D.P. (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

The Rains

I said get back! [echoing]
[somber music playing]
[tense music playing]
[breathing nervously]
[Jang-soo whimpering]
[Suk-bong panting]
The kids won't know me after this.
[Suk-bong exhales]
[Suk-bong breathing heavily]
[chuckles softly]
You take responsibility.
[exhales sharply]
[theme music playing]
Seems I've been dreaming for too long ♪
I can't find the reasons to move on ♪
Wake up to reality ♪
Realize we're getting old ♪
All our bones ♪
Are breaking down ♪
[rain pattering]
Hello, sir.
- So, what's going on?
- I'm sorry, sir.
[officer] We've been investigating this
for months,
and you can't even get one signature?
Ah, you fucking morons
can't do a single thing right.
- Ah, damn it.
- Sir.
I said to get this done today.
Sorry, sir.
Are you going to ruin my day off?
Sorry, sir. We tried to have it done but
I told my grandson
I'd build LEGOs with him today.
Put it together.
Yes, sir, I will.
- Sir!
- Sir!
[somber music playing]
What's with all the rain?
Okay. Shall we begin
another thrilling morning?
[Min-u] Just give us your signature
and you can go home.
- D.P. Team Chief for the 103rd Division
- [Beom-gu sighs]
Sergeant First Class
Park Beom-gu, ready?
In October 2014,
Private Shin Woo-suk of the 103rd Division
committed suicide by burning
charcoal briquettes inside his motel room.
On the 11th of the following month,
Private First Class
Choi Jun-mok, Infantry,
was apprehended on Subway Line 2.
Private First Class Jeong Hyeon-min,
CDC's deserter, was apprehended in Busan.
[no audible dialogue]
But you failed to apprehend
Sergeant Heo Chi-do of the Recon Unit.
Up to that point, your record wasn't bad.
But the end was the absolute worst.
My God.
In the Cho Suk-bong case,
based on the testimonies
of other soldiers and commanding officers,
it would appear Cho Suk-bong
was suffering from mental illness.
As a result of this illness,
he deserted on impulse,
thus lowering morale
and risking the lives of many soldiers
through criminal acts
and suicidal behavior
[Beom-gu] Suk-bong suffered
from a mental illness?
I don't agree with the assessment.
I started out in the military
as a soldier in the 103rd Division.
And every day, I was beaten
from morning to night.
I was tortured
with the officer's toothpaste cap.
During lunch, they'd hit me
with a tray until it bent in half.
Why do you think
I became non-commissioned?
[sighs deeply]
I thought I would get beaten less.
But superior staff
still kicked in my shins,
and they'd slap me in the living quarters,
and the sick part is that
the abuse will always get worse,
never better
Sergeant Park Beom-gu, hey.
That's right. I thought I might develop
a mental illness, too,
unless I already have one of those.
If so, is all of that my responsibility?
Hey, Park Beom-gu.
You wanted a statement.
Gosh! What a way to start the day. Huh?
[rain pattering in distance]
Is this a bad time?
[Ji-seop] Hey, Mr. Warrant Officer,
we'll go and have a cup of coffee.
[rain pattering]
Ah, this weather is crazy.
It'd be rough in a couple of days
when they say we have to fix the trenches
- [thunder rumbles]
- Jesus!
Ah, that fucking asshole. [clicks tongue]
He didn't even offer you
an instant coffee?
He's a warrant officer for Christ's sake.
[Ji-seop sighs]
I thought you were disciplined
and had to resign.
But I guess you found a way
to survive still.
Well, I didn't bust my ass
in the military academy just to get fired.
I heard that those connections
you make last forever.
Must be.
What are you even going on about?
I'm still unassigned here.
Sitting around in an office
that's like a military prison.
[rain pattering]
[Beom-gu sighs]
Sergeant Park.
I really don't want to be saying this.
[Beom-gu] Then don't say it. Right?
[Ji-seop] Jeez, come on.
The Suk-bong case
needs to be concealed.
I mean, if you don't agree
to the written statement
and this goes to trial,
it's over for our division,
and you and me.
For Han Ho-yeol and An Jun-ho, too.
It's the right thing. Okay?
Talking to myself again.
Jeez, I wonder if the boys
are doing all right.
[Ji-seop clicks tongue]
[somber music playing]
- [thunder rumbles]
- [gasps]
[phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
Salute. Private An speaking.
[Jun-ho] Yes, I'll be right there.
[students chattering]
[woman] Huh? Jeez, I can't believe this.
We need to be on the same page.
Oh, he's here.
That was a long wait.
My apologies.
Here you are.
Goodness. It's wet. This is all wet.
It's not like you made
the workbook yourself.
[woman] Jeez.
[boy] Mom, let's hurry up,
it's time for my academy.
It's that late?
Good work.
Hurry up, already.
[cars honking]
[indistinct chatter in distance]
["Ice Cream Cake" by Red Velvet playing]
Ice cream cake ♪
[music playing on TV]
- [guffaws]
- You're crazy.
[Il-seok] You fucking son of a bitch.
You think your duties are a joke?
[Jun-ho] I'm sorry, sir?
Dipshit, you heard clearly.
There's no hot water.
You might have your business outside,
but aren't you in charge of the boiler?
But, sir, that's just impossible,
I checked it before I
Hey, you fucking shit, you back talking?
You fucking son of a moron.
Do you have a death wish? Look.
Hey, are you saying, like, I broke it
on purpose to fuck with you? Is that it?
Are you bullshitting to avoid it?
No, I'm not. I'll get it fixed, sir.
[Il-seok scoffs]
That buddy-fucking trash motherfucker.
[soldier 1] Isn't Heo Gi-yeong
such a fucking moron?
[soldier 2] That asshole Gi-yeong
needs a good beating.
Hey, take care of him, okay?
- [soldier 3] Yes, sir.
- [soldier 2] Was that prick? Damn.
Sorry, I just need a minute
to check the boiler.
- [bag thudding]
- [soldier 2 scoffs]
[soldier 2] Do I know you?
Who are you to salute to us?
- What?
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- What are you doing?
Who are you talking to right now?
[tools clanging]
Why is this stuff on the floor?
Hey, you see a ghost or something?
[seniors laughing]
- Hey.
- Yes, sir.
Now look over there
and say "motherfucker," okay?
- [soldier 3] Uh
- [soldier 2] Just say it, bastard.
What? What is it, huh?
Cat got your tongue?
[seniors laughing]
Good job, good job.
- [soldier 2] Let's go?
- [soldier 3] Yes, sir.
[soldier 2] Damn, that was fucking funny.
- That trash needs to learn his lesson.
- [soldier 1 chuckling]
[door slams]
[Jun-ho exhales deeply]
["La Donna è Mobile" playing]
Just why won't that smell go away?
Good work running that errand.
Sir, it was no problem.
[Du-gwan] Ah, well My wife is just
so serious over our son's education.
It's really a pain.
Right then.
Also, what is his name?
The original D.P. team leader?
- Han Ho-yeol was the team leader.
- [Du-gwan] Right.
How does he spend more time
in the hospital than over here?
Has it been three months now?
Is he faking it or something?
Well, anyway.
Eventually, we need to fill that position.
Speaking of which,
Jun-ho, since you're such
an experienced ace,
you should take over as leader.
And Se-ung
Private Park Se-ung!
can join you, and you'll work
as a team from now on.
Does that sound good? Hmm?
- I'm not even a corporal, though
- Private Park Se-ung!
Sounds good, yes?
So then, what do you think?
["La Donna è Mobile" playing]
Private Park Se-ung!
- Great.
- Private Park Se-ung!
[Du-gwan] So reliable.
[Se-ung] Private Park Se-ung!
Yes, all right.
[Du-gwan] Good luck!
[somber music playing]
[Ho-yeol] Jun-ho!
[somber music continues]
[Ho-yeol] You've grown up a lot
to have a junior under you.
[chuckles] Even so
you can't forget me, okay?
[Ho-yeol chuckles softly]
Do you understand?
[pensive music playing]
[Jun-ho exhales deeply]
[military drill chants in distance]
[Il-seok] What is this?
You're weaseling your way out again?
- What about the boiler?
- Sir, it's working fine.
I'll check again when I get back.
And him? The new guy became a D.P., yeah?
Yes, sir, he did.
Hey, new guy. You know
what D. P. means, new guy?
Private Park Se-ung.
- The meaning of D.P. is
- [Il-seok] Yes?
Deserter Pursuit.
The team responsible
for arresting escaped soldiers.
[Il-seok] You're wrong, idiot.
D.P. stands for
Dipshit Prick.
This guy will give you a serious beating.
[Se-ung] Salute!
[light upbeat music playing]
Excuse me, sir?
Is 1993 the year you were born?
Yes, that's right.
I was also born then.
[light upbeat music stops]
[Se-ung inhales]
I, um
Somebody said to me, uh
we could speak informally
when we're out, so
I'm sorry, sir! Never mind!
Okay. Speak informally.
[Se-ung] Wait for me, Jun-ho.
Which month, though?
Since it's your first time in,
I'll just explain the basics.
Wow, okay.
It's not hard, but if you
have questions, just ask.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
[Jun-ho] Just learn slowly,
one thing at a time.
- Hello, sir.
- [soldier] Hey, welcome back.
Wow, it's been a long time without this.
[Se-ung] Oh, I missed this smell.
So as the name suggests,
D.P. pursues deserters.
That's what the team is about.
- Hmm.
- Uh
- [keyboard clacking]
- [Jun-ho] Okay.
Deserters will normally use their log-ins
to play a game,
or so they can email their girlfriends.
But hey, Jun-ho
I don't really need
to know all this, okay?
I felt cooped up,
and so I asked to be sent out here.
The Captain already handled things
through my father.
I heard how you D.P. soldiers
leave every morning after roll call.
You live a sweet life
since you get to leave.
Now you get to come out like this as well,
every day until you're released.
Isn't that amazing? [chuckling]
[silly music playing]
How do you drink your coffee? Hot? Iced?
[silly music fading]
How much ice?
You do drink it iced, right?
You seem like an iced coffee
kind of guy. You just look like one.
And what about the deserters?
[huffs] Let them be.
When it's time to go home [sucks teeth],
it doesn't really matter if I catch them.
My time won't be extended
or get shorter either.
And to be honest,
let's say I go out there,
arrest somebody who might want to get
some type of revenge, you know.
What happens after that?
Who's responsible then?
You agree? [exhales]
Yeah, sounds about right.
[Se-ung] Obviously, jeez.
- Die, die! Good luck in the next life.
- [video game noise]
[keyboard clacking]
Damn it.
[cicadas chirping]
[Se-ung] Yeah, I'm doing fine.
They're all fucking suckers.
[Se-ung laughing]
Yeah. Really, you know, in here, just
All I have to do is act and play the fool
to have everybody just eating
out of my hand.
[laughter continues]
Yeah, that's right. [chuckles]
Yeah, I mean I have an immediate senior
but I buttered him up a little,
and he fell for it.
- That weak bastard, honestly.
- [Jun-ho sighs]
I'm really gonna take him down a notch.
I will, but damn,
I'm just feeling things out right now.
- [bangs table]
- That son of a bitch! Yeah! [chuckles]
[somber music playing]
[Jun-ho grunts]
- [metal squeaking, hissing]
- [Jun-ho grunts]
- [grunting]
- [metal squeaking]
Damn it.
[metal clanks]
- [tool clangs]
- [sighs]
[Seon-ho] Hey, Horseshit Heo.
It must be great for you, Mr. Horseshit,
to have people looking out for you.
[soldiers laughing]
[Il-seok] What late-night snack
is it today? Oven-roasted hotteok?
[Gi-yeong] An orange-flavored drink, sir.
[Il-seok] You fucker. I said to bring me
the apple ones. I like apples.
- [Gi-yeong grunts, groans]
- [Seon-ho] He like apples.
[soldiers laughing]
[Il-seok] Hey, you fucking bitch.
Just because you hang around
those D.P. bitches,
you think you're somebody now?
died because of you shits, okay?
You bastards made all that fuss
about catching him
and our specialty team was dispersed.
And the atmosphere got really fucked up.
Why do you pretend
to be a victim like that?
Well, you little bastard?
Back when Hwang Jang-soo was all over him,
you were right there bullying him, too.
- You little
- [Gi-yeong grunts]
[Seon-ho] This bastard
has some fucking nerve.
You better watch your mouth.
Watch yourself.
- Stomp on him.
- Stomp on him.
- You son of a bitch!
- Go join in.
You fucking bitch!
- Got some fucking nerve, moron.
- Son of a bitch!
- Hey, get up.
- You little shit!
- Moron!
- What a bitch.
- [stomping continues]
- [Gi-yeong grunting]
Son of a bitch.
- [Gi-yeong groans]
- [Il-seok] How do you fucking like that?
[stomping continues]
[Il-seok] Stupid bitch.
[dark music playing]
[light chuckling]
Nothing has changed at all.
Not one bit.
I asked you
to take responsibility.
[Suk-bong chuckles softly]
[water plopping]
[ominous music playing]
[Il-seok] You beat the shit
out of that Horseshit Heo.
Good job.
[Seon-ho] Well, the rod
always works better.
And what's with this bastard?
Hey. Aren't you on duty?
I guess he finally lost his goddamn mind.
[Seon-ho] Hey, what are you doing?
I asked what you're doing,
you fucking bitch.
Why did you do that?
[Il-seok] What?
Why did you beat up Corporal Heo Gi-yeong?
[chuckles] Ah, you saw that?
Then can you tell me
why you just got hit by me?
Jesus, there's just no hope
for this worthless piece of trash.
You must think you're some kind of
special and distinguished bastard, right?
But you're a measly soldier
doing grunt work same as everyone,
so what makes you act like that?
[tense music playing]
And how have I been acting?
Do you have to be such a little bitch?
[Seon-ho grunts]
Fucking little bitch! [grunts]
[breathing nervously]
[Jun-ho] So if I tell you
not to hit somebody,
If I say it's wrong, morally
Does that
make me worthless?
You belong in prison.
[Se-ung] Private An Jun-ho?
[breathing nervously]
Cuff me.
That's your duty.
Cuff me, I said.
[breathing nervously]
[whistle ringing]
[on-duty officer] Hey, An Jun-ho!
What's going on?
[footsteps approaching]
[on-duty officer]
What's going on here, you bastards?
[Beom-gu sighs]
[Ji-seop] Well, you made
the right decision.
I feel bad for Suk-bong,
but we have to put it on him.
[sighs deeply]
[Ji-seop exhales deeply]
[clicks tongue]
[pen clatters]
Can I please have a cigarette?
[lighter clicks]
This really is
the right thing to do, isn't it?
For the boys?
[Ji-seop breathes deeply]
[Ji-seop sighs]
[Ji-seop] Yes, of course.
[Beom-gu exhales]
[Beom-gu sighs]
[Beom-gu exhales deeply]
- [alarm wailing]
- [Ji-seop] Hmm?
[soldier 1] This is a real situation!
- [soldier 2] Alpha Company, Alpha Company!
- Second Platoon!
Hey, what's happening here?
- Sir.
- Sir.
There's just been a mass shooting
at the 18th Armored Brigade.
The shooter still seems to be
in the garrison area.
[investigator] The personal details
of the perpetrator, sir.
[alarm wailing]
[investigator] What are you doing?
What? Who is it?
What? No fucking way.
[soldier 3] Alpha Company, run, run, run!
[soldiers' faint laughter]
[soldiers chatter indistinctly]
[indistinct taunting echoing]
[soldiers laughter echoing]
[soldier 1] Open your eyes, fat-ass!
Open them!
[soldier 2] Is your mother a fat-ass too?
- [soldier 3] Fat-ass
- [soldier 4] That fucker.
[mocking laughter echoing]
[unit sergeant] Hey, Hyeong-beom.
[TV reporter 1] Based on our report,
Private Cho has had
Hey, fat-ass.
not have known the difference
between reality
You should have changed before roll call,
you worthless piece of shit.
Hey, Hyeong-beom,
you better train your junior.
He needs to be better than you are.
[TV reporter 2] The suspect, Private Cho,
was a Military Police soldier
You fat-ass fuck.
[TV reporter 2] Sources say Cho
had trouble adjusting to army life
and had been receiving special treatment.
Did you shoot yourself in the head, too?
[TV reporter 2] difficulties,
it has now come to light,
was a history of mental illness
and depression.
Why can't you get anything right?
[raucous coughing]
[ominous music playing]
[TV reporter 3]
has left the public in shock
You kept your ammunition?
hit by a car and badly injured.
Military authorities
What are you doing?
[breathing heavily]
- [rapid gunfire]
- [soldiers screaming]
[screaming continues]
[gunfire fading]
[heavy footsteps thudding]
[Jun-ho panting]
[pensive music playing]
- [Jun-ho panting]
- [dogs barking in distance]
[breathing heavily]
[pensive music playing]
[Se-ung] Salute!
[rifle clanking]
- [bag clattering]
- [Jun-ho sighs]
[Jun-ho grunts]
[breathing heavily]
Se-ung, about yesterday, I
Private Park Se-ung! [panting]
Sir, about before,
I'm really sorry about what happened.
Please forgive me!
Se-ung, it's not that
It's just I don't really know anything,
and that's why I acted
that way last night.
I'm so sorry about it.
- Se-ung
- [door opens]
Hey, D.P.s, you should get ready
to head out now.
Jeez. An armed deserter is loose.
Really? Really, an armed deserter? [gasps]
[Se-ung] Does that mean
he has a gun? [gasps]
There was a shooting in the barracks.
[Se-ung] Wait
Do D.P. soldiers also handle all that?
What happened?
Who was
[Jun-ho] How is something
like this even possible?
Se-ung, sorry, can you
please give us some privacy?
Ah, yes, of course I will.
[Se-ung] Oh Uh
Well, you
I mean
Maybe you don't know
running around on the outside.
But anyone
could do that, you know.
Even me.
[tense music playing]
You sticking up for me yesterday,
I'm not the slightest bit grateful.
Not everyone is you.
I'm sorry, I
didn't think enough about it.
[Gi-yeong inhales]
I'm really sorry.
- I
- Don't be.
That's not why I'm here.
[door opening]
[phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
[breathing heavily]
Spooked by a ghost, huh?
Did you think I died?
Have you been released?
You punk, it's not like
I was serving time, right?
What color of socks do I have?
Well, they are white.
[Beom-gu sighs]
You heard, right?
You need to hurry up and get ready.
Yes, sir. I'll call my teammate right now.
Park Se-ung?
He's not going.
He's leaving D.P. because he's too scared.
But D.P. works in pairs.
Who will come with me?
Who do you think?
[somber music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
- Hey, give me one of those.
- Wake up.
Sit up straight,
or your neck will get worse.
[patient 1] It's better to wake up
and do something.
It reeks of cigarettes in here.
[nurse sighs]
[patient 2] That's so stupid.
We're getting familiar, huh?
Now, I looked at your CT scans
and there are no problems.
You even got an MRI
and there's nothing wrong.
Then what could it be?
Still not able to speak?
[nurse sighs]
[nurse] So, these are just
my own thoughts.
But is it more like
an illness of the mind?
Are you familiar with PTSD?
And when did you even write this?
Hmm. Well, anyway
[inhales] Be honest and tell me,
can you really not talk at all
or are you just refusing to?
[anchor on TV] that he returned
to his barracks after his shift
and opened fire on the other soldiers.
The military and police are carrying out
a large-scale search
in order to discover
the soldier's whereabouts.
Let's hear now from Park So-hui.
[TV reporter] Soldiers wearing combat gear
stormed the streets of the city
while conducting a search mission.
Local police are assisting the military
as they pursue a soldier named Kim Ru-ri,
a deserter from the 18th Armored Brigade.
Reportedly, Private Kim deserted his base
armed with a K2 rifle and hand grenades
You know Private Cho Suk-bong, don't you?
I heard you came in together.
[inhales sharply]
[TV reporter] According to the police,
- Private Kim made an
- [Ru-ri] Oh, Zoro?
[TV reporter] And the police
found the evidence.
[tense music building]
However, as news of the incident spread,
word has come that the military
[ominous music playing]
Anxiety's cut your blood ♪
Chasing all your ghosts ♪
Everything in your eyes ♪
You cannot hide it ♪
It's undeniable ♪
You'll face it, see the truth ♪
Ain't got no shame here ♪
Just for the fame ♪
Who you gonna aim next? ♪
Ain't got no mercy ♪
Just to survive ♪
Who would want to die? ♪
Isn't it tragic? ♪
No rules for the faults ♪
This game goes in fire ♪
Ooh, before dawn ♪
So shine in your blue ♪
So shine in your blue ♪
Now I know what you do ♪
Chasing all your rainbows ♪
Oh ♪
These haunting memories ♪
You cannot fix them ♪
It's undeniable ♪
You'll face it, see the truth ♪
Ain't got no shame here ♪
Just for the fame ♪
Who you gonna aim next? ♪
Ain't got no mercy ♪
Just to survive ♪
Who would want to die? ♪
Isn't it tragic? ♪
No rules for the faults ♪
This game goes in fire ♪
Ooh, before dawn ♪
So shine in your blue ♪
Escape from this fate ♪
Uncover the veil ♪
Playing with your pain ♪
Or rolling in the dirt ♪
Never be right here ♪
Blow them away ♪
Look, how did you make me ♪
Even while we sleep ♪
Scars won't fade away until the end ♪
Ain't got no shame ♪
Just for the fame ♪
Who you gonna aim next? ♪
Ain't got no mercy ♪
Just to survive ♪
Who would want to die? ♪
Isn't it tragic? ♪
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