Dallas s06e27 Episode Script

171127 - Penultimate

There's a bad fracture of the right leg.
Right now.
let's try to keep this patient alive.
You're not angry at me because of Sue Ellen.
You're mad at me because your deal in Canada is frozen solid and that means I get Ewing Oil.
You'll love your daddy when you get to know him.
I love him.
but I don't think I can ever live with him again.
You drove her back to the bottle.
You may as well have put it in her hand.
You sound like a jilted suitor.
You're courting my mother -come to my house, tell me how to live! - Why you"! But I'm mighty sick of you two waiting on me.
- Tomorrow night, I cook.
- Oh.
you're not.
If you don't hush up.
you're gonna miss some of the best dumplings this side of the Mississippi.
- Hello.
- Ra y? It 's Ellie.
There's been a car accident.
Sue Ellen and Mickey.
What happened? ls anybody hurt? They've been taken to Braddock Emergency.
and Lucy went on ahead.
That's all I know.
All right.
we're on our way over.
We'll stop by Southfork and pick you up.
Who's hurt? Mickey and Sue Ellen had an accident.
- We've gotta get to the hospital.
- Oh.
no! - Well.
how bad is it? - I don't know.
Just get your things and let's go.
- Yeah? - Pam is here.
Show her in.
This is quite a surprise.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Can I get you a drink? - No.
Sit down.
I want to apologize to you.
I spoke to Katherine.
She made me realize nothing happened between you.
It would've been nicer if you'd have taken my word.
I know.
I guess I just overreacted to Afton's phone call.
- It came as such a shock to me.
- Maybe it's better that you're back here.
The thought of you in the South of France was hard to take.
- Oh.
Wait a minute-- - I'm sorry.
I wasn't gonna bring it up.
I promised myself I wouldn't do that.
and I apologize.
I know how it must sound to you.
the two of us being over there together.
But I don't believe that I owe you any explanations.
Come on.
You two jet off to the South of France.
stay in the same hotel you expect me to believe you avoided one another? We agreed to respect each other's privacy.
what does that mean? Separate tables? Separate rooms? Yes.
separate rooms! And that's a terrible thing to say to me.
I'm still your husband.
I have feelings about things like that.
I know what you're asking.
You want to know if I slept with Mark Graison.
the answer is no.
I didn't.
I wonder how many more intimate French meals it would've taken before the situation changed.
I don't know.
If you're confused.
that means you must have some feelings for him.
I do.
I still love you.
Come on.
let's go get a bite to eat.
A nice bottle of wine.
something to eat.
and we'll talk.
- Good night.
- Night.
Have a nice evening.
- Ewing Oil.
- Phyllis.
is Bobby there? You just missed him.
He and Pam just got into the elevator.
Did they say where they were going? I'm surly, they didn't.
Is there anything I can du In! you? Are you ready.
Miss Ellie? No.
thank you.
I've got to go.
Donna and Aunt Lil are waiting in the car.
We'll maintain cervical traction.
There may be a C-spine injury.
Start an IV with Ringer's lactate.
Draw some stat blood for type and cross.
four units.
The breathing pattern's irregular.
Check the respirator, will you? Looks like there's a bad fracture of the right leg.
We'll worry about that later.
Right now.
let's just try to keep this patient alive.
Excuse me.
is that the waiting room? Lucy? Any word yet? No.
is in there with Sue Ellen.
They wouldn't let me see Mickey.
- Well.
didn't they say anything? - How is he? He's in the Trauma Room.
We have to wait out here.
I just don't understand.
What was Mickey doing with Sue Ellen in the first place? Mickey and I were outside and suddenly Sue Ellen came running out.
Who knows? Maybe she had a fight with J.
or something.
I don't know.
But she was so drunk.
that she was staggering-- Sue Ellen was drunk? Oh.
She got into J.
's car -and she was gonna drive off-- - Mickey tried to stop her.
Because I told him to.
why did I tell him to? So he got into the car with her.
and she took off and she just raced down the driveway and the next thing I knew.
there was the crash.
I'm gonna go talk to the nurse, okay? Sue Ellen.
Sue Ellen.
are you all right? - She's banged up.
She'll be all right.
- Well.
what about Michael? - They're working on him now.
- Well.
where is he? I wanna see my son! They won't let you in.
get me out of here now.
All right.
There's a hired hand waiting for us in the car.
You coming.
Mama? It's all right.
Miss Ellie.
We'll call you later.
Derwin, please come in Recovery.
Derwin, please come to Recovery.
- How you feeling.
Ewing? - She's in shock.
- I’m taking her home.
- I’m sorry about this.
I really am.
- I appreciate it.
- I won't hold you longer than I have to.
I do have to have a statement about the accident.
- She's in no condition.
- Well.
it'll be just a minute.
Tell me everything you remember.
Damn it, Fenton.
I'll be in the car.
It's all kind of a blur.
I was just driving out of the gate -and then the car came from - From where? - I-- I don't know.
- It was a hit-and-run driver.
I-- I really didn't see anything.
I just One minute I was driving.
and then I was going over and over.
- I don't remember any more.
- All right.
that's enough.
I'm taking you home.
I'm gonna need more of a statement than that.
You want a statement? I'll give you a statement.
The whole thing wouldn't have happened if Sue Ellen hadn't been drunk.
- Hold on.
- Sheriff when she got into that car.
she was filthy.
stinking drunk.
- Get me out of here.
- Lucy.
pull yourself together! Pull myself together? - I’m taking her home.
- J.
! When she's better -she'll give a statement.
- Pull myself together? Your wife's the one that needs to be pulled together! You lousy drunk! It's not enough that you have to wreck your own life but you have to destroy other people's lives too! - I never thought of that.
- No.
this will be his fourth one.
That right? I wonder why.
It must be easier in New Mexico.
- Was everything all right? - Just fine.
thank you.
Would you like some coffee? - No.
thank you.
- As a matter of fact, I'd like a cup.
I feel terrific.
You know.
I think I forgot to have lunch today.
I was hungry too.
Meals just don't seem quite as important when you're not there.
I was surprised you didn't mention the Wentworth drill bit.
- You've been talking to Cliff.
- No.
Katherine told me about it.
I wasn't quite sure how to bring the subject up knowing how you feel about the fight between J.
and me.
The drill bit really means a lot to you.
doesn't it? - May be the way I can win the company.
- And that's just as important as ever? Pam.
I don't have much else anymore.
You know.
in a way.
I may decide who wins Ewing Oil.
If you vote with Katherine.
and I get the drill bit.
And if it works.
Do you think it will? Yes.
I do.
If I decide to give you that drill bit.
what's gonna happen to our marriage? Pamela.
even if you decide not to.
what's gonna happen to it? -It's sure good to see you two together.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Then Sue Ellen must be all right.
- Sue Ellen? - What are you talking about? Well.
we heard on the car radio there was an accident.
- Sue Ellen and Ray's cousin.
- An accident? - And they'd been taken to the hospital.
- You didn't know anything? No.
Where did they take them? Braddock Emergency.
I believe it was.
I'll get this.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Come on, honey.
Are you here for Michael Trotter? I’m-- I'm his mother.
Trotter, I'm Dr.
We're going to be moving your son to Dallas Memorial.
- Moving him? - Why? Well.
they've got better facilities for treating him than we have here.
How--? How bad is it? Well.
we've stabilized his condition.
but he is still unconscious.
He is gonna pull through.
isn't he? We hope so.
We've treated the immediate problems.
There may be neurological damage.
That's why we're sending him to Dallas Memorial.
They have the best neurological team in the state.
I'm afraid we've done all we can.
All you can? - Will somebody fill us in? - Nobody knows exactly what happened.
Mickey tried to stop Sue Ellen from driving the car.
Another car hit them.
Hit-and-run! You mean they're both in there? No.
just Mickey.
took Sue Ellen home.
she wasn't badly hurt? Apparently not.
because they released her from the hospital.
God really does protect drunks and little children.
What? Sue Ellen was drinking? That's why Mickey tried to stop her.
Sue Ellen.
let me help you upstairs.
Don't touch me! - Mama.
will you help her? - Don't you ever touch me again.
I'll get your nightgown.
- Do you want some help? - No.
thank you.
- Sue Ellen.
Sue Ellen.
- Miss Ellie.
Miss Ellie.
it's over.
I hate him.
My marriage.
my life.
it's It's all over.
I've given her a little sedation.
She'll be asleep for a while.
- You're sure she's gonna be all right? - Physically.
she's fine but that alcohol problem When did she start drinking again? Recently.
I think.
I'm really not sure.
I don't know what caused it.
but it better be stopped.
If she doesn't stay off that bottle.
you're gonna be in for a rough time.
- You'll be coming back later? - Of course.
I appreciate it, really do.
This is not the best time for a visit.
I heard about the accident.
It's a good thing for you that Sue Ellen came out all right.
You go home.
She needs her rest.
I know she does.
She's drinking again.
- That's none of your business.
-lt's my business, all right.
- She was with me the night before last.
- What was she doing? She came because she needed somebody to put her back together.
- Why didn't you bring her home? - She didn't wanna go.
After catching you with that Harwood woman.
she didn't feel she had a home! Now.
Sue Ellen's whole life is based on your promise to be faithful.
You drove her back to the bottle.
You may as well have put it in her hand.
Who the hell do you think you are? I warned you before you two got married: You hurt her.
and you answer to me.
- You sound like a jilted suitor.
- Watch your mouth.
Regardless of your feelings for Sue Ellen.
she happens to be my wife! That may be.
but I am not gonna stand by and watch you abuse her.
- You're not gonna meddle.
that's what.
- I warned you-- - All right.
I think that's about enough.
- You have a lot of gall.
You're in love with my wife.
courting my mother -come to my house, tell me how to--! - Clayton.
that's enough! We've had enough trouble.
Tell your mother I'll call her.
Mickey is still unconscious.
which is a problem for us since it makes it hard for us to find out what the damage is.
What damage have you found? Well.
the fact that he's unconscious implies a concussion at the very least.
-“Concussion“? - Yes.
There are degrees of seriousness.
so don't let the word frighten you.
The brain is functioning that I can tell you.
We've done an EEG and it indicates activity.
The other problem.
Is the vertebrae.
Three of them seemed to be fractured.
There is pressure against the spinal cord.
What does that mean exactly? Well.
that's what we don't know yet.
- Well.
how serious is it? -It's hard to tell.
But you took x-rays.
we did a CAT scan of the head.
a CAT scan of the neck tomograms of the neck.
There is swelling inside the column but it doesn't necessarily mean irreparable damage.
It just might be a shock to the cord.
in time.
could heal.
What I'm trying to say is.
just be patient.
We might not have any answers for a while.
How long is a while? Days.
weeks I know how hard this is for you.
But for the moment.
that's all we can do.
Why don't you go home? I'll call you as soon as there's anything to report.
I'm gonna wait here.
We'll be in the waiting room.
We'll do the best we can.
how could you do that to Sue Ellen? J.
might've deserved it.
but not her.
- I heard about the accident-- - I'm not talking about the accident.
I'm talking about her finding you two in bed.
- How could you set that up? - I had no choice.
What do you mean.
you had no choice? I had to get J.
out of my company! So you destroy his wife? Holly.
Sue Ellen is an alcoholic and what you did drove her back to the bottle.
She was drinking.
That caused the accident.
I swear.
I never meant for things to go this far.
I thought Sue Ellen would come in.
see us in bed together and then go into some kind of rampage.
I don't know.
That's not the kind of woman she is.
I thought there'd be an enormous fight that Sue Ellen would come in and break things.
and then And then she'd tell J.
never to see me again.
And then I could pry open his grip on Harwood Oil.
Sue Ellen lives in a fantasy world where everything is perfect.
She'd rather crawl into a bottle than face reality.
Bobby I swear believe me the biggest shock of my life was when she turned and walked out of that room.
never even knew she was there.
he knows now.
She seemed so together.
I can't believe that she'd fall apart like that.
You know.
the worst part isn't the two of them.
The worst part is, there's an innocent kid lying in a coma at Dallas Memorial.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I heard about the accident.
Is Sue Ellen all right? Well.
apparently she is.
She was really lucky.
I guess she was.
- You wanna come in.
have some coffee? - No.
no coffee.
I just wanna see you.
We've only been back a week.
I'm beginning to miss Cannes.
"Miss Cannes“? Well.
not Cannes exactly.
but being there with you.
- It was very nice.
- Yes.
it was.
And we started something there I think we should continue.
I'm sorry.
I hate to seem as though I keep putting you off.
Do you have any idea how I feel? It's like trying to touch someone through a thick piece of glass.
It is for me too.
- It is? - Yes.
it is.
Then why don't you take the barrier down? I can't.
Not yet.
- You almost did in France.
- Things look different -than when we were in France.
- I know.
But just because we're back in Dallas and You'll be seeing Bobby again.
I hope that the relationship we started there doesn't end.
Now look.
I'm not trying to push you.
I'm willing to wait.
It's just.
as long as I know that there's at least some hope -ls there? - Hope? Yes.
I guess there is some hope.
But not until I settle things with Bobby.
I appreciate you getting it so fast.
I knew we had the same model as your old car.
It was getting the same color was the problem.
- We got this one from Fort Worth.
- That's just fine.
Thank you.
- You're welcome, and I thank you.
- Show Mr.
Wheeler out.
and Sheriff Washburn is here to see you.
I'm here to see your wife.
I thought you were gonna wait for me to call.
This is serious.
I have to talk to her.
I can't do it right now.
She can't talk to you.
I'm obliged to take down her statement.
The doctor has her sedated, Fenton.
I couldn't wake her up if I wanted to.
- Sheriff.
- Ray.
I called your office.
They said you'd be on the way here.
- You find that other driver yet? - Not yet.
what the hell is taking you so long? - Look.
I know you're upset.
- Yeah.
and he has every right to be.
Why aren't you out there chasing that joy rider instead of hounding my wife? I'm doing my job the best way I know how.
I've got my men looking for him right now.
I'll tell you one thing.
You better find him before I do.
you take it easy.
We'll find him.
And when we do, he'll be up for some very serious charges.
He damn well ought to be.
That's not the whole of it, Mr.
Your wife was driving while under the influence of alcohol.
You're not gonna believe what that niece of mine said? No.
it's not your niece.
I'll go now.
but I have to come back tomorrow.
I got your wife's blood test.
She had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood.
If the Trotter boy dies.
I'm gonna have to arrest her for manslaughter.
Good evening.
Graison's waiting for you at the bar.
Thank you.
- Hi.
Nice of you to see me.
- Cliff.
-I'll have a Bourbon and branch.
- Yes.
- So.
what's the occasion? - Oh.
nothing earth-shattering.
I just have to apologize for Afton.
my! She never should have called Pam when you were over in France on your vacation.
it was a little untimely.
it was uncalled for.
I told her it was none of her business.
I mean.
if Pam's marriage is on the rocks why.
you know.
that's her problem.
not Afton's.
what's done is done.
I'm fine.
thank you.
As far as I'm concerned.
she never should have married a Ewing.
That's enough to ruin anybody's life.
She seems to love her husband.
she'd be a lot better off without him.
And between you and me.
so would I.
It'd be nice to have a brother-in-law that I could do honest business with.
I sure can't do it with the one I have now.
I appreciate your being on my side in this but I still can't help feeling bad about Bobby.
The man's in a rough position.
You don't have to worry about him.
He'll be just fine.
Because I happen to know of a beautiful woman who's waiting in the wings for him to be free.
-Is that so? - I can tell you that.
Believe me he won't have time to cry over spilt milk.
Let's talk some business.
Ray? Are you all right? Hey.
you You heard what the doctors said.
They don't have any answers yet.
And besides.
it may not be as bad as it seems.
I just feel so responsible.
Why do you say that? I'm the one that dragged him kicking and screaming from Kansas in the first place.
you changed that boy's whole life.
You taught himself self-respect.
You taught him to care.
and look where it got him.
That isn't your fauIt.
You're not to blame.
If he dies.
I just don't know how I'll live with myself.
Mickey is going to get better.
You have to believe that.
I'm praying every minute.
but life just doesn't turn around on prayers.
Don't you say that because you know you don't believe it.
Sue Ellen goes out and gets drunk some other driver hits them and drives off.
Who's in that bed? Mickey.
Tied up to some dumb machine.
I wanted to do so much for that boy.
Like Jock had done for me.
I know that.
I just wish I would have left him back in Kansas.
Anything would be better than this.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Sue Ellen.
Don't do that.
Don't do it to yourself.
It's too late.
It's not too late.
Sue Ellen.
you were doing so well before.
The bubble burst.
It's over.
Come on.
let me have that.
- Give it to me.
- No.
it's mine.
Sue Ellen.
you don't need it! What am I gonna replace it with? A loving family and a devoted husband? I know how awful this is for you.
I know.
Just another day in the life of J.
- Come on.
Just sit down with me.
- No.
How does he do it anyway? How does he get us to believe him? - What's the point? - There have been other men.
you know.
I mean.
loving men.
kind men.
Why did I have to marry him? Sue Ellen.
don't you understand you were set up? Holly set you up.
She pretended to have an affair.
She wanted you to catch them in bed so she could force him out of her company.
right! It was a business deal.
huh? No.
a power play.
You were caught in the middle.
was too.
He was set up.
She raped him.
Sue Ellen.
you're not listening to a word I say.
You're right.
and I don't wanna listen either.
Because I was there and I saw them together.
She didn't have a gun to his head.
He enjoyed every single minute of it.
Sue Ellen.
That's enough.
That's enough.
put it down.
Why did I marry him? Why? Why did I make that same mistake again? - Hold on.
you can't go in.
- You don't have to show the way.
-I'll let myself in.
- Mr.
- I’m sorry.
Miss Harwood.
- That's all right.
I'll buzz you if I need you.
you won't need that.
Holly I made a cardinal error.
I underestimated you.
That little web you caught me in was very cleverly spun.
I'm sorry for what it did to your wife.
I'm sure you are -but that's my business.
- I didn't wanna hurt her.
But I needed a way to get you out of my company.
you found it.
If I am to salvage my marriage.
I'm gonna have to get out of Harwood.
So I am willing to let you buy yourself free.
- Buy myself free? - I didn't come to your company cheap -and I'm sure not going out cheap.
- How much is it gonna take? Considering the business I brought to your firm and in lieu of my salary.
$20 million.
That's a lot of money.
Enough to insure my winning Ewing Oil over my brother.
- I’m gonna have to think about that.
- Really? You don't want me out of your firm as much as you say you do.
I want you out.
all right.
I'm just not sure that I wanna be the reason that Bobby loses the Ewing fight.
Holly you won a hand in a game of poker.
You're seeing me in a mood that you'll never see again.
And I strongly advise that you take advantage of it.
Because considering what it'll cost if you don't $20 million will be chicken feed.
Here you go.
Here we go.
Gonna try some? Oh.
baby boy.
come here.
I wonder if you have any idea what's going on here? Strange.
old hotel room.
Away from your daddy.
Away from home.
I didn't have much of a home either when I was a little girl.
Now I've taken you away from yours.
I wonder if I have that right.
What should I do about it? Come on.
You're gonna love your daddy when you get to know him.
I love him.
I love him too.
But I don't think I can ever live with him again.
How's everything going in Canada? For a man who's just destroyed the lives of a handful of people you cover your remorse remarkably well.
If I need lessons in remorse.
I sure wouldn't come to you to teach me.
What kind of an animal are you, anyway? Sue Ellen's in pieces.
Mickey's close to death in a hospital bed.
I don't feel that's my fault.
You turn my stomach, you know that? Now.
wait a minute.
Bobby let's just examine this.
see how clean your hands are.
If I remember correctly you blackmailed George Hicks to get him to change his vote.
And ran a sting operation on poor old Walt Driscoll.
- That was business.
- Oh.
was it? Yeah.
they were both associated with you.
I see.
When it's against me.
everything's fair and square.
don't you realize what's happening to Sue Ellen because of all this? Don't you worry about Sue Ellen.
Best you look after your wife.
Running off to France with that fella.
I think that's Well.
she ought to be ashamed.
Leave Pamela out of this.
What she does is none of your business.
And what Sue Ellen does is none of yours.
You're not angry at me because of what happened to Sue Ellen.
You're mad at me because your deal in Canada is frozen solid and that means I get Ewing Oil.
- I’m going out.
I'll be at the Cattlemen's.
- Okay.
How are you feeling.
Sue Ellen? Well.
right now.
I really don't feel anything.
I saw the sheriff leaving as I was coming in.
He-- He took a statement.
I really don't remember anything.
I'm just a blank.
it's a miracle that you came out of it all right.
Drunk as I was.
I I don't know how I remembered to put on my seat-belt.
Mickey didn't.
How is he.
Donna? He's the same.
Why did he jump into that car? Donna.
are you--? - We're going to the hospital.
- I’m ready to go.
I am so sorry.
let's go.
please hear me.
Talk to me.
Sue Ellen we have nothing to talk about ever again.
- Bobby.
- Oh.
I called your office and you were on your way here.
I thought you should know.
my plan worked.
I'll have a Scotch on the rocks.
's gonna let me buy back his 25 percent of my company.
I guess you did win.
Not exactly.
It's gonna cost me 20 million bucks.
Thank you.
That's gonna put him so far ahead that even if by some miracle my Canadian deal comes through.
It'll be a tossup who wins Ewing Oil.
I'm sorry.
but what can I do? You know the position that I'm in and you know the way I feel about you.
Those feelings haven't changed.
Do you have to pay him that money all at once? Well.
we haven't discussed terms.
If I can help you.
I will.
Can't you pay him on an installment plan? No.
I'm serious.
Give him a little money now and pay the bulk of it after the competition for Ewing Oil is over.
- Would that really help you? - Nothing's gonna help if Canada doesn't come through.
But if it does it'll give me a clear-cut win.
I'll try.
I don't know if J.
will go for it.
you have a lot more leverage than you might think.
His marriage is in serious trouble right now.
If Sue Ellen leaves she takes John Ross with her.
And there's a limit to how much loss my brother's willing to accept.
Who is it? - You can't tell my knock? - Come in.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Guess who I had drinks with.
Your new boyfriend.
Mark Graison.
I knew who you meant.
Mark's not my boyfriend.
I don't appreciate that kind of remark.
- Methinks the lady doth protest-- - He isn't.
so cut it out.
that's too bad.
because I tell you one thing you'd be a lot better off with him than that Ewing you've got now.
If this is the topic of this afternoon.
you can turn around -and go right back out the door.
- All right.
we'll change the discussion.
Let's talk about drill bits.
That's all I've been thinking about since I got back.
You're not seriously thinking of voting with Katherine? Bobby really needs that drill bit.
- You're not gonna give it to him.
- Bank on it.
Neither should you.
I don't know what I should do.
I'm his wife.
We've lived together for the last six years.
- That's the past.
- No.
it's not yet.
If Bobby doesn't get that bit.
he could lose the company.
I thought you told me that you were not gonna get involved in his battles! But I am.
don't you see? If I don't vote to give him that drill bit.
our marriage is over! And what if your vote to give it to him? Then it's probably over.
That's right.
And I can tell you exactly why.
Because your marriage has been over for along time and it doesn't have anything to do with the drill bit.
- We've had some problems.
- Sure.
Sure you have and they are all called Ewing.
I knew that.
Digger knew that.
Mama found out too late.
you're away from that family.
stay away from it.
You've got a terrific thing going with Mark Graison.
He's dying to get closer to you.
don't wait around.
You're gonna lose him.
Is he still in a coma? Mickey has not regained consciousness.
We've been checking his reflex responses regularly.
The pupils of the eyes have been picking up light from the beginning.
They still are.
that's a positive sign.
It means his brain is functioning to some degree but we knew that from the EEG.
What is it, then? Doctor.
tell us.
It's the spinal cord.
We did another battery of scans to double-check ourselves.
And? It's in pretty bad shape.
It isn't severed.
is it.
doctor? Well.
we don't like to use that term exactly.
it's not completely accurate.
Will you just forget the words and tell us something we can understand.
please? If Mickey does regain consciousness it's my opinion that he'll be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life.
no! No! I waited up to talk to you.
All right.
I want you to explain to me why this nightmare happened.
Sue Ellen -it was a terrible, terrible mistake.
-“Mistake“? If you wanted to be with other women.
why didn't you just go ahead instead of playing this silly charade? What charade? Our marriage.
Why did you want me to marry you again? Why did you chase me like you did? Do you find some kind of perverse pleasure in hurting me? - Oh.
you know I don't wanna hurt you.
- Then what is it? Is it the game? ls that what it's all about.
? - What happened between Holly-- - Stop it! Stop it! - I don't want to hear anymore from you! - Listen to me.
I can't-- I can't tell you how sorry I am about what happened.
But I promise you it's a direct result of the battle for Ewing Oil.
Winning the company means everything to me.
When we got married the second time I vowed that I would never hurt you again.
But things got out of hand.
Sue Ellen.
and I don't blame you for hating me.
But I hope you can reach down in your heart and believe me when I say that I love you.
I truly love you.