Dark Blue s01e02 Episode Script

Guns, Strippers and Wives

Step up.
Next time just send a picture.
I told you I wasn't playing, g.
Name's ray.
Serial numbers? Clean as a whistle.
Which makes no sense, if you think about it.
Whistles are nasty.
Coaches blowing into them, spitting germs everywhere.
I'm assuming these haven't been used, right? Suicide bomber's dream.
Well, they sure as hell look great.
Let's make sure they work great.
- nice piece.
- Yeah.
- Start with mp5s.
- Can't wait to start shooting.
I'd prefer to shoot myself.
And I'd prefer to be naked with gisele in fiji, but I'm not, okay? Hey, jinxy.
Start running.
I want to show ray how good this works.
- Come on, man.
- I'm serious.
Come on, man! Start running! Or I could just shoot your lying ass right here.
That -- that thing last month with the berettas -- shh.
Start running.
This is accurate to 165 yards.
Do some zigzags! ??? - Are you really gonna shoot this dude? - I don't have a choice.
He's a thief.
Adios, jinxy.
What the hell are you doing? You want to shoot the bitch, do it on your own dime.
I'm a businessman, moosa.
My business don't involve me shooting punks named jinxy.
Not for free, anyway.
I was just playing.
Go get his dumb ass.
Tell him I was kidding, all right? After we test the guns, we'll go back to the club.
We'll have a couple of cocktails.
Does that sound like a plan? If boyd is there.
I'm not good enough for you? The world's second-most-efficient killing machine.
I'm number one.
s01ep02 oh.
She's cute, no doubt.
Me, I like a more conventional beauty.
See that one over there Looking like a supermodel.
That's my girlfriend.
Taylor! What about you? You got a girlfriend? Wife? I'm single.
There ain't nothing wrong with that.
So where's your boy, um Jinxy? He's still pissed off about this afternoon.
Some people can't take a joke.
- You good? all right.
- I'm good.
- he ??? i'm actually getting dizzy from watching this.
- Yeah, okay.
Our job is to watch.
I know you're new to this.
I get it.
Trust me.
You know, what I don't get is when carter says that we're not supposed to tell anybody about what we do, does he meananybody? Yeah, he means anyone -- Not your mother or your shrink or your little friends from the academy or even your dog.
He means anyone.
You want a dance, handsome? Not right now, baby.
Thank you.
Strong and handsome.
I like that.
"strong and handsome.
I like that"? - Not now.
- Hey, listen, just ask once, okay? If the man says no, you walk away.
You don't have to flirt.
I said you don't need to flirt.
Did you hear me? I love you, sweetie.
Hey, bill.
How you doing, man? - hey, ??? - yeah.
- What's up? - We got a problem.
Big guy, canvas jacket, right behind me at the bar.
Ty did business with him last month under the name phil gamble.
He'll blow ty's cover.
Handle it.
I'm on it.
I'll get a cab home.
Asshole! What the hell are you thinking? Sorry.
It was an accident.
- Grab that prick! He just popped me! - What? Get your damn hands off of me! Do you know who I am?! I'll have you killed! Jimmy.
This is ray hamilton.
This is the guy that I was telling you about.
- ray.
- Jimmy.
Hear you guys had a productive meeting this afternoon.
Merchandise looks good.
I think it's time we talked numbers.
Hello? Like I said, it's not a problem.
now? Okay.
Thankless son of a bitch.
I'll be back in five minutes.
Take care of my friend ray.
Was that boyd? Yeah.
I'm getting close.
Call me when you get back to the motel.
You mean closet.
Next time I'll get you a suite at the four seasons.
I'm serious, carter.
Ah, just think, a few more days, you'll be home with melissa, hanging out in the backyard, sipping chardonnay.
I'll be back home, but I will not be in the backyard, I can promise you that.
- hey.
- hey, sweetie.
Everything okay? Yeah, of course.
Is the case over? Not yet.
We're just working out some -- We're working out some minor details.
Then why are you calling me? Because I love you, woman! I love you, too.
Hang up.
You're making me scared.
I love you.
Bye, bye, bye.
ray, You ready to talk? $120,000.
You've got to be kidding me.
$120,000? That's kind of steep.
The market value for 20 a.
s, 15 mp5s, and 10 barretts is $47,000 max.
Now, based on the quality of your merch, i'm willing to pay a premium, but I can't go up to $120,000.
The number is still $120,000.
And you know what? It's been nice to meet you, jimmy.
How does $105,000 sound? Best I can do is $100,000.
When can we close? End of the week sound good? Is the money here or in mexico? Don't worry about the money.
What else is there to worry about? The cash is not a problem.
You got my word on that.
I'm only gonna say this once -- You're straight with me, i'm straight with you.
You're not You're dead.
Good knowing you, jinx.
Come by tomorrow morning around 10:00.
We'll go over the fine print.
There's a girl waiting for you upstairs.
My treat.
I appreciate that.
I'm gonna pass.
Head back to the motel, jimmy, get some shut-eye.
Suit yourself.
Happy birthday.
What are you doing here? Go back to sleep.
Already? Bank opens at 9:00, remember? You're so responsible.
Somebody in our family has to be.
So, is the case closed? Almost.
Just got to cross some t's.
- What are you doing? - Baby, would you -- What are you doing? Does carter know you're here? Stop worrying.
Come here, woman.
It's fine, all right? Now lay back.
This won't take long.
no, I can't.
I can't.
Besides, I don't like having sex with you while you're under.
You sort of Feel like a stranger to me.
Sounds sexy.
Not to me.
You know when I'm with you, i'm with you, 100% ty.
You're just saying that 'cause you're horny.
I'm just saying that because I love you.
Happy birthday, baby.
hmm? It's beautiful.
But bracelet or no bracelet, I have to go to work.
What's up, pete? You wanted to see me? Why are you lying to us, ray? Excuse me? Last night you said that you were going back to your motel.
You didn't mention anything about 2173 alice street.
Come on, moosa, man.
Sit down, ray.
Ray, sit down.
I followed you last night, g.
And you did.
You went back to the motel.
You went inside.
But then you snuck out the back, you walked across the street to another parking lot.
You got on a motorcycle, and you rode out to pasadena, and then you spent the night with some chick.
so? So why all the wheeling and dealing? Come on, moosa.
Called taking a shower and getting laid, man.
I thought that you were tired.
I got a second wind, felt like tapping some ass.
All right.
There's nothing wrong with that, g.
She's She's hot.
She's not my type, but she'shot.
So what's the problem? You said that you were single.
- I am.
- But your friend is married.
I saw the ring on her finger this morning right before she left for work.
She was looking all rosy and smiley like she had just gotten it so good.
She did, from me, not her punk-ass banker husband.
Them married bitches -- So appreciative, it's almost unfair.
True that, ray.
But the married bitches don't usually give the house keys to their little boy toys.
Says who? Says me.
You tripping, moosa.
You tripping.
I hope so, ray.
For your sake.
I'm gonna need that I thought the deal was supposed to close next week.
It went better than I thought.
What can I say? Well, just keep me in the loop.
I always do.
Chief's planning to announce l.
's war on guns next month, but if you really think this bust is coming down on friday, I might suggest he push up the press conference.
I'm a better cop than politician.
That might be the most accurate thing you've ever said.
- hey.
- carter, it's me.
He was supposed to make contact in 30 minutes.
It's been 38.
Wait a sec.
God damn it.
What is it, jaimie? What? I tried to follow them, but they had way too much of a head start.
was ty alone in the backseat? no.
Someone was next to him.
So ty got there at 10:00, you covered the front door until 10:38, and then moosa drove away with ty in the backseat.
I only have two eyes.
We're just trying to figure out what happened.
No one's blaming you.
It doesn't sound like that.
I don't get it.
Last night everything went perfect.
He left the club around 11:00, went back to the motel You sure about that? Sure about what? That he went back to his motel.
You know something I don't? It's melissa's birthday.
This ain't his first rodeo.
You know ty.
He wants it all.
He thinks he can bounce back and forth between u.
Guy and suburban-husband guy without paying the vig.
Where did you meet this broad? Again, at a club in hollywood.
She lives in pasadena.
You met her in hollywood? I don't know if you've heard, there's this little invention, it's called an automobile.
Is that supposed to be funny? He's right, johnny.
It's a stupid question.
But that's not the point, is it? The point is, are you lying? Again, she's just a married freak I bone when her husband's out of town.
Run her address and license.
Pete, go get our little friend.
I'm trying.
I didn't say I needed more time.
I said I'm trying.
A late fee? ??? i I told you what happens to liars, right? Ever take a polygraph exam, ray? Are you a human being or an alien? Answer the question.
Answer, or you're a dead man.
Human being.
There we go.
Do you intend to answer these questions truthfully? yes.
Ever told a lie? yes.
What's your name? Ray hamilton.
Are you married? no.
You a thief? no.
You a cop? no.
Do you have access to $100,000? yep.
Want to screw johnny's girlfriend? That's not funny.
She's not my type.
Happy birthday.
It's a stupid cop rule.
If someone's undercover and it's his wife's birthday, it's the commanding officer's job to deliver flowers.
Why are you really here? I was gonna get you a card, but I haven't seen ty in two weeks.
That's why you're here, right? Check up on him, make sure he's a loyal soldier? I hope you like the flowers.
Good news is you didn't fail.
Bad news is you didn't pass.
What's that mean? That means I'm still debating on whether or not to shoot you.
Larry here thinks it's 50/50 you're lying.
I think it's more like 60/40, but since I got a liquidity issue, i'm gonna give you a chance to close the deal and save your life, but there's a new deadline -- You expect me to run down to the atm and withdraw that amount of cash by 10:00 tonight? If you are who you say you are -- Ray hamilton, bag man for the sinaloan cowboys Then it's doable.
If you're not, if you're a thief or a cop or an unemployed circus clown looking for a thrill, then you can't, and I have my answer.
You want the deal closed by tonight, let's do it, but I got to get in the streets, man.
I got to shake and bake.
I got people I got to talk to.
You're not going anywhere, ray.
Well, can I use a phone? You expect me to use my magical powers? That's up to you, but if I don't have 100k in my pocket by 10:00 tonight, you're cracking jokes in hell with jinxy.
Found a gentleman's club in palmdale owned by an llc boyd controls, but the place burned down three months ago.
He's also the treasurer of a "production" company called intimate media inc.
No business address.
No phone numbers.
Get ready.
You in? in.
- Hello? - Its me, man, ray.
Hey, buddy.
How you doing? I'm good.
I'm real good.
I tried calling you earlier, but it just kept ringing and ringing.
I know.
I've been busy.
But, look, it's all good.
I met with those cats I was telling you about.
It's all good.
Only thing is, they want to close by tonight.
I thought we were supposed to do it at the end of the week.
I know.
Truth is, they told me last week, if I like what I see, I got to pull the trigger within 24 hours.
I sort of forgot that part.
So I apologize.
How's the merchandise? The merch is perfect.
Then let's rock 'n' roll, baby.
You got a number I can get you back at? Look here, buddy, I got to bounce around, so I'll hit you back in a couple hours.
Well, didn't triangulate.
- Prepaid phone.
- I guess so.
Maybe he's just accelerating things in case they skip town or something.
"all good" is ty's code for "all bad," and he does not ring that bell lightly.
He doesn't ring that bell ever.
Where you going? To do a little fundraising.
$100,000 by 10:00? Are you serious? You know how the system works.
I'm not looking for a sermon on bureaucratic inefficiency.
I just need the money.
Well, unfortunately, that's the best I can do right now.
I guess that means you didn't talk to the chief about pushing up his press conference, right? This has nothing to do with a damn press conference! It's about procedure! So you're gonna just leave my guy flapping in the wind? How the hell am I supposed to get $100,000 by the end of the day for a unit that doesn't technically exist?! - I'll find the money myself.
- Okay, what does that mean? It doesn't really matter, does it, since I don't technically exist? I need an ounce of high-grade coke asap.
I don't care how or where you get it.
Just get it.
Go, go.
Leak word that vince peluso has 5 keys of top-shelf blow he needs to move immediately, Who's vince peluso? me.
Got it.
So the goal is to sell The only real coke will be the ounce that dean gets.
We'll use that as a sample to hook the buyer.
Might be easier to rob a bank.
If it was, we would.
Believe me.
Told you.
Stuff's good.
Blue don't mean it's good.
It just means it ain't bad.
I want repeat business, man.
I ain't looking to sell crap.
Yeah, well, the guy I represent, he wants a new supplier, but he's only looking for "a" product, so How much you looking to move? A key a month.
If your boy don't like this, he don't know a damn thing.
- how much? - $1,500.
Police! Don't move! Don't move! Hands over your head! Don't move! Hands in the air now! ??? now! What the hell is wrong with you? Why didn't you tell me you were gonna do that? - Sorry.
- Sorry? Look, we got the drugs, we didn't blow our cover, and there's no paperwork to fill out.
Everybody wins, right? Yeah, well, you still should have told me you were gonna do that.
How could I tell you I was about to do something that I didn't know I was about to do? Who's the buyer? Some guy named jack woods.
Jaimie's contact made the introduction.
What do we know about him? It's not that much.
got a drink with him in hollywood.
Says he's anxious to make a big score.
Give me the real stuff.
Damn, you look good.
How you doing, girl? How you doing, dino? Come on in.
This is my friend jack.
My partner, vince.
what's up? Hey, baby.
Come here, jack.
Time to get fresh.
I hear you're looking for 5 keys.
- At least.
- At least? Oh! We got ourselves a baller here, guys.
What can I say? Tired of running with the j.
Well, the price of playing varsity's 20 grand a key.
No problem.
So, tell me, where you getting the cash? I don't ask where you get the blow.
You don't ask where I get the cash.
Get out.
- What? - We're done.
No, man.
He's cool.
He's just talking.
Talking, or wasting my time?! I got a partner.
He owns a few clubs around town, makes book on the side.
He's fronting the cash.
see? That wasn't so hard, now, was it? I guess not.
I'll be back in an hour with the cash.
That doesn't bother you, screwing married chicks? Not in the least bit.
Well, the poor guy, he goes away on business.
He thinks that his wife is in love with him, and then there you are.
You're in hisbed, hitting it.
That's his problem.
If I ever caught someone with my taylor ooh.
You know, the truth is it ain't easy dating somebody that beautiful.
A woman like that gets so much attention.
She's got so many options.
I mean, any night of the week, she can go home with 10 different guys.
All of them are gonna be rich and good-looking, driving fancy cars.
Sometimes I just -- It's in my head, man.
I just wonder.
Wonder what? I wonder.
Well, when you -- When you tell this girl you love her, right? Yeah.
what does she say back? Sometimes she says, "i love you, too.
" There you go.
But then other times, she says nothing.
She just sits there, and she looks at me.
And then I try to ask her, you know, "what's wrong?" she tells me she has intimacy issues.
Intimacy issues? Break up with her already.
Maybe we just need to go to couples therapy or something, okay? Time to call your partner.
What the hell are you thinking? hey.
Hey, buddy.
What's going on? What's up, my man? We still good for tonight? Absolutely.
I'm driving to my private bank right now and should have the cash in a couple of hours.
So, when I get the cash, what's the best number to reach you at? Call me at 818-555-0198.
I'll give you a ring then.
All right.
Truth is, i'm rooting for you.
That's really good to know, boyd.
I'm serious.
I need 100k right now a lot more than I need a dead body.
My contact swears he's credible.
For a lifelong criminal, anyway.
Who's your contact? A guy I sort of know -- Chris.
He used to be heavy in the drug scene.
"guy I sort of know" or "friend"? Usedto be a friend.
Now he's just a guy I sort of know.
If you have a problem with my past -- A problem? Jaimie, that's why I hired you.
You get lost or something? I had a hard time tracking down my boy, that's all.
Is that it? Make me one of those, jaimie.
Straight up.
Have a seat, my man.
I can almost smell that money.
We need money, not a corpse.
like I said, it was a drug buy gone bad, and one of my men took him down.
Now, with all due respect, captain, I don't have the patience to be cross-examined.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
I had no idea he was -- What? Might have a gun? Be a thief? We can check out r?sum?s all we want, but at the end of the day, these guys are still criminals.
I know.
I- I just feel bad.
We don't have time for you to feel bad, jaimie.
Next time just check the damn briefcase.
This informant I've been hustling just told me about this hot drug house in inglewood sitting on a ton of cash, like six figures.
- Gang? - He says it's independent.
- Finder's fee? - Zero, 'cause I bailed his brother out on a felony coke charge last week.
Let's do this.
Seriously? Where's mike getting the cash, mexico city? Yeah? Like I said, I need to de-- No, you listen to me! I'm the one who's taking all the risk here, so you -- You hang up on me? Nobody hangs up on me! You hear that, you armenian, porn-peddling son of a bitch! Is everything okay, boss? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Everything's perfect.
I got a guy named ray who claims to be a gun dealer handcuffed to a chair, got an armenian sociopath threatening to slit my throat I don't get him 50 grand by tomorrow, and I got a pregnant stripper named asia, who's mexican, by the way, shaking me down for child support! So, yeah, everything is great! Thanks for asking, johnny! That's my property! Pay up, ho! Yo, I think someone broke in to your car, dude! I just bought that damn thing.
Check it out.
??? ???? I think you broke my nose! no ??? ok.
I'm done.
I'm done playing, ray.
I can't just sit around hoping things work out, hoping you are who you say you are, hoping some guy named mike shows up with 100k.
You understand? What do you propose I do? I propose you come clean.
- I already told you.
- My ass is on the line here, too.
I got partners hat need to get paid, and these guys These hypocritical, money-obsessed scumbags, trust me, they don't believe in excuses.
I understand.
I do.
That's not my problem.
Looks like $2,000 per stack.
Where you going? I'm gonna run an errand.
What kind of errand? Be back in an hour.
He's not easy.
I'm starting to sense that.
This is your last chance, ray.
this is your last chance to tell the truth, right here, right now.
If you're a snitch, a thief, a cop That's fine.
You're a dead man, obviously, but your wife or your girlfriend, they get a pass, but if you keep playing this game and it turns out you're lying, you both die, and I promise it won't be pretty.
You're gonna kill an innocent girl over a damn gun deal, huh? - You that weak? - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't you blame me if she winds up dead! This is on you, pal! Now or never.
I'm telling the truth.
Go over to the married chick's house.
If you don't hear from me by 10:00 Kill her, and make it hurt.
so, why don't we just offer to buy $70,000 worth of guns? The deal was $100,000.
If we offer $70,000, he'll get spooked.
So tell him we have $100,000.
- And then what? - Set up the buy.
Show him the cash.
He starts counting, we start shooting.
Yeah, like in the movies, right? Excuse me? We start blasting, and ty is a dead man.
Not if we're good.
Yeah, okay.
Can I talk to you? Where'd you get that? Come on.
It doesn't matter.
- It doesn't work that way.
- Just take it.
I'm not in the mood for debate.
Neither am i.
So take yes for an answer, carter.
Move on.
Don't get smart with me.
You really want to argue about this with me or you want to save ty? How's it going, mike? I'm okay.
you? You got the cash or what? Yeah, all set.
Meet me at 25 west street in an hour.
Ray gonna be there? No.
He'll be with an associate.
Why is that? Got to make sure the money's green.
And if it is? We'll release the guns and ray.
Lot of hoops.
Like selling a house.
You get the keys when the money clears escrow.
See you then.
Got the queso? Mind if I count it? Be my guest.
Looks like we got a deal.
Show him the guns.
Looks good.
Sorry about all the confusion, chief.
Yeah, it's me.
We're closed.
Tell ray he's a free man.
Let me talk to him.
It's your boy.
- Mike.
- All set on your end? Yeah.
I'm cool.
- For real? - Yes, sir.
For real.
Just make sure boyd calls moosa.
I'm gonna kill you! No! Don't do that! Don't do that.
Put it down.
Lying son of a bitch! Sorry for all the confusion Chief.
Party's over, ray.
- What about moosa? - What about him? I want to make sure he knows the deal's closed.
That's not my thing, man.
Look, man, I don't need my girl getting shot 'cause boyd forgot to make some damn phone call.
I don't even have his number, dude.
I'm a role-player.
Derek fisher, not kobe bryant.
I'm not even lamar -- Please don't shoot me.
You okay? What the hell? You screwed up.
You came home to see melissa.
They followed you.
If it bothers you to Miss your wife's birthday, then maybe you should go back to wearing a uniform.
Being alone in a crappy motel room and disappointing the woman you love, that's just the cost of doing business.
If you can't handle that or you don't want to handle that it's time to go.
What are you doing here? Does this mean you're done? Where'd you get the money? You are unbelievable.
It's 2:00 in the morning, carter! I'm serious.
Look, I keep certain things close by, things that help me do my job Drugs, guns, cash.
That's why you have it.
I want to know where you got it.
What difference does it make? It's a means to an end.
That's fine.
As long as the end is on the right side of the line.
It is.
You sure? Positive.