D.P. (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

The Charred Remains

Why are you standing like that?
It's ominous.
What are you looking at?
Oh, sorry.
It's been so long since I've been
on shift. I forgot how to do it.
You're a mess, that's embarrassing.
Hand it over.
The safety always stays on.
The seal can't get damaged,
even if they're blanks, or it's your ass.
You hear me?
Yes. I'm sorry.
You ever think about
how dangerous this is?
Every soldier here,
they're armed with one of these.
Keep your thoughts in check, Jun-ho.
What the hell are you gonna do
when I go home?
You've got a point.
What a treat, our former
deputy commander, Seo Eun,
at our shabby division.
To what do I owe the honor
to be graced by your presence.
It's such a privilege to have you.
Can't you show a little kindness
to someone who's about to be discharged
after being forced out?
I wish I could play back all the things
you've said to me over the years.
Well, this is my karma, I guess.
On that night,
why didn't you order the snipers
to kill Kim Ru-ri?
If you had done what you were told
- It's not that I didn't, I couldn't.
- I mean
To be honest, I thought that I could
become someone like General Ja-woon, but
in the end, I couldn't.
Here you go.
As you know, these aren't people
you should take lightly.
I took this as insurance.
But it's locked
and I couldn't view it at all.
So good luck opening it.
So you want to get back at those pricks
but I need to take all the risks?
Are you scared?
Me scared?
I'll show you scared.
What am I? A child?
Man! Why would he send us
to a place like this?
I never thought
I'd go to a news station. Huh!
I sent the USB you gave me
to an external source.
Gi-yeong vetted it.
Perfect. Good work. Thank you.
What is the Ministry of Defense's
position regarding the criticism
that is being leveled at them
by the press and the public?
We should consider
the unique nature of our military.
North Korea is a security threat
that requires constant monitoring.
And that is why
the trial reflects the integrity
of our nation's military complex.
And the fact that the coverage
by our media is so distorted
should be looked at unfavorably.
Yes, so to the concerns expressed
by the press and public
your response is to allow
for the judicial process
to speak for itself.
Did he call us just to show off?
professor and general
within the Ministry of Defense
Hello, gentlemen.
- Sir.
- Yes, have a seat.
Well, huh?
I appreciate you trekking out here.
Uh, why did you ask us to meet, sir?
This is Staff Sergeant Na Jung-seok.
He died after saving a soldier
from a GP landmine.
It was an open and shut case.
That is until his friends and family
raised suspicions.
What does this have to do with us?
The Human Rights Division
requested the details
surrounding the case.
They want to
When it happened, there were accusations.
"The military is lying to us."
"The true story is out there."
"He was probably murdered
and they're covering it up."
These stories spread even in the military,
including the officer
who placed him on that post.
Captain Lim Ji-seop.
The EOD log
had clearly stated at the time,
that the old landmine
Staff Sergeant Na detonated that night,
couldn't have caused the damage
his corpse exhibited.
There you go. I'm sick of it.
I've had it with conspiracies
about our military.
I've decided the best way forward,
is for the men who have
expressed suspicions
to be the ones to reopen a case like this.
I know you're a Brigadier General,
but, sir, we, uh
only take orders from our division.
One second.
- Yes?
- Sergeant Park.
Whatever they ask you to do,
it'll be approved by the unit.
So do as they say, all right?
So you know, I'm taking a top man
with me on this one.
If you mean Ho-yeol,
we can't deploy him
because his last leave was delayed.
If you're talking about Jun-ho
Are you gonna let those bastards
push us around? Huh?
They called me out!
He even brought up Jung-seok again,
that son of a bitch!
Were you two close to each other?
You and Sergeant Na?
The night before Jung-seok died
he called me.
This is Lim Ji-seop.
Hey, brother.
How are things? It's been a minute.
You crazy bastard,
it's the middle of the night.
Yeah, buddy, I just
I was thinking about old times,
you know? And, uh
There was this one time, uh
It was when I became an NCO.
I sat down with you
and you told me that it would be fine.
That's what you said.
That everybody's guessing.
Something wrong?
That's the truth, right?
Everybody's just grasping
at straws, right?
and the GP is intense as hell.
The sergeants are on your case?
Are they out of control?
Listen, just
If you're right about something,
don't let them push you around.
It happens. Okay?
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have called so late.
That was the last time
I spoke to him.
Jung-seok died the next day.
Something didn't feel right, you know?
I shouldn't have just hung up like that.
At the time
of Staff Sergeant Na's death,
there was only one person
who didn't give an alibi.
His name was Shin A-hwi.
He was a squad commander at the time.
Now, he should be nearing
the end of his service.
I know this isn't D.P. work.
No, I mean
It's no problem.
Now that we're up north,
it's different than I expected.
What kind of place is GP?
It's almost like an island.
It's very isolated.
I have to warn you, Jun-ho,
it won't be easy this time around.
An investigation isn't only
about what you see.
We can't be sure
of what the GP soldiers are hiding.
Loot at this.
He's got an attitude problem.
You bitch! You're out
of your fucking mind. Shit!
Oh, Captain! A bird, a bird, a bird!
We're here.
Thank you for coming such a long way.
The GP is at your service.
Expect our full cooperation.
Heo Tae-san.
- Yes. Captain Lim Ji-seop.
- Right.
- Sir!
- At ease.
- Private An Jun-ho.
- Ah, right, right, right.
Oh, wow.
Hey, what happened to your car?
It's no big deal.
Shall we?
Follow me.
At ease.
And here we are, come in.
Okay, here it is. The observation post.
Take a peek.
I won't charge you to look
so don't be shy, all right?
The GP is a fascinating place, right?
They're so close.
The North Koreans are right there.
Yes, it really is interesting.
Sometimes on a shift,
they even wink at us
through the telescope.
This place hasn't changed
since I was a cadet.
That's right.
My concern is that
if an incident did happen here,
how would it reach the outside?
You're probably hungry.
- I'll show you to your quarters
- Show us the location of the landmine.
Right there.
That's where
Staff Sergeant Na Jung-seok died.
watch where you step.
There are still landmines here
that haven't been removed yet,
so stay alert.
Yes, sir.
Let's get this done quick.
It's cold. Okay?
I'll treat you boys to a snack, huh?
Yes, sir!
- Yeah, Shin A-hwi?
- Sir
I think I stepped on one.
You heard me tell you
to watch where you step, right?
You okay?
All right everyone, step back.
Back up.
Step back slowly. Slowly.
Shin A-hwi. A-hwi.
- Shin A-hwi.
- Yes, sir?
Pull yourself together, okay?
Lift your boot, okay?
Lift your boot up, it's all right.
Hey, Shin A-hwi.
Get your shit together!
Nice to meet you,
Sergeant Shin A-hwi.
You were right next to Staff Sergeant Na
when he died from that explosion, right?
Na Jung-seok saved your life, Sergeant.
But at the time of the incident,
you were a private. Is that right?
- That's right.
- So, tell me, hmm?
When Sergeant Na stepped on the landmine,
you were standing right in front of him
and saw it happen, right?
Can you explain the circumstances
to us one more time?
Get a load of this asshole.
What asshole?
We're not leaving until you talk.
This bastard, Shin A-hwi, is
the only one who didn't reveal an alibi.
The way the case was handled was odd too.
Not even a week after his death,
and he's designated as a person
of distinguished service.
They didn't investigate
or do a proper autopsy for him.
They planned on covering
their tracks on this one quickly?
Being on the frontline puts the GP
in their own league.
I was serious about things
not getting out.
I'm not sure I like how it shook you.
Wow. Didn't mean to scare you, guys.
This darn wiring,
it's not working again, every time.
Sorry, it'll be rough like this.
I apologize.
What was that just now?
Ah! It's to prep for the North Koreans.
Courage training.
The doghole you saw on your tour.
Yeah, that was made during the Korean War.
When the war was over,
the North Korean soldiers
would sneak across
and kill a lot of soldiers here at the GP.
What to do? Huh?
Just take it laying down?
We captured their soldiers.
We stuffed them in barrels,
set them on fire.
Operation Barbecue, they called it, right?
Good God.
That's the way it is here, I guess.
Lieutenant Heo.
You've been getting on my nerves
since we arrived.
As a superior, I would urge you to stop
with this strange welcome.
Furthermore, I came here because
questionable things have happened.
And I will get to the bottom
of every one of them so watch it.
Even if you
knew the truth,
it wouldn't change anything.
Care to repeat that?
I go on leave tomorrow.
So I suppose this is goodbye.
Get some rest, sir.
Ma, your son's home!
I'm on leave, my last one!
Hey, Mom, I haven't eaten all day.
I waited to eat with you.
I'd love dried squid.
I've been craving that!
I guess I'm talking to thin air.
If she moved, she should have told me.
- Just looking at it
- Huh? Right? Huh?
You know
at those company parties,
the glasses get mixed up
so I don't know which glass is mine.
And I have to drink,
so for now I'll just grab any glass.
Has anyone else drank from the top of
I think people would have put their mouth
a lot on this part, but I drink from here.
And then I look down the glass,
then another person comes along
It sure seems like
they wanted this swept under the rug.
We need to find the reason
they would try to wrap it up that quickly.
Also, there's something that rubbed me
the wrong way in the initial report.
What is it?
There's a soldier,
he kept confronting his Sergeant,
and was about to get transferred away.
The commander was Sergeant Na.
The soldier was Shin A-hwi.
Do you mean Shin A-hwi
that Sergeant Na saved from the mine?
They were at odds with each other?
Exactly. There's something there, right?
Look into it.
According to the information
we gathered,
you and Staff Sergeant Na
were not on, um very good terms, right?
That worn-out conspiracy again.
The theory
that the GP soldiers had something to do
with what happened that night.
So we created a story about it
to cover it all up?
We just want to hear about
the circumstances of that day again.
The circumstances, huh?
Could you be any more vague?
That depends on who you ask.
I saw him die with my own eyes.
Would you want
to keep reliving that memory?
I'm sure you wouldn't, huh?
Well, that's not my concern.
All right?
I want you to take a look
at this document.
Go ahead.
That night, you and Sergeant Na
were the only two who entered
the restricted area
where the landmine was, right?
I have an alternative explanation.
I know what
you're all trying to hide.
Were you waiting here long?
Oh, no, no, but
Was there something you want to say?
- Oh.
- Huh?
- It's about my time off.
- Oh, that?
Well, unfortunately,
the last time you took the leave days
You're fucking kidding me.
I didn't mean it.
You have a lot of experience here, I know.
You're feeling the stress of being
a commander so young. But
I need more respect
as the senior commander, okay?
I'm sorry, sir. Sorry, sir.
Now that I'm sorry, what then, huh?
Hey. I don't know what to tell you.
How'd a fucking sheep became a commander.
You won't get off my case.
Hey, watch out around here, asshole.
You think I don't know?
You're so fucking right, sir.
I've been rotting away here
for fucking years!
- Stop.
- Huh?
Hey, I'm just joking.
Get up. Here.
Stupid fat-ass.
You punk.
Some story.
Did you come up with that
all on your own?
If you keep this cute attitude up
I'll gladly hand in a report
that shows all of you assholes
are trying to cover this up.
so watch it, all right?
Based on what evidence?
Nobody knows what happens here.
How's this attitude?
You little sack of shit!
I'll cut that tongue out
of your motherfucking mouth!
- You hear me?
- Captain, please.
This won't make things better.
Am I dismissed?
We're running drills now.
Fucking dipshits.
Hey, how much does this go for?
No way, crazy.
You like this one?
Yeah, the kids will like it.
That didn't sound very sincere.
Why did you ask me here?
Colonel Seo gave Captain Lim
the thumb drive, didn't she?
- Thumb drive? I have no idea
- You're a really bad actor.
Bring it to me.
I'm sorry, I don't know
what you're talking
That drive has classified
military information.
This one should do the trick.
Colonel Seo is trying to mess with us
since she got fired, that crazy bitch.
But she should know the limits.
- This one, please.
- Yes, sir.
I don't know what's on it.
But I wonder what could get you to go
to these lengths. You're threatening me
You wonder what's on it?
It has the cases we manipulated.
- I also had something on hold, ma'am.
- Okay.
Your move.
What will you do?
Do you think you can expose us?
What kind of a goddamn fool
do you take me for?
But you're not alone, are you?
Do your son and wife like living in Jeju?
And your mom still lives in your hometown.
Here you go.
You bastard, just take the toy, Jeez!
You're not curious?
Why we would send your team
way up to the GP, all of a sudden?
Get out here.
Tell him yourself, would you?
Han Ho-yeol, it's an emergency!
I think something has happened
to Captain Lim and Jun-ho.
The GP is out of cell phone range.
Yes, sir!
- I'll head out right now!
- Stop shouting.
Come as fast as you can, okay?
Once D.P., D.P. always.
There's a bastard like that
at every base.
A person who rips apart
his fellow soldiers and commanders
they see as weak.
I guarantee he gave Jung-seok
the same attitude, right?
Captain, I don't blame you
for being upset,
and I see what you're saying
but you can't just
It isn't.
I know it's that bastard.
- But, Captain
- Look.
While he was defying a superior,
Jung-seok died by accident.
All of these sons of bitches
covered it up from here.
These assholes knew
they'd be dead if it got out.
It's just it's a possibility
that's how it happened, but
Nothing is certain yet.
- We need to look at this in a more calm
- Calm down?
Are you defying me as well?
We have to be certain.
Hey, I'm open! I'm open!
- Right here! Pass it here
- What are you doing?
Yes, there we go! Take it
Shin A-hwi!
Oh, come on!
Captain! Please don't.
I just want to be certain, okay?
- Hey Don't.
- No one remembers anyway!
Stop! Captain!
Open up!
- This isn't us!
- You barely just arrived here.
Unlock the door!
But your expression's changed.
You hear me? Open the door!
It really has.
I'd never have fucking guessed it.
All right, what now?
It's always the powerless commanders
that talk shit.
- Ah!
- All right, you asshole!
Last chance before I tear you apart,
you motherfucker!
Sergeant Na Jung-seok
He was a very close friend of mine, okay?
All right? And he was
a really good soldier, too.
What does that have to do with me, huh?
Captain Lim!
Open the door!
Captain! Captain!
How close are you?
If there's a road block,
break through, and I'll
Take that dick out of your mouth
and speak up.
Is that a trick
that your mother taught you?
Fucking talk, you bastard!
What's wrong with you? Hmm?
Why does it matter?
You won't even believe me.
So why keep asking me?
I'll believe it when I decide to,
you stupid son of a bitch!
That story
Tell me.
- You know
- What?
The barbecue story.
It started when men defected
to the North from the South
because of the propaganda broadcasts.
They dug a hole under the fence to catch
the Northern soldiers to set an example.
Aren't you getting tired
of this dumb story?
You keep telling it.
The stupid commanders,
they kept the tunnel we made open and
That night they celebrated their kills,
and they got so drunk
that they passed out cold.
The North Koreans appeared
with a flamethrower.
After that
you couldn't recognize the bodies.
There was charred human flesh
on the floor.
They covered lockers.
The ceiling.
That was fun.
That was the funnest version by far.
But why tell that old story?
You wanted to know.
The circumstances.
What do you expect me
to do? Hmm?
Let me see up close. Show me.
Show me, you asshole!
Hey, why are you showing me this?
What's this all about?
Let me see. Come on!
Let me see! Oh, you want me
to burn you some more?
Is that what you want? What is it?
- Come on!
- Fuck!
- What? What? What is it, huh?
- Fuck!
Die you motherfuckers!
Go to hell! Go to hell!
Die! You sons of bitches!
Get out of the way, sir!
Did you hit him?
Oh, my god!
- Over there
- Hmm?
Damn it. They set us up.
Soon the investigation will end,
and it will yield us a result.
And the media will see us
in a positive light.
Good work to you, too.
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight
The truth behind the GP investigation
was different than we expected.
This may be surprising
but the person who breached
our codes of behavior
it wasn't A-hwi.
Is this fucking bitch
cheating on me, or what?
Why isn't she picking up?
- Huh?
- Hey, what?
You bitches better fuck off
all right? Or else, huh?
- Yes, sir.
- Now fuck off.
What is that guy's problem? Honestly.
It was Staff Sergeant Na Jung-seok.
This is Lim Ji-seop.
Hey, brother. How's everything going?
It's been a minute.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's been fucking way too long now.
I was thinking
about the old times, you know?
I knew you fucking said that buddy.
Since these little fuckers
don't know shit,
you gotta fuck them up
before they get smug.
That's what you said, right?
You did, right?
Yeah, okay.
I knew I was right! Those fucking bitches!
- Yes, sir.
- Uh
You fucking bastard! You fucking bastard!
I said I'd kill you
if I caught you communicating
with a commie again, didn't I?
Sir, the fence needed repairs.
I'm just kidding, you bastard!
I was just kidding.
You dumbass, it's your mommy
and daddy who need to be inspected.
Shin A-hwi.
Yes, sir.
The GP is so goddamn boring,
don't you think?
- No, sir.
- You lying bastard. Come here.
I'll make it fun for you.
A-hwi, you little piece of shit!
- You better respond to my orders, damn it!
- Private Shin A-hwi.
You see that doghole
in the fence, right? Huh?
In the '60s, it was used to go over
and kill the bastards who were
broadcasting Northern propaganda.
Those cold-blooded agents
killed every last bastard
up there that night.
They burned the bodies in barrels.
- Private Shin A-hwi.
- Okay.
Do you know the funny part
of the story, huh?
They didn't close the fucking fence hole.
Wow. What happened?
Sergeant Na.
- There's a lot of mines
- You motherfucker! Don't be so scared!
The EOD says this area is clean, A-hwi.
Don't worry, all right?
So now look at what happened, huh? Huh?
Look, look. A flamethrower. Fuck.
We took 'em.
Stop it!
I'm sorry.
Have you lost your shit, man? You're dead.
- You fucking bastard!
- No, wait! Be careful
If we told the truth,
A-hwi would have faced a court-martial.
Honestly, they worked us hard.
It wouldn't have been easy
even if he claimed innocence.
So we all agreed to cover up the truth.
Good work, everyone.
But after that
A-hwi changed.
Damn it!
Huh? Stop looking at me!
Fucking look away, bitches.
General Gu Ja-woon
He knew all this before he sent us there.
This is it.
He drafted this article
before we were even assigned.
How does it feel?
Since you love the truth so much,
how does it feel to know the whole story?
Knowing the truth of this case,
are you going to expose it?
Just think about it.
Was Na Jung-seok a man
who gave up his life
to save his junior soldier?
Or was he a tyrant,
who enjoyed abusing his soldiers?
if you pick the latter,
I guess the pension
that Na Jung-seok's parents receive
will disappear too.
Can I speak with him?
What is the reason you're doing this?
Will you explain that?
Why did you use us?
So you stop getting moronic ideas.
These ideal brainless ideas that you have
That you can do something.
Did you open the box?
What are you talking about?
That toy I got.
Oh, shit!
What is it?
Come on!
When did you even do this fucking
Bring the USB to me.
This isn't something you can handle.
Wait, what USB?
Well, Gi-yeong sent it
to some external shop in Yongsan.
Did you happen to notice
how Beom-gu's mood is so bad right now?
Let's do a good job.
It's not hard.
All you have to do is go there
and bring it back.
- Yes, copy that.
- Mm.
It's paramount that you don't open it up.
You'll leave a record.
- Yes, copy that.
- Mm.
case that happened
three years ago.
The mood is uneasy
concerning the shooting incident
and the GP case
that is being reinvestigated.
As this controversy
regarding what the truth is
and who is responsible unfolds,
some are preparing a lawsuit
against the government
for compensation for damages.
Alongside civic groups,
our center is preparing a lawsuit
against the government
for compensation for damages.
The families of the deceased
and the people connected
to the countless cases within the military
where the truth was covered up
or downsized,
are also taking part in the lawsuit.
There are opinions
that this lawsuit is a ploy
to get people
like Private Kim Ru-ri acquitted.
Kim Ru-ri played a role
in those people's deaths,
and he should be held responsible.
But we shouldn't dismiss
that the government also had a role.
Both the victims
and the perpetrator of that case
were within a government system.
So the government
is an accomplice.
They are implicated.
The government is also at fault here.
And if it's true,
and they are at fault
they should openly admit it.
We need tips from all of you.
I hope you have the strength
to do what's right.
Third Platoon, good morning!
Third Platoon, good morning!
Third Platoon, good morning!
Han Ho-yeol!
What could it be,
first thing in the morning?
Did you come to wake me in person
since I'm being
It's Jun-ho. Tell me where he is.
He came back, right?
Why do you ask?
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