D.P. (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Curtain Call

- [thwacking]
- [man groaning]
[man grunting in pain]
[straining grunts]
[thwacking continues]
[man grunts in pain]
[senior] Get up.
Do you know why you're getting hit?
Because of a single bad apple, you hear?
Arts and Film Department, Jang Sung-min.
[senior] It's you, isn't it?
The bastard who wants to play Nina
in The Seagull.
[inhales] Yes, sir.
All my workshop finals were an A-plus.
So I'm fully qualified
[Sung-min breathes heavily]
[senior] Jeez, you psychotic bastard.
Nina's a woman's role, though.
Anton Chekhov wrote it that way,
you moron.
[breathing shakily]
Early in the quarter, the professor said
young artists shouldn't be afraid
to reinterpret the classics so
[sucks teeth] God, you fucking bastard.
You gay bastard.
Why are you meddling with this, huh?
[breathing shakily]
Right! You got a letter at the dorms.
Have you seen it?
[breathing nervously]
[senior] Congrats. The gay bastard
is going to the military.
[breathing nervously]
[theme music playing]
Seems I've been dreaming for too long ♪
I can't find the reasons to move on ♪
Wake up to reality ♪
Realize we're getting old ♪
All our bones ♪
Are breaking down ♪
[Du-gwan] Sergeant Han Ho-yeol and
Private An Jun-ho of the 103rd Division
you're both being presented with
this award for your exemplary actions.
[Il-seok sighs]
To our battle-tested soldiers.
The pride of the 103rd Division!
[light music playing]
Great job but still
You foolish little shits.
To go that far, huh?
No respect for your precious souls.
How could you just jump
into a risk like that?
Didn't you consider the emotional effect
it would have on me?
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
Still, you guys did so great! [laughs]
[Du-gwan giggles]
Goodness, you did so well.
Come to your commander.
No, no, no.
Come to your dad!
[soldier] Okay, I'll take the photo now.
Okay, ready?
- One, two, three.
- Okay, smile.
- And open it.
- [camera clicking]
[soldier] Two, three.
We did it!
[camera continues clicking]
[Beom-gu] I was 100 percent sure
you'd be dragged off to military prison.
I also find it a bit of a surprise.
An award?
Since Ru-ri was cuffed
by the commander himself,
everybody's tossing around compliments
and putting a bow on things.
Captain Lim was reinstated too.
How long will our
reward vacation be then? Hmm?
Two weeks? Or three?
How about a discharge, huh?
Oh. Sounds pretty acceptable to me.
You want medical discharge?
Okay, now get out. [exhales]
[Ho-yeol] But a reward
[Ho-yeol grumbles]
Are you leaving?
[Ho-yeol] Should I just get discharged
for medical hardship?
[Jun-ho] Sergeant Han, what will you do
once you're discharged?
[Ho-yeol] All of a sudden?
Well, I'll run
a management company.
One look at somebody's face
and I can immediately tell if that person
is gonna end up a successful entertainer.
But, Jun-ho
[Ho-yeol sucks teeth]
- Yeah, I don't see an actor. Hmm?
- That's good.
- Because I don't plan on becoming one.
- [Ji-seop] Hey D.P.'s.
- Sir.
- Sir.
[sighs] So, have you examined
this deserter's personals?
Oh, forgive me, sir,
I guess you've done it already.
Oh, this punk getting cocky
at the end. [sniffs]
The police contacted us,
and this is a person
who slipped by us before.
His name is Jang Sung-min.
- Would you remind repeating?
- Hey, what's wrong with you?
Jang Sung-min of the Artillery
Battalion Corps. Satisfied?
Yes? What is it?
Why are you being this way? Huh? You okay?
[drag queen] Yes, my babies!
I see you there.
Keep it going, girls!
A vodka soda.
[upbeat music playing]
[audience cheering]
["Rockstar by Kriz" playing]
[audience whooping]
Hey. Don't do that stuff.
Ah, shit. I hate that son of a bitch.
[music stops]
[faint cheering, whooping in distance]
What's the matter with these guys?
- [knock on door]
- [sighs]
Oh, what's up with today?
Nina's still touching up her face.
[Ho-yeol] Corporal Jang Sung-min?
[tense music playing]
[exhales nervously]
[breathing shakily]
[Sung-min breathing shakily]
That's you, right?
[breathing nervously]
It's you. It is.
Hello, my name
is Private Han Ho-yeol from the D.P.
of the Military Police.
Now I'm frightened.
Move back now. Move back.
[breathing shakily]
You gonna use that?
Seems like a bad plan of action.
So how about we just
Please, leave!
- [Sung-min] Please, please.
- Hey, Jang Sung-min.
[Sung-min] Please. Go away, please.
I want to help you.
Just leave me, just leave me.
- Please.
- Let's head back.
Please go away!
[ominous music playing]
[clicks tongue]
Jeez. Come on out already.
Oh, damn it.
Hey. Why aren't you done? Jeez!
W-what the hell?
[Sung-woo] Huh? What is this? Hey
Private Han.
Hey! Han Ho-yeol!
[Sung-woo panicking]
Hey, come on. Snap out of it, snap
[Ho-yeol breathing heavily]
Jang Sung-min, you crazy bitch!
[Sung-woo breathes nervously] Oh, fuck.
[electricity crackles]
Excuse me. Do you happen to know
a man named Jang Sung-min?
[drag queen 1] How many times do I have to
tell you, I don't know him? So annoying.
- [Jun-ho] Please look at the photo.
- [drag queen 2] You still here?
[drag queen 1] Oh, what a bother.
Try Luli. Shoo, now. Shoo.
- [drag queen 2] Can I borrow that?
- Sergeant Han Ho-yeol?
Uh, do you feel sick?
I'm fine.
When my heart feels
so completely without burden,
I get amazingly calm. [clicks tongue]
I'll take your word for it.
That's the truth.
[Jun-ho] Okay.
[Ho-yeol] Yoohoo.
[man] We've been here all day.
- [overlapping chatter]
- This man is driving me crazy.
[detective] What? I can't hear you?
Hello? Hello?
I'm hanging up, okay? I can't hear you.
- Jeez, honestly now.
- [indistinct shouts]
Hey! Be quiet, you bastards!
For god's sake!
- Eat this, huh?
- Hey, damn it. That's enough.
Will you be quiet? You bastards!
I mean, honestly.
You probably don't want to eat that.
It's over a week old. [laughs]
Well, anyway.
We happened to discover this.
We managed to bring in a petty criminal.
Ah, wait Here.
Anyway, that petty criminal's
the type who messes around
in all kinds of illegal things,
down to the most trivial.
Like a private detective agency
or a kind of service center.
Jang Sung-min's name turned up
on his list of clients.
That's the deserter
you're looking for, right?
- What was his service request?
- [detective] Oh.
Well, I'm not sure.
Which is the reason why the two of you
will have to meet him.
It will be exciting for the two of you.
- Uh
- The three of us, right?
- You guys, two D.P.'s.
- Yeah.
- A joing operation?
- [Jun-ho] Yes.
- Oh, me too? [laughs]
- Yeah, the three of us.
- Right?
- [detective] Oh, well
We would really like that. But just look
at this pathetic state of affairs, huh?
We've barely got our heads on. Okay?
Our holding cell isn't big enough
for a group that size. No space.
- But I'm not familiar with Itaewon.
- Just a moment.
- [man crying]
- Hey, that man, what's he doing here?
Hey, sir. Stop crying to the police
and call a lawyer.
A lawyer!
You can't just keep coming in here.
Call a lawyer.
Come on! It
[Ji-seop] So the person who stabbed
Ho-yeol was Jang Sung-min?
Wasn't he an actor in the Film Department
or something? Hmm
He had good grades, too.
At a high school festival,
he was nominated for a best actress award.
Oh, best actress? Huh?
For the role of Nina
in Chekov's The Seagull.
Heartbreaking female character.
The name of the play itself
refers to Nina.
Wow, Sergeant! How do you know
so much about theater?
It was my dream once.
I was in the high school drama club.
Hamlet ring a bell?
If you check the web,
there are three legendary long-term
deserters from the army, you know.
Number one's an officer
who embezzled government funds
who's been gone for eight years,
then Jang Sung-min
who stabbed Sergeant Han.
He's been running for five years.
Who's number three, then?
An old guy from the Korean War.
Nobody's concerned about him.
Have some dumplings.
Hey, Gi-yeong.
You have a real knack for this.
It could be a career there.
To become the fourth long-term deserter?
- Such a punk.
- Ow.
- File an anonymous complaint.
- [Beom-gu] Mm-hmm.
[Jun-ho] So Jang Sung-min
was in Itaewon this whole time?
There wouldn't be any better place
for Sung-min than here.
Anyway, the meeting's all set up, right?
Yeah. And he definitely
didn't suspect anything either.
- [Ho-yeol] Okay. Perhaps.
- [broker] You the guys who called?
[light music playing]
We spoke, yeah?
[Ho-yeol] Uh
[broker sucks teeth]
The password.
Roar, roar?
Come with me.
Jeez, how did you know? How'd you know?
[Jun-ho] The company name
has "Tiger" in it?
[Ho-yeol] Honestly, that's amazing.
- Oh, damn.
- I guess. Hurry up.
[cat meowing]
Ah, jeez. This feels pretty weird.
For me too, you know.
On those unsolved crime shows,
a car like this always appears
right before someone loses an organ.
[inhales sharply]
Let's come back some other time.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Just be natural and leave.
[car door opening]
[Jun-ho gulps]
[inhales sharply]
So, what are you doing here?
Well, we're looking for a guy.
A guy?
- Yes. [laughs nervously]
- Yes.
Meow, meow.
Tweet, tweet.
- What?
- Mm
The password is "meow, meow," assholes.
[silly music playing]
[Ho-yeol sighs]
- [car door opens]
- [gasps]
[tense music sting]
Get out.
[thug 1] Good evening, friends.
So good to see you.
[thug 2 sighs] You're in
for an impressive beating today.
[thug 3] What an easy job. Lucky day.
- You're hardworking men.
- [thug 1] Beat 'em good.
- Commendable.
- [broker slams car]
- What do you bastards do? With the police?
- [thugs laughing]
- Us, police? No way.
- Ah, no, no, that's not us. No way.
You assholes.
Hey, go for it.
- [thug 4] All right.
- [thug 5] Oh, come on.
[gate opening]
[detective] Everyone, freeze!
[thug 1] Huh?
- Don't you move, assholes!
- Hey. come in.
You two okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Here, here!
[detective] You bastards,
every move we make,
- you'd get a whiff of us.
- Fucking shithead.
Ah, shit.
Just wait.
- Catch them all.
- [thugs screaming]
[detective] Stop them! Stop them!
[thug groaning]
[grunts] Get back now.
[grunts, groans]
Watch out, shitheads!
[fighting grunts]
[yelping] Oh, God! Oh, God! Okay!
Look, over there. Look!
[fighting grunts, shouts]
[Jun-ho and Ho-yeol panting]
Out of my way! Out of my way!
Damn it, move!
- [women scream]
- [man] Hey!
Stop following me, you fucking bastards!
Move out of the way!
I'm sick of this shit.
- Oh, for god's sake.
- Go away!
[broker] Crazy bastards!
- Hey, let me borrow this.
- [women scream]
Oh, fuck! [screams]
[woman] What the hell?
- Are you guys all right?
- There he goes.
- [screaming]
- [bike horn ringing]
[car brakes screech]
Get on. We're following him.
Jesus. Shit!
[upbeat music playing]
[cars honking]
Fucking bastard, he's following me.
Fucking guy! My god! This dumb
motherfucking bastard won't stop!
Stop following me, you son of a bitch!
Go away, you motherfucker!
I'm not getting caught, do you hear me?
I will never ever be caught! [screams]
[exhales deeply]
Goddamn it, go away!
[cars honking]
[upbeat music playing]
Quit following me. [breathing heavily]
[upbeat music fading]
[broker] I didn't get caught.
Nice try, though, asshole.
I feel great.
[upbeat music playing]
Still chasing me?
Oh, you creepy motherfucker.
[broker] This fucking guy!
I can't believe it.
Sir. Excuse me, sir!
Why aren't you moving?
[upbeat music continues]
[broker] Goddamn it!
He keeps chasing me.
Out of the way! Whoa!
- [brakes screeching]
- [clattering]
[broker screaming]
[woman yelps]
[bystanders whooping]
[women screaming]
- [Jun-ho grunts]
- [bike clanking]
- Ow. [groans]
- [people gasp]
[Jun-ho] Damn it.
[intriguing music playing]
Huh? What's that thing?
[electronic voice] Beep, beep. Beep, beep.
Coco is on the way with freshness.
[breathes heavily] Yes, I did it. Yes.
I won the race.
- [electronic voice] Beep, beep. Beep
- [panting]
- [broker chuckling]
- Oh, hey.
[breathing heavily]
Hey, you. Climb aboard. Come on.
- Bastards!
- What are you even doing with your feet?
[Ho-yeol] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
[whining, panting]
Giving up would be better.
Hop on. You must be thirsty.
- Here. Huh?
- Damn it!
[Ho-yeol] What's he doing?
Hey, ma'am. Could you make a right?
- [seller] This only goes straight.
- What?
Jun-ho, at the subway entrance,
right in front.
I'm here as well.
[man] Cheers.
[broker breathing heavily]
[pants] Water, water, water, water.
What are you doing?
Mm. Mm-mm
Hey, bro.
Hey, meow, meow.
How've you been?
Huh? [pants]
- [customers screaming]
- Back off! You bastard!
Fuck, get out!
How much farther
are you gonna chase me, you asshole!
- [Ho-yeol] To the end of the world?
- Huh?
- [customers gasp]
- [broker grunts]
Damn it.
[silly music playing]
- [customers clapping]
- [Jun-ho] Sergeant Han.
You always show up at the end
to do the cool part.
[customers laughing]
[Jun-ho sighs]
- [Jun-ho] This is Jang Sung-min.
- [broker] I mean, come on.
I've given new identities
to a million guys.
- How am I supposed to recognize them all?
- Well, you bastard.
How about you take a look,
since it's been so many people? I swear.
- You two, all yours.
- Yeah, thank you.
[broker] I'm sorry, but
we never took a request from any soldier.
Wait a minute.
Oh, Nina?
Wait, I know.
He said that he'd just stabbed someone.
He came in all crying.
[pensive music playing]
[Sung-min] I have to run away.
[breathing shakily]
Help me, please.
I'm begging you. Can't you just help me?
I'll give you whatever money I make
on a regular basis.
Goddamn it.
You shouldn't behave this way here.
People will think I'm some kind of jerk.
Then help me out here!
Save me, please.
If I ever have to go back to that place
[soldier] Hey, sissy!
Aw, the sissy's crying. Poor little queer.
My God! Don't you have
any shame, huh? [laughing]
I'm going to die for real.
[broker] Hey. You dying is your own
personal circumstance, okay?
And the condition we have for providing
this service is do you know? Hmm?
Put that down. Hey, come on!
[breathing shakily] Long as I'm gonna die,
I guess it should be here.
It will be better to do it now
while I'm still outside.
[breathing shakily]
Goddamn it!
Please, please.
Please help me.
[broker] So I sent him to Incheon.
[desperate sobs]
Because we couldn't handle it on our end.
And he looked so desperate.
[train tracks clanking]
[pensive music continues]
I told him to go to the people
who create new identities
for undocumented immigrants.
- What?
- Hmm
A little bit different than a Chekov play.
[Ho-yeol sighs]
[wistful music playing]
[factory director]
Hurry up and get out here.
Let's get to work. Work!
Ah. All right. Good morning.
- [worker 1] See you soon.
- [factory director] Yeah, okay.
[machine buzzing]
- [crash]
- [worker 1] Whoa, whoa!
- [worker 2] Whoa! Whoa!
- [workers yelling]
- [worker 3] Watch out!
- Hey, move, move!
- [factory director] Are you okay?
- [workers clamoring]
[factory director] Jesus!
Listen, this is why
you have to rest at night.
Why do you insist
on working two jobs, huh?
You could have been paralyzed
by this thing.
[breathing heavily]
Yes, I'm sorry.
Sir, I apologize.
[factory director sighs]
[breathing shakily]
[Sung-min sings] On nights ♪
Like this ♪
When the world is a mess ♪
When the lights go off ♪
In the trailer town ♪
I am lonely ♪
I am tired ♪
The sorrow is about to burst me ♪
Hey, isn't our friend Nina
such a good singer?
[bartender giggles] Yeah, she is.
I put on some makeup ♪
Turn on the tape deck ♪
And finish off with a wig ♪
Suddenly, I'm a beauty queen
With a big smile on my face ♪
No matter what ♪
I should never fall asleep ♪
I look back on my life ♪
Look at the woman I've become ♪
What a strange world this is ♪
Life is such a wonder ♪
For now, I gulp down my drink ♪
And look inside the velvet box ♪
The wig I got as a gift ♪
I put on some makeup ♪
Rhythm and blues ♪
And wear the pretty wig on my head ♪
[music fading]
Suddenly I'm a beauty queen ♪
With a big smile on my face ♪
No matter what ♪
[Sung-min whimpers]
I should never ♪
Fall asleep ♪
[melancholic instrumental music playing]
[music fading]
Makes me feel really weird.
It makes me feel
[inhales deeply]
A bit of hatred, really.
But there's pity as well.
A weird mixture. [chuckles]
[clears throat] Well, how about
we let Sung-min just keep running?
Like with Heo Chi-do, you know?
Will that help Sung-min, though?
Oh, I'm corny.
What is this? I mean,
what's gotten into me?
No compassion.
Nothing trivial.
- Yes, all right.
- [Ho-yeol] Yes.
[Ho-yeol] Gi-yeong, it's Ho-yeol.
This Gosh. It seems like
he's somewhere in East Incheon.
But finding him like this
might take some time. Uh
Hey, D.P. [sighs]
You won't be able to find him
no matter how hard you look.
When we investigated,
we discovered
they made him identification.
[Ho-yeol] Oh. Do you mean a fake ID?
A passport.
After spending years hiding,
I'm not really sure
where he's trying to go right now.
So I I think you should get some help
from the cops one more time on all this.
Jeez. What are you going to try
and make us do this time?
[detective] Yeah
So that catty bastard
that we caught last time?
Oh, that's hot. Yeah.
So, the fellow above him makes fake IDs.
He's famous as a matter of fact. Yeah.
Yeah, so, for us, then?
We need to catch the old guy
so we can close this case.
[detective] Let's do one more
joint operation, okay?
[knock on door]
[broker] Password.
Meow, meow.
Hey, what's the time?
[thug 1] Uh, sir, you've come?
[thug 2] Hey! I'm lowering it now.
- Okay, lower it.
- Sir, you're here?
[broker] Get this out of the way.
- [thug 3] Come out.
- [thug 4] Move. Sir, you're here?
- Wow, jeez.
- Looks good here.
- Quite a different scale from Itaewon.
- Come on.
- Tell me about it.
- Right here.
[tense music playing]
[old broker] I heard you two
are looking for a job?
It's an honor to meet you. Um
If you help us, I'll put
We'll both put our lives
on the line for you.
Whatever you need, sir.
Anyone who comes to the Incheon Coast
must be a person
who has run out of lifelines.
Let me hear the reasons you have.
Then I'll share my decision
about letting you join me.
What should we do?
- But if
- [inhales sharply]
you lie even once
I'll tear your insides out.
And some lucky fish
will eat you for a snack.
We're both deserters from the army.
We're what?
[Ho-yeol exhales]
Yes. We're deserters.
We were in the middle of serving
our mandatory military service.
Really, you're army deserters?
You're running from the military?
[grunts in pain]
Oh. What's happening? Are you all right?
[old broker breathes heavily]
No, no, no. No.
Five decades have passed.
But it still appears in my nightmares.
God, what a hellish place.
Even now, it feels like someone
might come chasing after me.
I understand exactly how you feel.
Are you saying
that stupid place
has not gotten any better?
- Unbelievable. [sobs]
- Sorry?
Hire these boys immediately
and show them the ropes.
- Sir, thank you very much.
- Yes.
Yes. Go ahead.
[Jun-ho exhales sharply]
Should we bring that man in, though?
He's a deserter.
[thug 4] Hey, aren't you cops?
[thug 5] Whoa! What?
- [thug 6] Huh? What?
- [Jun-ho chuckles]
Oh, we often hear we look like cops.
- [nervous laugh]
- This is a call from the Itaewon guys.
- Hey. I think they're cops.
- [thug 7] Come on!
[thugs chuckling]
[thug 8] Hey!
Have we ever run away before?
Uh, usually we're the ones chasing people.
- Mm-hmm.
- Catch them!
Let's get them!
[thugs shouting]
That's it!
- [clatters]
- Watch out!
- [fighting grunts]
- [thug groans]
Nine o'clock! Nine o'clock!
Don't come any closer!
[thug 9] Whoa, whoa!
[fighting grunts]
[Jun-ho groans]
[thugs yelling]
- [Ho-yeol] Push! Push!
- [grunting]
[thugs yelling, groaning]
- [clanking]
- Oh, fuck! Go up!
[thug 10] No! Don't let them get away!
- [Ho-yeol] Come on!
- [Jun-ho] Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
- [thugs grunting]
- [Ho-yeol] Come on! Come on!
[Ho-yeol panting]
Whoa! [panting]
[thugs screaming]
Crap! [grunts]
[both yelling]
[both groaning]
[thug 10] Get them!
[silly music playing]
- [Jun-ho yells]
- Don't let them get away!
- Oh, God!
- Damn it!
- [Jun-ho groans]
- [Ho-yeol] Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Stop them!
[thug 11] Attack!
[fighting grunts]
- [thugs groan]
- Hurry up and go!
[broker] Ah! Shit!
Fuck, where did he go?
Jeez. Where the hell did he go?
- [door opens]
- Find him!
- Oh!
- [broker] Hurry up!
[door closes]
Jeez! Where the hell could he be? Fuck!
- [thug 12] Where is he?
- [broker] Damn it.
That bastard!
[Yeong-ok giggling]
Thanks for that.
[soft chuckling]
What's up with your outfit? [giggles]
You really haven't changed.
Still the neighborhood hooligan.
How are you here?
Are you well?
Well, you helped with that.
[broker] Jesus! Where the hell did he go?
[Yeong-ok] Hush.
Come along.
[broker] Find him!
Uh, no This
[Yeong-ok chuckles]
How could we meet like this?
It's really amazing.
You're still a soldier, huh?
Are you Private First Class now?
[soft chuckle]
You haven't changed much either.
Well, are you out here
looking for someone?
That's pretty much my role.
[Yeong-ok giggles]
Wow! There's a bar
even in a place like this.
Actually, this place is pretty famous.
We have live music, too.
Do you know her? Nina?
[uneasy music playing]
[Yeong-ok] She's our star was our star.
[uneasy music continues]
[audience applauding, cheering]
Thanks very much. Thanks very much.
Thanks, everybody. Thank you so much.
Thanks very much. I appreciate it.
[applause continues]
[woman] Thank you for taking the time.
Your voice is so beautiful.
[Sung-min] Thank you.
[woman] You said your name is Nina?
Ms. Ji Yu-na.
[Yu-na] You know me?
Yes, of course.
Ev-everybody who performs
like me knows you.
[Yu-na] Then I'll get right to the point.
Would you like to work together?
I'm making Chekhov's The Seagull
into a musical.
It's going to be experimental.
And it happens that you're already Nina.
[sighs] Nina, really?
Ah, but Oh, I don't know
The workshop will be
in the West End of London.
And we're going to collaborate with
choreographers and stage crew there.
Assuming you're up for it, we can
arrange it for you to leave right away.
You have a passport?
Yeah, yeah.
[old broker] Hmm
[seagulls squawking]
The passport was made perfectly,
so you won't have any issues.
Stay strong and work hard.
You don't need to run away anymore.
You've just been reborn.
[breathing deeply]
[Yeong-ok] Nina, it's tomorrow, right?
You going to England.
[Sung-min] Yes.
Thank you for all you've done
this whole time.
[rain pattering]
But you never even asked
exactly who I am.
Or what I'm doing here.
Typical questions.
[rain pattering]
And what about me?
Who are you?
You're Nina, the great singer.
[ballad music playing]
Want to be best friends starting now?
As soon as I get back,
shall we drink to this, then?
I inquired ♪
Myself don't you know how to weather ♪
Remembrance ♪
[ballad music fading]
I'd like it if Nina wasn't apprehended.
You must have it hard too.
Always out chasing after someone.
Arresting them.
I guess.
[Jun-ho] You know, people like us
are really lucky.
It wouldn't be at all strange
if I was the one being chased.
Do you feel relieved?
[soft melancholic music playing]
Not quite.
just feel pretty sad.
It's my time to leave.
[Yeong-ok] The three million won.
You didn't mention it.
Next time I'll buy you dinner.
A meal worth three million.
[female announcer]
Attention Asiana Airline passengers.
Passengers with baggage,
come up to the counter and check
Hey, hurry up already, will you?
[Jun-ho sighs] What happened?
The police rounded up
every last one of them.
You look pretty good yourself, huh?
[plane taking off]
Since he was trying to leave the country,
there'll definitely be some data.
[man] Yeah, that one right over
- [airport employee] You're here.
- Hi.
There was an incident that day,
so I found it quickly.
What incident?
First, please give this a look.
[keyboard clacking]
[uneasy music playing]
[ground attendant] Your passport, please.
Jang Nina?
[keyboard clacking]
[scanner beeps]
[beeping continues]
[chuckles] This happens a lot.
Sorry, but could you make it quick?
I'm worried that I'll miss my flight.
[Sung-min breathing nervously]
[whispers] Why is it like this?
Yes, just one moment, sir.
Wait, I
[breathing nervously]
[indistinct airport announcement]
[breathing shakily]
[indistinct announcement continues]
[breathing deeply]
Jang Nina?
[ground attendant] We really didn't know.
Would you please come over here
for a second?
We just wanted him to sit and wait
while we check the issue.
[breathing shakily]
[passengers] Whoa, whoa!
[people exclaiming]
[ballad music playing]
[woman yelps]
- [Sung-min grunts]
- [passengers exclaiming]
[people gasp]
Ah! [frustrated cry]
[desperate sobs]
[woman] Oh!
- [Sung-min grunts]
- [passengers scream]
[women shrieking]
[woman 1] ] Oh, my god!
- [moans]
- [man] Are you all right?
[woman 2] Is he okay?
- [groans]
- [woman 3] I'll call 911.
- [woman 2] Wait.
- No, you can't call anyone.
No, no. Don't!
[people exclaiming]
[ground attendant]
He ran out of the airport like that.
In his condition,
he couldn't have gone far.
Why don't we just hand this over
to the police?
I think we've done
everything we can already.
Ah, no.
Let's follow.
[breathing heavily]
[Sung-min] It's okay.
It's okay.
[breathing heavily]
[labored breathing]
[singing weakly] Turn on the tape deck ♪
And wear the pretty wig on my head ♪
Suddenly I'm a beauty queen ♪
With a big smile on my face ♪
No matter what ♪
I should ♪
Never fall ♪
Asleep ♪
[breathing heavily]
I'm really sorry.
[melancholic music playing]
[seagulls squawking]
[Beom-gu] I contacted the police
and they recovered the body.
They say the cause of death
was tetanus and excessive bleeding,
coupled with malnourishment
which caused the shock.
At any rate, good job.
Don't let this bother you too much,
and come back safely.
[melancholic music continues]
Back when
you asked me what I wanted to do
after my discharge
I'm not really sure
what I'm supposed to do.
I mean, some people want something so much
that they would die for it.
But I'm just not sure
what work I'm supposed to do.
[Ho-yeol] There were so many things
I wanted to do once I got discharged.
But I can't remember them.
- [clacks]
- [water stops running]
I can't remember any of them.
[electricity crackles]
[closing theme music playing]
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