Dark (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

As You Sow, So You Shall Reap

The workers found these two corpses this morning.
They're still children.
It's as if someone dressed them in costumes.
Where were we? The Einstein-Rosen bridge.
A passage between a black hole, the entry, and a white hole, the exit, which connects time and space.
To pass through it is to travel through time.
Our thinking is shaped by dualism.
Entrance, exit.
Black, white.
Good, evil.
Everything appears as opposite pairs.
But that's wrong.
Have you ever heard of the triquetra? The trinity knot.
Nothing is complete without a third dimension.
There isn't only up and down.
There's a center, too.
I think Einstein and Rosen overlooked something.
"Sic mundus creatus est.
" A wormhole connects not just two, but three different dimensions.
Future, present and past.
Helge Good Lord.
Just look at you.
I I was at the construction site.
- There was something - Take off your clothes.
I told you to take off your clothes.
Go on.
Wait here.
Hello, my boy.
What have you been getting into again? - I was at the construction site.
- That's nice.
They found something there.
- What did they find? - He's been creeping around again.
Tell me, what did they find? There were police everywhere at the construction site.
- Police? - Two dead bodies.
- In the middle of the construction site.
- What are you talking about? They looked like kids.
- What? Are you sure? - Yes.
You're not lying? You're late.
The coins for Claudia are on the table.
I've never seen this kind of burn before.
Possibly from a phosphorous grenade.
It's also interesting that both their ears are completely destroyed.
And that's not the only strange thing.
They both had one around their neck.
The coin is from 1986.
Is this a joke? It gets even better.
Take a look.
The little tag on the collar.
"Made in China"? All their clothes are from China.
Chinese? They're definitely not from around here.
The boy here He looks Mediterranean, or maybe Arabian.
I don't know about the redhead.
This tattoo is strange.
I've seen all sorts of odd things, but this definitely takes the cake.
One, two three.
One, two, three, four, five You write about Nietzsche's eternal recurrence A universe that expands and then collapses again.
A universe that repeats itself endlessly.
TANNHAUS It's been a long time since I've seen that.
There were only 500 copies in total.
You write about the lunar-solar cycle, in which everything repeats itself every 33 years.
From a cosmic point of view, yes.
Every 33 years, the cycle of the moon is synchronized with that of the sun.
But the 33 is more than that.
We encounter it everywhere.
Jesus performed 33 miracles.
There are 33 litanies of the angels.
Dante's 33 cantos in purgatory, and 33 in paradise.
And it is the age at which the Antichrist begins his rule.
Why would someone do that? What? Kill.
Why? What's inside them? Where does it come from? - Why someone becomes a murderer? - Yes.
Are you born one or do you become one? It would certainly make our work easier if we knew ahead of time.
Lock them up while they're still little.
Before they get on the wrong track.
Why does someone become a murderer? Hey, weirdo! - Why the big hurry? - Buying silk stockings for mommy? See if there's anything in his pockets.
- Leave me alone! - Scream.
No one will hear you.
Don't piss your pants.
Your old man's got dough coming out of his ears.
- There's someone there.
- Let's get out of here! Hey, wait a minute.
Did someone just come by here? An old man in pajamas? Are you okay? You have to defend yourself.
Or they'll never stop.
But they're stronger than me.
Then just bite them next time.
Imagine you're standing in an infinitely large, dark room, shining a light to the left.
The beam should continue in the same direction forever.
There's no reason to assume that it could come back at you from the right.
But a wormhole changes the topology of space-time.
Bends it Nothing is where it belongs anymore.
Could you help me? Excuse me.
We're not from around here.
- I'm looking for Killinger Strasse 61.
- That's where I live.
It's down the road and then to the right.
- Are you Mr.
Egon Tiedemann? - No.
How rude of me.
My name is Agnes Nielsen.
And this is my son Tronte.
We're new in Winden.
Tronte? Come and say hello to the nice man.
You're Tronte Nielsen? And you're Agnes Nielsen? Yes.
Imagine traveling back in time and meeting your father.
Before he had you.
Excuse the question.
But what year is it? Would you have already changed things with this encounter? And is it even possible to change things? Are you all right? Or is time an eternal beast that can't be defeated? What do you think? Can we change the course of events? Any scientist would tell you no.
Causal determinism forbids it.
But it is human nature to believe that we play a role in our own lives.
That our actions can change things.
All my life, I've dreamed of traveling through time, to see what was and what will be.
You don't dream that anymore? Dreams change.
Other things become important.
My place is not in the yesterday or tomorrow.
Rather, it's right here.
And now.
Can I help you? Are you looking for a watch? Are you H.
Tannhaus? This H.
Tannhaus? No, not the same guy then, right? What year is it? What year? Stalin is dead.
England has a Queen.
And Nanga Parbat has been conquered.
1953 as it lives and breathes, yes.
It's not possible.
The number 33.
You write that it could be the time difference between the planes of a three dimensional wormhole.
That's just a theory.
But perhaps it could be the crux of the matter.
Here, girl.
You're late.
I've told you before to be on time.
Claudia, I forgot the money at home.
I'll bring it over later.
Come in.
FROM 1 TO 100 Wrong.
There are two rooms and a small kitchen upstairs.
Unfortunately, the plumber hasn't been here yet.
The water upstairs isn't working properly.
This is my daughter Claudia.
Claudia, please say hello.
Agnes Nielsen.
Tronte? - I'm Tronte.
- Claudia.
This is our dog Gretchen.
I hope you're okay with dogs.
My husband isn't here much.
He's with the police.
Sometimes it seems like he thinks he alone is responsible for this town.
And your husband is ? - He's dead.
- Oh.
I didn't mean to I talk without thinking.
It I'm truly sorry.
Do you want to see the rooms upstairs? Claudia, why don't you show the boy the neighborhood later? Here you go.
Should I call a doctor? - Hello.
- Hello, Ines.
Hello, Jana.
I'm here to pick up Dad's watch.
Is it ready? Right Kahnwald, Kahnwald Kahnwald.
Here you go, Ines.
Purrs like a kitten again.
Did you hear what the police found this morning? No.
But I'm sure you're about to tell me.
Jana heard it in the teachers' room.
The suspense is killing me.
Mom? They found two dead bodies on Doppler's construction site.
Two little boys.
They were abducted by aliens.
- For experiments.
- What did you just say? About the aliens? No, about the boys.
The police found two dead boys this morning.
The discovery of uranium fission has heralded in a new era in the history of humankind.
An era of reason, objectivity, and the dominance of man over nature.
ENERGY OF THE FUTURE We can harness this phenomenon by economically utilizing neutron-induced fission in nuclear reactors.
A minuscule atom can change the world.
And it is here that we will build the first German nuclear power plant, ensuring the local community's long-term stability and prosperity.
STOP! POLICE KEEP OUT! CRIME SCENE I need a list of all the workers that have been on the premises.
What's the point? You should be asking who might have a problem with the power plant being built.
The power plant? I just spoke to the city council about the building permit.
And just like that, two dead children's corpses appear on the construction site one day earlier? And who put them there, in your opinion? The coal plant operators.
You don't believe me.
If this power plant gets built, it will be nothing short of a revolution.
Not only will it change Winden.
Nuclear energy will bring growth and wealth to the entire nation.
But it means change.
The old must give way to the new.
Not everyone likes that.
I'll send you a list with the names of the coal plant operators.
You'll see.
The whole thing is a conspiracy.
These are our caves.
We're not allowed to go in very far.
But sometimes we do it anyway.
As a dare, you know? A dare? Sure.
Shouldn't you be heading home by now? And you still owe me a mark.
Come on.
Let's keep going.
We're rid of him.
Come on.
Gretchen! Come, Gretchen, come! - Is one of the two my son? - I can't help you.
I just want to know if one of them is mine.
- Calm down! - Let go.
Right now! What's going on here? The two boys you found this morning, what did they look like? What did they look like? Did one have brown hair? 11 years old? - Why do you want to know? - My son My son disappeared.
All I want to know is if one of the dead kids is mine.
His name is Mikkel.
He's 11 years old.
Brown hair.
Blue eyes.
About this tall.
I have a picture.
- Shit, my jacket! - He's drunk.
One's pretty dark, brown eyes.
The other a bit taller, bright red hair.
You're sure there wasn't a third? Have you reported your son missing? Do you know someone by the name of Helge Doppler? - Bernd Doppler's son? - No.
Old, about 70.
The only old one is Bernd Doppler.
Bernd Doppler from the nuclear power plant? - Bernd is Helge's dad.
- Correct.
Wait! But you Why are you so fascinated with time? I want to understand if I can change it.
If everything has a purpose, and if so who decides about this purpose? Coincidence? God? Or is it us? Are we actually free in our actions? Or is it all created anew, in an eternally recurring cycle? And we can only obey the laws of nature and are nothing but slaves of space and time.
- Egon.
- What? - They're here.
- Who? The woman who called about the rooms.
She's odd, but I think she's nice.
I think she'll take the rooms.
Did something bad happen? No.
It's just Everything's fine.
Nielsen? Mrs.
Nielsen, this is Egon Tiedemann, my husband.
Your wife has told me a lot about you.
- You have a very nice home.
- Thank you.
Did you arrive today? May I ask why you came to Winden, of all places? Stop questioning her.
My husband is a policeman.
He can't help being curious.
My grandmother is from Winden.
She always gushed about this town.
May I ask what your grandmother's name was? Dad! Dad! Dad! Gretchen is gone! In the woods.
- She was there and then she was gone.
- Calm down and tell me what happened.
I was showing Tronte the woods.
The path down into town.
Gretchen was with us the whole time, then she disappeared.
And where's Helge? - Maybe Gretchen is with Helge.
- Yes.
- That must be it.
- Can you go and find out? - I was going to see the Dopplers anyway.
- Egon I invited Agnes and Tronte to dinner.
Don't be late again, okay? Time loops have a significant impact on the principle of causality.
On the relationship of cause and effect.
As long as a wormhole exists, there is a closed time loop.
Inside it, everything is mutually dependent.
The past doesn't just influence the future.
The future also influences the past.
It's like the question of the chicken and the egg.
We can no longer say which of the two came first.
Everything is interconnected.
You're Helge Doppler, aren't you? Yes.
Why? Look at this.
Have you ever seen that before? No.
Did you find the man you're looking for? Yes.
You look sad.
What's in your box? Did you kill them? Hey.
I asked if you killed them.
They just fall from the sky.
They just plop down.
I just collect them.
They're so beautiful when they're dead.
But you will kill something.
The two boys at the construction site.
My brother.
My son.
Not now, but in the future.
But I can change it, you know.
I can change the past.
And the future.
Help! If you don't exist, all of this won't happen.
No! - Mrs.
Doppler will be right down.
- Thank you.
Hello, Mrs.
My husband isn't home.
I I'm looking for Gretchen.
Our dog.
- Perhaps Helge took her home? - Certainly not.
Helge knows we don't allow animals in the house.
Then I have no idea where she is.
There is no dog here.
Anything else? No.
Thank you.
Sorry about the disturbance.
In case the dog turns up Good day.
Helge? Helge! All our lives are connected.
One fate bound to another.
Every one of our deeds is merely a response to a previous deed.
Cause and effect.
Nothing but an endless dance.
MISSING MIKKEL NIELSEN Everything is connected to everything else.
But that's just a theory.
I can't shake the feeling that you're actually here about something else.
What if I told you that everything in your book was true? That time travel is possible.
Your theory on the formation of wormholes through gravitational impulses is not just theory.
There is such a hole.
Here in Winden.
I come from the future.
I traveled through the wormhole to 1986.
Where where did you get that? It's broken.
You have to fix it.
I can't do that.
Aren't those your initials? You built it.
This device enables one to travel through time and space? It can create a wormhole? It opens a portal through which one can travel 33 years into the past and 33 years into the future.
And the wormhole you traveled through? Did that device create it? No.
A few months ago, an incident at the nuclear power plant released a blast of energy.
But the device is able to repeat that same process.
And you want to create another wormhole? No, I want to destroy the one that exists.
I want you to leave now.
This town is like a festering wound.
And we're all a part of it.
But I can change it.
- Your device can change it.
- Leave.
Leave now.
I've seen the future.
I know what will happen.
I have to set things right again.
And you have to help me.
Subtitle translation by Todd Dennie, Peter Rigney
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