Damo (2003) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

(Episode 6) Oh my gosh! There were so many guards How is it? Very intense.
We can't freely search everywhere We still haven't figured out where the forge is yet With more than several hundred soldiers they're not just an ordinary gang I know They even have a cavalry They're not just fooling around They could topple a small village in the time it takes to finish a meal How can they have so many followers? They must be waiting impatiently back in Hansung On the way up, I made a mark on a tree And these are the guard patrol routes I saw in the afternoon Tomorrow they will show us around the camp and I will locate the forge OK But don't be too hasty Move only when you're certain You call that advice? If I find something while searching I won't even be as fortunate as a dog hunting through scraps I didn't say it to keep you alive, idiot Hey! What? Don't worry We'll move with caution Oh Is my wife doing well? If she flirts with some other men while I'm gone, I'll give her hell.
Tell her - Ouch! - Just worry about yourself Let's eat ourselves to death! Hey, innkeeper! Are they the only guests? What are we? What's the matter? I thought things would have changed with a new innkeeper I guess I'll just have to go Hold on and calm down If you're taking drinks isn't it proper to offer this little lady a seat? Look at this How can you run a bar like this alone? That's why you should bring in some gorgeous widow Then every time I come here I'll bring all of my friends with me.
OK? Why don't you just bring your own widow? Then you can sit her down at this table and I'll have the owner call her What? You're trying to act all powerful tonight because you think it might not be you Sister! I brought some beef to cook Did you just get here, younger brother? Is he really your younger brother? He's not your husband, is he? Seeing as you don't care about my power it's no use making a fuss! How did it go? There's nothing to worry about They made it to the mountain camp without any trouble How many days will it take? How would I know that? It depends on when they find the counterfeit coins Goodness.
They have to get out as soon as possible I'm so worried You seemed to be having a good time with those bums If your husband dies pick one from among them My lord! What's that man doing here so early in the morning? Officer Baek! Yes? What is? Wear your hat properly! You should wear your uniform properly Why that little brat first thing in the morning Dang Clerk Ahn! Clerk Ahn! Commander Joh Chi-Oh why is he at our Police Bureau? You didn't see the government report? He's the succeeding commander As soon as he arrived, he demanded to see the counterfeit money registry Oh, my back Move it, sir! Dang Have you been well? Did you volunteer for this? My intentions are their intentions I have experience investigating the counterfeit money case and the military command recommended me I also wanted to lead the initiative to stop the counterfeiting which shakes our country's foundation After being at your post for so long moving to this one can be easily misunderstood You know that last year General Uh Yung-Chung accepted a commander's son's bribe and the two were both removed from office I will request a reconsideration so watch and be on standby Father I too have already mentioned that issue to military command While I handle this counterfeit money case Father I will think of you as only the Police Chief and not as anything more Did you want to raise your merit? If a commander says he does not want to raise his merit, he would be lying Personally, I want to raise my merit But in a broader sense it is for the security of the King and people OK, I'll rely on you But I also won't let this get personal Keep that in mind I will not disappoint you Sir So what's going to happen to us? Aren't we just like food being fried in oil? Don't mention it fool If we're boiled, then that's that and if we're fried, we put up with it Why don't I have any good fortune? At least we won't be boiled to death, huh? A message.
A message What's that? Where did a message come from? You don't need to know, idiot What? Negligence from government employees?! And what's that? Huh? It's nothing These days I keep getting stomach aches I was going to the bathroom I'm sorry, my lord I want to inspect the soldiers so tell everyone to gather on the exercise grounds Yes, sir! Get with it! When command changes you have to make a good impression! You act like a dog or a cow arrived You guys are out of your minds Isn't it time for him to die yet? You said Commander Joh Chi-Oh? Don't even mention it Everyone has an expression like they stepped in dung Is that proper? He didn't use the Police Chief's influence and he earned his rank of commander before anyone else He has that much ability and courage so follow him carefully Yes, sir Oh yeah! A letter came from Officer Lee Does this go here? Or was it like this? So it is So-Yo mountain in Yeon-chun It is only a day and a half's ride away Chae-Ohk and Chuk-Ji infiltrated in without any trouble and they said they would send a more detailed plan of the mountain camp later They shouldn't drag this out too long Can't we just topple the whole mountain camp and then search for evidence? If we do that it would be like a lizard who ran away and left his tail The rebels could not have made counterfeit coins by themselves There is definitely someone behind them The counterfeit molds and transaction registry we need to find them for sure Understood Please come outside Someone is looking for you What should I do? Miss Is he inside? Yes Please ask him if I may come inside My lord, the lady has come to Let her in Please go inside Please sit down What brings you to this humble cottage? Please don't take this the wrong way While I was repairing my father's uniform I simply remembered your old worn uniform The owner of this outfit has already been chosen so what use would I have for it? If you cannot wear it then you should give it to someone else And if not then burn it You were looking for me? Where the heck did you go? You said you were going to the bathroom Oh well My stomach was hurting so badly that I just got back from seeing a doctor Are you saying you left without reporting? Left? Up to now, if we were sick we all dealt with it ourselves I don't care about that But as long as I'm the commander this will not be allowed If this happens again, I will reduce your salary Yes, sir I examined all of the counterfeit money transaction records The criminal who escaped, Noh Gak-Chool We just didn't have any evidence that he's responsible for the counterfeit money in Hansung It wasn't absolutely clear You let a man like that get away I am ashamed Where are Officer Lee and Damo Chae-Ohk? Huh? They were sent on an assignment Where? Kyung-ki province and Hwang-hae province It was Hwang-hae, right? Why where those two sent? There's a lot of work to be done at this Bureau Tell them to return immediately and send other officers instead Well Without confirmation, we have no way of knowing exactly where they are Then when are they coming back?! Fifteen days? Or was it twenty? That is also uncertain What the heck is going on here? Listen up! I'm different from Commander Yoon, who was fired I will make sure I know about every single activity Keep that in mind I don't say the same thing twice From this moment on, you, Officer Lee and that damo girl will no longer be involved in the counterfeit money case I will assign new investigators What? I followed the instructions, but it's still not very sturdy What is the problem? I'm not sure I think there are too many impurities in the iron I'm considering re-tempering the impurities away We will need at least 200 rifles You must hurry Yes, sir Who is responsible for cleaning up the counterfeit coins and molds? That guy Hey, see here I ordered all the counterfeit coins to be melted in molten metal What's this? Huh? How could that Until I give the command, keep that man imprisoned in a cave and only give him water and salt to eat! Yes, sir! This is our forge Swords and spears, tools for the villagers even gardening hoes are all made here Oh wow, I feel like I'm back in my hometown While I'm here, can I do some smithing? You can't Why? Other than our boss and senior brothers no one else can enter Why? Just leave it at that, OK? Brother! Why are you here? I'm showing them around the mountain camp They said they wanted to go in but I told them "no" I was curious how you make counterfeit coins Counterfeit coins? Who said we make counterfeit coins here? I mean If not at a forge then where else? That silly thought just popped into my head I just want to give it a try, that's all We don't privately make coins or melt them but do you want to see the forge that badly? Well, not really, but it would be nice if I could Go inside No, it's OK It seems like you're uncomfortable with it Let's go Oh yeah Tidings came from the furnace village earlier Why are you telling me that now? I'll go immediately so make the preparations I won't go Are you still shielding yourself from people? Hopeless fool Where is that? Just tell us My brother and I will take you all the way.
OK? How far do we have to go up? This is the first time my legs have hurt from walking So why did you carelessly butt in? Good grief We got this far already We have to look good to the boss and others Huh? And why are you talking? We told them you cannot speak You have to keep your mouth glued shut except when you eat Can't you think straight? We don't need a corpse What is this?! Stand down They are my brothers Who are they? People sick with leprosy They guard against any strangers to protect the villagers Then are they the people who hunt and eat babies? Oh my goodness Those are all false rumors Leprosy doesn't spread like a plague Let's go I can't go! I can't go! The more we go, the higher this mountain gets You have a cold sweat and some nausea, huh? Yes Your pulse is not strong on the surface and I must press deep to find it That is a symptom of blood problems Take a small spoonful of these and boil and drink it three times a day It isn't ginseng or antlers but after three days, there will be some results Thank you Does your leg hurt? Two days ago I slipped on a steep road Oh no, the bone is broken Come here Mother! Boy! If you do not set it now, you will be sitting for your whole life! Hold the kid steady Me? Are you talking to me? Oh my head My head's been hurting Feels like needles are poking it I'm going to get a little air Oh my head I don't want to! Mother! I don't want to! I don't want to, Mother! Mother! I don't want to! Mother Your lip is bleeding You did well Sir! Master He's really taking his time Why won't he just chug it down quickly? Geez In a village like this, how can he even want any alcohol? He's got a heck of a spleen Hey Hey! What are you thinking about? I am ashamed to put a debt like this on you How can you say that? I am indebted to you for a lifetime If it were not for you how would I be sitting here? Who are you? I am Magistrate Jang Il-Soon's, personal bodyguard, Lee Hak-Chul Jang Il-Soon? I do not know that man He has passed away! I told him it was useless to go into politics The world can't be changed with only a few words I told him that! Let's go back! I also do not wish to live in hiding in a place like this! Lord! Take him as a student It was the last request of my lord This is a place where leprosy patients live It is not a place where people like you can live Why are you seeking out death? He is the son of the man who took me in and raised me since I had no parents Are you Jae-Mo? You've grown a lot Jae-Hui Brother! Brother! Brother! She may be alive, right? She must be alive If I ever day-dreamed about my younger sister my teacher would sometimes hit me on the head with his walking stick Even now, I feel like I can hear my teacher's yelling He did that purposely He thought you might get soft and weak The father who gave me the name Jae-Mo and the teacher who gave me the name Sung-Baek When I die whom will I meet first? Please have a drink Please wait just a moment Please take it This is I meant to return it to you My father gave it to you They say it originally came from Master Hwang Hyun-Ki All of the dreams he did not achieve are stored in this sword The sword has now found its master Father Father Father Does someone, who is sincere in everything smell like ink? If they're sword-bearing rebels, then they should act like rebels Why are they taking care of people like that? If they want to help people they should get rid of their swords Isn't that right, brother? Brother! What are you doing there? Hurry over here! Chae-Ohk and Chuk-Ji infiltrated in without any trouble and they said they would send a more detailed plan of the mountain camp later Can't we just topple the whole mountain camp and then search for evidence? Counterfeit coins The rebels could not have made them alone There is definitely someone behind them This work is something you started Isn't it something everyone is doing because they trust you? This trident has the advantage of being the shortest and easiest to maneuver However the spear has disadvantages after the threat of attack passes it is slow to recover How would you reinforce it? Isn't that already stored in your mind? Then you think the same as me Let's try it together Is anyone inside? Are you the former Commander Hwangbo Yoon? I am I am a soldier from the Military Training Center, Lee Pil-Yong My general has commanded me to escort you to him How can you be so indifferent? I said you should come visit Aren't you also aware of what I was working on? That is why I called you Get ready! Yes, sir! Attention! Yes, sir! Assemble! At our camp, these are the most outstanding soldiers Stop! What do you think? They look like students of the best combat training school in Korea I don't want to hear superficial things like that Tell me what you really think Then I will tell you one thing They are exceedingly fast and strong I felt they were moving in fixed positions In real life, more so than military exercise stances making a move at the right moment is the only important thing That moment, is not found in watching an opponent But from looking into his eyes and feeling it with your body Look at the eyes and feel with the body? I heard no one could measure up to you Please teach me in one match I already was discharged from the military This is not a request for official ranking Hold his hat for him We have such useless government officials A leader's mistake is as damaging as a disease The King's advisers must not be swayed so easily like that How could they have fired such a talented man like you? Sir Please do not say that I fear that you will anger them This is a world of party strife and favors for sale If I couldn't even say anything then I would already be dead Sir! Can you help me? I heard that at the Left Police Bureau you personally trained an elite group of soldiers With the eighteen martial arts and the sword forms there are many limitations Can you make an elite corp of soldiers like that at the Training Center as well? I cannot take part in this It is for the sake of the country When there's an insurrection and rebellion we need an elite force that moves one step ahead of the rebels and puts them down I have already prepared a force to be trained All we need is for you to be resolved Is the King aware of this? I will inform him after everything is prepared Will you help me? Even training ten secret elite soldiers must be done after receiving an order from the King I will leave now Don't you know there are many people trying to restrain me? If they advise it, I won't even be allowed to read You are the only man I can trust with this task I will wait When there's an insurrection and rebellion we need an elite force that moves one step ahead and puts down the rebels You are the only man I can trust with this task What are we doing now? Whether we find counterfeit coins or not, let's find something so we can go OK? Every day, my heart beats so fast that I feel like I'm gonna drop dead! OK? Why doesn't it ever want to come out? So many stars Man, it's disgusting how many stars there are Who's there?! Holy cow! I almost smeared it on me It's me! Mah.
You know, Mah! Oh geez Oh man! Why aren't you in the bathroom? It's just it doesn't come out easily Even when I'm sitting on the toilet nothing ever comes out So uh If I squat down in a cool place and watch the stars It's coming out now There it goes Enough enough! Hurry and finish up and go back inside Thanks Oh my stomach Wait a second where is that leaf? Here it is! Forget everything in the past Spending time in the mountains I'd like to live together for a long time Do those words appeal to you? It is an adage to always watch and conduct yourself Who did you learn those words from? He must have been an educated man Where is he now? He passed away I asked a foolish question Is your father alive? Are you talking about my father? He is alive He is alive Inside of my heart he is always alive How did it go? Did you find them? Good grief Where could those counterfeit coin molds be hidden? Are we latching onto the wrong foot? They seem like just a simple gang to me Man am I the only one who's gonna end up in trouble? Good grief Dang Are you talking about my father? He is alive Why aren't you sleeping? Maybe are you thinking about Boss Jang? You are, right? Earlier, at the village and on the road I knew there was a light in your eyes as you looked at him Well, when a charming leader like that sticks out his chest and spreads his smell what woman would be able to resist him? I want to stretch out one night with a lady Huh? Well, what I mean is whether it's a person or an animal the males have to have to look handsome That's what I mean He's nothing but a rebel who will lose his head Man, what am I rambling about? Sleep, sleep! What good would it do to put a man like that in my heart? A sack of barley borrowed during the famine must be repaid with a sack of rice in the fall And if that cannot be repaid common class citizens are taken in as slaves to his household What's even more shocking is that the scum called Oh Jang-Dal takes the older women as his whores and sells the young girls at a slave market in the country There's really a heartless jerk like that? How can he sell those kids like they were toys? Brother Let us destroy the place! What are you saying? As it is, we're already a government target We can't move carelessly Those jerks mistreated us too much! And still you say we should just leave them be?! Who said to just leave them be? It's only been a few days since we did the prison-breaking Right now I'm saying we have to be careful Brother, it seems like they're scheming Brother, you've only been in the mountain camp so it looks like your liver has shriveled up! How dare you! Why are you so short-sighted? How about the perimeter of the estate and the guards? Brother! There are two of his own guards inside the house and the office is about twenty paces away They say there's about sixty soldiers total Ten soldiers have guns If we attack at night it will take time for the soldiers to get there There's nothing to worry about! We don't have to wait until dawn to catch scum like that This is an excellent chance Since the counterfeit coin molds aren't in the forge the only other place they could be is in the Boss's room He's definitely going to say we should go with them I'll jump in first and go with them so stay back in the camp No matter what, you have to find them, OK? Let's go together Of course we have to If you didn't ask us to we would have insisted of course I'll take an oil covered torch and set that jerk on fire! And also, you know in catching a chicken you don't need a cow meat cleaver Rest here brother Let's go You stay here Let's go together No way! I raised my hand to go first Then will you go with us too? Well uh If my brother goes then would you need me to go along as well? Hurry and get on a horse What should we do? What?! Be careful What? How can she My lord! Please spare my life! I'll tend the fields.
Anything! My family would starve to death I'll be your slave for the rest of my life Please don't send me to the slave market! My lord! What is this wench talking about? My lord! You want to stay here so you can give your family food? Get over there! Are you Oh Jang-Dal? Please sirs Let me live You can take everything so please just say you'll let me live! Evil man! Brother! We must go back now Do you see even one person asking us to let you live? My lord! I'll do whatever you say so please just my life Please, in your next life be born as an honorable citizen Brother! More soldiers will follow after us Let's escape quickly! It's already too late! Cast aside your sword! I'm not I'm not a rebel! I'm from the Hansung Left Police Bureau Shoot her!