Dark Blue s01e01 Episode Script


- and this could go on all night.
- All right.
And it ain't gonna get any easier.
- No, it's not.
- Besides, you don't want to find out what's in the suitcase.
He ain't talking, mr.
Whoever put you up to this isn't worth it.
You've done your job.
You can leave right now.
Just tell me who you really are.
Cop? Fed? You better tell him.
Tell him.
he's done.
Dean Get rid of him.
We leave in the morning.
Dark blue s01e01 You guys are doing nothing for the stereotype.
This better be good.
I haven't seen 7:00 a.
Since 1992.
Sorry, lieutenant shaw.
Captain maynard told us to -- To wait for you.
We found a guy -- Caucasian, mid 30s, badly beaten and abandoned on the side of the road.
He had electrical burns on the skin.
It looked like he'd been tortured.
How did you find him? Blind luck, really.
We were running late at the end of our shift, so we cut across mission street access road.
There he was.
All right.
I'll get back to you.
Lieutenant shaw.
What can I do for the federal bureau of intimidation? That obvious, huh? Painfully so.
Special agent hollis, special agent boyle.
We're in from d.
To liaise with l.
In conjunction with the investigation.
Now we need some help putting names to faces.
Captain maynard suggested you.
Captain's good that way.
You familiar with a man named robert franzine? Only by reputation.
Kind of a jack-of-all-crimes, right -- The untouchable crook? That's agent brenner.
Our robbery division put him under, posing as a fence here in l.
Took a month of undercover work, but he finally got a meet with franzine's new crew.
It turned out to be a setup.
What do the doctors say? What they always say when they have no idea.
If he's a fighter, maybe he'll make it.
Franzine doesn't ever like to travel with the same crew.
He likes to tap into the local talent pool.
Anything? L.
's a big place with lots of bad people.
And contrary to popular belief I don't know them all.
All right, this was taken off of an l.
River surveillance camera last night.
And we think this is the newest guy to join franzine.
I don't know him.
Why you guys looking at franzine? Part of a broader investigation.
- oh.
- It's a national security issue.
Is it ever not with you guys? It won't be if brenner dies.
Murder of a federal agent is the death penalty, and I will tear this city apart to make sure that franzine and his crew get it.
I'm sorry about your man.
If anything comes to me I'll let you know.
That's a weird dude.
Let's find out why.
It's not a manpower issue, jim.
It's jurisdictional.
Let me call you right back.
Where the hell have you been? captain maynard, for 16 years, we worked together.
You're supposed to know me.
Did you think I was just gonna hand him over to the feds? I wanted you to see how bad it is.
Do you have any idea what the hell dean's doing specifically? I remember a conversation where you said, "carter, you never have to give me specifics.
" Yeah, as long as you get results, - and I don't have to -- - Well, I told you when we started, this was my thing, my group, no questions.
There's video of one of your undercovers leaving an fbi agent for dead.
You don't know what that video was.
You got to call him in, carter.
No one has ever been this close to franzine.
Oh, god.
You can't.
You have to build a case from the inside out, get in deep.
That's exactly what dean's doing.
Deep enough to flip? You feeling okay? When I have I ever said "yes" to that? No, it's just, you know, daylight and you're up.
Was that aspirin? Something like that.
Tracy, what kind of backup surveillance we have on dean? Dean? Monitoring credit cards, atms, and two transponders -- One in the tire well of his car and the other under the hood.
And they're still offline.
why? Are you worried? What's going on? - oh, do it.
- do it.
What did she get us again? She got us -- my aunt, she got us the fondue set.
We could take that back -- Get something we'll use.
She's old.
- I can't hurt her feelings.
- wow.
- Do we have to do this on a day off? - Yes, we have to do this.
Come on.
We got to send these out.
"dear aunt rose What makes your old ass think we eat fondue?" he's here.
who? The prince of darkness.
He's inside.
This doesn't prove anything.
It proves enough for the fbi.
If their agent dies, dean's up for murder.
- Who's he in with? - Franzine.
Alone? He caught word that franzine was planning a job here in l.
It took some time, but dean got in.
Dean -- He always gets in.
We don't know what the job is.
Whatever it is, I can tell you it's not gonna be small, carter -- not with franzine.
Million-dollar question is it enough for dean to flip? Last time he and I went under together -- City of industry.
Something you forgot to tell me, ty? Night before the bust, franks calls us in.
He's high, he's drunk, he's paranoid Asking us who we are, where we come from.
Dean pulls out his own gun, he chambers a round, he hands it to franks, he tells him if he thinks we're cops, he should shoot us.
Dean's face Looked like he was hoping he would pull the trigger.
You think he snapped? I think you ask a lot of him.
Look, carter, no offense, but, um You know, some of us like to, mm, sleep, eat -- Normal human behavior.
you like this? It isn't a cover.
I'm putting you back in play.
I was just in -- Three weeks, long beach.
- I need some time off.
- We're on a clock.
How long before the fbi figures out he's a cop? Find dean, find out what franzine's planning.
- Use your old cover.
- My old cover? I closed that cover out.
Remember, carter? He shows back up, there's a lot of questions.
We don't have time to work up new credentials.
You had good contacts.
Use them.
This is a lot to do alone.
I'll find you someone.
You ever get tired of all of this? Get started.
Leave nothing behind! I just checked in with the hospital.
Brenner's still critical.
This is, uh, carter's file.
Listen to this.
?? undergrad at ucla, third-generation cop -- 18 years in.
He's worked everything from vice to narcotics.
He's got these -- These huge busts.
He should have a penitentiary named after him.
Then three years ago, he just disappears right off the face of the planet.
No commendations, no arrests.
The department has him listed as an administrative liaison.
Maybe he's a burnout.
Park him behind a desk.
Yeah, but where's the desk? I mean, I've called around.
This guy doesn't even have an office.
Guys like this don't just fade quietly into the twilight.
I counted 48 rounds before you scored a kill shot.
I'm clapping because at 50, they automatically move you to the fire department.
Do I know you? no.
But I know you, officer allen.
How about I buy you some dinner? Lieutenant shaw, I don't know why I'm here, but if this is social You've applied to get out of the valley division 10 times in the last 9 months -- Crash, metro, vice, antigang.
It takes two years to transfer into those units.
What's the rush, officer allen? Just eager for some real work, sir.
Your academy application says that your family's from new jersey.
Yes, sir.
Bergen county.
So, why is it that you haven't made one call to the east coast in the past three years? That's your best side, by the way.
Sealed file -- Not easy to get.
Let me ask you something, jaimie.
Is there anything on your academy application that was true? Must be hard work keeping it all straight, living a lie to your friends, co-workers, boyfriends.
But if that were me I'd lie about it, too.
It's taken me a long time, but I am not that person anymore.
So, was the l.
Your repentance? Not many people can or want to see past what's in this file, lieutenant.
You're wanting me to apologize for lying? It's not gonna happen.
What do you see out there? Cars.
I see the guy in need of his next fix.
I see the girl who just made her rent in the backseat of a car.
I see the mother who just lost her son in a drive-by.
I see everything that needs to be fixed.
I can teach you to see that way, too.
how? I run a, um -- How should I call it? Special unit, deep cover -- Independent of standard departmental jurisdiction.
That means no ?? so if you want to do some real work, if you want to show me who you really are and maybe, possibly, redeem yourself, here's your chance.
Why me? We're about perception -- Or, more accurately, deception.
And you're one hell of a liar, jaimie.
That's something I can really use.
dean's not your responsibility.
I brought him to carter.
Doesn't mean that you have to go chasing after him every time he does something stupid.
He can take care of himself.
You don't believe that any more than I do.
I hopecarter'slosing sleep over this, too.
He would if he slept.
You're supposed to be on break.
I'll be back as soon as I can, babe.
I'm not worried about when you come back.
I'm worried about who you are when you do.
Come here.
Come -- come here.
Come here.
It's not forever.
But if I do well with carter, the sky's the limit for us.
You've been saying that for a year.
I think you like this.
Detective, chief, mayor.
Not yet.
Not yet.
Been a minute.
Yeah, it's been a little too long, man.
It's been long enough that people were starting to assume you were either dead or worse -- arrested.
None of the above.
But I was in florida, which is damn near like death.
- You know what I mean? - Is that right, huh? - Florida, huh? - Check it out.
I landed in tampa right the next day.
One of the cats gets picked up on parole violation.
I'm stuck like chuck laying low ever since in miami.
So, uh Whose crew? A russian dude -- litchko.
You know him? Yeah, five years in riverbend.
You mean pelican bay.
Look here, ramone.
I need a big payday.
Well, it's obvious you don't watch the news, huh? We in a bit of a recession.
I heard franzine's back in town.
Come on, man.
Let me tell you something, dog.
You don't just send in a ?? To franzine.
He picks you, man.
I'm on my last leg here, man.
You know? Anything I had, I lost in florida.
If I don't get something soon, ramone, I'm done.
I'm toast.
All right.
I'll tell you what I'm gonna do for you, all right? This guy might have some work.
I'm gonna let him know that me and you go way back.
They call him wade.
- But you're gonna do both of us a favor.
- Anything.
You're not gonna go around asking about franzine no more.
You understand? Done.
We got an i.
Match off the video.
Dean phillips -- State-raised in chino, carjacking, assault, three years at fresno for armed robbery.
Yeah, that sounds like someone franzine might recruit.
See, that's the thing.
It feels too much like that.
When I was in miami, one of the things we used to do was help undercover agents with false identities.
You construct an alias.
So if anyone's looking, they go right down that path.
This looks like something we would do.
Can you try to find a match with him on the l.
Database? You think this guy's a cop? You catch carter's face when he saw that video? Like he caught his own kid stealing from his wallet.
Yeah, yeah.
I think he's working for carter.
We're closed.
What if I'm here to see wade? Keep it walking.
Where's wade? Hold up, homes.
Ramone says you got some skills.
Where did you educate? Uh, you know, here and there.
Mostly folsom -- Five-year program.
What type of gainful employment you looking for? I was thinking about, uh, robert franzine.
Never heard of him.
I'll get in contact with you.
You know, if I could -- If I could just Know what the job was.
Mm, don't think about the job.
Just think about life the day after the job.
Or you could just think about the money.
I didn't believe it when ramone told me you were back.
But there you are.
You just gonna walk away? Is that supposed to be ironic? Pull up a chair.
I can explain.
The things you said to me Before you left I thought that there was more to you.
What you see is what you get.
I see you got a way with the ladies.
Come on.
Checked you out.
Everyone seems to like you.
You a good earner.
I try, you know? So when a small-time hump like yourself starts asking around about somebody like franzine They either stupid Or something else.
You something else? Uh, all right.
Just be cool, man.
License and registration.
How you doing, officer? Yeah, sure.
Hey, man! Man, what the -- What did you -- Man, what'd you do that -- - You an informant, huh? - You just shot a cop, man! You was the only witness.
Do the math! I want in with robert franzine.
I don't know him.
You know what'd make this all good? If I blow your head off, and I leave my gun in your dead hands.
Then it's just another routine traffic stop gone bad.
You feel me? - All right.
- huh? All right.
All right, all right.
A man I do business with contacted me about a house someplace untraceable, safe.
What this got to do with franzine? The only time me and his do business is when franzine is in town.
Where's the house? East l.
, man.
On torres.
Only two people know this happened -- me and you.
If I ever hear you tried to cut a deal on me or tried to roll on me, i'm gonna let the streets know you was rattin' franzine out.
Nod your head so I know you heard me.
Now run.
We don't give out awards.
You can get up now.
You good? I'm good.
where's the cellphone? What cellphone? I- I don't -- I -- My cellphone.
I said no outside calls.
Anyone you talk to outside this room, you're gonna have to lie to.
Lying bring suspicion, and suspicion compromises us.
- Shut up.
- That's right.
- I thought I was clear on this.
- You were.
You were.
Who were you talking to? I was lining up gear like you told me to.
Do you rember that? Okay, wait.
Okay, all right, fine.
I called my girlfriend.
All right? That's it.
It's no big deal.
Okay, look, look.
Franzine, just -- hey.
what else was he lying about? Anyone got a problem with this? No, sir.
Hold on.
It's a four-way split now, right? All right, they cleared out the house already, but I saw dean throw this in the garbage.
You recognize him? no.
Whose blood? Carter, in front of the new girl? Come on.
You serious? You and tracy get on this right away.
I want to know everything about him.
Franzine shot someone.
I think one of their own.
Our boy did absolutely nothing to stop it.
His face exactly the same as city of industry.
I'm telling you, no fear, no emotion -- I mean absolutely nada.
Look, I know what you're thinking, but maybe -- Maybe there was nothing he could do.
I threw the smoke signal, the same one you always have us use.
He ignored it.
- You plant the transponder? - In the tire well.
carter? I think you've been followed.
You parked in the red zone.
You guys skip stakeout class at quantico? Try blending in.
Move around a little.
Eat something.
Who says we're on a stakeout? Ah, I forgot.
All you feds get your porno dvds down here.
That my file? Am I as interesting on paper? Yeah.
I was sorry to read about your wife.
You knew that kid in the video, didn't you? Who is he? Don't follow me again.
Or what? I'll have you towed.
- What is this place? - A bank.
I want to get him alone.
I left him a message.
All he's got to do is look down.
WASH Turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it.
Okay, turn it on.
- What are you doing? - First rule, Youneverbreak off communication.
Rules? Your -- your rules are gonna get me a bullet in the head.
Tell me why I shouldn't pull you out right now.
- Because I know what I'm doing.
- Yeah? He was an fbi agent -- The guy you left for dead, dean.
Well, he should have had better cover, huh? They have you on video dumping the body! He dies, then you're up for murder, then no one can help you! Well, no one can help me now! How long you think before the fbi figures out you're a cop? Longer than it would take franzine to find this.
I mean, what do you think -- He doesn't sweep the car? They shot someone right in front of you! So, what was I supposed to do -- Break my cover?! We can take them on the shooting right now.
- Right now! - I don't have time for this, okay? If you are not out of this car by the time we're done -- - You watched him shoot him! - So what?! Okay, so -- so what, ty? - I'm pulling you out.
- no.
No, you're not.
I have to finish this.
If you stay out of my way, we'll all live a little longer.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Hope that wasn't a big mistake.
His name's warren volk -- Consultant for a company called armitus.
They do corporate finance in riyadh, london, and new york -- Mostly manage portfolios for wealthy individuals.
What's the connection between the bank and volk? That we don't know.
Then we need someone in the bank.
Is there some kind ofplan? What did carter promise you? Promotion or something? Maybe he thinks I have more to offer than traffic cites.
Two things to know about carter.
There's nothing he wouldn't do to protect us, and there's nothing he wouldn't do to get his man.
What's wrong with that? Sometimes you don't know which comes first.
Is that what happened to dean? Dean's a different story.
You know that family, jaimie, the one you see in the movies -- You know, the nice house, white fence, cute little dog? That's dean's family.
Parents expect a lot from him -- Go to college, meet a nice girl, get a job.
Except our boy dean wants more.
He decides he's got a higher calling.
So he joined the police, and then along comes carter with his big ideas.
He sounds like a poster boy.
What's the problem? You start spending more time as an addict or a thief or even a killer than you do as yourself, sooner or later, you're gonna forget what parts are your cover and what parts are you.
How long can you pretend to be something before you become it, right? But that's just dean.
And that's our boy.
Let's go.
Yeah, it looks like a good evening for you, Mr.
Owens, manager of gulf interbank.
Do I know you? So I guess you must be mrs.
Owens says volk's been in the bank four times past three months.
Using the name monroe each time, he goes into a safety deposit box.
- For what? - That's the thing.
Owens never sees him come or go with anything.
he says volk's paranoid.
He uses bodyguards.
He's in and out in a minute.
Why does franzine need to take him at the bank? Private bank, no walk-ins.
Uh, more controllable? What if franzine wants what volk has in his box But volk is not planning on taking it out? Franzine would have to steal it from his safety deposit box.
He would need the bank's key and volk's key.
Owens says volk has an appointment -- Then we're gonna be there, too.
what do we do about dean? I know that dean means something to both of you, but if he's turned, how far do we go to stop him? You shoot him.
Because if hehasturned, he'll shoot you first.
I've tapped into the security camera feeds, but I can't control themyet.
- Hollis.
- It's boyle.
We got a hit off the l.
Dean phillips is dean bendis.
- He's a cop.
- Okay.
Find lieutenant shaw right now.
I'm on my way back.
- Mr.
- Thank you.
This way, Mr.
Volk's here.
Owens is taking him into the vault.
No sign of franzine yet.
ugh! go, go.
Put your gun down! Put your gun down! Put your gun on the floor! Let's go.
Get your hands in the air! Get those hands up! Go! Go! Hands! Hands! hands! Hands! Come on! Move 'em! Keep them up! There's nothing in here you'd want.
I don't want that.
I want you.
They're out of the vault.
Franzine has volk.
- What's dean doing? - Let's go! Get your hands in the air! - Dean's leaving with them.
- Damn it! Call it in.
Lieutenant shaw just called a 211 in progress at the gulf interbank here downtown.
- now? - Yeah.
Let's go.
You ain't get no money, man? Where the money? You need to be straight with me.
Two dead, one kidnapping.
u should have been straight withme! I keep asking myself why -- Why would you chase a bank robber all the way from d.
? This was never about franzine, was it? This is about volk.
You need to tell me everything you know now! All right.
Warren volk works for a guy named tariq.
Tariq is a guy with money in dark places.
Volk made a deal.
He wanted to turn against his boss.
So volk goes into hiding, gets word to us that he's gathering evidence against tariq.
And I'm guessing that that evidence is right here.
How does franzine figure into this? Tariq hired franzine to find volk.
You follow me, you check up on me, you use me as bait, and in the infinite wisdom of the fbi, you decide to keep all that from me in my own backyard? Your own backyard is the wild west! We thought dean bendis was a part of franzine's crew.
It turns out it wasn't an act.
He is.
Oh, my god.
I'm telling you.
Every single thing dean did in the bank said he was in with franzine.
I'm not sure.
Right as they left, he looked at me.
- Oh, he looked at you? That's great.
- He knew I wasn't a teller.
He made me.
He didn't do anything.
I think he's still playing this out.
- He didn't say anything? - I don't know.
I can't explain it.
I just have a feeling.
You've been working with us, what, about half a day, and we supposed to bank on you having a feeling? They destroyed the evidence -- If they wanted volk dead, they could have killed him right there, but they didn't.
Something else is going on.
- Yeah? - carter? Dean's transponder just came on.
Get in.
I was hired by your boss.
I know you've been gathering evidence against him for the fbi.
Tell me what you told them.
Tariq's a terrorist.
He's financed bombings in london and madrid.
He's used his charities to Raise money for extremist camps.
Right now he's laundering money for a dozen terrorist organizations.
That's all I needed.
Wait a minute.
I didn't sign on to be a hired killer.
For $5 million, you'll be whatever I tell you to be.
Shut up! Stop, stop.
Right there.
Don't move.
Don't move.
On the ground now! don't.
I'm a cop.
A cop? You really believe that? What do you make -- $50,000, $60,000 a year? You're wasting your talents.
- I can give you anything you want.
- Stop.
I've watched you.
I know what you are.
You're no cop.
Drop it.
Fbi gets volk, l.
Gets credit for franzine.
Yeah, and they don't even have to get shot at.
You sure you want to do this? What, I'm supposed to go back to patrol now? - No, I'm with you.
- you see that? Everybody gets what they want.
What do you want, partner? Come on.
You really think I would have left that picture of volk if you hadn't have been there? So you knew the patrol car was gonna pick up that fbi agent, huh? Shift change -- 1:00 a.
Access road's the fastest way back to the station.
That was the first thing they teach you downtown, t-money.
There's going under, and then there's stepping over.
I get scared when I don't know the difference.
Yeah, but that's why you got me, right? Don't scare me again.
This is from carter.
He says you can keep it.
no, no.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on! Carter.