Dark (2017) s02e03 Episode Script


I've seen you grow up.
Become a man.
The whole cycle of your life.
Time chose you.
God chose you.
Don't forget that we are your home now, too.
No harm will come to you.
We're watching over you.
Time is always with you.
Wherever you go.
You carry it within.
And it carries you.
It sees and hears everything that you do and say.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Fold out your hands Give me a sign Put down your lies Lay down next to me Don't listen when I scream Bury your doubts and fall asleep For neither ever Nor never Goodbye Neither ever Nor never Goodbye Neither ever Nor never Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye [BREATHING.]
You haven't left? I I forgot the milk money.
- If that's all right I'll - Wait.
Buy yourself a sweet, too.
Thank you.
Oh, God.
Maybe she didn't notice? Don't worry about it.
Every family hides something.
Where are you going? Nowhere special.
I just have a few things to do.
You're beautiful.
June 23, 1954 Four days until the Apocalypse [DOOR OPENING.]
"And when we know that he hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we will receive what we asked of him.
" Nothing is lost from his sight.
He returns everything.
Seven months later and we have no clue who this monster is.
Why hasn't he revealed his identity by this point? Why has no one come looking for him? Makes you wonder how some people live.
Almost like ghosts.
Egon? Can I ask you a question? Your wife and you, are things still I mean, do you still Often? No, at all.
Oh, my.
You're pretty old-fashioned for such a big boy.
Listen, Egon.
You've got to let off some steam, hmm? Marriage isn't really the way they say it is.
You have kids and become different people.
It's like she's married to the brats.
That's the way nature intended it.
But, out there, there are still plenty of tender buds to be plucked.
- The boy, they found him! - They found who? The Doppler kid.
Helge Doppler.
- Did they find his body? - No, the kid's fine.
He just walked in through the front door as if nothing had happened.
Do you like your mother? My mother's strange sometimes.
She acts like I don't understand anything.
When I have kids I'll be different.
Why don't you talk about what it was like where you're from? Before you moved to Winden.
My mom was sad all the time.
I lived in a home.
She doesn't like talking about it, so I don't either.
Do you have any family other than your mother? My mom has a brother.
But I think they hate each other.
Do you think she's happy here? How about now? - [BANGING.]
Where the hell is The Ghosts? - Have you seen my book around? - Which book? The Ghosts! You don't have to stare at me like that.
I know I'm late.
- Did you leave it here? - No, I uh I mean, I thought maybe you can skip school today and we can go do something nice.
I was thinking we haven't done anything together in quite some time.
I have a history test, and later I was going to go for a swim.
Okay, another time.
Regina, wait! I like the way you wear your hair now.
It makes you look so adult.
Thank you.
I'm out of time.
I have to go.
A journey through time For Claudia from Helge [DISMAL MUSIC.]
"My only aim is to take many lives.
The more the better I feel.
Good day, Mrs.
I spoke with your colleagues at length.
Could I ask Helge a few questions? Since returning, Helge has not spoken.
I think there's something wrong with my boy.
It wouldn't take long.
Do you remember me? I'm Claudia's father.
Maybe you could tell me where you were all this time.
And who with? Who did that to you? The inspector asked you a question.
Just talk, for God's sake! [SUSPENSEFUL TICKING.]
I just wanted to see how you were doing.
This could sound a little strange, but last year, this book - Why was it important I get it? - I I figured you might be the only one who could understand me.
Time is always with you.
Wherever you go.
You carry it within, and it carries you.
It sees and hears everything you do, and say.
I don't understand.
He said it's a struggle between good and evil, between light and dark.
And that the travelers could undo everything that occurs.
And if we succeed, none of it happens.
Who said that to you? Noah.
Who's Noah? [DISMAL MUSIC.]
You are never to trust him.
Newer! You understand? Never! [CLAUDIA.]
I'm sorry.
I never wanted all this.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Did anyone see you? They sent Helge to return today.
Noah's also returned.
I'm not afraid of him.
- You carry the same blood.
- You can't chose your family.
Denying your blood means true freedom.
You said so yourself.
Yes, but our entire lives are defined by our family.
Sic mundus They are preparing the next cycle.
In four days.
Your brother is a blind fool.
All the suffering he causes people But it will come to an end.
You must give me this.
Not yet.
There is still time.
Today? I wanted to thank you.
For everything.
My mother loves you.
Did you know? She will make you very happy if you let her.
Are you H.
Tannhaus? Heterochromia.
One blue eye and one brown one.
Did you write this book? I wondered when this day would arrive.
When we would meet again.
I don't even know you.
But I know you.
It's an endless cycle.
And he didn't speak? What do you make of all this? He just turns up out of nowhere? I wonder if the two things aren't connected.
The killings of those children and the Doppler boy.
How could he have done it? He's been locked up for half a year.
He didn't act alone.
You think an accomplice? Let's question the psycho once more.
Maybe he'll talk now.
An accomplice Yeah.
Closed psychiatric ward 3 [DISTANT SCREAMING.]
I want to know what all of this means.
Those lyrics.
You said these exact words to me in 1953.
But this record was only released last year.
And you said you had a son yourself.
Why were those the children you murdered? I didn't kill the children.
I wanted to save them.
You said before I was dying.
How in the world did you know I had cancer? The white devil.
Do you know who that is? You're as deranged as I am.
But why did you never tell us who you are? Who are you? Ulrich.
Ulrich Nielsen.
And I come from the future.
I am what you might call a fraud.
Have you ever heard the term "bootstrap paradox"? No.
Well, in a bootstrap paradox an artifact, or any information, is sent back to the past from the future.
And this, in turn, creates an infinite cycle in which the artifact doesn't have a real origin anymore.
It exists without ever having been created.
To put it simply, this book has traveled back through time.
It found me before I even wrote it.
It's all a question of origin.
Where is the beginning? When is the beginning? Is there a beginning at all? The world is full of such paradoxes.
We simply choose to ignore them most of the time.
Good luck.
This one doesn't talk.
To anybody.
I don't think you'll get anything out of him.
My name is Tiedemann.
Egon Tiedemann.
Do you remember me? I arrested you last year.
I I have a few questions I'd like to ask you.
The Doppler kid is home again.
I want to know where Helge was taken.
Do you have an accomplice? If you would talk now it could very well help your situation.
It's the medication.
We have to sedate him.
Has he given you his name yet? Not that I know of.
I am Ulrich Nielsen.
Mads Nielsen missing for a week Mads Nielsen case: Police in dark Winden boy vanishes without a trace Reference file Kahnwald, Michael Interview transcript "Name unknown.
Age: nine to 11.
Claims that his father is Ulrich Nielsen.
Don't you want to tell me why you are really here? You want to know how it all works.
How do you know that? She told me that you would eventually turn up here.
And that I should explain the device to you.
That was what you said.
Your future self, that is.
The paradox is that just a short while ago I wouldn't have been able to explain any of this to you.
But last year someone explained it quite clearly to me.
It was another time traveler.
I think she knew already.
She knew how everything would happen, until this very moment.
She knew that you would come here so I could explain to you, and therefore her, how the device works.
He seems so strange to me.
He's empty inside, as if he's just a shell.
I mean, he never was the brightest child, but now you would think he was stupid.
He frightens me.
And with Bernd gone I don't really know how to handle the situation.
Perhaps he's possessed by the devil.
Please take a look at him and tell me everything is all right.
And he still hasn't spoken? Helge, come downstairs.
There's someone here to speak with you.
Time is always with you.
Wherever you go.
You carry it within you, and it carries you.
It sees and hears everything you do and say.
Your mother is worried about you.
Shall we show her there's no reason to be? I'd like you to read something for me.
Would you do that? "You are my shield, my protection.
I hope for your word.
He can speak! [NOAH.]
Give him some time.
I'm sure he's just choosing his words with great care.
You can keep that.
Won't you stay a while? [DISMAL MUSIC.]
He has returned to his mother's arms.
He is a miracle.
Never forget that.
So what are you doing here? I'm trying to fill in some holes in just a few of my old case files.
For the sake of closure.
May I speak with the child? Michael is sleeping.
In the day? He isn't feeling well.
Has Michael mentioned anything at all about his family? Michael wants to let all of that go.
He has a new life now.
Has he said their names or spoken about them at all? First names? Nicknames? The name Ulrich? He hasn't ever said that to you either? [SIGHS.]
What about any mention of a white devil? No! I don't understand the reason for all of these questions.
Is it all right if I spoke with him tomorrow? - Yeah.
- All right, then.
If you can think of anything else give me a phone call.
Sleeping pills [CLEARS THROAT.]
I, um I've been having trouble sleeping lately.
I have bad dreams.
One other thing.
Do you have a photo of the boy? Just for the file.
Just for the file, right? Just for the file.
What are you doing here? Did Claudia send you? If you think Adam will take you back, you're wrong.
You've chosen your side.
There is no salvation for you.
I know where the last pages are.
And I know how long Adam's been looking for them.
Don't you think he'd do whatever it takes to get them? I don't believe you.
She would never have told you where they are.
AGNES: Claudia has them.
In return, I want you to tell Adam that I wish to come back.
Before the new cycle begins.
You'd forsake her? Surely you can't hate your own sister the way you hate her.
You might consider it an offering of peace.
There's someone here to see you.
Oh, all right.
You can go in.
Can I help you? One brown eye and one blue eye.
That is rare.
Like my daughter.
You're much too good a person.
Like you have always been.
The world doesn't deserve you.
Excuse me, but do I know you? I am here because I have to tell you something.
Forgive me.
Forgive you for what? Everything.
You never deserved any of this.
But sometimes the good ones get hit the hardest.
I don't understand.
You will one day.
And I want you to know that I'm incredibly sorry that things happened the way they happened.
Either you tell me what this is all about right now or please leave my office.
I truly am sorry.
I've been trying to reach you all day.
The gentlemen from the press waited for over an hour.
And - And? - Um I rescheduled the meeting for 10:30 tomorrow.
After that you have a meeting with the union representatives.
Cancel all appointments.
One more thing.
Your father He's here.
I didn't know where to put him.
What are you doing here? Why didn't you call ahead? I wanted to talk to you.
It won't take very long.
Right now is a really bad time.
You can't just show up here unannounced.
Set up an appointment with my secretary that suits us both.
Next week, maybe.
I have cancer.
I didn't want to worry you.
But the cancer is spreading.
And I thought it's best that you know.
I I don't know what to say to you.
It's okay.
I just wanted you to be informed.
I'll be on my way.
I'm sure you have plenty of work to do here.
- You're finally back.
- Yes, my princess know-it-all.
Where's Mama? You look kind of sad.
I have a secret.
Think you can keep it? I believe I saw a witch today.
- There are no witches.
- Yes, there are.
This one is real.
What did she look like? Long white hair.
Like in the books.
And what did she say? That she was sorry.
That doesn't sound like a witch.
Well how would you know that? You've never seen one.
Those for Mom? Yeah.
You're much too good a person, Papa.
The world doesn't deserve you.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Just déjà vu.
I used to think the worst thing that could happen in life was to lose your child.
But we can't do anything about it.
You try to keep them close for as long as you can.
And, inevitably, they always leave us.
Parents, children, they only share the same path for a small portion of their time on earth.
At the end they're miles apart from each other.
Last winter a stranger in Winden turned up.
Just a boy.
He said something peculiar to me at the time.
It doesn't make any sense, but Or maybe the cancer is already driving me crazy.
Do you know this child? He is here? Where is he? You knew that he was here.
You knew this entire time, didn't you? Where is he? Where is he? - [PATIENTS SCREAM.]
Tell me where he is! - Stop it! - Tell me! [WHIMPERING.]
Tell me where he is right now! - [PATIENTS SCREAMING.]
- Come on! Come on! Get him.
Let me go! - [MAN.]
Get the restraints! [CLOCKS TICKING.]
- I'm closed for the day.
Oh, it's you.
I It's It's not ready yet.
It will take 33 years until the device is ready.
This thing, this the blueprint.
I don't understand what it is.
I've seen that before.
All our lives we wonder where our journey will take us.
This is yours.
You can keep it.
I don't need it anymore.
Why are you giving it to me? I will be dead soon.
I don't understand.
You will.
One day.
And then we will meet again.
Before you die? No, after.
How? How would that be possible? Time is an illusion.
You'll show me how the device works.
But I don't even know what it does.
Why won't you tell me what it does? Because you told me someone else explained it to you.
Things take their course the way they always have.
I never told you anything.
Nobody explained anything.
Not now.
In the future.
This will all be ending soon.
But till then everything must stay as it's always been.
Wait, don't.
Please! [DOOR CLOSES.]
Now you look for love in the times of hate How many swipes for a blow of fate You keep the light on You keep the light on You keep the night light on Every day is like the same old song Until everything right goes wrong You keep the light on You keep the light on You keep the night light on Hold your broken dream up high Oh, you know you try Oh, you know you try It's the worst-case scenario lullaby Hold your broken dream up high Oh, you know you try Oh, you know you try It's the worst-case scenario lullaby Try to sooth yourself to sleep my dear You know this whole mess is born from fear You keep the light on You keep the light on The night light on [METALLIC WHIRRING.]
You thought you could trust her.
She betrayed you.
She didn't even bat an eye.
- You took it all from me.
You're going to die.
And with you dies all you stand for.
I knew I was going to die.
But am I going to lose this round? Or is this, our meeting, you and your gun, is it just part of a game you still don't know how to play? You think you can manipulate me with more of your speeches? I'm not one of your pawns anymore.
But Adam plays you still.
The paradise he's promised you is nothing but a lie.
He is selling you the illusion of freedom.
Ask yourself, are you truly free? If you were truly free, you would have a choice.
Do you have a choice? [GUNSHOT.]
Unidentified woman's body found in Woods [QUIETLY.]
That can't Charlotte? That's not true.
No, that can't be right.
This isn't true.
ADAM: No matter how much we fight it, we are connected by our blood.
We can feel estranged from our families and not understand what they do.
And still, in the end, we will do anything for them.
ADAM: A common thread that connects all of our lives to each other.
And did she have the pages? She got exactly what she deserved.
In the end we will all get just what we deserve.

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