Dark (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Dark Matter

We've managed to stabilize the God Particle and consequently the resulting mass.
In a stable state it seems to create a kind of portal, which possibly allows for time travel.
Supplied with sufficient voltage the matter can be kept in a stable state in the long term.
Sending objects through the stabilized matter has proven possible.
A generator has to supply sufficient AC current for that.
Despite lengthy observation, we have yet to determine the matter's energy source.
It would appear to be running entirely on its own.
The readings indicate that there is no loss of energy.
It seems to be a recursive, self-sustainable system.
Radiation emanating from the matter is above control values.
Yet there are no signs of deterioration.
This is consistent with the principle of conservation of energy, yet contradicts the second law of thermodynamics.
The matter seems to exist independent of external temperatures in solid, liquid and gaseous states simultaneously.
Its molecules are continually rearranged in a cyclical process.
Fold out your hands Give me a sign Put down your lies Lay down next to me Don't listen when I scream Bury your doubts and fall asleep For neither ever Nor never Goodbye Neither ever Nor never Goodbye Neither ever Nor never Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye June 22, 1987 Five days until the Apocalypse [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Hey, sleepyhead.
We're running a little late today.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Just one week, then you're on vacation.
But it's my mom's birthday.
You know what we said, hmm? The past is the past, you know.
And now is now.
Shall we? Let's go.
Regina, you'll be late! The French delegation is visiting the plant.
- I can't make it today.
- No problem.
I'm not doing anything at all.
- Regina! - I can do this more often.
Regina! - [DOG BARKS.]
Where did you find this little one? - She looks like Gretchen.
- For God's sake.
Regina, where are you? [EGON.]
I want to talk while I'm here.
There's something I really need to tell you about.
Hi, Grandpa.
We going? - Don't say goodbye, no problem! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Tell me what? It's nothing.
All right.
Goodbye, then.
January 8, 1921 sic mundus creatus est [QUIETLY.]
"Sic mundus creatus est.
Thus the world was created.
The Tiedemann interview.
You forget? No.
I thought you wanted to do it alone.
What's wrong? Have something better to do? No.
It's just, I'm wondering why Mrs.
Tiedemann is first.
There's no link to the missing persons.
The missing all disappeared near the caves or the nuclear power plant.
It's also true of your colleague Ulrich Nielsen's brother in 1986.
And then there's also that door we found to the nuclear plant, underground.
How long have Aleksander Tiedemann and his wife been married? I really don't know.
Regina was mid-20s.
How come? It's not unusual? What? That Aleksander Tiedemann took the name of his wife when he married? No.
We going? - Coming? - Yup.
Hey, where have you been? Why didn't you call back? I've been trying to reach you all day.
Last year.
I know where you got the cash.
Blow job 40 euros, anal 45? Kinky games extra? Who'd you do it with? Who've you been sucking off in this fucking town? Nothing's changed! All the lying, everybody.
- I have no idea what you're saying.
- I followed you.
I know where you got the cash.
- Your first thought is I'm a prostitute? - What else could I think? I don't sell my tits or my ass.
I fucking sell hormone therapy prescriptions.
My father used to pay for his visits with them.
Since he hasn't been able to, I'm the new source.
Why do you do it? I help her, she helps me.
That's all it is.
The secrets are never the problem, it's what everyone in this town projects.
Besides, I said it doesn't concern you and it doesn't.
I can't believe you've been spying on me.
How fucked up is that? [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES.]
What is that? A time machine.
You can travel 33 years into the past or 33 years into the future.
You're serious, huh? I did it all wrong.
I meant to keep it secret.
But you see, that's exactly what's behind this.
The secrets.
Mom, I know it seems insane.
I want you to see for yourself, with your own eyes.
Meaning? [QUIETLY.]
Dad's secret, I mean.
Listen to the voice of Buddha Saying stop your sericulture [SONG STOPS.]
Out of my way, douchebag! [KATHARINA.]
Hey, Hannah, come on.
What are you staring at? [SCHOOL BELL SOUNDING.]
Thank God you're here.
There's someone's waiting in your office.
I didn't know It It's the dog.
She says it belongs to her.
Is she yours? I'm so sorry.
She ran to me.
The animal shelter said no one had reported her missing.
And she looks like the dog I had as a little girl.
How did you know that? Because it's my dog.
Just like it is yours.
Excuse me? [EGON TIEDEMANN.]
And the blood levels? So it's already spread.
The hospital? Friday already? Oh, no.
Yeah, okay.
That'll work.
Don't worry.
I have someone.
No trace of Mads Nielsen almost a year after his disappearance Police diary 1986 10:30 A.
interview: Helge Doppler Why not through the forest? [QUIETLY.]
Why not through the forest? [OLD CLAUDIA.]
I know it's hard to believe.
But I remember.
What? This exact moment.
Go to the window.
Trust me.
There are two people at their desks, Hermann und Kowaltschik.
Our secretary will approach the desk.
She'll fan her face on the way.
Watch Kowaltschik.
He's about to drop his pen.
You should be more careful.
Someone could trip.
What's this all about? It happened to me.
All you have experienced, all you've ever been.
I am you.
And I was told by me that you and I are the same person.
This can't be real.
This is Gretchen.
The day she ran into the caves I was there waiting for her.
Knew me as if I hadn't aged a day.
I made sure she would find you on the other side.
Some things have to happen exactly the way they always have.
The cave.
Everything last summer.
There was something else! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
We're caught in a trap I can't walk out Because I love you too much, baby Why can't you see What you're doing to me When you don't believe a word I say? We can't go on together With suspicious minds [TANK NOISE DROWNS OUT MUSIC.]
On suspicious minds So, if an old friend I know Stops by to say hello Would I still see suspicion in your eyes? Here we go again Asking where I've been [FADED.]
You can't see these tears are real I'm crying [TENSE MUSIC.]
Why can't you see What you're doing to me When you don't believe a word I say? - [REGINA.]
Do you believe in ghosts? - [ALEKSANDER.]
What do you mean? [REGINA.]
This book we're reading in school right now.
It's about the ghosts and demons we inherit from our parents.
And the ones we pass on.
Dark stuff.
From generation to generation.
I guess.
But you only got your mom's best features, if you ask me.
- I didn't even know she had any.
- No? You have no idea.
She's never there.
And when she is, all she does is complain about me.
She's never said, "I love you, Regina.
" Let me, then.
How would you describe your relationship with Ulrich Nielsen? We don't have a relationship with any of the Nielsens at all.
The day before he disappeared he was at your hotel.
What did he want? [REGINA.]
He wanted to know what really happened in 1986.
Because I was the last person to see his brother before he died.
Your husband.
He came to Winden Since 1986.
- Why do you ask? - Why did he take your last name? I don't understand.
What does my name have to do with this? - I think we're done here.
- Sh! Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
There's still something else.
No? Last year a man came to the hotel.
Those are his things.
He wanted a room.
He looked like a homeless person.
He paid cash.
He left after a few days.
He wanted to keep the room, though.
He never came back.
These were covering the walls.
When he left, he asked me to deliver a package for him.
To whom? Jonas Kahnwald.
You kept this secret? I have to go.
Elisabeth has swim class.
I totally forgot.
I'm sorry.
You can take a taxi home.
This strange man What did he look like? [HANNAH.]
What is this? Why are we here? [JONAS.]
It's safer to travel from here.
I meant it when I said it'd be easier once you've seen it.
Don't be scared.
Shouldn't you be at school? I know you.
You were at the hospital.
I come here a lot.
It's special here.
So Why aren't you at school? Mm! I get it.
Sometimes we don't really know where we should be.
I wouldn't be going in there.
It's like a maze in there.
Some don't come back out.
At the hospital, something you said about God and how he has a plan for everyone.
What if God doesn't know what he's doing? If the plan is wrong? If God is wrong? God is never wrong.
Sometimes we need faith that things will get better for us again.
I've been meaning to for a long time.
To come by here.
Now that I'm retired, I mean, it's easy to do.
I Mads' disappearance.
It still haunts me.
That day You were working at the plant that day.
You said you took the country lane home, but that's the long way.
Tell me why you wouldn't take the forest road? [FALTERING.]
He said he could change it.
That he could change everything, the future and past.
Who told you that? [SHUDDERING.]
The man with the stone.
But that was 30 years ago.
What's this to do with Mads at all? Nobody can change it.
Nobody! Not even the white devil! The white devil? You've talked about all this before.
You were just a child.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
I want you to believe in an idea that is bigger than you, bigger than any of us.
What is that? This is mankind's greatest discovery, and also its doom.
It lets you travel through time.
Thirty-three years backwards.
Thirty-three years forwards.
And it will take exactly 33 years till the cycle is complete again.
You will stand here where I am standing.
And you will accept your part in all of this, and what it means you'll be losing.
In five days everything starts over.
You must stop Adam.
Who is Adam? You don't understand it yet.
But you will soon.
But until then everything will happen the way it always has.
The way it has to.
In the end, life is just a collection of missed opportunities.
You don't have much time with Regina.
But if everything works out she will live.
A journey through time [PHONE LINE RINGING.]
Charlotte? Charlotte? Are you okay? Last year, when the kids went missing a man was at Regina's hotel.
He had some drawing with him, copies.
What kind of drawings? They're from the book.
The book my grandfather wrote, Peter.
A Journey through Time.
- They all said he was crazy.
- Where are you now? But he knew that it was all true.
Why did he have that photo? And why didn't he ever say who my parents really were? "You You know the rules.
" [GIRL.]
"Do you think they don't apply to you?" Why are you lying? - About what's really in the dead zone! - [GUNSHOT.]
Ah! In five days, in my time, everybody is going to die.
I have to stop that! There is no prophecy! The passage will never open! Your paradise is nothing but lies! But behind the wall [GAGGING.]
Winden boy missing [EGON TIEDEMANN.]
This is Egon.
Missing person report: Mads Nielsen Listen, back in 1953, we arrested a man.
Mads Nielsen case: Police in dark What happened to him after 1953? He killed two children and kidnapped Helge Doppler.
No result Yes.
I was wondering, what ever happened to the guy? Yes, I'll wait.
Is this man a child killer? Yes? Okay, you have the file.
But he can't still be here! Where? [DOOR BUZZER SOUNDING.]
Yes? Chief Inspector Tiedemann.
I'm here to speak with a patient.
Was anyone told I was coming? Not that I know of.
Well, well.
File number K-5-3.
Must've been here for 34 years.
The Inspector? That's what we call him here.
Nice guy.
I wasn't even born when he came.
He's like a permanent fixture.
- He'll be happy to finally have a visitor.
- Does he - get day release? - No.
That ward is closed.
That one, with the long gray hair.
Thank you.
Excuse me, please.
I don't know if you recognize me, but, uh my name is Egon Tiedemann.
I arrested you 34 years ago.
Egon Tiedemann.
Of course I remember you.
I I wanted some of your time.
"My only aim is to take many lives.
The more, the better I feel.
" I've heard that.
You've said those words before.
What the hell does it mean? It means you're still an idiot who doesn't understand.
You have to hurry now.
You don't have much time.
Until you're dead and buried.
It was in the papers.
- I'm not following you.
- No, of course you aren't.
Maybe that's your fate.
To die as clueless as you were born, you know? [LAUGHS.]
Everybody gets what they deserve.
Where were you? I've been so worried, Mikkel.
I called the school.
They said you weren't there.
Something happen? You know what? [CLEARS THROAT.]
There are some days you just have to forget about.
But there's no better comfort food I know than "Toast Hawaii".
Way back when I was little we'd have this, with two cherries on top.
And my dad used to dance, like Elvis.
Pineapples [MIKKEL.]
Do you believe in God? Mm-hmm.
Do you think he has a plan? [THUNDER ROLLS.]
I believe that.
I believe, for example, that God made sure you came to me.
And that his plan for me is to to take care of you.
So, let's make this "Toast Hawaii", yeah? [SNIFFLES.]
Give me a hand? [MELANCHOLY MUSIC.]
Why didn't she kill you? Who are you, really? [YELLS.]
Tell me now! So show me, then.
What's really in the dead zone? [SOFT GUITAR MUSIC.]
Lover, lover What have we done? Let our heart leap Then it gave up Lover, lover Let me in Make my heart leap Under your skin Couldn't we both Try to say no? Try to not reach For heaven Tied to a post Tight like a rope Try to not reach For memories Lover, lover What have we done? We made our heart leap Then it gave up Lover, lover Let me in Make my heart leap Under your skin You came in the door like thunder Then hit the floor like thunder Laying me down you wonder Shaking the walls like thunder You came in the door like thunder Then hit the floor like thunder Laying me down you wonder Shaking the walls like thunder You came in the door like thunder [PANTING.]
Building your family's happiness [WHIRRING, BUBBLING.]
What is that? She said that it's a portal.
Who? Tapes of a woman talking.
Her name is Claudia Tiedemann.
I know it sounds crazy.
But that could very well be our way to get home.
I don't know if it works.
You're going in? Whether I die out here or in there doesn't matter.
Jonas! [ROARING.]

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