Damo (2003) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

(Episode 4) Chae-Ohk! Chae-Ohk! What are you doing? The commander hasn't issued any orders yet so how dare you do this? I already turned in my badge I'll stay at the inn at Jang-tong bridge Please come tell me when I'm relocated I will go to that government office right away Are you really Chae-Ohk Don't do this I understand that you are upset with the commander but is this the first time? He does that because he's concerned for us Why are you doing this? Chae-Ohk Chae-Ohk! Chae-Ohk! Aren't we inseparable partners? Without you, how can I catch all of those criminals? Chae-Ohk, don't do this The commander will lighten up soon, OK? The commander approved this Chae-Ohk Second to my wife, you're the one I hold dear like my own blood For my sake Even for my sake Please change your mind You were like an older brother and a father to me I'll never forget the debt I owe you Are you really leaving? OK, I understand Then don't go to the inn and come to my house instead Eat at least one hot meal before you go That way, my heart will be at ease Please don't do this It was hard for me to take this step Chae-Ohk Chae-Ohk! My goodness! She's only a servant girl and she's so arrogant Foolish girl It's all for the better Go and meet a good man who matches your status and class What did you say? Why don't you just burn her in a furnace and send her away! Well, with the help of Chae-Ohk you became an officer I guess you'll miss her That jerk! If she wishes to leave then I don't want to stop her My lord Where will you send Chae-Ohk? To a government stable to clean up after cows and pigs? Or send her as a dancing girl so she can undo her clothes? Her leaving or not is in your hands Is she not a servant girl for the Police Bureau? I don't want to hear it! Her heart has already left Chae-Ohk can't live anywhere but the Left Police Bureau You know that very well too, my lord! Before you're my subordinate you're no different from a younger sister I don't want to sacrifice you to achieve my dream Chae-Ohk When I want you to take only one step you take two steps Why can you not see that such a small step is the difference between life and death? Do you know that leaving the Police Bureau is also ending things with me? This is the Left Police Bureau Being a damo will not be as easy as being a kitchen girl or a maid Will you be able to endure it? If you're there what wouldn't I be able to endure? Prison guard! Prison guard! I said I wanted to see the Police Chief! We're the victims of the counterfeit money Is it fair to just imprison a commoner like this?! You scoundrel! Shut up! I said I'm innocent! Tell that to the Police Chief! How dare you! If you complain one more time I'll cut out your tongue You wicked jerks! Devil! Are you all right? Wait and see Someday I'll cut off all the police's heads! You scoundrel! Tell us honestly! Where did you get these coins? I earned it from selling shoes I I did not know they were counterfeit Don't give any poor excuses anymore You will be sentenced to death for using counterfeit coins Admit it If you admit it at least you can save your life I truly do not know Who do we have here? What are you doing here, Commander Hwangbo? The Left Police Bureau is in charge of the entire counterfeit money case Why are you interrogating that man here? A new Royal law states any suspect using counterfeit coins must be interrogated on the spot regardless of the police station Are you saying that the man in charge of the investigation hasn't heard of this yet? At this rate how will you uproot the counterfeiter gang? My lord, this man has passed out Move him to the execution area Cut off his head and dispose of him! Yes, my lord! What is the meaning of this? Stop this immediately! For a beheading the case must be investigated three times What is the meaning of this? I heard the law to interrogate anyone circulating counterfeits but I did not hear the order to decapitate the head of an innocent man who unknowingly used them You are correct but that man has already been sentenced to punishment But he's innocent Reconsider! I already gave the order You hopeless fool A market can be robbed by a single thief's blade but the blade of an unjust magistrate kills hundreds and thousands of people! Since you are so blind I worry for the people Father! Please do not worry about it At the Left Police Bureau you have the great Commander Hwangbo who's better than 100 men combined The affairs of the officers and the people are none of your concern You fool! You sarcastic fool Why is it that you are only cruel to me? I've come this far without any of your help I don't want your praise.
However do not scold me either! There is more to life than rising through the ranks The sooner you step down and resign the better it will be Father! Let's go He's a reckless man How is the investigation? We have not found the molds or the forge We have the whorehouse owner, Noh Gak-Chool and examined his merchant transactions but there is nothing suspicious pertaining to counterfeit money There is no hard evidence and no confession? Other than him using counterfeit coins there is a lot of uncertainty This is a big problem The sacrifices of innocent citizens are piling up I'm going to visit my superior so come up with a solution Yes, sir Let's first drop by the inn at Jang-Tong bridge I told you I already paid for the drink so let's just relax Why are you doing this? Did someone ask you to pay for the meal? Inn keeper! What's the matter? It seems like you haven't found your relative's house yet We'll ask around if anyone has heard anything so until then, we'll look after her They say in Hansung, you could get mugged in broad daylight what would happen if someone assaulted your pretty daughter? Why are you doing this? I'll give you the money for the drink so please go away What the heck is this?! Are you insulting our goodwill?! Please stop it! My business will suffer! Dangit! Do you really wanna be put out of business?! What are you doing?! Get over here! Please don't do this! Please stop this Why you! If you keep harassing us, I'll call the police! OK Call them! Call them! We and the Police Chief are like brothers! Did you know?! Hong-Kyoon! Hong-Kyoon! Yes! Hurry to the police station and bring some officers Huh? If you go, I'll kill you! Get going! See what happens if you go! I'll set this inn on fire! Sister! Please help us! You're with the police! Sister! Please save us! My husband died and we have no money so we're just trying to find my uncle! Please I'm sorry but I'm no longer with the police Just this once! Didn't you say you were from the police? Hey, idiot! Would a tea-serving damo be drinking in the afternoon? You fool! We'll let you sleep as a family so let's go! Drink your alcohol Didn't you say you wouldn't send her away? You are under arrest for harassing a woman and child and mocking a police officer Honey, I'm dying! We must endure it! At least we're lucky that I still have my hand Honey! Father! Uncle! Hey dear You should've stayed at home.
Why'd you come here? We couldn't just wait at home You all did a good job I thought my testicles were going to explode Here use this to get something to shove down your throats You too Thank you Well, I almost lot my manhood That's right I thought I was going to become a widow You scoundrels How was I supposed to know she'd kick you there OK, here Thank you! Thank you! Thank you? Say that to Officer Lee It was his idea Let us know if you ever need a hand Just go.
Go OK OK Get out of here! Good bye! Thank you! Those rotten jerks You're not resting Forgive me How wonderful that we can face each other like this He keeps insisting he's only a victim and we can't keep him detained forever If he confesses, he'll die so how would he confess so easily? I have a strange feeling What if we use a gambit? You mean smuggle someone into the gang? Gosh, I'm so hungry I'm working so hard Why don't they give me any food? I can't stand it I'm working right now Man, this is so hard Get out! I wasn't resting! I said, get out Huh? Get out! I wasn't resting! I was working! They want to see you at the police station Excuse me?! So you're asking me to put a knife to my neck and go to prison.
Right? That's what you're asking? That is correct If you do this well, I'll have you released immediately and I will revoke your status as slaves and allow you to live as commoners Commoners? Honey But wait a second Anything can go wrong in prison What difference would it make becoming a commoner if I'm dead? Do not worry about that We will watch over you closely to make sure nothing happens Honey! Just think about it When would we get another chance to live under the sun? We've been put out our whole lives Enough! Stop interrupting and whining! Well then there's one condition What? In addition to what you said if everything goes well please make me a guard at the Police Bureau Ever since I was little my wish was to catch criminals I don't have even a small farm so what use would it be to become a commoner? If you don't make me that promise I intend to live as I have Get in! Be quiet Would you get blisters from letting me down gently? Why the heck are you pushing me? Hey idiot Newcomers must first pay their respects How dare you spit where I was going to lie down? Who the heck are you? You want me to treat you special? I want to live in peace so don't mess with me Look at this fool He's already complaining You're just begging to die Begging! I was just gonna let you go but your attitude annoys me Beat him up so he can never be a man again! Yes! You fool! You should be thankful! You'll be eating with Confucius and Mencius as a castrated man King? Don't make me laugh Try moving I'll slit your throat! Idiot, put down that piece of glass You just keep saying stupid things You said not to sneeze on a sleeping tiger, right? I was in prison for a long time when I lived in Koon-yeok Being in prison is bad enough so can't we all just get along? Huh?! You fool! You're gonna die today Let's see who wins between you and me If I die 'cause you wanted my respect, your life here won't be so comfy Prison Guard! Where are you, guard? Prison Guard! Where are you? You scum! What is the meaning of this?! Please leave me be Let me be killed by these scoundrels! Take him out! Yes! Get out! Let go of me! Leave me here for them to kill me! Leave me here! Leave me! He's causing trouble? Do not worry He knows how rebels are so he'll get the job done Have our guards seen through him? The prison guards think he's a murderer The problem is how we'll stage the prison break after we put him with Noh Gak-Chool and how we'll avoid the government's reprimand I'll buy some more time Don't worry about it Understood How about the police soldier who will infiltrate the mountain camp? We still have not made a decision I'm sure they are all scared to be appointed Seeing as it is a task where your life is at risk it would be hard to volunteer Several officers have volunteered but the rebel gangs all recognize their faces If we cannot infiltrate everything is useless Police Chief! A letter came from the Minister of Defense I dropped by Kyung-sang province to visit all the military camps so I've been away from my post for a long time They say the foreign powers have caused much harm Is that still the case? More importantly I heard you are struggling with the counterfeiting investigation Since we still do not have any hard evidence I am ashamed to the King and the royal court Is that so? But I heard that maybe you have a breakthrough That is true but we don't have clear evidence and he keeps insisting he's an innocent victim It is hard to tell There must be many difficulties I am sorry that I don't have better news Well that's that I have something to tell you I'm worried because of that second son I gave birth to so late His childhood days are far behind him and instead of thinking of getting married he only digs into books Are you telling me to become the Minister's daughter-in-law? That's not what I meant You are of proper age and since it's not a bad position just think about it Father Speak Everyone is aware that Minister Jung Pil-Joon is very powerful within the royal court If a man like that becomes related to you by marriage our household will have a great benefactor You have never worked for your personal gain and I would like for you to keep your high integrity Also if I meet a future husband rather than from a strong political household even if he is from a poor family I want to meet a man of integrity like you That is my wish I do not want to force you to marry against your will I just worry that you will suffer like your mother did How can a magistrate with a full stomach, protect the people who are hungry? You always said put other peoples' needs above your own I understand As long as it is the son of someone in our class I will not question your choice I also wish that you would not discriminate on status Do you have someone in mind? Maybe is it Commander Hwangbo Yoon? If I die, I'll become a ghost I'm going to stick to them like a sticky piece of candy For 1000, no 10000 years, I'll linger in people's houses and if anyone complains I'll haunt them place a curse on them and make them into crazy people You just wait and see! That man just won't shut up with the threats I've been in many prisons over the last few years but this is the first time I've seen a man as malicious as him What is it? It's that fool's dinner sent from the outside Well well seems like that dumb idiot has fans My lord sent this for all of your hard work You may go By the way OK You! If you cause trouble one more time you'll be thrown out that door for corpses! I got it Get in! How dare you! Hear me out Among guys cursing and fighting are never too common But men become enemies when fighting and become friends if they get closer Let's forget what happened earlier and come here and eat with me, OK? OK? You idiot I'm gonna share some food with this newcomer if anybody's still hungry, then eat mine Move it, idiot! Geez! Let go! This one's mine! I run a whorehouse in Kyung-Kang My name is Noh Gak-Chool I'm Mah Chuk-Ji from Soo-Gak-Kyo Soo-Gak-Kyo? Then you must know Crow who runs the streets in Soo-Gak-Kyo You can not call yourself a thug in Soo-Gak-Kyo if you do not know a man named Crow I heard that he's living with a mistress somewhere Really? Man, you still haven't heard? Brother Crow was caught for using counterfeit money last year and in a flash he was executed What's more messed up is that you know how girls get That mistress of his fell for a guy named Tae-Gon who used to be one of his followers It's been a while since I've forgotten Brother Crow Pity for the dead What a wicked girl Even if they just met on the streets to do that before the shrubs grow on her man's grave No wonder she's called a whore Man, what can we do? Nobody builds a monument to commemorate a faithful whore wouldn't she be better off if she just found another man? Isn't that right? Huh? That's true What What are you in here for? It would take a full day to explain It's a long story If I meet a future husband rather than from a strong political household even if he is from a poor family I want to meet a man of integrity like you That is my wish Maybe is it Commander Hwangbo Yoon? Did you take a good look? There are only five prison guards I can get him out without making too much noise.
Do not worry Fine When will you make your move? Tomorrow night Let's have a drink together Put poison in Gak-Chool's dinner tomorrow night That is too cruel, sir Is there another way? Gak-Chool is the Boss's sworn brother He will be extremely upset Are you loyal to me or Boss Jang? Sir, I will never forget how you saved my father and me even when I die but I do not care about personal feelings Like you have done up to now you just have to move as I tell you to Clerk Ahn, it is Chae-Ohk Hello, did you just arrive? Come inside Please just speak I will listen from here I insist you should come inside I have set the table for dinner and waited this whole time Sit down Is something the matter? Something the matter? Of course not I just called you to have dinner together once Work is tough, huh? Here Eat up.
Eat Would you also like a drink? Please speak first What do you have to tell me? Words words.
Nothing much Eat your dinner first It's getting cold Please tell me So impatient OK, I'll tell you You probably already know Byung-Taek is the only son in the Ahn family so he is my family's only hope But seeing as he gave up the liberal arts civil service exam and wants to take the military exam it makes me wake up in the middle of my sleep That's because he's thinking about I believe I know what you mean, sir If we just judge based on character who would be better than you, Chae-Ohk? However the way the world works there are ranks of people who can mix and ranks which cannot mix That boy doesn't know the difference I'm just saying this because I'm worried that you'll get hurt Go ahead Have a drink Sir How could a servant girl be compared with a person? A servant girl is no different from a tree Once it's place has been decided it cannot move until someone chooses to move it Even if there's a place it wishes to go or a place it would like to stay it cannot move a single step from its place though it may dry up and die I am like such a tree Chae-Ohk You don't have to put it like that Do not worry, sir What you are so concerned about will never happen Why are you getting up? Dinner I will leave now But Chae-Ohk.
Chae-Ohk You should eat before going Thank you, Chae-Ohk Thank you If there is a good place for you I will put you there for sure Chae-Ohk! Wow, why are you at my house? Chae-Ohk.
You can't just leave At least you should eat dinner I'll set the table real quick, OK? Young master What? Young master With that wooden sword if you can even touch my clothes I will do everything you wish I will be your servant if you wish me to If you wish me to be your mistress, I will However, if you cannot touch even my clothes then please do not have any feelings for me Chae-Ohk Please attack me now Chae-Ohk, why are you being so scary? Hurry! I don't want to! I won't do it Why are you doing this? Did something happen? Huh? If you don't take it, this chance will never come again My lord it would have been better if you had left me on the mountain My lord, it is Chae-Ohk Come inside What is the matter? You are not resting My lord I will do it What are you talking about? I will infiltrate into the counterfeiting organization I heard no one was volunteering I thought of the idea so please permit me to see it through I cannot permit you My lord You may leave! Do I have to issue a military order so you will listen? Please do not make things hard for me My lord Did you ask me before if I have looked at my soul? Why would I not have done so? I looked tens of thousands of times However, every time, the only answer I got was that I have no hope Did you not as well suffer from the same hardships when you were young? Though I was not born an orphan I do not have any family My mother and my brother I do not know if they are dead or alive They are only alive in my memories from when I was seven years old I want to see them The pain runs through to my bones Do you not have the hope that you will find your mother and brother? Hope is only given to a person A servant girl like me is unworthy of such a thing However, my lord Do you know why I am alive? So that I can help you You cared for me like a sister Even if I just help you a little Only then can I feel that I am really breathing If you must treat me like a tree in a garden If I must live within your confinement then though I am living, I am not truly alive Even though I have no purpose no hope or meaning if I cannot live without feeling my breath I would rather die My lord If you truly care for me please let me breathe Go and no matter what come back alive Think about what you're going to write in the will to your family Sentences rarely change on a third trial after the first two Thank you so much for your encouragement Nobody knows how life's ever going to turn out You idiot! I was trying to show some consideration Move it! Move, fool! They are treating me like a real murderer It's driving me crazy Please end this quickly Tonight dinner will not be sent to you Instead we're going to send dinner to Noh Gak-Chool which contains arsenic poison as if it was sent by his gang Then are you really going to kill him? We cannot kill him just because he is a criminal Then what are you going to do? Pretend you are waiting for your dinner and persuade Gak-Chool to share his with you Before he eats tell him there is poison in it and save his life When he reacts we will make a move as planned This is a silver acupuncture needle There will be two purposes for this Oh crud he must've been beaten really badly Hey! Are you all right? Brother Noh what should I do? I think it will be hard to avoid getting executed Oh geez Good evening sirs I brought dinner for an inmate I don't care about personal feelings If something goes wrong, Boss Jang will die Of all days, why did they send him dinner so early today? We were waiting until dinner time to go but they sent him dinner earlier than usual Has Noh Gak-Chool's gang ever sent dinner that early? There is nothing we can do about it We will try again tomorrow night What should we tell Mah Chuk-Ji? It is too late If there is no reaction on the silver needle they will probably just eat it Why hasn't my dinner come yet? Shoot Just wait a little longer Oh man That looks good Well then let's share mine for now Nah, I'll just wait a bit more Come on, I insist I'm indebted from yesterday Come on Here Sit down Hold on a second Wait what's this? It's a silver needle What the heck? If we eat this we'll die Poison There's arsenic in it! What? Didn't you see the reaction? I thought the color of the rice was strange We almost died But wait who would have poisoned your dinner? Huh? Could it be that your gang is afraid that you'll rat on them so they did this? Are you sure? There was no mistake There was poison in the dinner they sent They tried to kill Noh Gak-Chool They are cruel men They would kill their own brother to avoid being found It turned out for the better Noh Gak-Chool is in serious shock Our plan to put poison in Gak-Chool's dinner and alienate him from his gang worked out naturally, right? Officer Lee will be watching your back If you find evidence get out of there immediately If they look at you strangely get out for the time being I will keep that in mind, sir Officer Lee, take care of her Do not worry at all, sir I will be outside the palace walls before midnight There is no need to go What are you saying? He is no longer in this world What do you mean? I could not put your life at risk Then I will bring back his body I will see you again at that time! What are you doing? Act like you have no idea It is the same getting executed for murder or for breaking out of prison There are many soldiers right outside Even if you break out you'll be poked full of arrows! What can I do? I have to try it If you really want to then follow me Huh? I've already been abandoned There's one man I have to see and there's one man I must kill Are you saying you want to break out with me? My brother is waiting around the corner Don't worry OK? Why isn't this working? Dang I got it Let's hurry Stop! How many corpses? Two corpses, sir Cause of death? One was executed The other could not withstand the whipping You may go! Yes, sir! Wait! I've never seen a corpse wearing shoes Did you put them on? No, sir We only move them as they are Sometimes corpses still wearing shoes Remove them Yes, sir! You may go! What the heck? It's a prison break!