Dallas s06e28 Episode Script

171128 - Ewing Inferno

Tell me.
Was Mark Graison the only one or did you try a few Frenchmen just because you were there? Unlock the liquor because I'm gonna drink myself into oblivion.
- The fight between us is over? - I can't come back to Southfork.
But you can come back to me.
You drunk? No.
I'm cold sober.
Now I'm gonna kill you.
Don't you believe in knocking? - Why? You got something to hide? - No.
Just a common courtesy.
Did you find out who was driving the other car yet? We're working on it.
You think this is some kind of a minor accident because a Ewing wasn't seriously injured.
You're dead wrong.
I never said it was minor.
My cousin is paralyzed.
He may die, Fenton.
I wanna know what caused the accident.
If I don't find out from you then I'm taking things into my own hands.
I know how you feel.
You and I have had problems in the past but I wanna get to the bottom of this story as much as you do.
I don't think it'd do any good for you to go stirring things up for you or your family.
I mean.
Your sister-in-law was behind the wheel of that car and she was legally drunk.
I know that.
Even if we do find the driver to that other car my gut feeling tells me that Sue Ellen Ewing is guilty.
She doesn't have a very pretty history.
Which you help cover up from time to time.
You don't find the other driver then you don't have a case against Sue Ellen.
Another cover-up for J.
? Now.
That's just about enough of that talk.
I'll admit, the Ewings have been good for me.
Politically but I've never covered up anything for J.
or anybody else.
Then you find out what really happened out there on that Braddock road.
I want some answers and I want them fast.
- Who is it? - It's Pam.
Sue Ellen.
Just a minute.
Come in.
Sue Ellen.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
It's nobody's fault but my own.
You are looking at the biggest masochist in Dallas.
I wasn't content to destroy my life by marrying him once.
I had to marry him twice.
What happened? I found him concluding a big oil deal with Miss Holly Harwood in her bed.
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
told me that he had changed.
I believed that.
And he told me that our marriage would be different the second time around.
And I believed that too.
And he said he would be faithful.
And I even believed that.
Sue Ellen.
You're being too hard on yourself.
You were so in love with J.
R and when you love somebody that much.
You overlook certain things.
We all do.
Do you remember when you and I had a talk about marrying Ewings.
And I told you it was trouble but you disagreed? Now we're in the same boat.
Bobby's never been unfaithful to me.
Lord knows why.
That's because he has a new mistress.
Ewing Oil.
It's the same mistress that J.
has only that's old hat to him.
So he needs new diversions.
You know.
I I really don't know what I'm gonna do.
I I know I can't go through another divorce.
I just can't face that.
Sue Ellen.
You don't need that.
I do.
You just don't understand.
This takes care of just about everything.
Do you have a check for me? J.
$20 million is a sizable amount of cash for me to come up with at once.
I don't understand.
You did everything in your power to get me out of Harwood Oil including sacrificing your virtue.
And I've made you a clean offer $20 million for my 25-percent share of your company.
And now you're hesitating.
Why is that? The only way I can come up with that much cash at once is to sell off some of Harwood's assets.
I was hoping that you'd let me stagger the payments.
Say 5 million a year for the next four years? Well.
I just brought you $15 million from Cuba.
- Have you been talking to my brother? - Why? I detect the fine hand of someone who's very interested in how much money my half of Ewing Oil makes this year.
And I'm sorry.
The payment must be in one lump sum.
The terms are not negotiable.
I don't think you're in a position to dictate anything to me.
Is that a fact? Sue Ellen will never allow you to continue a business relationship with me.
When you pull off a smart little caper like the one that trapped me in bed with you you have to be careful of one thing.
You went too far.
At this moment.
My wife is incapable of anything.
Nor does she care what I do.
So you're holding no high cards.
What I am doing.
Is out of the generosity of my heart.
You want me out of your life you'll have to pay for it.
In cold.
Hard cash.
I need some time.
All right.
But not too much.
Holly Harwood is not on my list of all-time favorites.
Is there any change? No.
I'm sorry.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Ls Bobby busy? He just went to the hospital to see Mickey Trotter.
He hasn't come back yet.
- Well.
I'll wait in his office.
- Fine.
- Can I bring you some coffee? - No.
Thank you.
- Well.
- J.
- File these for me.
Would you.
Sly? - Yes.
How are you, Pam? I haven't seen you in some time.
I'm not in the mood to exchange pleasantries with you.
And I'm sure you don't really care how I am.
Of course I care.
You're still part of the family.
Save that nonsense for somebody who doesn't know you.
You don't care about anyone.
Including your family.
I saw Sue Ellen this morning.
I've never felt the need to explain anything to you before.
But I will, I know you're close to her.
I don't want to hear your story.
I know what happened.
It's happened before.
Sue Ellen wasn't enough for you so you fell in bed with the first available woman.
Climb down off your soapbox.
What were you doing in the South of France with Mark, holding hands? Shut up.
and stay out of my life.
Who gave you the right to poke your nose in my life? - Just leave me alone.
- No.
You started this.
My sanctimonious little sister-in-law.
Where the hell were you when your husband needed you the most? Now.
You couldn't take the battle for Ewing Oil, could you? No.
You didn't approve.
So you left him high and dry and ran off to the South of France with your favorite stud for a long.
Luxurious roll in the hay to calm your little hurts.
Tell me.
Was Mark Graison the only one or did you try a few Frenchmen just because you were there? - Phyllis.
Tell Bobby I was here.
- Yes.
I hate that woman.
- Mark? - Pam? - Hi.
- Hi.
You all right? You sounded terrible on the phone.
What happened with J.
? I ought to know better than to get into a fight with J.
After what he did to Sue Ellen.
I couldn't help myself.
So you told J.
off, so what? Well.
I didn't exactly do all the telling off.
- He drew some blood himself.
- Well.
What happened? He said that you and I were having an affair but he put it a lot more colorfully.
We didn't have an affair.
So why is it bothering you? Because we might have if Afton hadn't called me in the South of France.
Are you feeling guilty because we did or we didn't? Mark.
Don't joke.
I've been selfish.
I've let Bobby down and I've let you down.
Let's talk about it.
Let's start with Bobby.
How have you let him down? Well.
I've been reluctant to let him have the Wentworth drill bit.
If he had that drill bit.
He could probably win all of Ewing Oil.
But if he wins.
It's the end our marriage.
And you wanna try to hang on to him by making sure he's a loser? No.
I still love him.
I hate J.
If I don't give him the drill bit.
Then I'll be siding with J.
- It doesn't make any sense.
Does it? - No.
It doesn't.
What should I do? You've said the marriage is over no matter what you do.
So give Bobby the drill bit.
You owe him that.
And it'll make him happy.
And you also owe yourself some happiness too.
And I happen to believe that I can make you happy.
It's time to get things settled and make peace with yourself.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Everybody else gone? - J.
left early.
Sly and Kendal just left.
- Okay.
These mine? - Yes.
And Pam was here.
She and J.
got into a terrible fight.
I'll call her.
You go home.
There's nothing that can't wait till tomorrow.
- Thanks.
- Good night.
Good night.
I guess you just had a nightmare.
I'll put you back to bed now.
Huh? Good night.
Sweet dreams.
- Mark.
Would you get that.
Please? - Okay.
Come on.
Hello? - Graison.
Is that you? - Yeah.
Hang on.
I'll get Pam for you.
Are you answering her phone now? - She's busy.
Just a minute.
- Don't bother.
- Who was it? - It was Bobby.
He hung up.
Nothing like the sound of my voice to make him angry unless he's seeing me in person.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh.
It's all right.
If I were losing you.
I'd feel the same way.
The meal is delicious.
It's just.
I - I got no appetite.
- Me neither.
It's all right.
I just thought we needed something to keep up our strength.
You mean life goes on.
Is that it.
Donna? Yes.
Life goes on.
You are not going to help Mickey by making yourself sick.
I guess not.
I just wish somebody would help him.
You never told me where you were most of the day.
You got to the hospital so late.
I went and saw Sheriff Fenton Washburn.
He wasn't doing a thing about Mickey.
And there's another car in this accident.
Braddock isn't so big.
You'd think he'd be able to find one lousy car.
Take it easy.
If it was a Ewing instead of a Trotter I guarantee his whole office would be working on this case round the clock.
I think the man is probably doing the best he can.
It's not good enough.
Went to the Dallas Press today and I took out an ad.
I'm offering $50,000 to anybody who can help me find the owner of that car.
You are going to have every lunatic in this town calling.
I'm gonna do anything I can to find out who was responsible for that wreck.
I don't care if it's Sue Ellen or some stranger.
Whoever it was is gonna pay the price for what they did to Mickey.
Please don't carry on so.
Even if you did find out who caused the accident it's not gonna help Michael.
Maybe not.
But I have to know.
Aunt Lil.
Trotter, if you'd like I can drive you to the hospital tomorrow.
Thank you.
But I I just don't know if I can stand to go there again.
I don't understand.
I I sit next to him and I stare at him for hours on end.
And I listen to that machine breathing for him.
And I know it's my son but it just doesn't seem to be Michael I'm looking at.
I don't know.
What if he? What if he does come to.
Will he be any better? Will he know me? Will he know anything at all? Doctors say he can't move.
He's paralyzed.
What if something's happened to his brain? Then he really wouldn't be my boy.
God forgive me but maybe it would have been better if he had been taken in that accident.
Leaving him like this he'd be better off dead.
Excuse me.
That's enough playing for now.
You're getting heavier.
This time next year.
You'll be big enough for me to take you to the Super Bowl.
- You like that? - Yeah.
Good lad.
I wanna say good night to Mommy.
That's a good idea.
Come on.
Mama may be asleep.
So let's be real quiet.
Okay? Give your Mama a kiss.
Tell her good night.
Mommy? Let's let her sleep now.
Can you get back to your room? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I know you'll never trust me again.
Sue Ellen.
But I love you.
You're so pretty.
We should've had a wonderful life together.
What have I done to you? I'm so sorry.
- Oh.
Teresa? - Yes.
Sir? Before you go to bed tonight.
I want you to put away all the liquor.
You can lock it up in the cabinet in the study.
I'll take care of it.
- Hello.
- Hi.
How's Sue Ellen? Not good.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
I've been thinking real hard.
I'm not sure that this fight between us was worth what it cost the family.
I don't know what I'm gonna do with Sue Ellen.
She'll never trust me again.
Your marriage is over.
Not quite.
Come on.
Face reality.
If you and Pam ever get back together.
It'll be a miracle.
It cost Rebecca Wentworth her life.
I can't deny that any longer.
The Trotter boy may die any minute.
Mama's so broken up.
I can't even face her anymore.
Are you serious? You're considering stopping this whole thing? Well.
We got to sit down and talk.
Draw up some sort of truce.
By my calculations.
I'm way ahead of you.
But I really don't give a damn.
- Hello? - Bobby? It's Pam.
- I need ta talk ta you sometime soon.
- Well.
You know that.
- Tomorrow about 3.
if that's all right.
- Sure.
Your hotel? No, Pd rather meet you a! Your office.
I've decided to vote with Katherine.
The Wentworth drill bit is yours.
Maybe you can bring those Canadian fields in.
- Bye-bye.
- Goodbye.
Anything wrong? No.
What's wrong? Something else happen? Oh.
I've been like this all morning.
- Did you sleep? - No.
You' re exhausted.
If you don't get out of here.
You are gonna come apart completely.
I'm gonna take you away for a while.
I can't leave.
Look what's happening to my family.
They need me.
I've got to do what I can to help.
You're in no condition to help them now.
They're adults.
They'll cope or they won't.
And it won't do any good to let them tear you apart.
I'm gonna take you away for a couple of days.
A week.
A month.
Whatever it takes.
And I won't take no for an answer.
All right.
All right.
If you could just give me your phone number.
He will get back to you just as soon as he can.
The reward has not been claimed.
I'll take over now.
I don't know how you're gonna follow up on all that.
There are 25 names.
That's terrific.
Just let me worry about it.
Hello? This is he.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Miss Krebbs.
Can I just have your name.
Please? And the number? I'll get back to you.
- Did you find out anything yet.
Sheriff? - No.
I didn't.
And I don't appreciate you interfering with police business.
I told you if I didn't get answers fast.
I was taking matters into my hands.
You sure have.
The nuts that can't get through here are calling my office.
Maybe we'll get someplace, then.
I've had to take valuable men out of the field to answer telephone calls.
This was a stupid idea.
Will you just get the hell out of my house? I've taken garbage from you before.
I don't have to take it now.
I don't wanna see another one of these ads.
Get out of my house before I throw you out! Ray.
You are not gonna solve anything by the two of you getting in a fistfight.
All right! What do you want me to do? Just let Mickey die without trying to do something without trying to at least help? Ray.
I understand how you feel.
I really do.
If that boy was my kin.
I'd probably be doing the same thing.
But we're doing the best job we know how.
As soon as something breaks.
You're gonna know.
Just give me a chance.
- Ma'am.
- I'll show you out.
Yeah? Bobby, Pam is here.
Ask her to come in.
I'm surprised you wanted to meet here knowing how you feel about Ewing Oil.
It seemed appropriate.
It is a business meeting.
It's not.
You took care of the business part of it last night on the phone.
There's something else on your mind.
Isn't there? Yes.
There is.
I think it's time I got my life in order.
What I've been doing has been unfair to both of us.
I've been confusing you and I've been confusing myself.
Is giving me the drill part of that decision? I realized that without that drill bit.
You'd probably lose all of Ewing Oil.
And as much as I hate the competition for the company I would never side against you with J.
I still love you, Bobby.
Does that mean that the fight between us is over? Does Christopher and you and our marriage come with the Wentworth drill bit? No.
I'm sorry.
The reasons I left you and left Southfork are still the same.
And I can't come back to Southfork.
But you can come back to me.
- For how long? - Bobby.
I'm never coming back.
This is so hard to say to you because I do love you.
But our marriage doesn't work anymore.
It just doesn't work.
And I want a divorce.
What are you doing down here? You need your rest.
How solicitous.
- You feeling better? - You mean.
Am I still drunk? Not enough.
Somebody thoughtfully locked up all the liquor.
But I just happened to find this lovely little bottle of Burgundy in the kitchen.
Teresa tried to protect me from it.
It seems like everyone's protecting me except my loving husband.
Let me have the bottle.
Sue Ellen.
You shouldn't be drinking.
You know.
Don't you lecture me on what I should and shouldn't do.
All right.
All right.
I won't.
My how agreeable you are.
Wonder why you're so agreeable.
Did you find someone new to sleep with you today? Or did you have to rely on one of your old mistresses? Maybe just maybe Miss Holly Harwood made herself available to you.
Maybe the two of you were out wildcatting.
That's all over.
Sue Ellen.
It was a big mistake.
I thought I explained that to you.
You know.
You are a terrific explainer.
In fact.
You do that better than you do most anything.
You know you even explained away the 10 years of hell I went through during our first marriage.
And you know what? I believed you so much that I married you for the second time.
What an idiot I was.
Sue Ellen.
I love you.
What do I have to do to prove it? You don't have to do anything.
You've ruined my life.
You have destroyed me like you destroy everything you touch.
Now why don't you do one kind little thing for me? Unlock the liquor because I'm gonna drink myself into oblivion.
- We'll talk when you calm down.
- Mom.
I'll see to the boy.
What? Don't you dare touch that son of mine.
He's mine.
I'll get Mama to take care of him.
Where is she anyhow? She went away with Clayton.
- She can't stand the sight of you either! - Mom.
- Then I'll take care of him myself.
- Keep away from him.
You stay here.
Sue Ellen.
No! You stay away from him.
- She gonna be all right? - Well.
She was terribly agitated.
I had to give her a stronger sedative than I usually like to do.
She was up all night.
She'd scream at me and then she'd beg me for a drink.
It was terrible.
She'll probably sleep for 18 to 24 hours.
I don't know what I'm gonna do with her.
This isn't anything that you can handle by yourself.
I am not ready to put her in a sanitarium.
I realize Sue Ellen had a bad experience at a sanitarium once before but there are some excellent places in Dallas County and in Braddock County.
Call me and we'll talk about it.
No need to show me out.
I'll be back tomorrow.
All right.
Thank you.
I appreciate you coming this morning.
You said you were in a hurry.
So I postponed a couple of jobs.
I was able to find the same paper.
But unfortunately it's a different dye lot.
So I'm not gonna be able to just patch that.
I'm gonna have to strip all this paper.
All right.
As long as it's done by the time my mama comes back from her trip.
- And when's that gonna be? - I don't know.
Soon I hope.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What do you want.
Pam? - Well.
Could we sit down first? - Yeah.
Sit down.
- Want a drink? - No.
So talk to us.
Of course.
Unless you've already talked to her.
Then just talk to me.
I don't know anything.
I just met her outside.
Since it takes two to concur on any major decision for Wentworth Tool and Die I thought it best to tell you both that I've decided to vote with Katherine.
The drill bit will be sent to Canada so Bobby can open up the field.
I don't believe that! I don't believe that! The deal with the McLeish brothers was gonna be mine.
- Now.
How can you turn against me? - Cliff.
There will be other deals.
Do you know how much that cost me? Don't talk to me about cost.
I'm getting a divorce.
Meeting's over.
This meeting's over! I'd like you to leave now.
You are a cold.
Insensitive Right now I'm ashamed you're my brother.
You played right into Katherine's hands.
I don't know what you're talking about.
If you had just gone along with Katherine and let Bobby have that drill bit.
Pam wouldn't have been involved.
You couldn't see that.
Instead you put Pam square in the middle of the battle for Ewing Oil.
- So? - So? Her marriage couldn't survive that.
Now Katherine is free to move in on Bobby.
I don't care.
Don't you understand that? I don't care about Bobby Ewing.
And you obviously don't care about Pam either! Cliff Cliff.
I don't know if I can continue to live with a man like you.
I don't know what I did to you.
Come in.
I got over here as quick as I could.
Did you find something yet? - Sit down.
- It's all right.
I've got some information.
I don't think you'll like it very much.
- But I think you have a right to hear it.
- All right.
What do you got? We found the driver to the other car.
He's dead.
- Suicide.
- Suicide? Are you sure this is the right guy? Well.
We found the car.
He left a note.
He deliberately rammed the car that Sue Ellen and your cousin were riding in.
Deliberately? That's attempted murder.
He made a mistake.
He thought somebody else was in the car.
When he found out what he'd done to Mickey.
He couldn't live with himself.
A mistake? Who the hell did he think was driving the car? Well.
's car.
He was trying to kill J.
Apparently J.
double-crossed him in some business deal.
Let me see that.
"Revenge against J.
“?" This is the guy here.
Walt Driscoll.
Driscoll may have been driving the car but the guy that destroyed Mickey's life is J.
Do you need anything else, Bobby? No.
That'll be all for tonight.
Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Excuse me.
Katherine Wentworth is here.
- Show her in.
- Miss Wentworth? I took a chance that you'd still be here.
I can't think of any better place to be.
- Can I make you a drink? - Thank you.
I saw Pam.
I know what happened.
Another perfect marriage right down the drain.
Maybe you can still save it.
Katherine maybe it's not worth saving.
Pamela is convinced that I've changed and I haven't.
The only thing that's changed is the way she sees me.
I was never a knight in shining armor.
Never tried to be.
I never wanted to be.
I was raised by a strong mother and a very tough father.
I haven't done anything in this contest to try and win Ewing Oil that I hadn't already done along time ago when Daddy was alive and running the company.
All I know is I can't change now try and be a loser just to please her.
You shouldn't have to change.
Bobby I'm so glad you now have the chance to beat J.
I just really feel rotten that my sister's marriage is breaking up and she's gonna lose a great guy.
I'm sorry.
I really tried.
I just couldn't get through to her.
It's all right.
Bobby you're very special.
I'll take that.
If there's nothing else.
Raoul and I are going to a movie tonight.
- All right.
Enjoy your evening.
- Thank you.
You're about the last person in the world I needed to see tonight.
I'm about the last person you're ever gonna see.
What's the matter with you? You're the reason Mickey's in the hospital.
What are you talking about.
Ray? Walt Driscoll was driving that car that hit Sue Ellen and Mickey.
He was trying to kill you.
You drunk? No.
I'm cold sober.
And now I'm gonna kill you.
What's the matter, Ray? Ray.
Are you crazy? Ray! Stop! Would you“? Look out.
My back! Get off me! What the hell's the matter with you? Come on.
Get off.
Would you? Sue Ellen.
John Ross.
Sue Ellen? John Ross?