D.P. (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Military Dog

Hwang Jang-soo, that damn asshole.
He's making me do his work
until the very end.
They must have fucked up the schedule
seeing how I'm here to replace someone
who was discharged.
Don't you agree?
Yes, I agree, sir.
You fucking asshole.
When you say something,
I want you to mean it, okay?
I'm sorry, sir.
Hey, I'm bored.
Let's see the anti-aircraft missile.
We should keep doing it
so you can get better.
What was that?
Did you just sigh?
Did you?
What's with you today?
Have you lost your mind?
This isn't your first time
That's enough, sir.
I'm really sorry.
It was a joke.
Is that what you expected, you asshole?
Do you think this is some kind of a joke,
you fucking punk?
Do you think I'm a joke,
you fucking bastard?
It's your fault for not joining the army
sooner than I did.
You fucking
You fucking bastard!
Die, you fucker! Die, you prick!
What did you fucking say, you asshole?
Die! Fucking die!
Just die, you fucking dickhead!
Fucking die!
Just fucking die!
Die, you fucking asshole.
Fuck you.
Just die. Die, you asshole.
Private Cho Suk-bong, sir.
The next person on duty
is going to be late.
Since I've been dreaming for too long ♪
I can't find the reasons to move on ♪
Wake up to reality ♪
Realize we're getting old ♪
All our goals ♪
Are breaking down ♪
Cho Suk-bong, that lunatic.
So, this happened in our unit,
and this is one of our guys?
Yes, sir.
- Corporal Ryu I-gang was
- What's your plan?
He's already left the garrison,
so we should carry out a full-scale search
with the help from our soldiers
and the CDC.
We'll ask for some military dogs
and form an arrest team
Captain Lim, what do you think?
I think we should do
as Sergeant Park says.
- If this gets delayed
- You think so?
Are you sure?
I'm asking if you really agree with him.
A full-scale search is a good idea,
but having a lot of men
doesn't really guarantee anything,
so it might also be a good idea
to do this quietly.
Yes, you're right. Who are we?
We're the military police.
We police the military.
We can't have a deserter
when we're the ones who catch them.
Let's not make things worse
by letting everyone know.
- But we need help from the police to
- If the police find out
the press will also find out!
We are the military!
We can't have any of that!
Shut up and do as I say!
We don't have time,
so we'll have to split up.
You're fine alone, right?
Yes, sir.
Sergeant Park.
It's okay, sir.
I understand.
Go on. Get a move on.
Fucking hell
Have you ever raised a dog?
When a dog bites its owner,
that dog needs to be put down.
It's hard to forgive a dog
that bites a person
because it might do it again.
But what if it bit the owner
because the jerk threw rocks
and abused the dog?
Then wouldn't the dog think it's unfair?
Are you saying Private Cho
is a dog?
We're no different.
Go on.
Let's bring Suk-bong back.
Have any of you gotten any calls or texts
from Mr. Bongdhi lately?
I'm sorry.
I guess they haven't.
why do you call him Mr. Bongdhi?
That's Mr. Cho's nickname.
Because he's like Gandhi.
He's so kind and patient.
He never scolded the kids
no matter how much they fooled around.
He just laughed it off.
Yes, he tends to be like that.
Anyway, do you know where he might be
or if he has any close friends?
If not, I'd like to take a look
at his personnel record.
We have his résumé and manuscripts
saved on the academy's server.
May I take a look at that?
we can't give outsiders access.
It contains personal information
and our students' portfolios.
I don't think he's contacted
any of his acquaintances.
I've done the rounds but got nothing.
- Okay, sir.
- Excuse me
I figured
you might need this.
Mr. Bongdhi helped me get into college.
He's a really good person.
I don't know what this is about,
but please help him.
I will.
I promise.
Do you know Private Cho Suk-bong?
I heard you enlisted in the army together.
Zoro? Yes.
We used to be in the same comic club.
We drew webtoons together.
Then are you Luffy?
Yes, I'm Luffy.
Sir, you know One Piece?
Why? Do you find that so strange?
So, you do.
Suk-bong deserted the army.
You've kept in touch
after you enlisted, right?
We're close.
So we'd meet up
during our leave
and go watch anime together.
When did you see him last?
Has he ever complained
that he was having a hard time?
Come and purchase the goods here.
Hey, Zoro. Zoro!
- What?
- Zoro, what's the matter?
Is it because Yoko-chan
didn't have enough screen time?
- It's okay. She'll appear more
- Luffy.
I'm going to head home.
I'm not feeling very well.
Gosh, you fucking nerd.
- I'm sorry.
- Idiot.
Do you have a death wish, motherfucker?
I've never seen him
You fucking asshole.
like that before.
That fucking jerk.
What do you want to know?
What is it that you want to ask?
Are you here to play fucking detective
with your senior?
Is seniority what comes to mind
even at a time like this?
- What did you say, you jackass?
- Do you think you'll be okay
if we don't catch Private Cho?
If they start investigating this,
they'll find out about
all the irregularities in our unit.
Who do you think will be blamed?
How is that my fault? Fuck.
How am I to blame?
There were others who were worse.
What about Hwang Jang-soo, that asshole?
Does he get off the fucking hook
now that he's discharged?
Is it okay that he's back home now?
So hurry up and tell me.
I can help you.
The D.P. soldiers
weren't there that day, right?
- I can't believe you're going home.
- Call me when you're out.
- Let's have soju together.
- The fucking time
I'll call you next week during my leave.
I'm sorry I was so hard on you guys.
Don't bother shaking hands. Just go.
We need to get to work.
This jerk's always so cranky.
Time will slow down
once you're in your last year.
Fuck you.
Hey, Nerd.
I know I put you through a lot.
Let's put all our good
and bad memories behind us.
Hey, cry like a monkey.
- Cry like a monkey. Do it.
- Bark.
Cry like a monkey.
Do it, you fucking idiot.
Hurry up and do it.
Cry like a monkey.
You'll never meet a senior like me.
- I'm giving you a free hair removal.
- Mm. Mm.
Why can't you fucking memorize it?
I'm sorry, sir.
Are you stupid?
Is it comfy down there?
I'll see you guys.
What good memories?
I want you to apologize.
I want you to apologize.
Okay, fine.
I'm sorry, okay?
Happy now?
Hey, you fucking nerd.
Can't you take a hint?
We were having a moment here.
Now get back to work.
I'm off.
- See you.
- Bye, Jang-soo.
- Bye.
- Salute.
Thank you for your service.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Let's go get some work done.
Did you find anything on their server?
I poked around in there
and something was uploaded
to Suk-bong's folder two hours ago.
Two hours ago?
Damn it.
What should I tell them?
I'll send you the file.
Take a look.
Corporal Han, this is An Jun-ho.
What? You think Suk-bong
is on his way to meet Hwang Jang-soo?
What are you talking about?
Private Cho went online today
and we're tracing the IP address.
We're trying to trace
his current location too.
Please don't do anything stupid, Suk-bong.
The IP address that accessed the server
was at a highway rest area.
That IP didn't show up again after that.
It was just that one time.
I've got no idea what he's trying to do.
If he really is on his way
to Hwang Jang-soo's place
If the rest area is on the way
to Seoul, we don't have much time.
Of course.
But we need to know
where he'll be getting off.
I'll look into it again.
Does he not give a fuck
what his senior says?
It's Seongnam.
Hwang Jang-soo gave everyone his address
when he was discharged.
Where are you?
You should hurry up, sir.
It's like the Lunar New Year.
That's why I told you to
Why couldn't you just cut in? Seriously.
If you go to the ticket office,
you'll find investigators
and D.P. from other units.
There will be about 20 of them,
so get going without us.
I'm at the ticket office, but
Sir, I'm sorry, but where are
Gosh, this is so annoying.
Why couldn't they tell us earlier
that it's been canceled?
Just a second, sir.
Isn't it a good thing?
I heard this guy used to do judo.
And you call yourself a D.P. soldier?
- What?
- What?
Why is it just you two?
Where are the others?
What are you talking about?
They received a message from your unit
saying the operation was canceled.
What are you talking about?
The operation was canceled?
Lim Ji-seop, that punk.
He should have listened, that asshole.
Then what should we do?
Private Cho is going to arrive soon.
What? I thought it was canceled.
I guess it's just us then.
We'll be there as soon as possible.
Okay, sir.
Are you going to help?
Gosh, there are too many people.
I'll go to platforms one and two.
You two can check the rest.
Okay, got it.
I'll check platforms three and four.
- Seong-gon.
- Yes?
Let's catch him before they do this time.
If I catch him, you'd better buy me beef.
I'll get moving now.
Should I just shoot him?
Private Cho Suk-bong.
Can we
Can we just talk for a bit?
Jun-ho, are you here to catch me?
No, it's not that.
I'm here to help.
So please
I know how upset
and frustrated you are.
So let's just talk for a bit.
Do you also think I'm an idiot?
Calm down, sir!
I'm not here to fight you.
Do you also think I'm an idiot?
I don't want to fight you, sir.
Please, don't do this.
I've got you, you punk!
Move the bus!
Seong-gon! Call 911!
Seong-gon. Seong-gon.
Move the bus!
- I'm sorry.
- Suk-bong.
- Cho Suk-bong!
- Come here, Suk-bong!
Cho Suk-bong!
Suk-bong! Cho Suk-bong!
Fucking move! Move it!
Cho Suk-bong!
Don't hurt anyone! Suk-bong!
Get out of my way!
Stop! Stop, stop
Hey, you punk!
Damn it.
I'll check theaters three and four.
You check one and two.
Gosh, what's he doing?
What the hell do you think you're
What did I do wrong?
Why the fuck are you doing this to me?
Ho-yeol! Where's Suk-bong?
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm really sorry, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Did you say you're married?
- Yes, sir.
- Any kids?
I have three. Two girls and a boy, sir.
Gosh, you must have a lot of stamina.
That's good.
It's expensive raising kids.
You really are a patriot.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, hang up.
Couldn't you do a better job?
What's the matter with you?
A soldier got hurt in Seongnam.
Cho Suk-bong got away.
What did I tell you? Huh?
I told you there should be enough men
for the operation.
But I thought you wanted me
to keep things quiet.
Are you blaming me for this?
Are you trying to avoid
taking responsibility?
No, I'm sorry, sir.
Tell me what happened again.
Speak properly, you punk!
Where are the CDC guys?
They were taken
to the Korean Armed Forces Seoul Hospital.
Fortunately, he'll be fine.
Do we
need to go back, sir?
It's already out in the open now.
The police will get involved,
so they'll take care of it.
Anyway, let's get going now.
Yes, sir.
I need to use the bathroom first.
Corporal Han Ho-yeol, sir.
You did the right thing.
I'm glad you didn't try to fight him.
Yes, sir.
Gi-yeong sent you
Hwang Jang-soo's address, right?
Did you give it to the police?
Jun-ho has his address.
You fucking maniac! Where are you?
The police will get there too late.
I need to go right now.
Private Cho will be there right away.
How are you so sure, you punk?
It's my gut feeling, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Hey, Jun-ho! Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
Let me borrow your car, sir.
Private An just deserted.
I should go catch him.
What? Hey. Hey.
Hey, wait. Hey, get back here! Hey!
I told you to ask me
before throwing this away.
It's past the expiration date.
Have you lost your mind?
How dare you talk back.
The store will run on a deficit
if you throw them out
because of the expiration date.
Are you going to make up for that?
I'm sorry, sir. I'll do better.
Gosh, put it back.
I thought he'd be good
because just got out of military service.
That fucking jerk.
When should I kill him?
Life was much better in the army. Fuck
Sergeant Hwang,
why didn't you answer my calls?
What's going on?
- Is this a dream?
- No, it's not a dream.
We don't have time.
- You know Private Cho Suk-bong, right?
- What the fuck?
I can't believe this asshole
is asking me about another asshole.
Private Cho is coming for you.
- Please open the door. You're in danger.
- Okay. Okay.
I got it. Thanks. Have a safe trip back.
No, wait.
This is driving me insane.
This isn't Beom-gu's fault.
The traffic in Gyeonggi Province
is hopeless.
Why isn't he picking up?
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
No, Mom.
That's not what I'm saying. I'm done here.
Yes. No, I'll be home soon.
Yes. I won't take long. Okay, bye.
What are you on about?
Sorry, sir. There was a security guard.
Did you meet Jang-soo?
Wait for me. I'm on my way.
Just a second, sir.
Excuse me.
Who are you?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Private Cho Suk-bong!
Private Cho.
Private Cho! Wait!
I'm sorry.
Private Cho!
I'll make this quick.
I'm sorry, sir.
You also beat up Park Sung-woo, remember?
I'm sorry.
I guess you missed me, Nerd.
You fucking psycho.
What the fuck are you doing?
You should get up and salute your senior.
What's wrong?
Do I still scare you?
Can't you do it now that you're here?
Let me ask you something.
What is it that you want with me?
I mean, I was discharged. Huh?
It's over now.
What is it that you want to do to me?
Tell me.
I mean, seriously.
Did you really think
you could do something to me?
Did you?
Answer me, you fucking trash!
How long
were you planning to do this shit?
Answer me, you bastard!
You fucking asshole.
Why are you shaking?
Are you scared?
You fucking lunatic.
Will you please be quiet?
Or I'll have to call the cops.
Call the cops. He's a fucking criminal.
That asshole was scared of me.
That fucking asshole.
Are you fucking scared of me?
Are you fucking scared of me, you asshole?
That fucking good-for-nothing bastard!
Why the fuck
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Why the fuck?
Why for fuck's sake?
I was just getting started,
you fucking bastard.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Fuck!
- I guess you caught the asshole.
- You
This is how far you can go,
you fucking loser!
You bastard!
Stay right there, you dickhead!
- Are you taking him to the police station?
- You asshole.
- He's going to jail, right?
- You fucking bastard!
- Hey.
- Fucking asshole.
Be grateful that you've been discharged.
What the fuck are you losers on about?
Hey, you asshole!
Stay right there, you fucker!
Hey, stop him! Fuck!
Jun-ho, stop that fucker! Please! Fuck!
Fucking stop him! Shit!
I was going to register you two
as deserters after sunrise.
The sun comes up late because it's winter.
Gosh, you punks.
Hey, Ho-yeol.
Settle things with the cops
and come back to the unit.
Okay, thanks.
Cho Suk-bong.
Killing someone
isn't how you take revenge.
Do you think people repent
when they're about to die?
They just die.
Fucking peacefully at that.
But the person who killed them
ends up regretting it.
That fucker didn't even repent
although I killed him.
But it's too fucking late
to even hold him responsible.
And you end up regretting it forever
thinking you should've let him live
and make him pay for what he did.
My ass
You knew everything.
You all just sat back and watched.
Private Cho.
Why should I be punished?
- He's the one who did wrong!
- Suk-bong!
Why am I the one getting punished?
- Fucking why?
- Suk-bong!
- Why? Fucking why?
- Suk-bong!
- Suk-bong! Stop!
- Why? Fuck! Why?
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