Dark Blue s01e04 Episode Script


I bet my money white boy.
Come on! Now! Come on! - Come on, come on, quick! - Hurry! Our boy - It's fast.
- Hurry! That's a record.
Thank you.
- Is it a record? - I think so.
- Thanks.
- Hey, you spring out there.
Hey, buddy, start sooner.
Come on.
I am serious.
No, thanks.
I disrespect you? Yes, so beware, tough guy.
I said I want a rematch.
You know what, Dean, give him the opportunity, Huh? A final possibility, one.
Double or Nothing was.
Will only lose your money.
If you do not give me the revenge Give me back my money.
Hey, party people, You want another drink? I got it.
No mess.
I will tell you one more time Give me back my money.
Yeah, okay.
Here we go.
Dean closes the trunk of a coup Once you close the deal.
Then we make the arrest.
There are many types.
Yes, but they are all ruined.
Look at them.
We will be fine.
This is better than good, I want good and pure.
That's what we do.
Laundry for 24 hours.
Wow, the business of Laundry pays well, huh? I tell you, kid sell heroin should be against the law.
Still continue with the idea of the golf club? True Travel Inc Hey, man, I regret having beaten into your head boy.
But a deal is a deal.
It is a pain in the ass.
Always causing problems.
- I'm glad I helped.
- I should introduce you to the President Always looking for business.
¿ "President"? Yes, this is how we call the chief of chiefs, King, the gift choose the word.
What is your name? President Lee.
¿Lee Tak-ming? Alone.
Hey, wait, my friend, be honest honored to know President Lee.
We speak well of you.
Come here.
Why do not we is giving the signal? What is there for you, friend? Just trying to be a good employee.
That's it.
A commission of 10 percent will be very grateful.
What the hell is he doing? Dean wants to keep the open case for a reason.
Wants to go undercover.
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: Www.
¿Kang reliable? Oh, yes Mouth for sociopaths selling heroin.
But it's worth.
We speak of President Lee, not the collector Local bets, so We could have arrested Kang for a money laundering and disarm all heroin operation.
Why are we losing an attempt by Lee? We are only putting off, buddy.
If Kang is talking shit, you lying.
If you still here is a Korean citizen, Roundtrip airfare to Seoul all the time.
If you really want to arriesgarte that Lee is the head of any damn Korean mafia.
A fishing trip! Yes, but it is not a fish, is a whale.
But if that does not interest you, back to the suburbs buy a turkey burger Shut up, both.
Arrives at the base with Kang morning see if I really.
If so, try Lee.
If not, arréstalo.
Estate glad you do not get deep into this.
Go home.
Go to your wife.
We are talking about a few more days.
Hey, buddy, performance leaves much better if we read the same script.
- What does that mean? - You know exactly what it means.
Work only in the case, man.
- You are working at Carter.
- No.
Pursuing the big boss, as I always do Like you used to do.
What the fuck just say? Thanks for the invitation.
What you gonna do with another? Hey, buddy, that does not mean to stop trying.
I spoke with Kang.
Is arranging the meeting with Lee.
Hey, dude, sorry.
I did not arruinarte your thing.
It's all good.
To be settled, I have no problem with turkey burgers.
¿Dean? - Hey, baby.
- Hello.
Can I get you something to drink? Do you offer anything to drink? No, okay.
I was going.
No, no, wait Give me just a minute, okay? Vh Is trying engancharte with one of her friends.
No! Out there.
Candace works in the bank.
Linda, nice body, friendly.
That is what need, so tell not to raise expectations.
Easier to get a bullet in the head, huh? No, I meant that, OK? Okay, this is I have, yes? I know I have.
Feel head.
The relations of a night will begin to be sad about you.
I am single, but no.
Keeps me focused at work.
Wow, really do not want talk about it, huh? No.
Because now it is usually when the questions begin.
We manage to clarify the matter, eh? Well, it's the third week.
And only that I do not want This becomes complicated.
Relax, champ.
I'm not looking for complications.
Did you have a reunion I did not know of? Can I get a nice girl.
Pay me more.
You have company.
Yes, a friend's book club.
I will be brief.
I love Lee.
The son of a bitch is in your hands all heroin, weapons, prostitution.
But you gotta be smart.
It was old school.
All about respect.
No more head shots.
I had no choice.
You have to be polite.
Carries my reverence.
- Don 't get cute.
- I am serious.
The more I am inclined, more is respect, so Just get there on time.
Follow me.
Are you? Jack Walsh.
Work for President Lee.
Hi, I'm Elsa.
Follow me.
Kang has told me great things from you.
Glad to hear it.
So, where is President Lee? Take a drink.
Next, right? I am your representative.
It is as if he was in person.
Yes, except it is not.
But it is not a problem.
I mean, I I am sure that Kang said as helping people clean up their finances accounts abroad and phantom companies.
Is that all you do? Help people to launder money? Yes, you can say that.
We are specialists.
Do one thing and do well.
My Uncle Pete always said "Better do something to perfection Enjoy your drink.
A pleasure to meet you.
Wait a minute.
Just you leave now? Pardon? My partner is a little angry, because we expected No, we promised meeting with Lee, not you, and our time is valuable, OK? Do not come here to try Soju with her masseur.
Got it? No problems came.
What was truth in this interview? Do you have the power to say? What are you, darling, a nice companion? Okay, great man.
You want to know? Here.
You want 20? Is false.
We want buyers.
But your partner says they do not do anything else.
Well, we did not so far.
So you're interested in? Yes, absolutely.
What do you think, George? It is very, very nice.
Some entries are defined truth.
The only way to know that are false is really which is better than the real money.
The watermark, the security banda.
My God.
North Koreans.
What I got from a Korean.
How do you know? Call this superbillete.
Is of very high quality.
It is almost impossible to detect.
Russians and North Koreans are doing.
So Does this could be coming from outside? I doubt it.
There were only a small game made in 90 '.
I have not seen any in a long time.
Feds attacked hard.
What? Paper.
It feels good, you know? That is something that the North Koreans were never able to do well paper.
- It's new.
- I would say have two weeks at most.
So what you need to do something like that? An imprint of old engravings.
Get one of those have your own Mint.
How much money is going to sell? Not said, but knowing Lee, probably a lot.
Who know? You may have a of these printing engraving.
Carter, seeing a massive case of counterfeiting.
Right now we have a nice Korean and a $ 100 ticket.
What we know is Elsa? People entering and leaving your apartment at all hours.
Kang, Lee, Walsh It appears that Walsh is his personal bodyguard.
The collection and leaves.
She is an important part.
But that does not mean that we will submit to Mr.
According to hear you do not like show your pretty face.
What is your point? That our time with Kang is completed, so Talk to Elsa again.
See if you can sit down with Lee.
The'll see tomorrow.
I fixed it.
I pass over the case.
So we talked with our client y.
that money to buy 60 cents the dollar is a very popular idea.
The quality is so good as we saw.
The tickets will be perfect.
When will? Are they waiting for a shipment? - How are going to buy? - Fifty thousand.
- No problem.
- And the President Lee will be there? No.
President Lee is not involved in small transactions.
How much are we talking about? - That is irrelevant.
- How.
Half a million.
I'll take.
- 300 thousand for everything.
- Yes, no problem.
Still it is not for President Lee? Be there.
From that's what I'm talking about, champ! This was in the old days.
Was good.
Was good, felt good.
Come on, buddy, let's drink.
Let's celebrate.
What's that place that we always? Remember? Con .
with Thai dancer.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
What was the name Astral ¿? Or Erin? - Ariel, Ariel.
- Ariel! Yes, remember the shit we used to take there? - Petrosian.
- Petrosian, yes.
Shit, lying as half the mafia armenia, right? Yeah, well, they gave us like 6 balls in your lap and a bottle of Jack Yeah, not only danced.
You know what I mean, Dean? The only problem is: how do let's get this money? Hey, the problem tomorrow.
Where is my money? Kang, you know that this does not happen from one day to another.
You said that you have clean and in my bank account in 24 hours.
In fact, we about 24 hours Kang.
Come on, boy.
The money will come.
We are finalizing some things.
That's why you hired us.
I do not like to wait.
I get nervous.
Dean to shoot him Say goodbye to the commission That means you and Lee is doing business.
We agree to buy a bit of fake cash.
Lucky you.
Otherwise I have a great idea.
¿ "Ta-da" what? Our money to enter.
Are you going to use the money to Kang to buy fake money? Keep it for another day, Why not use it? If we lose money on drugs, lose the arrest.
- Do not miss it.
- That is not what I say Jaimie and I are outside.
Make us a sign when you have enough to make the arrest.
Scott, right? - Pardon? - Scott.
Your boyfriend, the Assistant Prosecutor.
Are things going well? Are they happy? Yes, Scott.
Yes, things are going well.
How will your love life? Put this on.
You have to be respectful.
When serving soju, President Lee first baby.
- And remember, always - Grip with both hands, we know.
This is President Lee.
President Lee I would like to see their money.
Can we llevárnoslo? Take to where? In a private room so we can tell.
It should not take long.
This will not be a problem.
Can take our money when we see their money.
We give you the goods later tonight.
You call the president.
For how long? Two hours, maybe less.
No real money play until you see the fake.
My friend is not accustomed to do business well.
Please tell the President to us Do not trust him 300 thousand dollars for two hours.
Do not trust my mother that amount of money.
Go! He should have given the money directly.
So they could steal? We find that we are cops? Who delivers 300 thousand dollars, with blind faith, Dean, someone who have never done business? We were so close.
Yes, but we had no choice.
Yes I did.
I just do not had the guts to do this, Ty.
Can we get another meeting or what? I meet Kang later.
Can work.
I can work with this type, right? Maybe I can soften things.
No, listen.
Kang is a loss time.
Treated as a boy.
Carter is Elsa.
Elsa is the key.
He listens.
Yes, you are absolutely right.
Yes, just as she refused to head the whole damn business.
Come on, buddy.
That girl has no nothing to do with us now.
Vuelvan with Kang.
Prosecute money laundering, Let them know that they are legitimate, but once again ask for Lee.
Just think if they can get one more meeting.
- What if we can not? - I got for money laundering.
Just pay us? We move away Probably should start in the paper, the Kang's bank account.
Arrest is a good, buddy.
Arrest is a very sure, my friend And I do not do paperwork.
Articolo Inc.
for your company figurehead.
This is your bank statement.
These are 400 fewer our committee.
They can begin to get the money.
Yes, you can.
Look, Kang about last night Do you think you can still Lee to make it happen? My client is still interested Buy Lee's money.
You did mad, man.
Mal I represent this type is serious, I will be so good live I protect your investment, Like I do with yours.
Kang, get the reunion And you 50% discount the next tank.
Over 10% of the counterfeit money.
Which are 15%.
Hey, buddy, remember me? What the hell are you doing here? See Walsh, do not want to be a pain in the butt, okay? I just want another opportunity with Lee.
You are talking to the wrong person.
Come on, this "paper" that Lee wants to move is perfect, and there is no reason to ruin a good business opportunity, only by a silly misunderstanding.
I think Elsa would agree.
I do not speak to Elsa.
Okay, but you talk to it, okay? And you can convince them that me another chance with Lee, and make it worthwhile for you.
Do not play into that game, bro.
That's why I keep breathing.
Walsh, we need you change the lights.
Take care of that.
Lee did not imagine that is paying a lot, huh? Go back.
How about an answer? If Lee sees us talking, kills us both.
Yes, yes.
Is that a yes? It's a favor.
Now I go or I kill you.
Gentlemen, above.
Look, I just need a little support, okay? ¿Carter knows? Yes, I spoke to that just after ask permission to pee.
What about Ty? Ty can handle the paperwork alone.
What problem are between you two? Only 10 minutes, okay? I have seen President Lee to go to Walsh house for a reunion.
I am talking about a department shit over where Walsh works.
Wooden door, a lock.
A fork, a card Credit and ready.
God! You scared me.
What are you doing here? I I thought you were not at home.
I think I let myself my Bluetooth headset.
I called you but no answer.
No problem.
I do not know what rules "take time".
Me neither.
How have you been? Well.
You? Alike.
You know, the lens is quite broad, but we need oh Sorry.
You you must be Scott.
I am Dean Bendis.
Working with Jaimie.
Oh, well.
We are working in a case together.
Ah, perfect Seeking better mine.
You're probably on the bedside table.
- I look for.
- No, no, no, do not worry.
I made the bed.
Got it.
Good luck with the case.
- Dean.
- Scott.
- A pleasure.
- Mío.
Hello, Jack.
Yes? I hope you are well who have waited here.
Did you know? Oh, God.
I do not remember? No.
Well wanted to say thanks.
As of last week.
There was a fight at the bar.
- Thursday.
- Yes Well, sort of you handle was my ex-boyfriend a complete moron.
We have a lot of those.
Yes, I am sure.
I was wondering if you could buy a drink.
You know, to thank.
No need.
Common work.
Only a drink? I will make it worth your while.
I am sure that, yes, but now is not a good time.
The window was top of what I thought.
Could not convince buy you a drink, huh? I do not think he likes blondes.
Yes Yes, really? Such is the bodyguard of Elsa.
Leads to all side.
Kang me is going crazy .
He wants me to find with the Americans again.
They have a lot of money behind .
And a lot of arrogance.
Especially the black .
Still 60 cents per dollar.
Es .
We have print.
We take decisions.
Watch this.
Not everything is business, eh? So you'll Kang to say now? Tell you.
If I'm going lose my temper.
Have to go.
The dance recital for my daughter.
Oh, father of the year.
I hope it goes well.
The compassionate destroys homes.
I love it.
What? Do not have problem with that? Oh, come on.
You said you were taking a break.
Did not know it until today.
Do not be stupid.
Do not say things like that.
- What did you do with it? - High .
Answer .
What if I did? What you gonna do about it Two types at the same time.
Knew Elsa that this was a fucking liar.
- This is great.
- Why? Because we can extortion.
Where the hell have you been? You know how much you hate voice mail.
Doing my job.
So that your Jorge friend was right.
They printed.
Do you have? Really? What else? Elsa Lee is taking, what we had suspected, but also takes Walsh.
Is excited So what? This is how we came to Lee.
- The going to blackmail.
- It's crazy.
Oh, yeah? Good, I'm very sure that Lee does not want to know that it is taking.
Kang and I got caught.
do not have it.
Kang me is going crazy .
He wants me to find with the Americans again.
They have a lot of money behind .
And a lot of arrogance.
Especially the black .
See? Lee Kang declined to by the scene that he did.
Now, Carter, I can re - get, but I have to go it alone.
Listen to Lee, not to doing business with him.
You're right.
If you think you can use adventure to get back to do it.
It's crazy.
Then he just goes alone you do yours and you still current.
Who says you do yours? Sure, you're the puppeteer.
This does not get worse, Ty.
We arrest a clean, Carter, just waiting there.
Why not arrest to Kang, and give it back? We do not know what to tell Lee.
And now the same place without any danger.
- And if not works? - We offer a fucking arrangement.
We have five crimes.
I like the Dean plan.
A day is going to throw a seven.
- And when I do - No me a lesson.
You again? Well, let's say that our last conversation was interrupted.
As I said, I do not have nothing to talk about.
If you upset Lee once completed.
Hey, that was my comp my ex-partner did mad, not me.
¿Ex-partner? Yeah, well, we have been having some problems, is not the first time to do something like that.
Your fate is shrinking.
No, but you look like a guy who will come use a little money in his pocket.
Come on, a white guy Korean in a gang? Come on, what is the big potential in that, right? I do not know.
You work for a guy who pays you not have to dawn in a bar.
But Walsh, me again get with Lee I give you a part of the settlement.
A party, huh? Christmas to be rich.
Not interested.
Expecting a hug from Lee when he say you're taking to Elsa? - Pardon? - You and Elsa.
Are taking.
That is the problem of living in a bar, friend.
People talk.
Who the fuck told you that? No matter.
It's the truth.
And I try help here, okay? But if you are so stupid for not realizing it, it I have no choice rather than make the drive.
Or so I get back with Lee in the business of counterfeit money or I'm going to say what nice ass you are taking.
Got it? Or maybe I kill you and you're done.
Please Do you think I am the only one who knows? I can not get a reunion.
I heard him myself.
But listen to Elsa.
How do I know I'm not going to blackmail again even if we make a deal? I am a businessman.
I arruinarte interested in the love life.
I just want to buy something of that role.
Can I still collect the 300 grand? Yes, absolutely.
But I want to see where Lee makes the money.
Where does the money you do not mind.
Yes, well my colleagues will want to know where the money comes from.
Okay, hey as I said, they want to do more business.
We are talking about many more businesses.
And you want make those people happy.
I just need to know that can deliver the goods.
What is our part? Talk to Lee.
It's the best decision you've taken.
Guess what? The arrangement is in place.
- With Lee? - Oh, yes.
you'll love this .
I will show where print the money.
Well that could kill chickens that lays the golden eggs right now.
Would you show the print in 24 hours have done a damn phone call? - It's called advantage.
- What about the money for the purchase? No problem.
Have you robbed a bank? Your friend Jorge.
He says he will go too.
- Not too arriesgándote, D? - Yes, well just doing my job.
What does that mean, my friend? It means that matter most get home to make an arrest.
- What the hell - Stop.
Stay with Kang.
Sure that it is not in the city.
Get out of here.
Go, Ty.
Go! When you are with Lee, I want to make the arrest in second you see the fake money.
Okay, so what about printing? Forget the press, This dance went on too.
I love Lee and counterfeit money in the same room, that's enough.
Understood? Is it a "yes"? Yes ¿Chicken or beef? Res It's good that I have low self-esteem I asked myself before.
I was married.
I had I had a good thing.
Did ? Do come.
At my signal ready to move.
Hello, hello Mr Money.
- I was gonna call you today.
- Yes? More green recycle paper? - 50 grand.
- Music to my ears.
So what can I do for you? I came to make sure everything was Well, with your new bank.
As I said, only me customer service.
Indeed .
I made my first withdrawal today.
Now, if you need anything, anything, call me.
I will.
By the way, what the meeting with Lee Not going to happen.
Okay by me, Kang.
Diablo, the more I think about it Read more I think trying to steal.
Do you read? Are you crazy or something? I assume that you are more confident your ex-partner.
Can I? Absolutely.
Come back soon.
If you really want to do business, at least I would have shown the counterfeit money and it was safe when he said that It is simply the careful, buddy.
You have people counting every penny and has people sure is true using UV lamps and all that I have to make a call, and back.
Answer, Dean.
Come on, buddy Come on, Dean.
Hey, buddy, how are we going? Lee called the president, has a problem to solve.
- What type of problem.
- I wanted to go into details.
Maybe I can help.
I think not.
Unless you have not noticed Lee is not exactly your fan.
Hey, you got your face of gang and everything.
Must be important.
Put the gun down.
I'm police.
- Police? - Yes, Los Angeles Police, - Are under arrest.
- You're kidding, right? What Lee said it was so damn important? - Go to hell.
- Tell me what he said.
- I want a lawyer.
- You say you want a cure, because if I did not say what he said I kill you.
I appreciate your patience.
No problem.
Everything seems to be in order.
Now, when I see my role? Now.
It seems perfect.
I am happy.
The money is there.
- Dean gave the signal? - Not yet.
My colleagues wanted make additional purchases, I need a couple understanding of its operation.
So we still need to see where printing money.
I can take you there now.
Come on.
Goes after the press.
Walsh shows you the print.
Oh, no.
Salt with your hands over your head.
Now! Next time, attends the damn phone.
So how do you hear? I am the same man who was six months ago, brother.
The sooner you know realize that the better.
Let me ask you something, why the hell not Kang arrested for money laundering and then we turn? You know, you're right.
How the hell did not think about that? - Hello.
- Hello.
I can not.
No, I not why I came.
Okay, not only came to that.
I just want to talk.
What? Well, I do not know.
What are you talking about the people? Are you okay? Sure.
Yes, I'm fine.
Scott is here.
Is sleeping.
Guess the break is over.
Good night.