Dark Angel s02e18 Episode Script

Dawg Day Afternoon

It's been six days since the brutal attack on police officers at the hands of the so-called "transgenic" Police officials are still refusing to comment on the shocking footage, exhibiting Yesterday the attorney for the officers addressed the media at a press conference.
As soon as we find the parties responsible for unleashing these transgenics, we'll be seeking damages in the tens of millions.
Oh, yeah, I'm sure Manticore is gonna write you a big, fat check for that one, buddy.
Josh? Hey, buddy, whatcha working on? Oh.
It's nice.
They, uh, all are.
Hey, man, I know you miss her but, uh, don't you think it's time you moved on? I mean, you can't see her anymore.
- I know.
- Especially not now.
- I said I know, Alec.
- Okay.
- Hey, little fella.
- Hey, big fella.
- I guess that makes me medium fella.
- Got you some food and stuff.
Did you get those little pretzels I asked for, Max? - Hey! - Max, come on.
I'm stuck here, you know? An innocent man, framed for the murder committed by his clone.
Yeah, I was thinking about selling the story to Hollywood.
It'd make a great TV movie.
What do you think? - Here.
- What's this? Fake birth certificate to prove you had a twin, and a fake passport to prove you weren't in the country when the murders were committed.
Well, this oughta be enough to clear the charges.
Thanks, Max.
You owe me twenty-five hundred bucks.
Guy's best in the business.
Same guy Logan uses.
- How's, uh, how's Logan, anyway? - I wouldn't know.
Come on, go get dressed.
$2,500 is a lot of deliveries.
So I'm thinking of swinging by tomorrow.
I'll be here.
See ya.
If God had intended these transgenics to walk among us, don't you think he would have mentioned them in the Bible? Amen, sir.
These transgenics are simply the latest in a long line of abominations perpetrated by the scientific community.
- Hallelujah.
Who the hell is that? That is the right Reverend Terry Caldwell, a man not afraid to speak the truth, gally-gal.
If I'm hearing you correctly, Reverend, you don't believe the transgenics should be accorded even the most basic human rights.
- Because they're not human.
- Tell it, Terry! You tell it! In the eyes of the Lord, they're not even animals.
The individuals that we speak of are manufactured.
They're stamped with barcodes on their necks when they come off the assembly line.
And since only God has the power to create life, then we must ask ourselves if they can even be said to be alive.
Not alive? Not human? Who are you to sit in judgment, Mr.
Caldwell? Have you seen that tape? Did you see the look in his eyes? He was scared, cornered.
And despite what people like you have been saying about them, transgenics aren't that different from you and me.
They do feel, they do hurt, they are alive.
- You know what this is about.
- And all they want is to be - Logan's just doing what he thinks is right.
He's reaching out to someone.
I'm pretty sure it ain't me.
They could tell you what it's like to be afraid, alone in a hostile world.
And it might be more convenient to pretend otherwise, but in the end, who does that say more about them, or us? This has been a streaming freedom video bulletin.
They designed her to be the perfect soldier - a human weapon.
Then she escaped.
In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past.
She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny.
How am I supposed to do my job when my entire operation officially does not exist? This is a disaster.
You want to contain the transgenics? Give me a free hand.
The cat's out of the bag; we might as well acknowledge the fact that they're out there.
If we enlist the public's support, this thing'll be done in a week.
We acknowledge anything, and it's over.
Congressional hearings, subpoenas no.
We're gonna make this go away.
We're gonna spin it, and spin it good.
Luckily we now have the chief of police in our pocket.
He's willing to give us the body of the transgenic and all the autopsy work, provided nothing like this ever happens again.
You understand? Yes, sir.
- Thanks, Asha.
I appreciate this.
- It was your five hundred bucks.
Though why you'd pay off a cop to get your hands on the same stuff you could see for free on TV This is the complete hoverdrone footage of the attack.
My guess is the cops edited out the parts they didn't want people to see.
The cops went after him first.
I knew it.
I'm gonna talk to Eyes Only, see if he can't put this on the air.
Yeah, okay but I don't know what good it's gonna do, though.
However it went down, I mean what's got people freaked is what he looks like, you know? What he is.
I guess I've been living with the idea that transgenics exist for so long, I've gotten used to it.
Heard from her? She still won't talk to me.
Give her time.
She's just scared.
- I'm the one that almost died last week.
- You don't think that wasn't scary for her? She's a loner.
She's not used to worrying about anyone else.
This relationship stuff, it's all new to her.
It's new to the both of them.
- Both? - Her and Alec.
- Right.
- This is gonna hurt, isn't it? - Lasers tend to, yeah.
- Our barcodes are just gonna come back, you know.
- Then we'll do it again in a couple of weeks.
Don't be such a sissy.
Ow! Easy, huh? I've better get going.
Call me if you need anything else.
- Take a look at this.
- What? - You see that car? - Yeah, so? When the cop gets attacked, everyone else runs up to see what's going on.
This guy puts the car in gear and drives off, nice and slow.
Hold on a sec.
Now, you see the mirror? Look at this.
I gotta let Max know.
Oh, guess who.
You know, this is the second time he's paged you in like ten minutes.
Don't you think you oughta call the guy back already? Why don't you mind your own business? Hurry up.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Alec.
It's Logan.
Hey, buddy! We were just talking about you.
- Then Max is with you? - Oh, yeah, yeah, she's right here.
Hang on a sec.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What is it, Logan? I think there might be a connection between White and the transgenic on the news.
I have hoverdrone footage that puts White at the scene.
He was probably looking to take him down when the cops showed up.
I don't think so.
He just sat in his car and watched.
In fact, he looked pretty pleased with how it went down.
Doesn't make any sense.
The government pays White to keep the transgenic thing under wraps.
That's right, unless White's taking his orders from somebody else.
- Like one of his breeding-cult buddies.
- We know they hate transgenics.
Could be they've decided to try and turn the public against you.
Now, listen, Max I really think we should get together and talk about this.
- Logan - Just business, nothing more.
- I can't.
- Max I'll look into it, tell you if I find something.
Until then please don't call me.
You see the size of that guy? What is it, girl? Let's check it out.
Come on.
Hey, man, what do you think you're doing? Man, that is sick - peeping at a blind girl.
Whoa, it's one of those freaks from the TV.
Get him! Hey, we've been looking for this thing all night, all right? We're never gonna find it.
- Shut up.
Here, trannie, trannie, trannie, trannie.
- Come on! We just wanna play! - Here, trannie.
- Come out, come out, wherever you are! Come on, Billie.
Come on.
- Annie.
- Joshua? What are you doing here? Cans.
I'm recycling, uh, cans.
I should've known it was you.
Billie dragged me all the way here.
I guess she missed you.
- I missed her, too.
You too, Annie.
- Then why didn't you tell me you were back? - From Mantia Coro.
- Right.
Where you're from.
I looked it up wanted to know what it was like.
Turns out it doesn't exist.
- Annie I wanted to tell you, Annie, but It's okay.
You don't have to lie anymore.
I guess I just got it wrong and made a fool of myself.
But I won't bother you anymore.
- Hey! There he is! Get away from the girl, freak.
- Joshua, what's happening? Annie, just just stay back.
Whoa! Hey, he's even uglier than the one that attacked the cops.
Oh, no.
No, he - he's bigger, too.
We should - we should call the cops.
No, the cops won't give this freak what he deserves.
Joshua! - Who are they? What do they want? - Annie, you and Billie go home now.
- They're coming back.
- Annie, please! - Don't leave me alone! - Come, Billie! Careful.
Nice and slow.
- I ain't goin' down there.
- Yeah, man, forget about it.
Hey, let's just call the cops or somethin'.
- Yeah.
Joshua? A hundred thousand years ago, some humpback violates a dolphin, and this is what we get.
Makes a pretty good argument for selective breeding, huh? That footage of the transgenic attacking those policemen seems to have put a good scare into the public.
I've been leaking information to certain media contacts.
Just little tidbits about the Manticore project.
It's the opinion of the Conclave that you take things even further.
The average citizen is looking over his shoulder for monsters, but the greater threat to our interests are the X-series transgenics.
They're able to pass as human integrate themselves.
Makes them more difficult to expose.
- Even so, just imagine how people will react when they learn there are transgenics out there that look just like them.
Think of the paranoia, the panic.
Joe Six-Pack finds out his daughter is dating one of them, or that he lost his job to one.
We need to exploit that kind of fear.
Leave it to me.
- Fe'nos tol.
- Fe'nos tol.
- White.
- Otto, sir.
We just intercepted a 911 call reporting a wolfman loose in sector three.
All right.
I'll meet you there.
We gotta get on this fast before some idiot cop makes a scene and the media gets wind of this.
Yes, sir.
- Good afternoon.
Channel Three.
- Bill Leakey, news desk, please.
- Bill Leakey.
- Bill, it's me, your Deep Throat.
Heard the one about the wolfman? I'm standing with the young man who phoned the police.
Tell us what happened.
We chased it out of our neighborhood last night.
We caught up with it again this morning.
The thing attacked us for no reason.
The police aren't confirming this, but we've heard rumors about a girl.
She's from our neighborhood.
It took her down to the sewer.
I'm sorry, are you saying the creature abducted a girl from your neighborhood? Yeah.
It took her down to the sewer.
We tried to stop it, but And there you have it.
The creature kidnapped a young woman - Blind, too.
- Correction, a young blind woman.
Stay with Channel Three news as this extraordinary situation continues to unfold.
We'll be bringing you continuous coverage live from the scene.
Back to you, Steve.
Well, how was that? Good? Let's go try the cops again, see if they're ready to give a statement yet.
The thing dragged the girl underground here.
Now, it can't have gotten too far.
Carson, get on the horn to the DWP and have 'em close the sluice gates here, here, and here.
I want men posted at every entrance to the sewer, every manhole within four square miles.
Nobody gets in or out.
We're gonna trap this thing down there, and deploy from the perimeter.
We search every tunnel, every nook and cranny, until we flush it back to this position for the takedown.
- What about the girl? - We assume she's alive until we know otherwise.
Her safety is our top priority.
All right, gentlemen, we got jobs to do.
Let's get to 'em.
Look, dude, I'm a reporter.
Tell me something.
Sir, if you don't move along, I'm going to have to arrest you.
Max! Hey! Hey, Max! Max, what's up? What are you doing? Wake up, dirtbag.
Max! Careful.
Where are we? We'll be safe here.
They won't find us.
The water, Joshua.
It's so loud.
Wait here.
Better? - Yeah.
So what do we do now? We just wait.
- Tunnel D-5 is secure.
Proceeding to D-6.
- Roger that.
- The police.
We're safe now.
They'll protect us from the men that attacked you.
- No, no.
No police.
- Why? What's wrong? Alpha Team to Command.
D-6 is secure.
We are proceeding to D-7.
I'm sorry, Annie.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't want to do this.
I'm going to let go of you - please don't scream, okay? Tell me what's going on, Joshua.
Right now! Why are you hiding from the police? - I can't tell you.
- What did you do? - Not what I did.
What I am.
The police are hoping to force the creature to the surface here, where it can be apprehended.
Mike? We have a description of the transgenic.
This exclusive rendering of the transgenic was drawn from eyewitness accounts by the three brave young men who first saw it.
- Sir.
- This is so FUBAR it's almost funny.
- What do you want us to do? - There's nothing you can do.
Go back to HQ and watch it on TV like everybody else.
Let's go.
I'll have a Fudgy Buddy cone.
What are you saying? You're one of these things they're talking about on TV? Annie I wanted to tell you before, but I I touched your face.
I saw you.
It wasn't me.
- You tricked me? - Yes, I tricked you, because I - You took advantage of me because I can't see? - Annie, please - Oh, God! - Annie, please Stay away from me.
Stay away from me! - Tunnels J-6 and J-12 are secure.
- That's the last of them.
There's no way it could've gotten out.
Just no way.
All units return to your initial deployment points.
We're searching the area again.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
I take it you saw the same newscast I did.
Have you seen Max? - No.
You? Let me see if I can get her.
Delta Team moving to east junction.
Alpha Team moving to east junction.
Anything? Should've put it on vibrate.
Sketchy? Idiot.
T-shirts! Get your mutant T-shirts! Ten dollars! - Hello? - It's me.
- It's her.
- Who you talking to? - Oh, Logan.
He's here with me.
- "Here" where? Here at the All-American Media Circus.
Where are you? Wait, wait, let me guess.
You're in the sewers.
Looking for Joshua.
And what makes you think you're gonna find him before the cops do? Hang on.
Max, I hacked into the sector police computer.
They're using a GPS to track their men.
They've searched about half the area.
There's no sense in you going over the same ground.
Where are you? - Um Junction J-12-R.
Okay head right at the next intersection and take a look around there.
Once I find him, we're gonna need a way out of here.
They've got all the entrances blocked.
- Well, we'll figure something out.
- Hey, be careful.
White's up there too.
- We'll keep an eye out.
Be in touch.
- Okay.
I'm reporting live from the scene, where Reverend Terry Caldwell has arrived to lead a prayer service for the missing woman.
Now I'd like everybody to bow their heads and ask God to watch over that poor girl.
- Amen, Terry.
- Alpha Team on their way up.
- What the hell happened? - Wasn't the creature, sir.
- Then who was it? - Some girl.
Caught us by surprise.
Kicked our asses.
- She got away and took off.
Hey, let me get one of those.
- Annie - Just leave me alone.
Annie, I'm sorry I tricked you.
I was I was trying to protect you.
And look what happened.
Annie, we're going to go to the police, and you'll be safe.
But they'll lock you up.
Or worse.
- But you'll be safe.
Come here, Joshua.
- Annie, no.
- You owe me that much, don't you think? Joshua, I have to know.
No wonder Billie took such a liking to you.
And, like I said, she's always been a great judge of character.
- You're not mad at me anymore? - I wouldn't go that far.
But I understand why you lied to me.
- Someone's coming.
- We can't hide here forever.
- This way.
- No.
No, that way.
- How do you know? I'm a good listener.
Had a lot of practice.
- Come on.
- You go ahead.
I'm going to stay here.
- But, Annie, I can't leave you here.
- It's okay if they find me, Joshua.
It's not okay if they find you.
Go on.
When they find me, I'll tell them you went the other way.
- Annie, I can't leave you here by yourself.
- It's the only way you'll get out.
Now go before somebody comes.
Tomorrow I'll come by your house to see you, okay? - Promise? - Promise.
Tomorrow? Tomorrow.
This place is a war zone.
We should've heard from Max by now.
Let's get her on the line.
- Yeah? - Where are you? Junction J-42.
Sector police have doubled back.
They're heading your way.
- Tell me about it.
- Joshua can't be far.
What was that? You were right.
I found him.
All right, well, let's get you out of there.
There is a tunnel up ahead on your right, about twenty yards.
Now what? Keep going.
You'll see a ladder on your left.
Take it down one level.
- Down? You sure? - Max, go.
Come on.
This is where I'm going to bring them out.
Gotta figure there'll be soldiers posted on the street.
Not for long.
We're in some kind of chamber.
I was here with Annie before.
There are three tunnels at the far end.
Take the second one on the right.
We can't get through.
There are too many of them.
They're coming in behind you, too.
Let's go! Halt! Stop! We are in pursuit.
Repeat, in pursuit.
Let's go! You heard him! Let's go! You idiot! I don't know him.
I don't know him.
He's just an idiot.
You have any idea how little the cops in this burg get paid? It's pathetic.
Hello? Is somebody there? Hello? Hello? Don't worry, miss.
It's all over.
Well, that was fun.
What say we order a pizza, huh? - Thank you, Logan.
- No problem, big fella.
Need a ride to your place? Oh, no, it's okay.
I got my bike.
Thanks, Logan.
- Max? - Yeah? I just want you to know however things may be between us, I always get your back.
I know.
Me too.
What's Logan's problem, anyway? I mean, everything turned out okay.
Questions remain.
Community leaders are demanding to know how the creature could have eluded the manhunt with so many law enforcement agencies involved.
- Creature has friends, that's how.
We're here to bring you breaking news in this shocking development.
Police have now confirmed that the cause of death was a snapped neck.
Witnesses say it would have taken someone with superhuman strength to account for the state in which the body was found.
Once again, a tragic ending to tonights events: the kidnapped girl, Annie Fisher, was found dead at the scene just moments ago, murdered by her abductor, who remains at large.
Police have a description of the kidnapper sewers early this morning.
Miss Fisher, who had been blind from childhood, spent several terrifying hours with her attacker, as police tried in vain to locate and rescue her.
Sadly, that was not to be.
- Annie - A terrible end to this story tonight.
Annie Fisher was only twenty-three years old.
And so, to recap, the situation here tonight is grim.
After an exhaustive all-day search involving police and rescue departments, the kidnapped girl, Annie Fisher, has been found murdered.
Stay with us as Channel Three News brings you all the details tonight at eleven o'clock.
Fe'nos tol.
Just keeps gettin' better and better, doesn't it? Once again, the attacker remains at large.
And equally disturbing are rumors that a transgenic from what is apparently called the X-series, which appear to be human while possessing extraordinary strength and speed, may have assisted in the creature's escape.