Dark Angel s02e19 Episode Script

She Ain't Heavy

Since the transgenics escaped into our streets seven months ago, the crime rate has spiked twelve percent in the city of Seattle alone.
In Portland, an unknown viral agent has claimed the lives of thirty-nine citizens.
This is more than just a coincidence.
- Got that right.
These creatures are violent; many of them are diseased.
This committee wants to know - the American people want to know - how many of them are out there? How do we contain the threat they pose? Smoke 'em out and string 'em up, that's how.
Senator James McKinley, chairman of the Congressional task force on the transgenic threat.
It's good.
That's good.
- Nice.
- Nice.
- Hey.
- It wasn't me.
Grow up.
I just want to get through my day without seeing one of those.
Don't even look like him.
Doggie-dog is way better-looking than that.
It's me.
Hopin' it was Logan? - Don't know why I would.
It's over.
- Wouldn't be so sure about that.
- Thing is, I kinda told him I was seeing someone.
- What?! Who? - Hey, ladies.
You gotta be kidding me.
It was the only way after what happened.
I know myself.
Little by little, I'd forget about the virus, start hanging with him again and sooner or later, you two would accidentally touch again.
Can't risk it.
- Does he know he's your new squeeze? - Hell, no.
- You gonna tell him? - Not if I can help it.
I'm telling you, Normal, just come see for yourself.
The paper dumped the whole mutant story once the mainstream press picked it up.
And now they got me doing this totally made-up article about some bogus ten-thousand-year-old breeding cult.
Get out, freak.
- What'd I do? - Get down, you mutant bastard! - Mutant? Are you crazy? - You got three seconds! Get down! - Hey! - What the hell are you doing? He's one of them! He's got a barcode! Oh.
Well, he could have been one.
Anybody could be.
Let that be a lesson to all of you - vigilance.
Go, wash your neck.
You - get in my office.
All right.
Crash, anyone? Huh? I'm buying.
Sky? - You comin'? - No.
- Girl's got quite an arm on her.
- Yes, she does.
I remember when I first got here, how it felt so right like home.
Never figured things would get so screwed up.
Maybe it'd all be just as bad if I'd gone somewhere else.
But then again maybe not.
I'm home.
- I got an A on my spelling test.
- That's great! Did you show Dad? - Hey, honey.
- Hey.
Get cleaned up, kiddo.
It's chow time.
- This is awesome.
- I know, huh? - Munchkin down? - Yeah.
So I got Friday off so we can get out of traffic, and maybe try and do some night-skiing.
- Or maybe some hot-tubbing under the stars? - Sounds even better.
Mom! - Get him and the kid out of here.
- No! - Mom! - You're a long way from your usual haunts.
- What are you talking about? - Dad! - You really think you could hide from me, 452? - Oh, God.
- What, no witty rejoinders today? - My designation is 453.
- What? - 453.
- I can't believe this.
- What's wrong? - It's not her.
- It isn't? - It's a clone.
- A clone? Get her out of here.
They designed her to be the perfect soldier - a human weapon.
Then she escaped.
In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past.
She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny.
Hey, Joshua.
Brought you some stuff.
Easel's over there.
What's up with this map? It's Terminal City.
There's a biochemical accident in sector seven.
It's a fenced-in area.
- Been there.
There isn't much to see.
People usually go there when they've got nowhere to go and nothing to lose.
- Like downstairs people.
- Who told you that? Alec.
Why didn't you, Max? - Because it's dangerous there.
- Yeah, but we're immune.
It doesn't matter.
- And this is your home.
under this mess, anyway.
So forget about Terminal City.
- No.
- I'll help you clean up.
- No.
- It's okay.
I don't mind.
- Leave it! - Joshua Everything here reminds me of Annie.
Books, chairs, sitting, eating painting.
This is not my home anymore, Max.
You have to hang on.
It'll get better.
I promise.
Do not attempt to adjust your set.
This is an Eyes Only streaming freedom video bulletin.
The cable hack will last exactly sixty seconds.
It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped, and it is the only free voice left in this city.
Lately every crime, every act of violence committed on our city streets is being blamed on transgenics - Sixty seconds enough time for a trace? When he gets started on this whole transgenic thing, sometimes he goes over.
Keep rambling, pal.
Don't believe the hype.
This has been an Eyes Only streaming freedom video bulletin.
A few more seconds and we would have had him.
Remind our Korean friends that if they don't come through, they don't get paid.
Yes, sir.
So, you're the cheap knockoff.
See, 452 doesn't have any junk DNA.
Every base pair sequence she's got is coded with genetic information.
I'd like to know why.
- You should ask her.
- Fair enough.
Where is she? - How should I know? You mean to tell me you that you haven't been in contact with her? Why would I? Because she broke you out, along with all the other mutants.
I was already out.
I was on a deep-cover mission for two years.
Industrial espionage.
So that poor sap that you're married to - he was just part of your cover.
At first.
But when I found out Manticore went down, I you fell in love with him and wanted to adopt his little boy.
I'm sorry, I'm tearing up here a little bit.
How sweet.
Where are they? They don't know anything.
- You never told him you were built in a lab? - Please.
- They're fine.
And you will see them again, after you help me find 452.
- I already told you, I don't know where she is.
Well, you're in luck, because I have a lead for you.
See, she turned up at a glocal hospital a while back.
Really stirred things up.
The CDC was even brought in, and her doctor told them that he didn't have any idea she was transgenic.
- And you think he knows more than he's letting on.
Now we had him under surveillance for a while, hoping she'd turn up again, but now that I have you, why wait? - What do you want me to do? - I want you to find out everything he knows about her - which shouldn't be too hard, considering - and then I want you to find her.
- And my family? You pull this off, and the three of you are free to go.
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking, "I could kill him right now".
But you won't.
- You seem pretty sure of yourself.
You won't do anything to endanger your family.
I know this, because I have family too or at least I did, before I am very motivated, and I want to find her really badly.
I am not a patient man.
Don't let me down.
Raise your right leg.
Now the left.
- So what do you think? Well, this is your second go-around with transfusions of transgenic blood.
We both know what happened the first time.
Nerve cell regeneration didn't last, and you lost mobility again.
This is different.
Last time nothing happened for weeks after the transfusion.
This time it was almost instantaneous.
- Maybe you're right; maybe this time it'll stick.
Bottom line is only time will tell.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh! Max.
You scared the hell out of me.
- Sorry.
- You know, you just missed Logan.
- Logan? That's too bad.
- So what brings you by? I was wondering if, uh, I could take a look at my file.
You're kidding, right? You asked me to get rid of it.
I did.
The CDC's still poking around, asking questions about you.
I just keep telling 'em I don't know anything.
I was wondering if you could take a look at my back.
I'm having a muscle spasm.
Check it out.
Let me have a look.
Maybe you can write me a prescription.
I'm kinda low on cash.
Jam Pony doesn't have much of a health plan, huh? Not really.
Well, there's nothing unusual here.
Could be some nerve damage from when you were shot.
Max, there's no wound here.
This just happened a few weeks ago.
- I heal fast.
- Not that fast, you don't.
People who sent me - they're not gonna like that you've been lying about how well you know Max.
So when you wake up, grab your family, pack your bags, and get the hell out of town.
What are you talking about? There she is.
- Don't lose her.
- What the ? If I'm on to you, then she'll be on to you.
Got it? Good boy.
Tell your boss I work alone.
You were here yesterday.
You saw the way she muscled me.
Yeah, she's been working out a lot.
What are you guys gettin' at? That maybe we've got the wrong person and Sky isn't the transgenic.
- Oh, and Max is? - Look, man, I don't want to believe it either.
But I'm gonna sneak a peek to see if she's got a barcode, just in case.
No, these trannies are fiendishly clever.
She could've had it removed somehow.
That's true.
Not having a barcode doesn't prove anything.
I don't know, guys.
I mean, listen to yourselves.
You know? "If she's a witch, she'll float; if she's not, she'll drown".
It's like either way, she's guilty.
Max, hold up, hold up.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You need a little laser touch-up.
- Thanks for the tip.
- Wait, hold on, hold on.
You can't go in there.
Normal and Sketchy are all trippin' about your little stunt you pulled yesterday.
Go to Joshua's.
I'll meet you there later, all right? Go.
You'll get caught.
You won't even make it to Terminal City.
- I'll take the sewers.
- Why are you doing this? I can't be with upstairs people.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
- You won't have to be alone.
I'll come every day.
- You come, then you go, then I'm alone.
I'm tired of being alone, Max.
If you go to Terminal City, I won't be able to look after you.
You don't have to look after me, Max.
I can look after myself.
At Manticore I took care of myself.
I took care of everybody else.
- It's different out here.
- No! I'm talking now! You listen! I don't want to hide anymore.
I need to be with people like me.
You want to go, you want to live in toxic waste, you want to eat rats for dinner, be my guest.
Joshua Goodbye, little fella.
- We've been subpoenaed.
- Yes, I know.
McKinley's committee.
The good Senator is determined to blow this thing wide open.
Needless to say, we're taking the Fifth.
- Sir - I don't want to hear it.
Right now your priority is to maintain your cover.
Not capturing transgenics? As far as anyone needs to know, they don't exist.
Understand? - Perfectly, sir.
Well, then, I'll see you in Washington on Thursday.
- Very good.
- Oh don't wear a black suit.
- How are we coming? - Well, we got a partial trace from his last hack.
With any luck, we should lock on his position next time he comes on.
I'm gettin' tired of looking at this guy's mug.
And you are not tailing 453 because ? She made us, sir.
Shot out our tires and took off.
Said to tell you she works alone.
That's my girl.
Good to know she's on board.
- Max.
- Yeah? Oh, so you are speaking to me.
I guess I should be flattered.
- What do you mean? - This morning, outside Sam Carr's office? - Logan.
- Yeah? - Sorry.
I was in a hurry.
- Great.
In a hurry.
It's bad enough that you won't return my calls or come over, but just because you're seeing someone else, now you're going to treat me like a stranger? Yeah.
I already told you it's over.
What do you mean, leaving town? White's on my ass 24/7, I can't go back to work, I can't see Logan, and Joshua said he doesn't need me anymore.
Why am I staying here? - I'm here, for one.
Yeah, and one of these days, White and his men are going to bust through that door, and you're liable to get caught in the crossfire.
- I'll kick their asses.
- I'm serious.
I've stayed too long.
I need to go somewhere new, where nobody knows who I am and I don't have to worry about anybody but myself.
You think that's going to make you happy? Maybe.
- What about Logan? - He's better off without me in the picture.
- If you say so.
- He'll be fine.
He's got his whole Eyes Only thing.
Do not attempt to adjust your set.
This is an Eyes Only streaming freedom video bulletin.
The cable hack will last exactly sixty seconds.
It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped, and it is the only free voice left in this city.
The so-called "transgenic threat" has continued to dominate the news.
But as usual, facts Got him.
All right, people, this is the last you're going to hear from me for a while.
Stay strong in the struggle.
This is not good.
"Keep an eye on this one; won't give her home address.
Rooms with Nubian princess.
" Nubian princess? Cindy.
339 Waverly.
Don't move.
It's all right.
He's one of us.
Max? Josh? Where are you guys? You gonna call him and tell him you're going? Before you go, there's something I want to say.
You, Max Guevara, are my sister.
You are my family.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- You take care of yourself, okay? - You, too.
Now I'm seeing her everywhere.
- Yeah.
- It's 453.
I have her.
- Is she secure? - She's not going anywhere.
- Where are you? - An abandoned building.
Corner of Parish and Beechwood.
- All right.
I'm on my way.
Fe'nos tol.
Tell the Conclave I've found 452.
I'll bring her to you.
once I find out where she took my son.
You look familiar.
Have we met before? - Yeah.
In a test tube.
- Who came first, me or you? I'm 453.
- Well, do what your big sister says and untie me.
- Sister? Yeah, right.
- I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad.
- Tell 'em I quit 'til yesterday.
So, looks like I interrupted a little vacation.
Or were you skipping town? - Something like that.
- Same old 452.
- What's that supposed to mean? It's what you do, isn't it? Run away? Like when it got too rough for you back at Manticore.
Bet you never once stopped to think about what they'd do to the rest of us.
They wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again, so they tightened the leash.
We got the worst of it, your twins.
Manticore figured since we had the same basic psychological makeup as the twelve of you, we were the greatest flight risks, so they hauled us into psy-ops for evaluation six months.
You have no idea what they put us through, do you? While you were out in the world, living the dream, we paid the price.
- "Living the dream" isn't exactly how I'd put it.
Oh, so it's too tough for you out here, too? Guess I don't feel so bad about turning you over to White, then.
See, he got onto me because of you.
It's been ten years since the first time you ruined my life.
I'll be damned if I let that happen again.
You have power.
I put together a generator with some old car parts.
That's what I do - I build stuff.
Do you have any skills? Any special talents we could use? - I paint.
- Paint? I don't know.
I guess a couple new coats could brighten up the place.
No, pictures.
I paint pictures.
- Where'd you get these? - Stole 'em.
They're a little old, but they keep the ordinaries off our backs.
- Uh ordinaries? - Humans.
They mostly stay away from Terminal City, 'cause the biotoxins make 'em sick after a while.
Not us, though.
No, we do just fine, huh? City's full of transgenics.
Must be ten different groups between here and Oak Street.
Everyone tends to stick with their own kind.
Yeah, X's with X's, freaks with freaks I guess that means you're with us.
You do any weapons training at Manticore? Uh, no.
I'll teach you what you need to know.
We're not looking for trouble.
We just want to be left alone.
Dix! Someone's outside.
- Don't move.
- Hey, fellas.
What happened to you? - What are you doing here? - I'm X-5.
- Then head over to Oak Street with your own kind.
Well, I'm looking for a friend of mine, one of your kind.
You found him.
- You're married? - I have a husband and a little boy.
- You're lucky.
- Yeah.
You know, I had a nice, normal life until White came looking for you and found me instead.
- He has them.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah, well, I get them back once I turn you over to him.
- That's if he keeps his word.
- Don't have a lot of options, do I? This is my family.
Maybe you don't know what that means.
Maybe you'd just run off and save your own hide, like you always do.
Not me.
- Logan! - You okay? Untie me.
- What? - How do I know it's really you? Logan? - Max? - Logan! Don't untie her! Hey! Guy's really stuck on you, huh? I thought I was a bitch, but you take the prize.
- It's no use.
I've got ten years of training on you.
- Yeah, well, they didn't teach you to fight dirty.
- Where the hell have you been? - I had a thing.
Where's my family? - All in good time, 453.
- Yeah, right.
Ames White.
I oughta put a bullet in your head.
But twenty-odd years ago, me and her got cooked up in the same test tube.
So, in my book, that makes us sisters.
- Get to the point.
The point is, I'm gonna trade your sorry ass for her husband and kid.
- I don't think so.
- No? Well, then, I guess we get to find out how high your pain threshold really is.
- I thought Max was with you.
- No.
Is she all right? - I don't know.
- You don't know? - I don't know.
- He can't stay here.
Take it easy, pal, I'm not planning to.
I'll hook up with you in a couple days, okay? - Okay.
Guys! What are they doing here? - Just a bunch of humans.
- It's Max.
- You know her? - She's a friend.
She's X-5.
- X-5, huh? Not our problem.
Yeah, well, you see that guy right there? He's in charge of hunting you down, so I suggest you make it your problem.
- Let's see what you're packing.
- We're unarmed.
I don't have a whole lot of patience.
I don't think you boys want to stay in Terminal City any longer than you have to.
All right, let's do this.
Okay, on three.
One two three.
- Is my son still alive? - You won't be if you don't start moving.
Not another step.
Nice work, Otto.
You guys want to throw down, go ahead.
But a whole lot of people are gonna get hurt.
This isn't over, 452.
All right, gentlemen.
- Sam, what's going on here? - I'll explain everything later.
Okay? So I guess you really can take care of yourself and me, too.
Score anything? - Jacked an SUV from some, uh, gangster guys outside a strip club.
It's gonna be a long ride to Canada.
She's got some explaining to do.
- I appreciate this.
- Yeah, no worries.
Anything for a friend, or a clone of a friend.
You're all set.
If you're expecting a thank-you, forget about it.
None of this would've happened if it weren't for you.
You're right.
You know, if Manticore hadn't gone down, you wouldn't even be with them.
You know who took it down.
- Not bad.
- Good luck.
You, too.
- So White really messed up your place, huh? - Yep.
I'm sorry.
Got my files out.
It's gonna take some pricey equipment to get Eyes Only up and running again.
You're going to need a good cat burglar.
Thought you were leaving town? Nah.
Got some family stuff to take care of.
Committee calls to the stand Special Agent Ames White.
Now, Agent White, I'm sure you've been instructed by counsel and by your superiors to invoke your Fifth Amendment right.
But I want to remind you, as an officer of this committee and as your fellow American, that all this committee is interested in is truth.
The truth, sir, is quite simple.
Did parties within our government secretly divert funds for genetic experiments? Yes.
Did they allow those transgenics to escape? Yes.
Did they then choose to withhold that information from the American people? Yes.
Are those transgenics dangerous? Most assuredly, yes.
And I cannot, in good conscience, continue to be part of this cover-up.
- That, my friends, is a true patriot.
- These transgenics are a great threat to our national security and our American way of life.
Make no mistake.
This is a war a war we cannot afford to lose.
Hey! Bip bip bip, people.
C'mon, these packages aren't gonna deliver themselves.
You heard her.
Get back to work.
What? You got something to say? - Not me.
- No.
It's all good.
- Miss me? - You know it, boo.
You know it.
- Simms is going to want my badge.
- Don't worry about Simms.
By the time I'm through, you'll be a national hero, positioned to eliminate the transgenics once and for all.
The Conclave will be in touch.
Fe'nos tol.
- Fe'nos tol.
Wonder if Manticore cooked up any more of me 'cause one clone is plenty, especially when she's got a nasty left hook.
She was right about one thing, though - running away isn't the answer.
'Cause as messed up as everything's gotten lately, this is home.