Dark Blue s01e03 Episode Script


season 1 episode 2 :dark blue ??????? sorry about the delay.
The 405.
The back's clear.
As soon as howard makes the buy,we take him.
When I was a defense attorney, the one thing I had to do was check out prospective clients Look into their history,make sure they're not with holding vital information which could come back at you.
It's a funny thing -- When we looked into you Some things just don't add up.
well I'm not a prospective client,and you're not a defense attorney.
What you are is late.
Now, your boy here he said you're looking for a new supplier, and that's why I'm here.
So, you got the money or not? I see you worked with vince halpin.
The guy was a lunatic.
Yeah, he was, and that's why he got himself killed.
Yeah, funny thing is All the guys you worked with were dead.
That makes it very hard to get a reference.
Now, either you're the worst luck charm in the world, or it's by design.
You think I'm a cop.
I don't know what you are.
Ty, get in position.
This may go sideways.
I'm on the move.
Why don't we just take him now? If there's no money in the briefcase, then it's technically not a buy,and we have no case.
We have to see the money first.
yeah, well, if I'm a cop,then how come you're not facedown on the floor right now? cause if you're a cop, you know you can't make an arrest without intent to buy, and if there's no money in here, then there's no intent.
So I guess you came all the way down here for a glass of sake.
Carter, I'm there.
All right, don't move until I say so.
look, I don't know what you heard or who you talked to, but I'm no cop.
Bryant, will you please tell him this? I asked around, andre He checked out.
What? You think I'm wearing a wire, too, right? Right? Think I'm wearing a wire guys? Come on.
I'm here to make a deal with you, Mr.
That's it.
Come -- come on.
Carter, I need an answer.
Are we really gonna let howard walk? Hey, look.
You're being a little paranoid here.
That's funny.
I used to tell my clients that.
back off.
This is the second time you didn't vet someone properly.
You going to stand there all night? We should've taken him.
- With what? - No money, no arrest.
Well, it took five weeks undercover, carter,just to get that meeting.
Yeah, it might be my last shot.
Maybe not.
Your cover's not blown yet.
Your contacts -- Bryant?He's not gonna want to set up another deal after that.
Apologize, grovel,pay him off.
Do whatever you need to do to get back inside.
It's not exactly low-hanging fruit, carter.
It's all we got.
How long you been up, superfly? You were working? I'm still the new kid.
Yeah, well, I know that you can't talk about it, so I'm not even gonna ask.
Man, I have lost more socks in this place.
I got to get going, too.
Now, that is hot.
What do you say you bring that back to bed with us, huh? You're gonna make us both lateagain.
Well that wouldn't be an issue if we lived together.
Are you serious? What do you think? I don't -- I don't know.
- It's been three months.
- Four.
Actually, for the record, it's been four,but you think about it.
I am gonna be late for my pretrial with the judge.
Have a good day.
Hey, bryant!It's dean! Bryant? Bryant? Been calling you,like 10 times, man.
Got to talk about last night.
you sure it was howard? howard was not happy that bryant set him up with me.
We have to find another way back in.
Maybe we go in as howard's muscle.
No, he never takes on new guys.
I know how we get back in.
Rubin pike.
Okay, thanks.
We know him.
He's howard's tester.
I pulled his file.
He was a pharmaceutical engineer up until two years ago and then got busted on two charges of possession.
This guy isn't a hard-core criminal -- At least not like the others.
I think he's doable.
Doable for what? He doesn't know anything.
We use him.
Trade him up for somebody bigger in howard's organization.
Could be something there.
Check it out.
Hold on.
I found this lead.
It's mine.
You've never run point before.
And you won't get him the same way you got bryant.
This is not the prom,sweetheart, okay? You can't get a dance by just shaking your ass.
Jaimie, we use the two things that make america great -- - Greed, pride.
That's it.
- He's not looking to impress howard or move up.
Look at him.
He doesn't want to be there.
He's damaged goods.
He's trapped.
He's doable.
Considering your history, you can understand why I'm not wild about putting you inside a drug case.
So I'm gonna ask you just once.
Can you handle this? I know how to do this guy, carter.
We're gonna follow jaimie's lead.
She's on point.
biggest mistake you can make is getting tripped up in your own lies, so you want to take parts of your own life and use them.
Then you can react on instinct.
This guy rubin asks you where you're from,you don't have to think about it, you know? Hey.
Hey, you listening to me?cause I'm trying to keep you alive here.
Yeah, I got it.
You sure about this approach, jaimie? - Not how I would have gone after him.
- It's a smart way in.
Yeah, if she gets him.
It wasn't just the drugs.
I mean, yeah,being an addict didn't help,but it was more the lies.
Being sober is like you've stepped out of this Bad suit you've been wearing,and you get to take a long look at yourself.
I guess I'm just trying to stay out of that suit.
We've got a few more minutes.
Anyone else? Great.
My name is jaimie.
I just moved here two weeks ago, and this is my first meeting in l.
What rubin was saying about wearing the bad suit -- Sounds like we had the same tailor.
thanks for helping me clean up.
thanks for listening.
I must be boring the hell out of you.
No, I want to hear.
Uh, when did you say you ran away? I was 16, I think.
It's hard to rember.
I was really screwed up.
How did you live? Lie, cheat, steal.
You were just a kid.
I once was so high, I drove my boyfriend's car through the window of a pet store.
You really found her on patrol? What happened? Valley division.
The judge took pity and put me in a state detox - Nobody learns that on patrol.
- ???? - That must have been tough.
- Nobody said she did.
That was pretty much my bottom.
I can beat that.
Hit my bottom when my wife caught me smoking crack in the bathroom at her nephew's christening.
That's rough.
How did you explain it? I didn't.
She left me.
I lost my job,lost my house.
I even fell into debt with my dealer.
Do you still talk to her? Your ex-wife.
I try, but Thing is, she didn't really leave because of the drugs.
She left because of the lies You know.
I just couldn't be honest.
Butgetting sober, getting out of debt, i'm really just trying to get her back.
You're a good guy.
You'll get her back.
Uh I have to catch my bus anyway.
I know -- I'm the only person in l.
Without a car.
You want a ride? No, I kind of like it.
Maybe to the next meeting.
- It's a deal.
- Okay.
I keep it simple enough for you? Don't pop the cryssie just yet.
You didn't get us any closer to howard.
I got a number,a ride to the next meeting.
I got rubin on the hook.
Keep working rubin.
Good job, jaimie.
Thank you, jaimie.
You're welcome, carter.
You're barking up the wrong tree, honey.
And how much of that story you told was true? None of it.
come on Thepet store,the detox center? I heard it all in a hype I busted last year.
I told the chief what you told me -- That we would have howard by now.
What happened? We didn't go deep enough with dean's cover.
Howard's way too connected from his defense-attorney days.
He probably has contacts with the courts,parole board,former clients Maybe even the department.
He also has friends.
Howard makes huge political contributions -- Helped make guardado the city controller.
People upstairs are already nervous that he's in play.
The fact that howard wears a suit and golfs at the mayor's country club doesn't make him untouchable.
You missed.
You're not the first with howard.
Move on.
Really? Give me two days.
Plenty of criminals out there.
You can't get them all.
Two days.
And for the record I want howard, too.
we've been tailing this guy all morning.
So far, he's bought a coffee and picked up some dry cleaning.
Carter called three times last night.
He wants something we can use.
You know, maybe he'll buy a dirty magazine.
We could roll up on him -- Scare the crap out of him.
What the hell is this? Must be the ex-wife.
This guy seems pretty needy, huh? You know what needy people like? Other needy people.
jaimie?The meeting starts in five minutes.
We're gonna be I'm sorry, rubin.
I- I was gonna call you to cancel.
???Were you robbed? No, it wasn't -- Take it slow.
Sit down.
I don't want to involve you.
It's all right.
Tell me.
It's humiliating.
You're talking to the guy who got high in a church bathroom.
It's okay.
I want to help.
It's my ex-boyfriend.
He's a dealer in denver.
Nothing big --Pot,some meth I stole money from him to move out here.
I didn't know he was gonna come looking for me.
- You should call the police.
- No.
You -- you don't know him.
He's crazy.
If he knew I called the cops -- Then what are you gonna do? I have to pay him back.
How much do you need? $12,000.
That's a lot.
I have an idea.
I know this guy.
I used to work for him setting up buys.
- What do you mean? - Supply and demand.
Maybe we could do this together? Every time I set up a deal for him, I got a finder's fee.
- Whoa.
- I thought maybe we could introduce him to the dealer you said you knew.
I once made $16,000 from this guy, rubin.
- We could split it 50/50.
- Wait.
Hold on.
I'm trying to get away from all that.
You said you need money, too.
You could get out of debt.
You -- you could show your ex-wife that you're doing better.
I'd have to meet with him first.
- Really? - And howard doesn't mess around with small quantities.
It'd have to be a big enough deal to interest him.
I'll ask what he can get.
You need a place to stay? no.
Uh, I got a motel room.
I'll call you after I talk to my friend.
- Rubin.
- huh? Thanks.
Prison records,arrest report.
This is the most we've done for a cover.
It better be.
We didn't go deep enough last time with dean.
Howard is gonna look at it all.
I'll get it all into l.
There's still something missing.
We need that one thing he's not expecting.
What kind of quantity is he talking about? Rubin says 10 keys minimum.
Yeah, but we still have those 10 keys I tried to sell howard,so Good.
All right, get with jaimie and this rubin guy.
Was that her idea or yours? it was her idea.
But you know what,carter?I'm starting to feel a little bit like your snitch.
So if you don't trust her,just dump her.
Find somebody else.
She's got something.
Stay with her.
What the hell's this thing? It's a chromatograph.
It measures the break down of chemical components in a substance.
It measures purity.
Oh, so you like quality control.
You could say that.
What's wrong? This is only 41% pure.
But it's real.
Howard serves an elite clientele.
He's not gonna buy something this low grade.
I can't take this to him.
Look here, buddy.
Youset to make a lot of money -- - You're looking to clear 20, 25 grand.
- I can tell you right now he'll never go for it.
Trey, no.
You run my product through your little magic machine and then tell me it's no good? You trying to play me, rubin? Is this some kind of bargaing tool, rubie?! no.
Punk! - Are you okay? - Guys like that are exactly the reason i'm trying to get out of this! - I know.
I'm sorry.
- Look, I like you.
I want to help you.
But not this way.
I need to get my life back on track.
This isn't helping.
You can't threaten someone like rubin.
He's not gonna respond to that.
Look, jaimie.
I was trying to save it, okay?Because right now we got nothing.
Okay, so,what's plan "b"? Carter, my cover's still good Rubin still trusts me.
But he won't help us make a deal with howard.
Then I'll try something else! - I'm not seeing it.
- I can still use him! Then show me!! You got a day.
And then you are off.
He's playing you,you know.
- What are you talking about? - you knows you want his approval.
I'm guessing you have some daddy issues, huh? Boy, you read me like an open book, dean.
Why'd he pick you for this? I'm a good liar.
- We're all good liars.
- No, you're okay.
You get by on your smile,bad-boy charm.
You couldn't do what I do.
You gonna help me with this or not? i'm sorry.
I shouldn't have put you in that position.
Truce? It's all right.
What are you gonna do about the money? UhMy grandmother gave me this stuff.
It might be worth something.
Can you give me a ride? A lot of work for 60 bucks.
That's where I hocked my wedding ring.
- Was it still there? - no.
- What does your ex-wife do? - She's in fashion.
She works downtown.
I know you.
Up against the car.
Both of you --Up against the car.
- Up against the car.
- What the hell? What do you got on you? Okay, what do you got in the trunk? Let's see it.
Open it.
- Open -- why? - Open the trunk! Just do it, rubin.
- Wait! - Get on your knees.
Get down on your knees.
Do not move.
- Stay on your knees, hands against your head.
- okay.
You are under arrest, sir, for concealing a dangerous weapon.
you? I'm a cop, rubin.
Let's go.
You have two prior possessions.
This makes strike three.
That's federal, rubin.
25 years minimum or you play ball with us.
- how? - Set up a buy with howard.
This is entrapment! You - you planted those drugs in my trunk.
Where -- where are you taking me? It's the word of a twice-convicted drug addict against two police officers.
That really the strongest way to go? Howard could blow apart your case without even stepping in a court.
Then call him.
I'll dial for you.
Ask him how well that worked out with bryant.
Yeah, you know, howard killed bryant just for meeting with me.
How do you think he'd feel about you talking to a couple cops? I'm just asking you to do what you already agreed to do.
I thought I was helping you then.
This is your chance to help yourself.
You said you wanted out from under howard.
This is the way to go.
And if I want to take my chances? Maybe you'll walk and maybe howard won't put a bullet in the back of your head.
Either way, we do a perp walk with your ex-wife.
What do you think the chances of getting her back are then? I can't believe you.
Or you get to tell her you helped put away a major drug dealer.
what do you mean you found drugs in his trunk? I was trying to find a way back in.
I asked him for a ride -- When he popped the trunk, I figured it was the strongest way to go.
So you arrested him? I i.
'd myself as a cop.
This would have been three strikes -- 25 mandatory.
We got him to play ball.
And it was a clean bust? Yeah.
but what about our purity issue? Our drug's still only 40% pure, carter.
That's all you'll need.
When you meet with howard, rubin will test the drugs like he always does.
We'll get him to lie, say the drugs are better than they are.
Howard makes the buy, then we got him.
Now, we have to make your cover bulletproof.
- This guy does not play.
- Got it.
Howard's client.
Got the perfect guy we can use.
Good, good, good.
Make this happen.
He went for it.
Well, you sold it pretty hard.
With rubin, too.
They call you t-wall.
Kid brother's doing because he tried to rob a bank with a bb gun.
Young and dumb Which has been keeping his nights and showers busy.
I hearhe hasn't been able to sit straight for weeks.
Who the hell are you? Social services.
Ireunite families.
You want your brother here, under your protection, you'll do as I say.
You know him? Sure you do.
Can you rig that to make the coke look more pure? It'll take some time.
When's the meeting with howard? He hasn't called me back yet.
I can't force him to meet you.
One more thing.
I want to see my ex-wife before we do this.
You can see her after.
What if something goes wrong? How do I know you're not gonna bust me, too? I told you what's going to happen.
Sorry if I don't just take your word for it.
This will be the best thing for you.
Five minutes, and you get a second lease on life.
Stop! You're insulting my intelligence.
You don't care about me.
You used me.
You took everything I care about, and you turned it against me.
Who does that? I didn't tell you to become an addict.
I didn't tell you to lie to your wife.
You blew that all on your own.
Yeah, I might be a degenerate liar, but at least i'm ashamed of it.
Make that work.
Look, that is just part of the deal, okay? Do not let him get to you.
I'm fine.
Call me if anything happens.
so, he keeps asking me if I filed it -- Like I would lie about something like that.
What happened to your picture? hmm? I must have dropped it.
These look like the pictures that come with the frames.
What do you mean? Well, I was just Noticing you don't have any pictures of your, uh, family Or anyone, for that matter.
When I moved to l.
, the shipping company lost my stuff.
It was all in one box.
So you couldn't call anyone from your family to ask for replacements, or? What's with all the questions? I'm just making conversation.
Really? 'cause it feels like you're interrogating me.
- Who's interrogating? - You are.
Is this about moving in? Are you mad because I didn't just say yes right away? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's -- that's not what I'm talking about.
Hello? I'm gonna need some time to get everything together.
I'll call you back.
I got to go.
- now? - It's work.
We'll talk later.
Uh, you know what? Let's not.
You just do Whatever it is you're doing.
I thought you said he was gonna set a meet with ty? Howard wants to meet me first -- Some kind of audition.
He wants my name.
Carter, we didn't work on a cover story.
If he looks into me the same way he did dean -- - And you didn't see this coming? - I wasn't supposed to meet with howard.
It's rubin again.
Howard's waiting.
What do I do? Use your name.
He'll know I'm a cop.
Your real name.
Everything's in place to get howard.
We won't get another chance.
Jaimie, I know I've been hard on you, but you have to make this work.
Give him your name.
It'll hold up.
What the hell was that? rubin.
This is the first time I've seen you with a girl.
I actually need a second to readjust my mental image of you.
Jaimie, right? Andre.
I'm glad to see you expanding your social horizons.
I was worried about you being so hung up on your ex.
We're just friends.
That's too bad.
Um, jaimie knows someone you might be interested in meeting.
He has high-quality product.
You've seen it? And tested it, andre.
It's 77%.
It's the purest stuff I've seen in a long time.
And what do you get for this? Finder's fee? 10%? Something like that? I'm not in it for a favor.
Yeah, now, what's your friend's name? Trey norton.
Trey norton.
All right, rubin.
You can go.
We came in her car.
Faris will drive you home.
Rubin, leave.
So Your friend trey.
You meet him back in your wild days in, uh, detroit? Maybe pittsburgh? You've done your homework.
Yeah, that's what I do, jaimie.
Jaimie, I've got rubin leaving with howard's boy.
I'm gonna stay with him.
I don't know if they're gonna kill him or what here, so Call me back.
You have a very interesting record.
Possession, state detox Breaking and entering.
It sounds like you had a hard life since the projects in detroit, huh? I learned to get by.
Oh, I can see that.
How did you not end up in jail? It's a very nasty, nasty crowd you were running with.
And who was that guy? In phoenix? Now, was he a boyfriend, or some poor bastard you were using? You want to meet my friend or not? I don't know yet.
No, thank you.
Why not? It would be like a cup of coffee for a girl like you.
It's not my thing anymore.
Well, why don't you do it just for nostalgia's sake? - I don't need this.
- Really? Because if you're as desperate as rubin is -- And I think you are -- You definitely need this.
So let me put it this way.
You want me to meet your friend? Relax.
Hang out.
Stay a while.
Yeah, where the hell you been, jaimie? I've been waiting for you all night.
Jaimie! How much are we talking about here? It's hard to tell without a blood test, but I'm guessing she's no amateur.
Give her one or two when she wakes up.
It helps soften the landing.
nick, ??? I can always count on you.
Who was that? Hospitals file reports.
They need i.
It's not good for us.
Take one.
You have any idea what carter would do if he knew about this? It was the only way howard would make the meet with ty.
He's meeting him today at 5:00.
There's never just one way.
It's the only way i knew.
So, all that stuff you told rubin at the n.
Meeting -- The addiction to crime, your -- Your little backstory -- That was all the truth, huh? I was just trying to cut in to him.
And carter asking you to use your real name -- So, like, what was that? I mean, the only time you ever told the truth was when you were lying to rubin, right? Right? So Who the hell are you? My name's not jaimie allen.
It's jaimie anderson.
I changed it before I joined the force.
You changed your name.
No, not just my name -- Everything.
I dentification, social security.
I changed who I was.
You just became somebody else.
If you had been through what I had, you would have done the same.
Who knows? - Your boyfriend? - no.
He's a good guy.
He comes from a good family, good schools, good job.
Why would he want to be with someone like that? This is insane.
You can't tell carter about what happened at howard's.
Everything you've done up till now taints this case.
It's better he knows now.
He said he would kick me off the force if I ever lied to him.
I just don't know what the truth is with you, jaimie.
I like being a cop.
I need to be a cop.
It's all I have.
I still have to tell carter.
I'm sorry.
Where the hell have you been? Where's jaimie? Did you know how screwed up she was when you brought her into the unit? What are you talking about? You asked her to use her real name.
You knew that if howard looked into it, he'd find the history of a criminal.
- yes.
- But you never told us who she really was.
I was trying to protect her.
Oh, by putting ty and me in danger.
Thanks, carter.
Thank you.
I mean, how are we supposed to trust anything she does? She has talent.
You didn't bring her in because she's talented.
You knew that somebody that bent and that -- that desperate would do anything for you.
When did you get so fragile? It's all about catching that bad guy.
It is.
Tell him the good news.
Howard agreed to meet ty at 5:00 today.
She bagged him.
All by the book, carter.
Get rubin ready.
Good job.
Thank you for that.
Why the change of heart? I don't know, rubin.
I guess you grew on me.
- How'd it go? - Not so good.
I came clean about everything.
At least I got that off my chest.
- I need to talk to you.
- Go ahead.
We didn't flip rubin clean.
I planted drug in the car and blackmailed him into cooperating.
It was entrapment.
I put everything in place.
Ty is supposed to meet with howard in two hours, and you're telling me this now? you lied to me.
That's what i'm trying to fix.
Are you telling me this because rubin's getting cold feet, or this is your conscience talking? No, it's me.
Rubin still wants to go through with it.
Then that's what we're doing.
- Does he have a lawyer? - I'm sure he does.
- Where is he now? - In the car.
Take him to see his lawyer.
I want him on tape stating that his involvement in this case is purely voluntary.
You want anything to drink Coffee, anything? No, I'm good.
I took a look into your records.
Yeah, how'd you manage that? It was impressive.
You've been around.
Chasing that almighty dollar.
You had a few years in chino.
D- block, right? Well, I had a client in d-block about the same time you were in.
He was an esse guy -- Tattoos all over his neck.
Name's tony wala? Guys called him t-wall? Rings a distant bell.
Well, I called him You know, see what he said about you.
and? Well, he said that, uh You were stand-up con That you never went punk, you never backed down from the hacks.
He got it right.
He still looks like a bird crapped in his right eye.
We gonna do this all day? - What do you mean? - We both know it was his left eye.
Come on, now.
We gonna do business or what? I believe we are.
As soon as my quality-control guy gets here, okay? Okay.
Did you get it? Rubin's attorney got him on tape saying he was acting voluntarily as an informant for us.
He says it will hold up in any court.
- Good.
- Okay, say something.
Um, hello.
This is simple, rubin.
You go in, test the drugs like you always do.
don't deviate from your routine.
Machine's rigged? It'll give a higher positive reading.
As soon as howard makes a buy, you say, "can I go now?" that's our signal to make the bust.
And, rubin You have to make sure that the money is there.
Otherwise, we don't have a case.
Understood? Let's go.
Rubin's machine never lies.
Held up my end.
Yes, you did.
Faris will be back in a minute.
Dean, get ready.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm right there.
Yeah? Yeah.
Something's wrong.
Thank you.
Rubin? That was your lawyer.
Cover's blown.
go! Go, go! He told me about your little, uh, confessional in his office today.
Maybe you forgot that I'm the one who recommended you to him during your first possession arrest.
You punk! He's setting us up! Kill him! Down! On the ground! L.
! ty? I'm good.
I could have stopped it.
Maybe I should have, but I wanted howard.
What happened here today wasn't your fault, jaimie.
You know that, right? What do you need me for? I need you because of who you are.
Not who you were And not who you pretend to be.
You did good.
Tomorrow you'll do better.
this is scott mueller.
Leave a message, and I'll call you back.
I thought you might have some trouble winding down.
I find this helps.
Rubin, you know This stuff happens.
You just got to shake that off.
What Just try and forget about it? no.
No, no, no.
no, can't do that.
That's yours.
Put it in a box, you know, file it away 'cause you got plenty of time to look at it later.
And, look, carter -- He's just rigid.
He'd probably go crazy if he knew I came over here tonight.
So we won't tell him.