Dark (2017) s01e05 Episode Script


Another missing person's case shocks the town.
A nine-year-old boy was reported missing this morning.
MISSING Police officials have yet to comment on the situation.
But it can be assumed, that this case, too, is connected to the disappearance of two other children in Winden.
The last case of a missing child happened only three days ago.
You know what happened to Erik and Mikkel? That they disappeared? The same thing happened to Yasin.
My Yasin? Today he left home to go to school alone, and he disappeared on the way there.
If you know anything at all, then you have to tell me now.
This Noah What did he look like? Can you describe him? Can you describe him? He was tall.
As tall as Dad.
He had a hat on.
And blue eyes.
Did Noah steal Yasin? I don't know.
I'll send somebody by.
And you will explain to him exactly what this Noah looked like.
Okay? Every little detail is important.
What was that? You don't talk to your eight-year-old daughter that way! Where were you the night Mikkel vanished? At the office.
- I told you that.
- For how long? Until you called me.
11:00 p.
I know you weren't in the office.
If you have anything to do with Mikkel's disappearance, or with Erik's or Yasin's, then tell me now.
I don't even want to know where you were, or what you were doing, or with whom.
But I want you to look into my eyes right now and assure me that you have nothing to do with all of this.
You're nuts.
This is for you.
Don't you finally want to talk to me? Is there maybe someone I should tell that you're okay? Your parents, they They must be worried.
You don't have to say what happened to you if you don't want to, but If you want, no matter what it is, you can tell me.
It's safe with me.
I promise.
WHERE (WHEN) IS MIKKEL Hey, this is Martha.
Leave a message after the signal.
My name is Noah.
How do you know my name? - Hello, Martha.
- Hello.
I wanted Katharina to have Hannah.
I I figured you weren't in the mood to cook right now.
With all of this.
And I thought Thanks.
Do you want to come in? How are Martha and Magnus? And Ulrich? I don't know.
Where is he? In the shower.
What are you doing here? I Hannah brought us some food.
I have to go to the station.
Could you give me a ride? I came by bike.
It's raining so hard.
- Only if - Of course Ulrich can give you a ride.
Shall we? Hannah? Thanks for the food.
And, really, if you need anything, call me.
No, I understand that.
Still, on such short notice we have to charge the full cancellation fee.
Yes, well I'm sorry.
Could you deliver this for me? - Here, locally.
- Are you leaving us already? I have to go away for a few days.
But I'd like to keep the room if I can.
- Certainly, that's no problem.
- It needs to be delivered by this evening.
- It's important.
- Yes, of course.
Where were you this morning? I tried to reach you all morning.
Have you heard from Martha? She's not calling me back and I don't know what she needs, the whole thing is so fucked up.
She'll get in touch when she's ready.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Come on, let's play.
- I follow you? - Yeah, watch the corridors ahead.
Can I trust you? If I tell you a secret.
Can I trust you not to tell anyone else? Yeah, sure.
I'm in contact with Erik's dealer.
And I'm meeting him tonight.
- You're doing what? - Watch it! Shoot! Triangle! No! No! I'm going there tonight in any case.
And I want you to come along.
Can I count on you? Yeah, sure.
I'm a priest at St.
Christopher's Church.
Ines called me.
Do you believe in God? How do you believe the world came to be? Who created all the beautiful things? The world came to be through the Big Bang.
8 billion years ago.
That's how space, time and matter came to be, and Earth as well.
The rest is evolution.
And what was there before the Big Bang? Nothing can arise from nothing.
Maybe the Big Bang is nothing more than God's act of creation.
My father says religion is the brainwashing of the masses.
I'm sure your father knows a lot, but he doesn't know everything.
It's good that he raised you to question things.
But every now and then, it's good to question those who question things.
God has a plan for every human being.
Including you.
I want you to stop calling me.
Okay? Just stop.
- I can't do this anymore.
- Is that what I am to you? Some damn affair? It's not something you can just switch off.
I can't.
And neither can you.
Look at me.
Look at me! And now tell me there's nothing there.
That this doesn't mean shit to you.
No matter what you need, I'm here for you.
What I need? Don't call me.
Don't come by.
Just leave us alone.
Okay? Get lost! Don't think that I'm just going to let you go.
And then she says, "When you grow up your heart dies.
" That line hits you, bam! Right in your face, you know? And in the end you think they've become friends because that created a bond between them.
But in the end, they're all stuck in their little pigeonholes.
Maybe you want to see it again with me? Hey! Are you even listening to me? Yeah.
Let's talk later, okay? Hey, girls, what are you up to? - Want to go out for a smoke? - Good idea.
Are you sure? We don't have to if you don't want to.
I'd rather do it with you than some other guy.
But you'll get condoms.
I don't want AIDS and I don't want kids.
No way, okay? - Yeah.
- I'm not joking.
No kids.
I promise.
No kids.
Child Protective Services will assume custody for now.
So until we find his family and can assess the situation better, he'll be put in a children's home.
A children's home? Can't he stay here in the hospital for a while? No.
Unfortunately that's not possible.
But I can assure you that the people in the children's home will be able to attend very specifically to his needs.
It's best for him.
Do you have children? No.
I had a son who died just after he was born.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm certain his family will be in touch sooner or later.
Or his school.
We'll find out where he belongs.
Well, then.
He's a peculiar boy.
Really very sensitive.
Don't worry.
I'll come get him on Wednesday.
POLICE Do you know why I became a policeman? When my brother vanished back then, they made every mistake in the book.
The chief investigator was a drunken moron.
And I I swore I'd do everything differently.
That I'd do things right.
That I wouldn't become an incompetent asshole pig like him.
That was 33 years ago.
And now look at me.
I'm a joke.
I cheat on my wife.
My son has vanished.
I can't do anything.
Thirty-three years.
Everything is the same.
Just that now I'm the incompetent asshole.
Have you ever heard of the 33-year cycle? Our calendars are wrong, a year isn't 365 days long.
We're always a bit "out of sync," so to speak.
But every 33 years everything is just like it was.
The stars, the planets, the whole universe returns to the exact same position.
The lunar-solar cycle.
My grandpa was obsessed with such things, the Big Bang and the Big Crunch.
Nietzsche's eternal recurrence.
When I was little I always felt that something was wrong with Winden.
I have that same feeling again.
That everything's repeating.
That this has all happened before.
Like a massive déjà vu.
WINDEN BOY MISSING You look like him.
Your father.
Do we know each other? No.
But I knew your father.
It was a long time ago, but I remember him well.
He saved my life back then.
But I only understood that much later.
Life is a labyrinth.
Some people wander around their whole lives looking for a way out, but there's only one path and it leads you ever deeper.
You don't understand it until you've reached the center.
Death is incomprehensible, but you can make peace with it.
Till then you should ask yourself each day if you've made the right decisions.
DRY CLEANING This will take a while.
Half an hour or so.
Hey? Everything okay? Okay.
I AM NOT AFRAID Do you think I'm pretty? Well, great.
Know what I sometimes imagine? That I can do magic.
I imagine that I want something.
Really badly.
And then it happens, because I imagine it.
Like moving that bottle cap.
Do you know Houdini? Who? Harry Houdini, one of the world's greatest magicians.
There is no such thing as magic, just illusion.
Things only change when we change them.
But you have to do it skillfully, in secret.
Then it seems like magic.
- Where did you learn that? - I'm from the future.
- You're cool.
- No, I'm Mikkel.
Hi, Mikkel, boy from the future.
I'm Hannah.
My mother told me about the old world.
Before the flood.
She said it had been of a different kind.
She would braid my hair and recount harrowing tales, of my father and of demons from the underworlds.
She said all is forgiven but nothing forgotten.
Then the darkness in her eyes was greater than usual.
And her words flowed like waves.
She said all was well now the way it was.
MISSING That all occupied its own space, in the past as in the here and now.
When she spoke in this manner, something would overcome her.
She would pull my braids tightly as if to punish me for something that dwelled in a place deep within her.
Something that tugged at her from the center, like a hunger that could not be satisfied.
She spoke of yesterday as though it were before her very eyes.
As if today was but a veil that shrouded in shadow all that was real to her.
The old world came to haunt her like a ghost that whispered to her in a dream how to erect the new world, stone by stone.
From then on, I knew that nothing changes.
That all things remain as before.
The spinning wheel turns, round and round in a circle.
One fate tied to the next.
A thread, red like blood, that cleaves together all our deeds.
One cannot unravel the knots.
But they can be severed.
He severed ours, with the sharpest blade.
Yet something remains behind that cannot be severed.
An invisible bond.
On many a night, he tugs at it.
And then I wake with a start, knowing that nothing ceases to be.
That all remains.
That was great.
You were great.
- What are you doing here? - I wanted to tell you something.
I wasn't in France.
I was in the nuthouse.
They call it post-traumatic stress.
- Why didn't you say anything? - I didn't want you to think I was a freak.
What happened between us last summer, that wasn't just nothing, was it? I mean, if my father hadn't - If this all hadn't happened - It's okay.
Why did you call me this morning and not Bartosz? I'm Bartosz.
I know.
I'm Noah.
Don't you want to get in? Are you cheating on me? Where did you get that idea? I'm only going to ask you this once.
Are you cheating on me? I'd never do that.
Dad? If you've seen something you shouldn't have What do you mean? Well, something that's not right.
Not right in what sense? Well, if someone does something with someone and it's wrong.
What did you see? Ulrich touched her breasts and laid on top of her.
And she didn't want it.
You're going to tell me exactly what you saw, okay? And then he laid down on top of her and held her mouth shut.
Like this.
Did she resist? She yelled "stop" and struggled.
But he was on top of her.
Did he see you? What did he do then? - Did he ? - He choked her and she went all red.
- Then he pulled down his pants and - You don't have to continue.
You did the right thing.
You were very brave.
"Dear Jonas, by the time you read this everything will have happened, irrevocably.
It can no longer be changed.
I would have liked to explain things to you sooner, but I hope once you understand how everything is connected, you will understand my decision.
I AM NOT AFRAID The truth is a strange thing.
You can try to suppress it, but it will always find its way back to the surface.
We make a lie into our truth in order to survive.
We try to forget.
Until we can't anymore.
We don't know even half of the mysteries of this world.
We are wanderers in the darkness.
This is my truth.
On November 4, 2019 I traveled through time to the year 1986.
The boy from the future stayed, and in time he became a man.
Mikkel became Michael, who never knew where he belonged.
By the time you read this I'll already be gone.
Mikkel? Both as a boy and as a man.
I hope you can forgive me.
Everything is connected.
Mikkel, Michael.
" THIS BOOK BELONGS TO MIKKEL Can I help you? I'd like to talk to you about time.
Subtitle translation by Nathan Fritz, Peter Rigney
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