number two?
I'll just stick with the first one.
I don't want to switch.
Why not?
Because I might trick you?
Or because you don't want to switch
to the wrong door?
Gosh, either way, it's a 50-50 chance.
It's one or the other.
Do you think so?
Okay. Here's the answer.
They do that just for 150,000 won?
Of course.
My monthly pay is 122,500 won.
I would never.
Even if they paid me 468,000 won.
So he used all that money
he worked so hard to save up
and just vanished.
Yes, he just took off.
You'd have to be crazy to run away
when you're in the middle of nowhere.
But he seems to be quite rational
from what we heard.
I wouldn't say he's rational.
There's something about him.
He was pretty determined too.
What do you mean?
Okay, listen. Jeong Hyeon-min
went on leave
and didn't return out of impulse
because he was having fun
playing games and drinking.
But this guy was determined enough
to climb over a barbed wire fence
even if it tore his flesh.
That's what I think.
He was determined to climb down
a mountain to run away.
He was even determined
to steal clothes
from a civilian household.
People as determined
as Heo Chi-do run away with a purpose.
A very clear one at that.
Like what?
Let's ask.
Who are you?
Oh, hello. We're the military police.
Is this Mr. Heo Chi-do's house?
Heo who?
This is probably it. Heo Chi-do, right?
This place is registered
under his grandmother's name.
Gosh, she really should move.
It's dangerous here.
Gosh, I guess he was
raised by his grandmother.
Goodness. Did you wet your pants again?
Is it spring?
Did the flowers bloom?
No, it's okay. Don't.
It's okay.
My goodness, my baby.
- No, I'm not Chi-do.
- Goodness, when did you get here?
Did you eat?
My goodness.
She must think you're her grandson.
- Do you want some kimchi stew?
- But why are you looking for her grandson?
Is something wrong?
Well, Sergeant Heo Chi-do
Well, he
We're currently giving gifts
to model soldiers.
"Model soldiers"?
Sergeant Heo is on the list.
We're planning to surprise
the soldiers' families
with the gifts instead of handing them out
to the soldiers.
I see.
- That's great. You must be proud, ma'am.
- My gosh.
My goodness. Well done, my little puppy.
What was that?
Can I get a surprise gift too?
I just felt like she might worry.
You're pitying her.
Sick people hate it when you pity them.
I'm sorry, sir.
Stop empathizing too much, okay?
That's the only house left.
I thought we just needed
to clean this place.
We still need to deal with that place.
What should we do?
What do you mean? What can we do?
Hey! Go hang somewhere else, okay?
Stop getting in the way!
We're not here to get in your way.
We're here to visit someone.
Who? That crazy broad in that tiny house?
Excuse me.
How do you know her?
I heard she has a grandson. Are you him?
- Yes, I'm that grandson, you asshole.
- Are you insane?
Okay, we got it.
I'm sorry to bother you guys. Let's go.
- Come here.
- What are you doing? Pick that up.
Yogurt lady ♪
Can I have some yogurt? ♪
Hello, may we have a word with you?
You know Heo Chi-do, right?
I haven't seen him in a while.
The thing is,
he suddenly dropped out
and joined the army.
So a lot of businesses were looking
for new part-timers.
What do you mean
they were looking for new part-timers?
Well, Chi-do got into college
with the highest grades,
so he got scholarships
from both the government and the school.
But that wasn't enough,
so he worked part-time
as a cashier, librarian,
and other jobs outside of school.
That's around when Heo Chi-do
joined the army,
and his grandmother was diagnosed
with dementia.
About Heo Chi-do,
did he gamble in college by any chance?
"Gamble"? Chi-do?
No, he wasn't like that at all.
I think you're mistaken.
He's a very diligent guy.
What a mystery.
Then by any chance
have you seen this?
There are three doors.
Two of them lead to nothing.
You pick one,
then I think you discard one or something.
This is the Monty Hall problem.
It was Chi-do's favorite.
Monty what? What is that?
The answer is to change your decision.
Come and explain.
This is based on statistics.
Let's say you pick a door
among these three.
There's a one third chance
that you might pick the right one.
But when you find out one of them is wrong
and choose a different door,
that doesn't leave you
with a 50-50 chance.
It's two thirds.
The variable of finding out
whether or not it's a wrong door
is influenced by and can turn out
differently based on your initial choice.
Therefore, the answer
is to change your decision.
You're right.
A change in variables changes everything.
But most people make mistakes
by refusing to switch their decisions
due to distrust or fear.
what if we substitute this
to our everyday lives?
Then that would add one more variable.
That's because our minds and emotions
aren't based on probabilities.
- Call us if you hear from him.
- Okay, bye.
Jun-ho, I didn't get
a word he said in there.
So if you choose the wrong door,
does that invalidate the door you chose?
- Or does it validate
- You don't get it either, do you?
Excuse me.
I think you should take this call.
You should stop looking for me.
Heo Chi-do?
I'll return when it's time.
Hey, we want to go back to our unit too.
But we can only do that once we find you.
You don't get it, do you? Just go.
Go where?
How did he know we were here?
Heo Chi-do
Heo Chi-do
Sergeant Heo!
Why is your school so big, Chi-do?
Don't go uphill!
Heo Chi-do!
Chi-do, let's go home.
Checkmate! Come on!
Is this the right place?
I think I just heard something.
- Who are you guys?
- What is it?
Why are there men here?
Who are they?
Why are these guys here?
Heo Chi-do, that punk.
I'm sorry. I really am.
- It's all a misunderstanding.
- We're not perverts.
Please, don't curse at us.
We're sorry.
Goodness, my gallbladder.
If you smoke when your gallbladder hurts,
- your bile
- Shut your mouth, you pervert.
It was a trap
Your face is a trap, you punk.
I can't believe I received a complaint
from a women's dorm.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- I'm sorry, sir.
Get out.
Why does this feel so awkward?
Let's overcome this.
Gosh, that's better.
Sergeant Hwang, you have
six days until you get discharged, sir!
Have a comfortable night, sir!
Have a comfortable night, sir!
Sergeant Heo Chi-do
Sergeant Heo Chi-do
Hey, Nerd.
Private Cho Suk-bong, sir.
Okay, sir.
Hey, Jun-ho.
I'm sorry, sir.
I forgot to get what you asked for.
No, it's okay. I understand.
Wait a second.
Hey, newbie.
Private Kang Byeong-su, sir!
Private Kang Byeong-su, sir!
I want all my juniors and your seniors
behind the barracks.
Yes, sir!
Private Cho, what's going on?
Stand up straight, fuckers.
Those who joined in December.
Private Kang Byeong-su, sir!
Private Shin Gwang-seop, sir!
Private Jeon Eun-seok, sir!
Do you know who he is?
I'm sorry, sir! I'm not sure, sir!
Front leaning rest position, assholes.
October recruits.
- Private Kim Jeong-in, sir!
- Private Cho Hyeon-min, sir!
I'm okay, sir.
You bastards.
What have you taught your juniors?
How could the recruits
not know the name of their senior?
Have you lost your fucking minds?
I'm sorry, sir!
We won't make the same mistake again!
You should say something.
New recruits.
- Private Shin Gwang-seop, sir!
- Private Jeon Eun-seok, sir!
Get up.
Brush the dirt off your hands.
Hyeon-min and Jeong-in.
You should do better.
Yes, sir.
Understand your seniors
just want the best for you guys.
Go back inside.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry, sir.
But we also got beaten up a lot.
So let's stop this
You didn't even get beat up that much!
You were never here since you're a D.P.
I'm sorry, sir.
But still
Private Kang Byeong-su, sir.
Gosh, I'm getting discharged soon,
so I wasn't going to get involved.
- Front leaning rest position, Nerd.
- Private Cho Suk-bong, sir.
You asshole
Should you be so strict
to someone fresh out of the boot?
No, sir.
- Sergeant Hwang, please stop
- Who let you talk? You're just a private.
Are we playing soldiers here?
- Hey, newbie. Stand here.
- Private Kang Byeong-su, sir.
Hurry up, you punk.
Private An Jun-ho, sir.
Hit him.
Private Kang Byeong-su, sir.
Private An Jun-ho, sir.
Hit him.
Private Kang Byeong-su, sir.
Do you think I'll stop if you don't do it?
Hit him.
Gosh, you guys are so loud.
What's with all this ruckus?
There's your fucking boyfriend.
You prick. You have no damn respect
for your damn seniors.
- Follow me.
- Corporal Han, wait
- Corporal Han, we were just
- Shut up, okay?
- Come here.
- Corporal Han.
Corporal Han, sir. What's gotten into you?
I just
Are your seniors
some kind of a joke to you, you punk?
You asshole! I can't believe this!
Stand up straight.
Clench your teeth! You punk! Shut up!
What did you do wrong? Tell me, you punk!
I'm sorry, sir!
I'm sorry, sir!
Let's stop here.
Corporal Han is killing him in there.
I guess that asshole still wants respect
even though he's hardly here.
Let's go sleep.
Gosh, that startled me.
I think they're gone.
Stop getting yourself in trouble here.
If you keep this up, they'll harass you
even after Jang-soo is discharged.
I'm sorry, sir.
Don't be. You did nothing wrong.
What's the point of bringing back
all those deserters?
All that bullshit exists even here.
I totally get why they desert.
What are you doing?
Just a second, sir.
You're like Sherlock.
What are you trying
to investigate this time?
His first choice was to quit college
and join the army.
"Hey, Mr. Heo.
You abandoned your grandmother
by joining the army, right?"
If he abandoned his grandmother,
he wouldn't have had to worry about
making the wrong choice.
- You're right.
- But
what if he was trying
to protect his grandmother?
So was the variable
his grandmother's dementia?
No, he joined the army
after she got dementia.
What if the variable
was the demolition of his house?
Okay. One.
He joined the army
to protect his grandmother. Two.
He suddenly found out his house
was going to be demolished.
So maybe he abandoned the army
and chose to go to a place
that would give him a better chance
at protecting his grandmother.
- Desertion.
- Desertion.
Wait a minute.
Heo Chi-do called us.
How did he know who we were?
What? What is it?
I can't believe I missed that.
You damn perverts.
- Private An Jun-ho, sir.
- Corporal Han Ho-yeol, sir.
How long has it been
since they've returned?
- It's been 14 hours and 25 minutes, sir.
- Did you hear that?
It's only been that long.
We found a way
to bring Heo Chi-do back.
Was it Jun-ho's idea again?
Are you sure?
We're extremely enthusiastic.
Gosh, my damn gallbladder hurt just now.
I think I have gallstones.
I think
we have more than
a 50 percent probability.
I'll kill you only 50 percent then.
Let's hurry this up and go home.
You punk, do a proper job!
Hey, let's eat!
Let's eat.
Thank you for the meal.
What's wrong? Does the food outside
taste the same as the food in the army?
Gosh, this is so exhausting.
How did you manage to work here
for months?
Sergeant Heo Chi-do.
I'm with the military police.
You fucking
Sergeant Heo Chi-do.
You're under emergency arrest
without a warrant for desertion.
A place where you could protect
your grandmother from close-by.
And this is that place.
Why do you need money so badly
for you to even demolish your own house?
I need to send my grandmother
to a sanitarium.
Even if your house disappears tomorrow
You climbed over a barbed-wire fence
walked down the mountain
for over ten hours,
and ran away without getting caught
by the search troops.
Was the probability to succeed
a hundred percent?
I'm sorry,
but can I visit my grandmother
before I go?
Did the flowers bloom?
I need to go see flowers.
My goodness, Chi-do.
My goodness, my sweetheart.
My goodness, my little puppy.
Goodness gracious. My goodness.
Why do you look so worn out?
You're only in college.
You're the pride
of this neighborhood. My goodness.
You don't skip your meals, do you?
Didn't you miss me?
What took you so long to visit?
You're busy with your studies, aren't you?
You should take it easy.
You're all I have left now.
I'll come back in spring, Grandma.
Let's go see flowers together.
I have a question.
How was joining the army
a way to protect your grandmother?
Back then, I was worried
I might think of doing something bad.
Gosh, this is so complicated.
This is all because of
that Centermony
The Monty Hall problem.
Right. That's to blame.
How much more do you need to make?
Sorry, sir?
About two more months.
Then I can sign her into a hospital.
I still don't get
the Monty Hall problem, or whatever it is.
But I'm guessing
it's something like this, right?
It's something about variables.
That's what it is, right?
Giving someone a chance to decide?
Make sure you send your grandmother
to a sanitarium
and then turn yourself in.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You lost him? How?
We lost him outside.
Good work. Now get back here.
Why did you let him go?
I just felt like it.
I have problems controlling my impulses.
- Mm.
- What if he doesn't turn himself in?
Isn't it a 50-50 chance anyway?
Either he does or he doesn't.
Isn't it two thirds?
Mom, it's me.
Hey, Jun-ho.
Did you eat?
Wake up! Everyone, wake up!
What is it, sir?
I think Cho Suk-bong
deserted the army.
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