Dark Angel s02e17 Episode Script

Hello, Goodbye

Ahh! Damn fleas! "Depress tab to activate and immediately leave area.
" - Did you set it off? - Yeah.
Let's do the other two and get out of here before these little buggers eat us alive.
Hold your breath.
Ready? On three.
One two three! - That was close.
- Thanks for bringing the for the bombs.
- No problem.
You're gonna have to stay out of there for a couple hours.
Stay right here with my little fella.
Um, actually, I gotta bounce.
I'm meeting Logan at Crash.
I wish you could come.
You know that.
Tomorrow maybe I'll get some time off from work to hang.
- Okay.
- I got some flea powder.
Douse yourself with it before you go back in there, or else you'll be right back where you started.
Good night.
- Okay.
- Seat taken? - Oh, hey.
Sorry I'm late.
Had to stop by Joshua's.
Whatcha doin'? Oh, just trying to piece a couple things together.
That's cool, but here? Yeah, no one's looking.
Can I see the cut on your hand for a second? Come on.
It's fading fast.
You said all of White's cult pals have one? Yep.
Right here.
Saw it when they were saluting their holy snake god, or whatever the hell it was.
Looks like a modified version of a caduceus, the symbol of medicine.
You know what? All work and no play makes Logan a dull, dull boy.
I'll talk to you later, okay? - Hey.
- Hi.
- Long time, no see.
- I guess so.
- Yeah.
You avoiding me? - No.
But I gotta say that I'm really glad that nothing happened that night.
- Yeah, me too.
- Probably works for days, huh? Your whole "Time is short, gotta put your heart on the line, baby I want you" speech? Look, you don't want to get involved with me.
I mean, I was made in a lab.
You know? I spent my formative years learning the fine art of assassination.
There are guys out there right now looking to kill me, and I'm sure someday they'll probably succeed.
Spare me the drama.
You're just to scared to let go and actually care about somebody.
Right, because the last time I let go, somebody got caught in the crossfire and died.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't - Just do yourself a favor, Asha.
Leave me alone.
Alec Beat it.
Can I get another beer? So, what'd you do now? Why am I always the bad guy with you, Max? Whatever.
You want to blow your shot with her, be my guest.
Oh, right, yeah, 'cause I could be this charming, sweet guy and score myself a really nice girlfriend but, unlike you, I'm actually trying to do the right thing.
- And what is that supposed to mean? Oh, you think the only problem you and Logan have is some genetically-engineered virus that'll kill the guy if you touch him? - Yeah, that takes a front seat.
Max, we don't belong with 'em.
Okay? We're a danger to them.
When are you gonna finally see that? - Me and Logan are none of your business.
- Why don't you just open your eyes and - You're just - Hey, guys, what's going on? Nothing.
Max? I'm beat.
I'm gonna I'm gonna go.
- What was that all about? - Nothing, I'm just I'm tired.
Hey Max? You okay? - How's he doing? Don't let him die.
From what I can tell, the virus is a mutated strain of a biowarfare agent called Zycinor.
There's no known cure.
Manticore made us immune to a bunch of germ-warfare bugs.
I'm pretty sure this is one of them.
That'd explain how you can be a carrier and not be affected.
You've got antibodies.
- So what about a transfusion? - You'd just reinfect him.
No, not my blood.
Another transgenic.
It's worth a try.
We've got nothing to lose.
- Yeah.
- It's me.
I need you to come to the hospital, now.
Yeah, you got it, Max.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
He's coming your way.
Get ready.
Don't even think it.
You're under arrest.
They designed her to be the perfect soldier - a human weapon.
Then she escaped.
In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past.
She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny.
- So I hear you're feeling better.
- I'm working hard.
Doing what the men tell me.
Doing a good job.
It's okay.
I'm not going to hurt you, Mule.
You cut me and put the snake blood in me and said it would kill me.
- You didn't tell anybody about that, did you? - You told me not to.
See, I figured you were a solid guy.
I'm sorry I had to do that to you, you know, but it was the only way.
Sort of like a like a test, you know? Don't worry, you passed.
Remember, though see, that, uh that is between you and me.
If we're going to do this, your friend better get here soon.
He's coming.
He knows how serious this is.
He's a completely unreliable jerk.
- Is there anybody else you can get? Because right now this is the only shot Logan has.
I'll be back.
Is someone there? Are you hurt? - Uh no, I - I'm not hurt.
Billie's never done this before.
She just pulled me off the sidewalk and up these steps.
Guess she just likes you.
She helps you.
- She leads me around.
Makes sure I'm safe.
- Makes sure you don't bump into things.
I guess so.
- Good Billie.
Good Billie.
- I'm Annie.
Annie Fisher.
I live up the street.
- I'm Joshua.
I'm, uh, from not here.
Not here.
I mean, I'm visiting.
- Oh, from where? - Manti uh coro.
- Mantia Coro.
- In France.
- Your English is very good.
- Merci beaucoup.
Well, we should probably be going.
Come on, Billie.
Come on.
It's nice to meet you, Joshua.
- Nice to meet you, Annie.
Joshua! I need your help! - Hey.
- Hey.
I came as soon as I heard.
- Hi, Original Cindy.
- That doggie-dog under there? Did you find someone? He has a little canine DNA.
Well okay, so long as he's got the antibodies.
Be right back.
Logan'll get better now.
We're ready when you are, Mrs.
Bring 'em in.
He's the one.
Hey, I gotta be somewhere, pal.
Can I go now? - You've been I.
- For what? - For the murder of Timothy Ryan.
It's gonna be all right.
You'll see.
He's a fighter.
He's gonna hang on.
The antibodies in your friend's blood are neutralizing the virus, keeping it from replicating.
He's gonna make it.
You hear that? He's gonna be okay.
He asked to see you.
- I can't go in there.
- He's asking for you.
I can't see him.
Not now.
Not ever again.
- You're just saying that 'cause you're upset.
You heard the lady - he's gonna be fine.
This time.
But what about next time? No, this has to stop.
Tell him I'm glad he's okay.
Alec! Any of you reprobates seen Alec? Isn't here, doesn't call, thinks only of himself, always hurts the one - Hey, you - crustacean - you seen Golden Boy? - No.
Let's go, people.
Mission bells are ringing.
Let's go.
Hear it? Bip, bip, bip! Logan kept asking where you were.
I didn't know what to say.
It's okay.
It's not your problem.
Is that him? If you're serious about this, you owe the man an explanation.
- Hi, stranger.
- Hi.
You missed it.
I wandered all over the hospital looking for you with the back of my gown open.
Uh, sorry about that.
Listen I'm feeling pretty good, actually.
Must be all that transgenic blood.
- We need to talk.
- And, you know, I pulled out uh an old board I had lying around, and put up all the doodlings I made at the bar the other night.
It's kind of my, uh, wide-screen version, you know? - Logan - Don't, Max.
I can't do this anymore.
Look I'm fine.
Everything turned out okay.
We got lucky again.
I mean, how many miracles do you think we're going to get? Do I get a vote? It is my life on the line.
So, what, you end up dead and I get to spend the rest of my life knowing it was my fault? I pass.
I've been where you are, remember? Thinking it was all too hard.
But I realized being away from you was worse.
I have to hang up now.
- Max - Fe'nos tol.
- Fe'nos tol.
I tested the transgenic.
The damn thing got sick, but it pulled through.
Then that girl's survival wasn't just a fluke.
I'm afraid not.
Though there is something different about 452.
She never exhibited any symptoms.
What should I tell the Conclave? I think it's time to accept the possibility that Sandeman made the Manticore transgenics immune.
This changes everything.
It's time to make a move.
- Joshua? - Annie.
It's the funniest thing.
We were walking past, and Billie just veered up your steps again.
She really likes you.
- I like her, too.
She's usually a really good judge of character.
I hope you don't think I'm being forward, but I wanted to invite you to dinner.
Are you there? - Yeah, I'm here.
I thought, with you being new in town and all That's okay.
You're probably really busy.
- I - I'd love to.
- What? - Love to have dinner.
- Great.
I live down the street, across from - No, here.
Because I love to cook.
Do you like macaroni and cheese? - It's my favorite.
Is that turpentine? - Yes.
I - I paint.
- You're a painter.
- Yes.
A painter from Mantia Coro, right here on my little street.
I'll see you around seven, okay? - Okay.
So you did it.
It's over.
- Yeah.
It's over.
Ladies, did you hear what happened to our buddy Alec? - Don't care.
- He's in jail.
- Whatever.
You know Hummer, the bartender from last night? Saw him get pinched right outside of here.
Kind of makes you wonder what he did, huh? Not really.
You're not gonna go help? I got my own problems.
Alec can take care of himself.
Now, you know you gotta come correct on this.
Suppose they tip to his barcode? Exposure the whole thing.
Bad for Alec, bad for you, bad for Joshua, bad for everybody.
Not like saving his butt isn't already my full-time job.
Thanks for the beer.
Whitney Mann, public defender's office.
I'll be handling your case.
You need anything, I'm right outside.
You got five minutes.
Thank you.
- Max, I'm sorry, I was on my way to the hos - Shut up.
I came down here to bail your sorry ass out, 'cause I figured you got grabbed up off of one of your scams going sideways.
But the officer just told me you killed somebody! - I didn't do it.
- You got I.
There's a perfect DNA match.
- I'm telling you - Don't tell me anything, all right? I'm sorry I let you out of Manticore.
I'm sorry I inflicted you on the world.
Screw exposure.
I'm leaving you here for White to deal with.
- Max, I swear, I'm innocent.
- Tell that to Ames.
And, uh, give him my regards.
You really think I could do it? You think I could murder someone in cold blood? Yes, Alec, I think you could.
Guy's teeth were pulled from his head, for God's sake! Ben - Ben, why are you doing this? - You know why.
Come on, Max! You know, no matter what you think, there's no way it could've been me.
That guy was killed over a year ago.
I was at Manticore.
Time's up.
Hey, Max, I'm not complaining, but what made you think I didn't do it? I mean, I'm just curious, you know? Was it the sincerity in my eyes? Some people say I have sincere eyes.
- Quiet.
It was the teeth thing, wasn't it? I mean, come on, I can hardly stand going to the dentist.
- Shut up, okay? - Why are you taking this so personally? - Because it was Ben.
- Ben? My Manticore twin, Ben? He killed Timothy Ryan and ten other people.
Same M.
They told me back at Manticore that he'd gone nuts, but serial killer? - One more word and I shove you off this ledge.
- Max, tell me you got a plan.
- Hang on.
What are you doing? No, no, no, no! Hey, what's going on? This was your plan? Jump! Freeze! I should've stayed where I was and taken my chances.
Come on! So the thing that's got me worried is I can't exactly use "Well, I was locked up in a secret government facility" as my alibi.
Guess not.
Hey, maybe Logan could pull one of his little, uh Oh my God - Logan.
Is he all right? - He's fine.
Joshua came through.
Oh, good.
Logan could use a little canine plasma to loosen him up.
Just kidding, Max.
Come on, you know I love Logan.
I mean, not the way you love him, it's just well, he's okay.
Right? So what's the problem? - I'm not going to see him anymore.
- Anymore this week? Ever.
I can't risk it.
And I don't want to hear an "I told you so".
No, I wasn't going to.
- Coffee? - Yeah, sure.
Listen, since we're already knee-deep in painful subjects tell me about him.
About Ben.
When we were kids, back at Manticore, he always wanted answers for everything.
You know? Why we were there, what was outside.
So he would make up these fantastic stories to explain things.
Somehow it made us feel loved.
Like we weren't all alone.
Sounds like a nice kid.
What went wrong? After we escaped, it was like there were too many things in this world he didn't have answers for.
We never should've left.
Everything made sense there.
I don't know.
He just lost it.
Hey, you okay? I'm fine.
Max, what is it? We were in the woods.
He was hurt.
Manticore was closing in on us.
He didn't want to go back there.
- Reindoctrination.
Or worse.
I killed him.
He asked me to, so I did.
And then I ran.
I saved myself.
And I just left his body there for them to take away.
Max, I'm sorry.
There was an outbreak of measles after the Pulse hit.
Everything was such a mess.
The only place to get medicine was the black market, and my parents just didn't have that kind of money.
I almost didn't pull through.
And when it was over, I couldn't see anymore.
But you have Billie.
She's a good friend.
But I still remember what some things look like.
Colors my mother's smile.
You're not like most people, are you? What I mean is, sometimes people feel sorry for me.
I can hear it in their voices when they talk to me.
I guess it's 'cause I can't do everything they do.
But you can go out, and you can talk to people.
You could go to Crash, and party, and dance - I know.
But - You should do that.
Maybe you could come with me.
I wish I could see your paintings.
I'm so curious.
I bet they'd tell me everything there is to know about you.
Blue, like the sky.
And this is green, like your eyes.
It's beautiful, Joshua.
- Thank you.
- No.
Thank you.
Guess what, Mule? You're gettin' out of here.
You better lay low until we get this whole mistaken-identity thing sorted out.
Yeah, maybe I'll crash at Joshua's.
Think he'll mind? Are you kidding? He'll love it.
Well, thanks for saving my butt, again.
Must be hard, huh? Having me around? Some guy with Ben's face, making you think about things you'd rather forget? Yeah.
That's probably why I'm such a bitch to you sometimes.
Or, you know, maybe because I'm such a pain in the ass sometimes.
- Be careful.
- Always.
Josh! Where you at, pal? Josh? Josh, you around? Hey hey, roomie.
- Roomie? Yeah.
Yeah, I need to hang out for a little while 'til the heat's off my place.
It turns out my, uh, dead twin brother was a psycho killer.
Go figure.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Where's your TV? No TV.
You can read.
What are we living in, the Dark Ages? Come on, pal.
I need my boob tube.
You know? The hot medium.
The vast wasteland.
Well, that's all right.
You know what? I think I know where I can score one.
What you got there? That a new work? Joshua #320? Annie.
- Annie? - Annie.
Who exactly is Annie? Uh the girl who lives down the street.
- Listen, Josh - Alec, she can't see.
No running, no screaming.
It's okay.
Oh, boy.
Uh, I think we need to have a little talk about your friend Annie.
I don't want to have a little talk.
I know I have to lay low.
I'm tired of laying low, Alec.
All right, do you see that fence? All you have to do is get over it, and you'll be safe.
But you have to watch out for enemy soldiers, 'cause if they see you, they will try to kill you.
They'll be wearing helmets, carrying guns, and they'll have badges that say "Sector Police".
- "Sector Police".
- That's right.
Good luck.
Thank you for everything.
You have violated checkpoint security.
Stay where you are.
Freeze! - On your knees, freak.
- On the ground! Now! Down! Now! Alec, the boob tube is too loud.
Well, that's the only way to enjoy it.
Why don't you come over and have a look? - Tricks and treats.
- Welcome to the world of attention deficit.
This is a Channel Three news break.
A hoverdrone recorded this shocking footage.
Authorities are refusing to comment on the nature of the assailant.
But, as you can see for yourself, the attacker has what can only be described as superhuman strength.
- This is bad.
- The subject, who was described by witnesses as a mutant, refused to comply - This is so, so very bad.
- with police officers on the scene.
He is believed to have escaped from what is purported to be a covert government project known as Manticore.
Authorities have denied all knowledge of Manticore, but so far no one That's the thing I saw in the sewer last week.
- Whoa, Nellie.
Look at that sucker.
- obvious physical prowess.
One of the officers was seriously injured before others opened fire.
Some eyewitnesses claim that it took police six shots to bring down their attacker, - Max.
but Channel Three can neither confirm nor deny - Lay low, Alec.
- Lay low? Is that all you have to say to me, Josh? - Joshua? It's me, Annie.
- Send her away.
You can't be with her now.
All right? You see that.
You see what's going on.
- Alec, she's - Send her away, Josh.
All right? Let her go before she falls tin love with you, before she wants you to meet her family, before you get yourself killed, before you get her killed.
Send her away.
Billie and I were going to take a walk to the store.
Thought maybe you'd like to come.
- Annie - What's wrong? - The news - What news? News from back home.
I have to go.
- When? - Today.
- I'll miss you.
- I'll miss you, too.
Goodbye, Annie.
Joshua? Can you do something for me? I just I want to remember you.
You can see it right there - the barcode.
Unconfirmed reports suggest these tattoos were used to keep track of the various soldiers involved in the program.
The mutant's body was rushed from the scene based on officials' concerns regarding a potential biohazard.
- Hey.
Thanks for hitting me back.
- So I take it you've seen the news.
Yeah, but that's not why I'm calling.
I need you to get over here.
I know you're sad, but you did the right thing.
Remember we talked about how we're not like other people, and we need to stick together? Right now that's more important than ever.
Annie's not like other people.
She's different.
She's - But she's not like us, either.
And when you care about someone, you have to do what's best for them, even if it hurts.
Love sucks.
- Joshua, where did you get this? - Father gave it to me.
- Hi there! - The lights were out.
I didn't know you were home.
'Cause if you did, you wouldn't have come, huh? I found this around Joshua's neck.
He said Father gave it to him.
It's the same symbol the breeding cult uses.
So Sandeman is one of White's cult loonies, huh? Logan, there's a connection between the breeding cult and Manticore.
Maybe I oughta do an Eyes Only hack, huh? I mean, this is a big news day.
In case you hadn't noticed, I tried paging you.
Wanted to talk to you, but, uh guess you were busy.
I'm going.
I just thought you wanted to know.
Cut it out.
- I could keep you here all night.
- Come on, Logan.
- At least 'til I drop dead.
- I've said everything I needed to say.
- I don't think so.
I think there's something else.
- Logan - Or is it someone else? - What? I needed to talk to you, so I came by your apartment and I saw him leaving.
I - I mean, if I've got it wrong, just say so.
Tell me it's not true.
I can't.
It's over.
We're done.
Get used to it.
Hey, Max.
Thought I'd find you here.
I come here to be alone.
Yeah, I know, but considering everything that went down today, I figured we could both use a friend right now.
Sit down.
So, you got any deep thoughts you want to share? Any, uh, profound realizations about life? Yeah.
Love sucks.