Dark (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Everything is Now

1 Man has always puzzled over his origin.
His genesis.
Created by God? Or a product of evolution? If we could see yesterday and tomorrow at the same time, the origin and the end, the entire universe in a single moment, we might finally find answers to the biggest questions of all.
What is man? Where does he come from? What drives him? What is his purpose? EVERYTHING IS NOW AN IMPORTANT INVESTMENT NUCLEAR POWER FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD! The boys they found at the construction site Do you think someone did the same thing with him? Or maybe I gave him too much of a scolding about the pants.
Maybe that's why he ran away.
Where are you going? To the police.
Good morning.
Doppler's here.
In your office.
Says his boy has disappeared.
Maybe you were right about there being more to come.
There was a man here yesterday.
He said that his son had disappeared.
He wanted to know if one of the dead children was his boy.
What man? I don't know, but he asked about Doppler's boy.
Tell the officers and put out an APB.
And not a word to Doppler! Mr.
Kahnwald told me that your son has gone missing.
Yes, since yesterday.
And when was that exactly? My wife said it was around three o'clock.
I want you to find my son.
Whatever it costs.
I don't care about anything else.
The nuclear plant, anything at all.
Just bring me back my son.
Gretchen! Gretchen! Here, Gretchen! Come here! Gretchen! You almost look like James Dean with that haircut.
The girls in Winden will be after you in droves.
You'll see.
Do you have a girlfriend? Why did you leave where you come from? Are you bank robbers on the run? My mother wanted a change.
Your mother is a very beautiful woman.
I've never seen anyone so elegant.
I feel like the Queen of England has invited me to tea.
Turn around.
You're beautiful.
The Queen would be glad to have you visit.
It's yours.
What would Egon say? What could he say? How long were you married? Fifteen years.
It's been nearly ten for Egon and me.
But somehow everything has changed.
He has changed.
He's not home as much as he used to be.
His work.
What kind of work did your husband do? He was a pastor.
But I can't say he was a man of faith.
Do you miss him a lot? He wasn't a good person.
Sometimes I think it's good he's dead.
And that I'm free.
I can't accept it.
I'd better take it off.
I prayed to God to get rid of the child before it was ever born.
And after I had him, I prayed every day that something would befall him.
Because he may not be Bernd's child.
Because maybe he wasn't a child created out of love, but That's what's in my head.
Every day.
I can't escape it.
It's my fault.
We are all full of sin.
No pure human being exists.
But no matter what we do, we never fall any lower than into God's hands.
And what if they aren't God's hands? What if they are the hands of the devil? God sent me to you.
Did he not? We don't meet the people we meet by accident.
We touch the lives of others and are touched ourselves, and thus God's hands guide us to our true destiny.
Let us pray.
Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Stop there! Stop! Police! Stop! Stop! Stop! Police! Stop! Hands up! What did you do to the two boys at the construction site? Where's Helge? That was you too.
The two boys? That's impossible.
They can't be there.
I changed that.
What did you change? The course of time.
Helge's dead.
Helge will never be able to kill again.
You're a madman! Go on, turn around.
Turn around! Down! On your knees! But I changed it.
Get up! But I changed it.
Piss off.
I just wanted to know, is Ulrich still in prison? They have to release him today.
Did Tiedemann say who told him? And you and Ulrich? - What about us? - I don't know.
Won't your mom freak out if you keep seeing him? I don't care.
Nobody's going to come between us.
That's love, you know.
It's stronger than hate.
But you don't get that yet.
If I find out who told the cops that I'm going to clobber them.
Maybe it was Regina.
I mean, Tiedemann is her grandfather.
See you.
I've been a police officer for over 40 years.
Your face.
Your stare.
I know that stare.
I know that you've got something to hide.
That you've got something to do with all of this.
- I can feel it in my bones.
- Maybe it's cancer.
You might want to get that checked out.
I want you to stay away from our family.
And I'm going to make sure you're taken off Mads' case.
Gretchen? I can't believe you were in jail.
That's really harsh.
Why does Tiedemann have it in for you? He thinks I'm the Antichrist.
Hey, Tiedemann! Damn four-eyes! I know what you did.
You trying to get me back for the summer? It was a game.
We wouldn't have left you hanging there all night.
We couldn't have known you were so damn fragile! I have to go.
See this? My mom did this.
And why? - Because you fed your grandpa bullshit! - I didn't.
Rape! Is that the best you could come up with? Come on, Katharina! You make me sick! - Where are you going? - Hey, stop! - Screw off! It's none of your business.
- I told you to stop.
And I told you to screw off.
Apologize to her.
I said you should apologize.
And how do I know it's real? You two get the hell out of here, and fast.
And if you hurt her again, I'll finish you.
Everything's okay.
You're bleeding.
- It's not so bad.
- You have to see a doctor.
We have bandages at home.
My mother isn't home.
I can do it.
What's your name? Aleksander.
Tell me exactly what happened in the summer.
I already told you.
An incident.
- In the volume control system.
- That's not good enough for me.
The connections to the chemical feed-in system were corroded.
Hydrogen gas must have collected in one of the tubes.
Boom! It wasn't a precaution.
- That's why the tubes were changed.
- It is what we make of it.
And what the reports say.
We were lucky.
Only an insignificant amount of radioactive material leaked out.
We had the entire floor removed and stored everything in a safe place.
You call that a safe place? As safe as any other official interim storage facility.
- Who knows about it? - It happened during the nightshift.
The shift supervisor, a handful of employees, Helge.
No one will talk, they all got a fat bonus.
Don't make a bigger deal out of it than it is.
In the night Was there more? Did anything else happen? Anything strange? In the cave, anything - Anything the explosion may have - Just what might have happened there? Do you believe that Hannibal marched over the Alps with elephants? There are no truths, just stories.
And the story of this city is now in your hands.
Is our power plant safe? Can something like Chernobyl happen in our plant? You decide what story you want to tell.
10:30 A.
Born January 21, 1965.
A young man is here to see you.
He said he's your daughter's friend.
- Her friend? - Yes.
He's looking for work, if I understood him correctly.
I'm Aleksander.
So you're a friend of my daughter's? And all this time I thought she didn't care about boys.
I'm new in town.
Looking for work.
Regina told me you might be able to help me.
- Do you have training? - I'm a metalworker.
I can work.
I'm a fast learner.
You're not from here? All I'm asking for is a chance.
I'm sorry.
We don't need anyone at the moment.
But maybe we will soon.
Where can I reach you? I'll just come by again tomorrow.
Why doesn't it work? It will.
Be patient.
Do you think Einstein would have given up so fast? It is the fate of pioneers to persistently pursue their aim.
To believe, although no one believes.
I don't want to do this anymore.
Why would God want any of this? Yes.
Why would God want any of this? After looking into hell, as you have, it can never be forgotten.
It becomes a part of you.
And the idea of God, of Jesus the Savior, becomes a thread of hope you cling to.
All of us who know the darkness long for the light, but there is no God! God didn't make this hole among us.
God doesn't have a plan.
There is no plan at all.
There's nothing but chaos out there.
Pain and chaos! People are bad.
Malicious, evil.
Life is nothing but a spiral of pain.
And the world is doomed to be destroyed.
But this here This is our ark.
And I'm Noah.
If we can harness this energy, we can change everything.
Then we decide the world's fate, far removed from all the evil and from all pain.
We'll create a time machine that reorders everything, the beginning and the end.
Charlotte, the question isn't who kidnapped the children, but when? I was right.
Helge Doppler.
Not now, but in 1986.
Call me back immediately when you hear this.
Where's Ulrich? I thought he was with you.
I tried to reach him, but his phone is off.
- Was he not here yesterday either? - Don't you know? - Do I know what? - He's suspended.
I thought it was better if he was with you guys.
It's better if he's with us? You think we sit at home holding hands? I'm an idiot! Our son is missing, and he's got nothing better to do than screw that slut.
No, Charlotte, it isn't better this way! I have to go.
Where did you get it? I found it under the bridge.
Just because we fuck doesn't mean you have to know everything about me.
I don't want to hurt you, okay? I want to know who you are.
Who you really are.
Not today, okay? Hey, it's me.
Call me back, for crying out loud! Franziska? Martha.
Why is it that we all keep secrets from one another? Some things you just want to keep to yourself.
- Katharina! This is a surprise.
- Where is he? Who? Don't act so stupid.
Ulrich! Is he here? No.
Why would he be here? You lying piece of shit! How long has it been going on? A month? Half a year? Or longer? I - I - I I I ! I don't know where my son is! And I don't know where my husband is! My husband! Do you understand? Did you fuck here? Or here? Here! Or in my house? In my bed? He isn't here.
Is it fun for you? Yeah? Does it turn you on? Destroying the lives of others? My life and my children's lives? Did you think about that when you stuck your scrawny ass out for him? It's over.
It's over.
I ended it.
I never wanted any of it.
But he just didn't let up.
You know how he can be.
He wanted to leave you.
I told him that was crazy.
He said that he didn't love you anymore.
That he loves me.
But I want you to know that it's over now, Katharina.
It's over.
Can I help you? You must be Bartosz.
I'm Claudia, your grandmother.
Is your mother home? My mother told me you died before I was born.
I'm sure your mother told you lots of stories about me.
Only some of them are true.
It looks much different than it did.
There was no addition.
Why did Mom tell me you're dead? For your mom, I'm sure I am.
I wasn't a particularly good mother, you know.
You're a lot like the two of them.
Your eyes.
Your chin.
You look a lot like your parents.
If you're not dead, where were you all these years? That's a long story.
Maybe I'll tell you one day.
Regina won't be home till late.
- Are you going to wait or ? - Not today.
I have to take care of something.
I want you to give her this.
Will you do that for me? That was before.
Before that summer and everything else that followed it.
I made lots of mistakes back then.
Believe me, if I could turn back time, I would do lots of things differently.
Yes, that's good.
That's good.
Just a second.
Do you recognize it? All these years I've wondered why I kept it.
But there's a time for everything.
Don't worry.
The contents are in safe keeping.
What do you want? Why do some people have everything and some nothing? Why do you and Regina have a beautiful home and I can't even pay my electrical bill? Why does fate predestine a good life for some and not for others? - Do you want money? - I don't want any money.
I want you to do me a favor.
I want you to destroy Ulrich.
I want him to lose everything.
How am I supposed to do that? What do you have in mind? I don't give a damn how you do it or who you pay, just destroy him! Boris Niewald.
Interesting name.
I think it suits you much better.
- I have to go.
- You have to go? Can you tell me what's going on? I've been trying to reach you for days, and you don't even write back! What was that after rehearsal? You just make out with me.
Did you think, "The chick's unstable, so I'll take what I can get"? God, say something! It was wrong.
- What was wrong? - The thing with us.
It wasn't right.
Because of Bartosz? No, not because of Bartosz.
Because of us.
It We're just not a good match, okay? We're not a good match? Yeah, we're not a good match.
The whole thing is wrong.
We're wrong.
So this is wrong? I'm sorry.
I want you to do me a favor.
I need information on Ulrich Nielsen.
- Anything that could be useful.
- Okay.
And what'll we do with the truck? In a few days, when everything has calmed down, we'll bring the barrels back.
WHEN IS MIKKEL? You were right.
Everything you predicted has happened.
Did you think about my offer? Yes.
I have work for you, but on one condition.
You can't speak of it.
With anyone.
When do I start? Blowjob, 50 euros.
You can feel me up between the legs too.
Well, forget it then.
You have no idea what you're missing.
Can I help you? We're actually closed.
I think I have something that could interest you.
I want you to build this for me.
What's that supposed to be? It's something that will set the course of time straight.
Subtitle translation by Nathan Fritz, Todd Dennie
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