Dark (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Sic Mundus Creatus Est

This isn't funny anymore.
Katharina? Ulrich? This isn't funny anymore.
Help! Help! Help! It was just a nightmare.
Tell me everything's all right.
Everything is all right.
One dead boy MISSING three missing children.
We're widening the search.
I want you to knock on every door.
Start with the residential areas close to where the children were last seen.
I want you to question everyone.
Someone must have seen something.
Coordinate with other departments in the district.
I also want you to search the archives for similar cases in and around Winden over the last 50 years.
Even if a child went missing for just 24 hours, I want to know.
I want you all working double shifts.
Leave no stone left unturned in this town.
Search every single basement.
Everyone leaves some kind of trace somewhere.
We just have to find it.
How did you and Dad meet? In the hospital.
I was 14.
Your father had a broken leg.
And I was in a bad mood.
What was he like? Earlier.
Before he got sick.
He was different.
You never knew if he meant something seriously or not.
Mom Yes? Nothing.
INVESTIGATION WINDEN BOY (12) VANISHES MADS NIELSEN MISSING When does he normally come home? He goes to fencing classes on Thursdays.
And he gets home just after six.
When he wasn't home by seven, I knew something was wrong.
And your husband? Where was he? He was home.
With us, he The three of us were waiting for Mads.
Tronte, Ulrich and I.
Where are you going? School.
No, you aren't going anywhere.
Is this supposed to go on forever? Keeping us locked up here? Locked up? Your brother has only been missing four days.
He's not going to come back just because we're sitting around.
Come back here and talk to me! I can't let the others down.
They need me.
Who needs you? The play I thought it was cancelled.
No! Mr.
Meinel said it'd be better to give people a break, so they can think about something else.
So everyone is just thinking of themselves.
You're no different! Did you once think about us these last few days? That's enough! And how many more of these damned things will you put up? - She didn't mean it like that.
- Yes, I did! I meant it like that.
This is so fucked up! Everyone's waiting for Mikkel to come back through that door, as if nothing happened.
Dad doesn't even dare come home anymore! - And no one gives a shit about us.
- That's not true.
But for once, this isn't about you, Martha.
You're so blind.
Everyone's thinking it, but no one dares say it.
Mikkel is dead! Oh, shit.
How are you all holding up? Katharina, the children? Where's Mom? Sleeping.
She's taking pills.
When Mads disappeared back then, was there ever a suspect? Did Egon have anything? Egon? Egon was an idiot.
He just wanted to retire, that was all he wanted.
That dead boy we found in the forest He was dressed like in the '80s.
Maybe all this has something to do with what happened back then.
Maybe it's all happening again.
Maybe it's the same perpetrator.
Where were you the night Mads disappeared? Mom said you were home.
But I remember, you weren't.
You weren't there for dinner.
You didn't come home until late that night.
Mom was staring at the clock the whole time.
Then at some point she started to pray.
Very softly.
And you weren't there.
Where were you? Do you suspect me now? I've made a lot of mistakes, but that you could even think such a thing Where were you five days ago, when Mikkel disappeared? He was here.
Where else would he have been? How you two fought over these figures! It was Christmas.
You ended up going at each other like two boxers.
Mads smashed into the glass table in the living room.
There was so much blood, like in a horror movie.
But in the end it turned out to be just a small cut.
On his chin.
You both laughed yourselves silly.
That's how you were.
One minute you hated each other's guts, the next minute you were best friends.
Mom, why did you lie? Dad wasn't home that evening.
You told Egon back then that Dad was with us.
I listened to the recording.
So why did you lie? Did you know that I wanted to leave your father? Before it all happened.
He was having an affair.
It wasn't the first one.
And the night Mads disappeared he was with her.
While your brother disappeared, he was sleeping with another woman.
Do you know who she was? Claudia.
Claudia Tiedemann.
Who was the last person to see Mads that evening? It was Regina.
Regina Tiedemann.
Claudia's daughter.
You've reached Aleksander Tiedemann.
Please leave a message after the signal.
How are you? Good.
You didn't call me back.
I was getting worried.
I I'm so sorry about everything.
It's all my fault.
I shouldn't have had that stupid idea with the caves.
Say something.
Are you angry with me? No.
Why should I be angry? I can't do this right now.
Do you want to leave? I'll run away with you.
The play is about to start.
Have you seen Jonas? Why? No reason.
The jerk stood me up yesterday.
But whatever.
I'm sure he'll come later.
ULRICH NIELSEN Hello? Ulrich? What are you doing here? The night my brother went missing.
What really happened? That was over 30 years ago.
You were the last one to see him that night.
Did you notice anything unusual that day? Did he say something? Something strange? Anything at all? Did you know they were having an affair? Your mother and my father.
Mads was the only person I knew who never said a bad word about anyone.
I've always asked myself, why him, of all people? I always thought it should have happened to you instead of him.
But there's no justice in this world.
And the absurd thing is had it not been for you and Katharina, maybe Mads wouldn't have disappeared.
Mads knew I was afraid to walk home alone because of you two.
Because of what you did to me.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone with me and returned through the forest.
And the whole thing would have never happened.
What happened in the forest back then It was a game.
We were children.
We all made mistakes back then.
And still you never apologized for it.
So this is about an apology for you? So that's how you see yourself.
A victim.
Poor, innocent Regina.
You're so fake it makes me sick! You told your drunken, good-for-nothing grandpa that I raped Katharina.
That's what you thought? Hannah saw you back then.
At the police station.
Hannah? The same Hannah who at 14 was so in love with you that she would have done anything to have you? But I guess that hasn't really changed.
So that's what you thought all these years? That I spread that story? Why would I do something like that? I'm not half as bad as you are.
MISSING Winden police confirmed yesterday that the body of a child has been found.
It is not the body of one of the three children currently missing.
Have the police failed us? Are our children safe? We'd like to hear from you about this.
The number of our hotline is 0800 64 82 64 82.
Get the latest news on our website and use a special discussion forum My name is Katharina Nielsen.
I'm the mother of Mikkel Nielsen, one of the children That's right.
Okay, I'll wait.
We have someone on the line now.
Nielsen, mother of one of Winden's missing children.
She'd like to talk with us about the tragic events of the last few days.
Nielsen? I want people to finally understand what's really going on here.
We're all so blind.
There's a murderer among us.
No one actually dares to say it.
But it's the truth.
We cling to the hope that it won't happen here.
We all know one another.
MAMMOGRAPHY SCREENING CENTER We think we know everything about each other.
But do we really? We live right next door to people we know almost nothing about.
RAPE CASE SUSPECT: ULRICH NIELSEN WITNESS: HANNAH KRÜGER And behind one of those doors is my son.
It could be anyone's door.
The man behind the cash register.
Someone we invited for cake on a Sunday, who plays with our children.
I don't want to look away anymore.
And you shouldn't either.
This city is sick.
Winden is like a festering wound.
And we're all part of it.
Mammography Center.
Tiedemann speaking.
My wife had a cancer examination at your center on October 27th.
We still don't have the results.
What was her name again? Tiedemann.
Regina Tiedemann.
That's odd.
The results were sent out the day before yesterday.
We detected invasive carcinomas a few weeks ago.
The latest results show that they have metastasized.
Your wife should make an appointment to see Dr.
Urman as soon as possible.
Hello? Mr.
Tiedemann? Ulrich! - What are you doing here, I thought - What do you want from me? - What? - What do you want from me? It was you in 1986.
You gave a statement against me in the rape case.
How sick are you? You're hurting me! Are you trying to ruin me? Do you want to destroy my family? Is that what you want? What do you want? You.
You know what? You're poison.
You snuggle up close, like you're honey.
But it's just poison.
How did your husband put up with you for so long? No wonder he couldn't take it anymore, in the end.
I thought I knew you.
How easily one can be deceived by people.
Now you have heard her, the daughter of Minos.
You think you know her.
Is she not beautiful and good? You have let yourself be enchanted.
By her words.
By her pretty gaze.
But believe me.
Everyone, whether the daughter of a king or not, has one foot in the shadow and only the other in the light.
Only 19 minutes to go till 9:17.
What is it? When are you coming home? Soon.
I'm just picking up Bartosz from school.
He insisted on going to this play.
I'm here for you.
You know that.
No matter what.
Don't be late.
Regina I love you.
I love you too.
Take this.
It will guide you.
You have to go deep inside, to the center.
He is waiting there in the shadows.
Half human, half beast.
You must be quick.
Aim straight for the heart.
But is he not your brother? It is all the same to me.
This bond we tie now, promise me you will never sever it.
I promise.
FOLLOW THE SIGNAL! Nothing but darkness surrounds me.
Eternally lurking shadows.
I have not eaten in days.
My eyes are turning black.
The end is nearing.
Just as he once descended into the maze, I now descend into mine.
Now I stand before you.
No king's daughter.
No man's wife.
No brother's sister.
A loose end in time.
And so we all die alike.
No matter into which house we are born.
No matter which gown.
Whether we grace the earth briefly or for a long time.
I alone tie my bonds.
Whether I have extended hands or slapped them.
We all face the same end.
Those above have long forgotten us.
They do not judge us.
In death, I am all alone.
And my only judge is me.
Everything's okay.
I'm here.
Is the play over? Or did you drag your daughter off stage to save her from the sick people in this town? If you can't stand living here why don't you just leave? Did you see that? That is who your mother really is.
You and Ulrich, you truly deserve each other.
Let me go.
Tell them what happened back then! Tell them who their mother really is.
Let's go.
I can't sleep.
Go away.
Can we talk? Yes.
What the fuck was all that back at school? No idea.
Do you think things will ever be the same again? You know what I find weird? You don't actually know your parents, do you? What they were like as kids or teenagers.
You're a family, but you don't really know anything about each other.
Can I sleep here tonight? Okay, but keep those cold feet of yours on your side.
MISSING Can we give you a lift? A bit late to be walking around alone.
You shouldn't stay out in the rain so long.
Why not? Because it's acid.
People say it's not in the rain anymore, but I don't believe it.
Hannah, move over.
Come on, hop in.
I'll drive you home.
Hannah? Thanks, I'm okay.
Close the door.
- What was up with him? - Forget it.
MISSING Mads crashed into the glass table in the living room.
There was so much blood, like in a horror movie.
But in the end, it turned out to be just a small cut.
On his chin.
That's how you were.
One minute you hated each other's guts.
The next minute you were best friends.
Subtitle translation by Todd Dennie, Peter Rigney
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