D.P. (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Dirty Play

[jazz music playing]
[Ho-yeol] Oh.
Oh. [chuckles]
This must be Suk-bong's friend.
["Jingle Bells" playing over radio]
Look at that, I guess the military
was rough on this guy too.
Jingle bells ♪
[phone buzzing]
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one ♪
Oh, great.
Did you find anything?
Nothing important, sir.
What about you?
Any luck finding Cho Suk-bong?
[Beom-gu] Stop slacking off.
Actually, look, you son of a bitch.
- Is that language really necess [sighs]
- [line disconnects]
Laughing all the way ♪
He never listens.
Probably why he's not promoted.
Ru-ri, where are you?
- [soldier 1] You motherfucker.
- [soldier 2] Pathetic.
[Ho-yeol] Hm?
[soldier 3] Pay attention!
[soldier 4] Come on. You son of a bitch.
You're gonna leave it like that?
Now we all have to pick up your slack?
[soldier groans]
- Huh, fat-ass?
- Jeez.
These jerks are everywhere, I suppose.
- [soldier 1] Fuck.
- [soldier 2] Hey.
What's your gun's serial number?
Hey, assholes!
I'm Military Police,
and this base is under investigation.
[all] Salute.
What's this about, huh?
- It's nothing, sir.
- [Ho-yeol] Nothing my ass.
You fuckers better get lost!
Yes, sir.
Come on, let's go.
Oh. [chuckles]
I'm pretty cool.
[Ho-yeol] Private First Class Kim Ru-ri
of the Transport Regiment.
[pensive music playing]
A soldier I met working Suk-bong's case.
[indistinct news report on TV]
- [gunfire]
- [soldiers scream]
[soldier screaming in pain]
[moaning in pain]
[breathing heavily]
[Ho-yeol] If only I'd talked
to him back then.
Told him that I'd help him.
[theme music playing]
Seems I've been dreaming for too long ♪
I can't find the reasons to move on ♪
Wake up to reality ♪
Realize we're getting old ♪
All our bones ♪
Are breaking down ♪
[Beom-gu sighs]
[man] Can we get approval on this
before filming?
We can't have any mistakes.
[Ji-seop] Hello. You came.
I appreciate it.
Jun-ho, you did well.
Thank you, sir.
[sighs] The mood's pretty intense.
It seems this one's important.
All these people
[Ji-seop] They're trying to put
the fire out.
And this one's the size of a forest fire.
When will Corporal Han be back?
Isn't he still recovering?
He's pretty shook so I assume he's not.
[clicks tongue] He said he wanted to.
He'll be here.
[reporters] They're here.
- [man 1] There they are.
- [man 2] Here we go.
Wait, wait
- Oh, God, why her?
- [female officer] Hello, everyone.
[clicks tongue]
My name is Lieutenant Colonel Seo Eun,
and I'm the deputy in charge.
I will lead this investigation.
- Please refer to the press release that
- [murmurs] Are you kidding me?
[Eun] What we know, so far,
is that a tragic shooting took place
at a nearby military base.
It was a day like any other.
Nothing special.
Our soldiers were going about
their peaceful daily lives on the base.
Now, because of this tragedy,
our fellow soldiers lost their lives.
The criminal who pulled the trigger
fled and is at large.
This deserter is armed.
[indistinct murmurs]
[keyboards clacking]
The Armed Forces Headquarters
has made its priority
bringing this criminal in
as quickly as possible.
- We also mourn the souls of our
- "Criminal," really? "Criminal."
I'm bothered by their word choice.
[clicks tongue]
That's what she's good at.
Spinning things the way she wants.
[Eun] Now, we will release
the photos from the scene.
The images are disturbing.
Please take this into consideration
before viewing them.
- [tense music playing]
- [controller beeps]
[reporters gasp]
- [controller beeps]
- [reporters gasp loudly]
Why would they show these photos?
[Eun] First and foremost,
we must capture the shooter,
Private Kim Ru-ri, alive.
That being said, due to the risk posed
to the soldiers pursuing him
and to civilians,
the military is ordered to use
any means to subdue him.
Then it's shoot to kill, huh?
[Eun] Considering Private Kim's
pattern of behavior
[Beom-gu] Well, that's their plan.
- [Eun]do not approach him.
- We're not like that. Right, Jun-ho?
What's the goal of the D.P.?
To get them back. Without bloodshed.
[tense music playing]
[Beom-gu] Correct.
[Eun] We will find him.
[reporter] This is breaking news.
A shooting has taken place
at a military base in Gyeonggi-do,
and an armed deserter is on the loose.
According to a briefing
at the Armed Forces Headquarters,
the casualties are said
to be two dead and 11 injured.
- Private Kim Ru-ri's armed and on the run
- Mommy, I'm scared.
as military has already begun
an operation to catch him.
[people clamoring]
[woman 1] Shame on you!
[woman 2] Get out of there!
[man] Psycho!
[woman 2] I know you can hear me!
[all screaming]
Please move back! No pushing!
[sobs, shouts indistinctly]
[car horn honking]
Get out! Now! Hurry! Go!
- They just dropped me off.
- Control the crowd!
- Yes, sir, I will.
- You have to stay back.
Get the fuck out already!
- Hey, sir!
- Hey, coming through. Excuse me.
Hyeong-beom, my boy!
- [wailing]
- [Jun-ho grunts]
[man] Hey, look! She came out!
[woman] Why?
[Hyeong-beom's mom breathes heavily]
[rain pattering]
[nervous breathing]
[Ruri's mom] My baby Ru-ri, he has asthma.
His inhaler is going to run out.
- [Hyeong-beom's mom sobbing]
- I don't know if my boy's okay.
[inhales sharply]
[exhales sharply]
Well, my son
he's dead now, do you understand?
But what? Did you say asthma inhaler? Huh?
I'm so sorry.
- [Hyeong-beom's mom sobs]
- I'm so sorry.
[Ru-ri's mom] But listen,
I know Ru-ri has done
something unforgivable.
But they pushed him too far
They all would say he was a "fat-ass."
And he said they took insecticide
and sprayed his face!
- [Ru-ri's mom sobs]
- My god, you're crazy.
You've completely lost it.
They tortured my boy!
They cursed and beat him!
Were you listening? My son is gone!
- [clamoring]
- Killed by your son!
[police] Stop!
Bring my son back!
That's enough!
- [clamoring]
- [Jun-ho grunts]
[Jun-ho] Get back!
- My son!
- That's enough!
He killed my son! Do you get it?
- [sobbing]
- [screaming]
I'll never see my boy again!
- [Hyeong-beom's mom] Bring him back!
- [grunts]
[people clamoring, shouting]
Oh, shit.
- [police] Let go of her now!
- [Hyeong-beom's mom] He killed my son.
[police] I don't want to use force.
[officer] Hold the line!
Get in front of them!
Is that you, Corporal?
[people clamoring]
Are you mad at me
or something, Corporal Han?
When you were in the hospital,
you never reached out.
Why are you
What's that about?
Why'd you come here then?
You should've stayed in the hospital.
[sighs] Are you serious?
Was that pre-written?
[silly music playing]
[Ho-yeol chuckles]
[rain pattering]
[Eun] The general is in the middle
of a trial, right?
[Min-u] Yes.
Colonel Eun, did you mean
to provoke Kim Ru-ri
earlier today at the briefing?
You need to provoke to install fear.
The hope is that it will prevent others
from helping him.
I'm concerned about the timing.
Even if we apprehend Kim Ru-ri
I've been speaking with the general.
I know what he wants.
Our military should be free
of a tragedy like this.
But when it does happen
we must quickly quiet things down.
[Ji-seop] Yes, I'm from the 103rd Division
and we're going in there.
- [soldier] I'm sorry
- Let me in. Get out of my way, kid.
- Now's not a good time, sir. You can't
- The hell I can't. [clicks tongue]
It's all right.
[Ji-seop sighs]
Colonel Seo Eun.
[door closes]
So Warrant Officer Oh
was in here with you, huh?
If it's about something private,
there's the door.
Or you'd better change your tone.
I mean, you just had to go and say
you'd shoot to kill if he's found.
You barely tried to hide it.
So that's what you heard.
I guess you've come here
to defend the shooter?
Uh, no, not at all, ma'am.
Our approach is to
[Ji-seop] Sergeant Park.
Have a seat, please. Yeah, it's okay.
- Okay.
- [Eun] Who are you?
Sergeant First Class Park Beom-gu,
Military Police.
Wasn't this man under investigation?
Why is he here?
D.P.'s are usually involved
in the mission.
- They're going to provide assistance.
- Yes.
[breathes deeply]
Private Kim Ru-ri
has always been a soldier
who couldn't mingle with other people.
His addiction to brutal animations
meant he couldn't separate reality.
from his warped mind.
What's more,
when he first transferred to the unit,
he was classified
as a special care soldier
and entered into a green camp.
Normally, a soldier would leave
after two weeks, but he stayed for five.
- Sound right?
- [Ji-seop] Animation?
You're trying to build this narrative
out of nowhere.
Aren't you?
It just seems like
you haven't thought this through.
After an incident like this,
you don't want to push him into a corner.
Don't you see?
Here we go. Your narrow attitude.
The one that's always
straddling the fence.
What's this about?
Would you prefer that someone get hurt
like with Cho Suk-bong?
Watch your mouth!
No, you watch your mouth.
[exhales sharply]
Don't end up with these
fucking regrets like I did. Okay?
On a side note,
don't call the kids anymore.
Just meet them on your appointed days.
Yeah, right! They're the ones calling me
saying they can't stand being around you!
Now I know why they hate you,
your arrogance.
Thanks, Captain, that's all.
Lim Ji-seop, you're dismissed.
[Beom-gu sighs]
[clicks tongue]
[Ji-seop sighs]
[door opens]
- [door slams shut]
- [sighs]
[Beom-gu] Yeah, got it.
- Did you meet up with Ho-yeol?
- Go to hell.
- [Jun-ho] Yes, but there's an issue.
- What?
- [Jun-ho] Well, he can't he can't speak.
- Oh, great, why not?
He must be joking, right?
- I don't think so, sir.
- What is this?
And I'm not sure if he won't or can't but
[Ji-seop] Sergeant Park, look.
[soldier] Hurry!
- [Ji-seop] Get over here.
- Well, I have to call you back.
- That's crazy,
- Uh-huh.
- Hey!
- [man 1] He's completely lost it.
[man 2] The killer is filming himself?
This is creepy.
Hello, my name is Kim Ru-ri.
I'm the armed deserter.
I did shoot my senior officers that day.
They harassed me, nonstop.
I only shot them because I thought
they'd kill me first.
They kept saying unspeakable things
about my mother.
They used to shoot bug spray in my eyes.
- He's trying to use the media?
- [Ru-ri] And would hit me.
[Ru-ri sobs]
The commanding officers knew
but would look the other way.
- What the hell?
- I really thought they're gonna kill me.
I shot them in self-defense.
[man 3] This is unbelievable. [chuckles]
[Ru-ri] But
the military is hiding it.
All the torturing they did,
it's all being left out.
They left it out.
How I was being bullied every day,
it's all being left out.
They only talk about the fucking shooting!
[breathing shakily]
[tense music playing]
[exhales heavily]
[Ru-ri] This is not
how I'll be remembered.
Are you okay?
[tense music building]
I'll tell the truth of how it went down!
You lying motherfuckers!
[suspenseful music playing]
- [man 1] What do we do?
- [man 2] Oh, no.
[TV reporter] The shooter has made a video
and shared it with
This whole thing is spiraling
out of control.
[footsteps thudding]
[Ji-seop] He's in over his head.
[people chatter indistinctly]
- Come with me.
- Huh?
[Ji-seop] What is it?
[Ru-ri breathing heavily]
[inhales sharply]
[labored breathing]
[rain pattering]
[breathing heavily]
[Ru-ri's mom] Honestly
[somber music playing]
I'm so scared.
[Jun-ho sighs]
[Ru-ri's mom] When I think about [sighs]
the truth
that my child could
could actually do something so terrible.
[somber music playing]
[Ru-ri's mom sobbing]
My Ru-ri was always gentle and kind.
This is my fault.
What will happen to Ru-ri now, huh?
What will they do?
He can still live though?
Save my son.
[Ho-yeol sighs nervously]
[Ru-ri's mom] Please.
I'm begging you, please save him.
[Ru-ri's mom sobbing]
[keyboard clacking]
[phone buzzing]
Yeah? The materials
are ready to go, right?
What are you talking about?
I'm on my way.
Those useless bastards, jeez.
[intriguing music playing]
Why is he here all alone
with all that's going on right now?
It's his office, he probably needed
to get his toothbrush.
This isn't the barracks.
This is Armed Forces HQ.
We could end up in deep shit.
Are you coming or not?
[sucks teeth] Oh, God.
[clanks, squeaks]
[exhales deeply]
[Ji-seop] Go in already.
[door slams shut]
- We've got these bastards.
- [Ji-seop sighs]
An open investigation
and they have a classified secret?
Even a general could go down
for keeping a secret like this.
Any guess on the password?
Come on, Sergeant Park,
how would I know that?
- I don't know.
- Why not type in Hwarang cigarettes.
- Jesus, help me out
- [door opens]
[Min-u] What the hell are you doing?
[door closes]
"What the hell are you doing?"
[Ji-seop] Wow, did he just say that?
I'm the higher-ranking officer here,
yet have I ever seen you salute me? Huh?
Captain Lim?
[exhales] Hey, man.
Officer Oh,
you see my rank?
Your computer password
I'm gonna need it.
[clicks tongue]
What is it? You punk!
[Ji-seop grunts, groans]
Hey! What are you doing? [groans]
- [slams]
- [Beom-gu grunts]
You two idiots.
[Ji-seop groans]
[Ji-seop] You son of a bitch. [moans]
[Beom-gu moaning]
- [door slamming]
- [groaning]
[footsteps receding]
It's time, get the soldiers in position.
He hasn't been using the buses
or the subway.
It seems he's more cautious
than we thought.
We haven't been able to get CCTV.
Even with the help of the D.P. teams
from nearby units
[officer sighs]
we need more time.
I mean, if you keep moving so slow,
how do you expect to catch him?
Kim Ru-ri's rifle was found.
He must have discarded it.
So that's good news.
[scoffs] Well, don't tell the press
about it.
There's nothing to be gained.
As for now [sighs]
the bait is already set. Is it a go?
[all sighing]
[nervous whispers]
[phone buzzing]
[indistinct whispers]
[phone continues buzzing]
Hello, honey.
Sorry, I'm working right now.
[Eun's daughter] Mom, Dad needs your help.
What's this about?
I don't know. He just said
to open the door for him.
I'm confused. How is he calling, huh?
[exhales sharply]
[door slams shut]
[Eun sighs]
It's the same as it always was.
You cause a mess,
and I have to clean it up.
So how did you call Jin-a?
I blocked your number on her phone.
[Eun inhales]
You have two phones?
So you can still talk to the kids?
Hey, I had some extra cash
so I bought a burner.
[Eun] Damn you
[Beom-gu grunts]
Colonel Seo, let us help you
locate Kim Ru-ri.
That won't be necessary.
[Beom-gu sighs]
The deserter will come to us.
You can't be serious.
What have you done now?
[dark music playing]
[anchor on TV] After the spring rain ends,
I think it'll be nice to go
and watch the cherry blossoms
[clerk] Welcome, sir.
Cherry blossoms are expected to reach
peak bloom on April 4th
- Do you have, uh, inhaler?
- on April 10th in the central regions
[clerk] Let me check, one moment.
favorite time of the year.
We can expect some rain before then,
- so don't forget your umbrella.
- [Ru-ri wheezing]
This just in.
We have an update on the shooting
in the 18th Armored Brigade.
A violent scene erupted in front
of the home of Private Kim,
the deserter who murdered fellow soldiers.
Here with the details
is Reporter Kim Mun-su.
[reporter] This was
a peaceful neighborhood
until this morning,
when a dangerous scene unfolded.
Family members of the victims
of the recent shooting incident
held a protest in front of the restaurant,
shouting abusive chants
and throwing stones.
This footage was taken in front
of a restaurant this morning.
A woman comes out of the restaurant,
and one of the victims' family member
slaps her in the face.
The unapologetic attitude
of Private Kim Ru-ri's mother
- outraged the victims' families
- [clamoring on TV]
which eventually led
to a violent commotion.
This footage spread quickly
on social media,
and people are outraged.
- Some think the actions against the woman
- Those sons of bitches!
Those assholes!
Other's understand the backlash.
[unsettling music playing]
- Mom.
- [Eun] The footage has already aired.
They didn't blur her face in the video.
He has to show up now.
And we'll be ready for him.
How could you do something like this
when you're a mother?
You can't be serious?
I explained to you,
if someone dies
or gets hurt in this situation
We should make sure Kim Ru-ri
doesn't get hurt either.
That's just as important.
[Eun sighs]
[Eun] You call yourself soldiers.
And yet here you are defending Kim Ru-ri,
who murdered fellow soldiers.
He could throw a grenade
at innocent people any moment.
Continue to wait in here.
[Beom-gu] I met him before all this.
Kim Ru-ri and I have met.
[Beom-gu] So are you Luffy?
Yes, sir, I'm Luffy.
[Beom-gu] We knew that there was an issue
at that base, but
we couldn't do anything about it.
I'm asking for one more chance,
to see if we can persuade him.
It's worth a try, ma'am.
[pensive music playing]
Please help us out here. Yeah?
Well, I'm sorry.
Don't let them leave.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
[tense music playing]
[Beom-gu sighs]
Our only play left
is with your cell phone.
So what's your plan now?
If Kim Ru-ri decides to show up
to an angry mob, they'll put him down.
We can't allow it.
[somber music playing]
[Ji-seop] Don't end up
with these fucking regrets like I did.
[sighs deeply]
[Ja-woon] If it was that hard on him,
he should have just deserted.
Why shoot all those people?
And if he was going to do that,
he should have just died with them.
Don't you think?
Yes, sir.
[dark music playing]
The general is approaching.
Check the positions of the soldiers.
Our ETA is 30 minutes from now.
- [commander] Attention!
- [soldiers] Attention!
As of this very moment,
this operation area is tier one.
Establish a one kilometer perimeter.
No one other than
military personnel is allowed.
- Understand?
- [soldiers] Yes, sir!
Block them, block them!
- Hey! Stop this!
- What are you doing? We have questions.
- [soldier 1] Push! Push!
- [soldier 2] Hey! Hurry up!
[man] Hey, what are you doing?
[Jun-ho] What is all this?
- Stop! Get back!
- Secure the perimeter!
- Yes, sir!
- Don't just stand there.
Push them out, you idiot!
What's the point of all this?
- [soldier 3] Hey!
- Mm Mm
Sergeant Han?
Hey, what are you doing?
Put this on and get ready!
[Ho-yeol breathing heavily]
[hurried footsteps]
Sniper Two, you're out.
[indistinct shouts]
[commander] Everyone,
back to your positions!
[soldiers] Yes, sir!
[breathing heavily]
Sergeant Han.
You okay, man?
[soldier 1] Hey. Hey, get the fuck up.
[Jun-ho] I need assistance here.
He's not feeling well!
[officer] Hey, shut up, asshole.
He'll sit out for now.
Get over here,
you undisciplined shitheads!
Fuck this.
Rest up.
Stay put. Come on, sir.
[Ho-yeol mumbles]
[Jun-ho] You're obviously not well.
How could you help like this?
- [radio static]
- [man on radio] All units
stand by for the order to shoot.
- [radio static]
- I repeat.
- Stand by for the order to shoot.
- [Jun-ho] Come on.
Don't worry about it.
It'll all be fine.
[commander] We're three minutes out.
Get ready, soldiers!
- Stand by!
- [soldiers] Yes, sir!
- Where is she?
- We have to do a thorough search.
There's his mother.
What's going on?
Why are you sending people away?
Well, ma'am, Ru-ri will be here soon.
Ru-ri, really?
[investigator 1] Yes.
We need you to cooperate with us.
Why do you have your gun?
Don't worry about it,
It's in case of an emergency.
Hang on. Why are you all
wearing your guns?
I said, we need you to cooperate with us.
- This way, ma'am.
- Let go.
- Come on.
- What are you planning to do to my son?
- Ma'am, you're coming with us.
- I'm not going.
- Let get her outside.
- Let go!
- Easy, ma'am, okay? Come on.
- Let me go now!
[Ru-ri] Stop it, you sons of bitches!
[hostage whimpering]
Get out of my house now.
Kim Ru-ri.
Surrender and
I said get out!
[soldiers gasp]
[Ru-ri] Everyone better get the fuck out.
- Get out! Right now!
- [whimpering]
[Ru-ri's mom crying]
[investigator] Sure, yeah.
Ru-ri! Ru-ri! [sobbing]
Clear out, ma'am!
- [clamoring]
- [panicked shouts]
Come on!
[soldier 1] It's him! He's got a grenade!
[soldier 2] Fall back!
[ominous music playing]
[muffled shouts]
[soldier 3] I have eyes on the target!
[soldier 4] It's him!
[soldier 5] Everyone back! Back!
Get back, everyone!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Stop! Stop!
- Hey! Whoa! Whoa!
[tense music building]
[commander] All right! Don't back down!
Everyone, raise your guns!
Form a line!
Don't move!
[suspenseful music playing]
[officer on speaker]
Private Kim Ru-ri, we have you surrounded!
Release the hostage
and put the grenade down!
I repeat!
We have you surrounded.
Release the hostage
and put the grenade down!
[Min-u on radio]
Target in sight. He has a hostage.
[Eun] He has a hostage.
My sniper is ready. Give the order?
[Ja-woon] It's your call
as commander-in-charge.
Why would you ask me that?
[phone buzzing]
We're approaching the site.
[officer on speaker] I repeat, Kim Ru-ri,
we have you surrounded!
Drop the grenade
and release the hostage immediately!
Kim Ru-ri, this is your final warning!
Kim Ru-ri, this is your last chance.
Is this how you want to die?
You bastards.
This is so unfair.
You all blame me! It is unfair!
Private Kim Ru-ri.
[commander] What are you doing? Get back!
You were pushed too far, I know.
You, uh, are about to hurt
an innocent man, Ru-ri.
What about how they all bullied
and hurt me then, huh?
Doesn't anybody care about that?
If you keep going,
they'll put you to death.
That's right, I know.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Hands up!
- Take aim. Stand your ground!
[Ru-ri] Try me!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Take aim!
- Don't do it!
- [Ru-ri] Come at me!
[commander] Hold your ground, gentlemen!
- Shoot me! You fucking bastards!
- Stand your ground!
[commander] Fire on my order only!
Hold your fire!
[suspenseful music playing]
Come on, you bastards! Why wait?
I said get back!
[suspenseful music rising]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing deeply]
[phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
- [Beom-gu] Listen to me carefully.
- [inhales sharply]
We have to save Kim Ru-ri.
We sat and talked with him.
We have to do everything to save him.
[breathing heavily]
We have to do something!
Are you listening to me?
- Are you listening?
- Mm
[inhales sharply]
Hey, Han Ho-yeol!
[soldier 1] Hey! Get him out here!
- [soldier 2] Hey, get in there.
- Come over here now! Come on, hurry!
- To your positions!
- Hey, you! Get over here.
- Come here! Come here!
- Yes, sir!
[Ru-ri] Shoot me!
- Shoot, assholes! Try me!
- [soldier] Shit.
- Take aim!
- We're all going to fucking die today!
Shoot me!
Just shoot me!
I said shoot me!
- Whoa, whoa
- [commander] Hold your fire!
[Ru-ri] You motherfuckers!
- Shoot me!
- [Ho-yeol] Hey, Kim Ruri!
Sergeant Han?
[commander] What's he doing?
I'm filming this right now.
You're on a live stream!
- [commander] Hey, put the camera away!
- That way
they won't open fire.
[commander] Hey, what are you doing?
- Turn off the camera!
- Turn the camera off!
- Somebody grab him.
- This is driving me crazy
Don't fucking move!
[soldiers] Whoa, whoa
[Ru-ri] I said, don't move!
- Someone get the guy with
- An Jun-ho!
Don't just stand there!
Somebody grab that guy!
Stop! Come back!
Hey! Go, get them!
- Get them!
- I'm sorry.
- [grunting] I'm sorry.
- Open up,
What the hell are you doing?
- What is this?
- Watch out!
- Move now!
- [clamoring]
- [all grunting]
- [Ho-yeol] Ru-ri!
We know each other!
We've met before!
I've met you before!
[soldiers clamoring]
That's why I'm sorry!
- [officer] Stop filming!
- If you feel abused,
you need to survive this, okay?
Have a trial.
And face the punishment for it!
[Jun-ho] Private Kim Ru-ri!
We're trying to help you out! [grunting]
You're not really trying to die! Right?
[Jun-ho] Private Kim Ru-ri,
you have to live!
You have to!
[commander] Get him! Get him!
Sir, they're streaming it online.
If the sniper takes him out
[rain pattering]
Man, this rain won't stop.
[Min-u] We've contacted
the service provider.
- The connection will be cut off soon.
- [radio static]
[tense music playing]
[soldier] You hear me, asshole?
I said, stop filming!
[soldiers grunting]
- What happened? No.
- [soldier] Open up.
[all grunting]
[Jun-ho] Shit!
[all grunting]
[soldier] Stay still!
[commander] Enough!
[rifles cocking]
The situation is becoming dangerous.
[Min-u] Give me the order, ma'am.
[radio static]
Snipers, ready. On my command.
[suspenseful music playing]
[breathing nervously]
[tense music playing]
[Ru-ri breathing shakily]
[breathing nervously]
[breathing shakily]
Private Kim! Hey!
[Ru-ri's mom] No! Don't do it!
Get away! Get away!
What do you think you're doing?
Don't do it!
[breathing shakily]
[soft whimpers]
[Ruri's mom breathes heavily]
[Ru-ri] Mom. [sobs]
You're okay, son.
[Ru-ri sobbing]
Mom. Mom.
Oh, Mom.
[both sobbing]
Mom. Mom.
It's okay, son.
Well, fuck me.
Put it away.
Incompetent bitch.
[commander] Guns down!
[rifles clacking]
[sobbing continues]
It's all right.
Private Kim Ru-ri
will receive due punishment.
And I will give you my word
it will be a fair trial.
[Ru-ri's mom sobbing]
[light chuckle]
[Ja-woon] Don't just stand there!
Escort Private Kim's mother
someplace warm.
[Ru-ri's mom whimpers]
[Ho-yeol sighs]
We did it.
[weakly] He lives.
He lives.
I have no excuse, sir.
But we'll make sure Colonel Seo
is held responsible for it.
And we'll punish the 103rd Division
soldiers who disobeyed orders.
[book clatters]
Punish them how?
They should get an award.
I apologize, sir.
[Ja-woon] Start using your head.
[Min-u] Sorry, sir.
As I explained to you before all this,
the Kim Ru-ri trial puts us
in a bad position.
People from all over are looking
into our operations.
If the press and human rights centers
take aim at us,
the National Assembly will get invvolved.
The snowball effect of this
can cause irreparable damage.
[heart monitor steady beeping]
Early morning yesterday, there was a
confrontation with the armed deserter,
But with the military's prompt response,
the situation ended
without any harm to civilians.
Under the advice of authorities,
the armed deserter,
Private Kim Ru-ri, turned himself in
and was safely taken into custody.
[Suk-bong breathing deeply]
[heart monitor steady beeping]
[breathing deeply]
[acoustic music playing]
You hold the moon and stars ♪
And place above me ♪
You told me in the quiet
Don't be afraid ♪
The moments sat forgotten ♪
All the wonders of your grace ♪
With words that's hard to say ♪
You call me in the mornings
To your garden ♪
I fall a million times
Before your feet ♪
Though all these years have gone ♪
One thing I know, I still believe ♪
In you, I do ♪
Day by day, every hour ♪
You're filling in the spaces ♪
In between ♪
Oh, day by day ♪
By the power of the cross ♪
In you I can do anything ♪
I've waited for the day
To hear you love me ♪
To paint with all the colors
Of my soul ♪
And my body's gray and old ♪
But my soul belongs to you ♪
So to you I'll go ♪
Day by day, every hour ♪
I'm finally at home ♪
Oh, I believe ♪
Day by day ♪
By the power of the cross ♪
In death, I'll be set free ♪
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