Dark Blue s01e06 Episode Script


Here he comes.
Shit, your informant and 'bravo.
Informant? Are you kidding me? I stalked these guys for weeks.
Not sleep just never, eh? Are you sure that this recipe, Tivnan, just like the clothes? Women's fashion always sells One of the simple reality 'of life.
Thus, sell some clothing.
And? Do not know.
Carter said he just "Make this Tivnan fall in love with you.
" And to do that, I bring something he wants.
Man, these guys are good.
So, let's take? - Not yet.
- Why? It 'a track too valuable.
They start dancing.
Out! Out! Move! Strength! Move! Stop here.
Do not move.
You're making a mistake, man.
It '? Shut your mouth.
We are affiliates.
Stay where you are.
- Hey, how are you? - Hey.
Can I help you? Gia '.
Mike Boylan said speak with her.
- What do you sell? - Dresses.
Well, at least today.
- You have a document? - Sure.
Ok, Nick Williams.
As you know Mike? Oh, we made some little work together in the past TV, audio equipment, sort of thing.
- Good boy, Mike really good.
- Gia '.
It also has a very good girl.
Gia ', and' very pretty, for for a man, I suppose.
I know that Mike Boylan and 'gay.
Her boyfriend named Peter.
What kind of clothes are you? Italians, the best designers.
- It '? Did you nearby? - Near.
As my car.
I take them? Perfect.
I'll wait.
Hey, Joe.
Yes', are Paul.
Not something you told me last night on Italian clothing you have stolen? Urra '! Voila '.
Very good.
I assume you have a valid document? Si ', sure.
Hey, Joe.
How you doing, beautiful? - Come on, that mean? - JOE, what are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? I just wanted controls the goods.
- I want my clothes.
- Put down 'the gun! No, and 'a matter between me and Mister cool guy here.
- What the fuck is going on here? - You stole my clothes.
I bought them from My uncle in Long Beach.
Why 'do not you go get you a ride, for a coffee 'or else? There is no 'need you be involved in this.
No one steals the goods of Joe Bell.
And shit, it does not hit him the stomach with a shotgun! Joey, listen! Listen, Joey! Look at me! Would you shoot this guy for the stupid clothes? - I was robbed! - So? Who gives a fuck? Ok, fine.
Buy 'clothes from you rather than 'from him.
Let's stop.
I'll give you 20 bucks to dress.
Butta giu 'the gun! Now! Joe, you know it's' better to make money that end up in jail.
I guess today is your lucky day, boy.
Yes ', I guess so'.
- 20 bucks a dress.
- You Who would have thought that stealing clothes could be so 'danger? Gia '.
If you've finished taking the piss, we would have a lot of work to do, OK? We need to find something to sell to Tivnan.
Not 'that is so in love with me at the moment.
So, between you and Scott is still buoyant, eh? Yes'.
Very good.
It seems a really nice guy.
I know.
I'm lucky.
Do not bullshit.
That there '? Nothing.
What is' success with Tivnan? Went to great until 'not called me and told me criminal told to leave his fucking shop.
Back to him.
Leccagli ass.
Give him lunch.
Lavagli car.
Do you trust yourself.
And 'our contact to Briggs.
Wait a minute.
Briggs, the Nawab? Who the hell is'? A fence diamond with controcazzi.
Helps to convert the Humbugs their millions of dollars dirty diamonds in beautiful pure.
Bank accounts locate them easily, safes full of shiny stones, a little 'less.
And as you enter Tivnan This all over? He and Briggs grew in the same neighborhood.
In the past have done a lot of shots together, before Briggs was magnified.
Why 'do not go directly from Briggs drop the intermediary? Why 'and' awake.
Do business only with friends, and only for numbers above 2 million.
We do, rob Tiffany? A thing.
Really? Maynard wants it really this guy.
Member from 'hunting for years.
Fears that could move to London, then us from 'the green light.
One caveat Do not shoot unarmed nuns.
We'll go through these thieves jewelry, the star players, will use them to steal the diamonds.
After that 'we'll use my man, Tivnan, to arrange a meeting with the all-powerful, untouchable, Briggs, the Nawab.
And thrown in jail together.
can repeat the name this guy? And 'my cousin Rudy My second cousin.
He was at our wedding.
Know him.
Oh, yeah '.
Chubby, walk funny.
So pay $ 125 for smoking to see her fat ass sway the aisle? E 'of the family.
Sara 'best that there is an open bar.
Hey You called that air conditioning? No, but I'll do '.
Know that the rate of the loan Ends tomorrow? Anything else? Yes'.
I want a baby.
Before or after paying the mortgage? I mean it.
I know.
So, why 'not - We put ourselves in now? - What are you doing? Sorry, kid.
Hello? Yes'.
Afternoon? Carter? So, who is' my contact? Her name is Liz.
E 'single.
The brother and 'master of the premises.
A trafficone named Tommy Franco.
Does business with that band jewels, the Fuoriclasse.
A driver, a pole, a burglar, not much.
If you can get to Liz, You can reach Tommy.
Take and the same.
Tell me how much work here? I have a little 'to do.
I fluid, so 'fast that let me think Amy Harper, sixth grade.
Well, I can at least know what is your name? Liz.
You should begin with that.
Nice name.
What time off? Direct, I like it.
We get there, sooner or later.
So you are "a businessman which deals with import-export ".
Make first to say traffichino.
If I had a great esteem, I would say that you're insulting.
Well, the good news and 'not there 'need to give you much to do, why 'do not go out with traffichini.
Charmaine, receipts.
Your boyfriend? Brother.
And 'the master here.
It does nothing for pay the bills for this place? Why 'do not we go with me? The bill.
"Undercrush"? And 'the name of the clothing line I want to make.
Pero ', remarkable.
Not ' not 'easy start a business'.
Gia ', and does not cost even a little.
So how how can you funded? Brother.
Once you 'paid the debts of the bar.
Ma .
"But .
" what? Tommy is not 'just the person more 'reliable in the world.
It hard to get from A to B.
Legally, at least.
Well I'd I'd like to meet him.
Are here to fuck Tommy or me? Should do something for this your shyness.
The life and 'too short for the subtleties.
I did not think attend traffichini.
Does not mean that I take them to bed.
Wow E 'bellissimo.
I did it.
Lingerie sexy without the frills and pretentiousness'.
Mission accomplished.
Excuse me.
Hello? Come on, man, will be 'midnight.
Yes ', I'll see them'.
Was my business partner.
He needs to see me.
Now? Bad timing, I know.
Defer? Know If we continue like 'will' very difficult for me to go, Liz.
To me is fine.
My partner would not very enthusiastic.
Liz, I have a business proposition, I think that will affect ' to your brother.
A business proposal? Yes'.
Perche 'Tommy? Why 'I need a sympathetic, with friends,great reputation.
He has everything.
Gia ', but are not involved in that part of his life.
This and 'unique opportunity and e 'absolutely no risk.
Nothing and 'without risk.
Only with this deal could make enough money to pay off its loans and start your line, "Undercrush.
And 'why did you come here? Why 'I present to you Tommy? In part '.
It 'much more' easy, when you say simply the truth '.
Then tell her that means? Organize what? It means that I'll tell him 'you requested him.
After that 'it's up to him.
I have the perfect market.
Tivnan the worship '.
Thousand counterfeit goods, handbags, leaving the harbor Los Angeles at 12:45.
On the side of the truck there will be ' wrote "Meyer-South Transport".
"Good"? All? I'm not a beat five.
Listen, I'll see you at the intersection of Fifth and Fig, in that bar.
Give me 30 minutes, ok? I can wait.
Not 'a problem.
You have some coffee ', honey? Sorry.
I did not know there was someone.
No, it's all right.
I've just done, and 'on the shelf.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, this and 'my my friend Nyomi.
Nyomi, Jaime.
- Sorry, I'm not good with exotic names.
- Does nothing.
See you between Fifth and Fig I love the smell of fresh leather.
I remember my first glove baseball when I was a child.
Yes, 'Well, I have 1000 new brand, same smell.
Remember that the best part was softened? The entire coated with grease, We put the ball inside, the nice tight wrap with rubber bands and then stuffed it under the mattress few days.
Gia '.
Childhood, eh? So, I can do 20 pieces purse, you know, as a favor, seen that saved me ass days ago.
Thank you.
Which means "step"? The bags are perfect.
Yes', are perfect, but you You're a hothead, I do not I do not do business with the hotheads.
I'm too old.
I have too many bills to pay.
I like adults, I Working with people are fathers of families, People who have something to lose.
Sa with all due respect, Mr.
Tivnan, I have a lot to lose.
Ok? I got married just last month with the woman of my dreams.
So I am an honest thief.
Seeking a partner.
Someone that I can trust.
You know, someone to grow.
Thanks for your time.
Nick! Why 'do not you come visit me at home tomorrow night? Port port that your bride.
It '? Yes'.
Ok, I talked with Tommy Franco.
E 'concerned.
And he wants to meet soon.
Set the meeting for tonight.
The Lighthouse '.
So we really know that some asshole which has two million in diamonds? Heck, yes'.
Jack, Tommy.
Tommy, that Jack Scola, the man of whom you spoke.
- Hey.
- Pleased to meet you, Tommy.
Thanks, Alex.
Here you.
Thanks, Alex.
Rule number one Taking pussy rocking.
Rule number two? Taking pussies cool? Then, Kemba, my man here, he says you know how to travel within the jewelry.
Gia '.
Enough to make dangerous, however.
So, what digit points? 're Not in cardiac or something, right? Only red wine.
Three million dollars.
Ok You have my attention.
I need a team.
A real team.
The diamonds will be in a safe for another 2 days, so ' - We must be quick.
- What kind of protection? Nothing weird stuff.
It 'a steel safe.
Are professionals, Tommy People who can cut locks, use drills, bypass relocker glass I know some Mexicans San Pedro - Fast, smart, honest - Brakes, Tommy.
Stop for a moment.
Jack Scola do not do business with Mexicans.
And the thing is not 'negotiable.
How about white people? They're well? Perfect.
There are those others which I use sometimes.
They call themselves "The champion".
"Champion"? With a name like ', 'Effort is good.
The only problem and 'that can may be a bit 'extreme.
Do not pull back know, if things get heavy.
The catcher is called Dan Kemp.
Not 'witty, but knows his business.
Steal diamonds, we do not a sitcom.
Follow me? Give me 2 hours combining thing.
To sell insurance diamond merchants.
If someone has a large cargo arriving, increase insurance coverage.
Two days ago one of my clients increased its coverage from 100 thousand And it 'that's what makes you sure? Patience, Danny.
To sell a policy so great I see the diamonds person.
call a gemologist certificate because 'dia look at the stones.
Business rules.
That gemologist said 3 million dollars? Three million three hundred thousand.
It 'a good number.
And to those who want to sell? A Briggs the Nawab.
That there 'so funny? Know him, eh? Let's just say we have had to do with each other.
Tommy says you're good with the safes.
"Bravo"? I wanted to say fantastic.
Did you mean the best.
Jerk! This guy and 'mounted.
I like it.
Gia ' But not 'presumption if and 'the truth'.
And then We are.
Do you have a business card? That there ' Want the number? No.
I want a business card.
I have never seen an insurer who is not with you 'a ticket, no? Jack Scola.
Policies "brilliant.
" Call anytime.
I'm always awake.
Tommy Shit if you can sell.
I was going to ask a quote for a life policy.
- Hey, baby.
- Hello.
Liz, Jack Scola.
Jack Scola, Liz.
- Pleased to meet you, Liz.
- My pleasure.
So, how did you know Kemba? We had sex last night.
Really? Well Drink to that, then.
Well, anyway E 'state nice to meet you, Jack.
- Even for me, Liz.
- Good evening.
He was only joking.
We have not had sex.
Your business.
Seriously, we have not done anything.
As I said your business.
Hey! - How you doing, Jack? - Hey, Dan! What's happening? I tried your company on the list.
I have found at 345 Castle Street.
And I got to do? That and ' the address on your ticket.
The headquarters of the company and ' in the neighborhood of Century City.
Jack La Scola Insurance is located at 345 Castle.
Because 'we do not wander in, just to be safe? - Dan, if you want to combine the matter - Come on.
Dan, if you're scaring me, I will be 'happy to find someone else to the deal Spared the speech, Open the door.
$ 100 to mind Come on, come on, come on.
Yes', here it is.
Here we are.
Anything else? Jack Scola Insurance ".
Suite 215.
Want come up for a drink? Or call some girl? It's called "due diligence", Jack.
Sorry for the hassle.
Dan, calm.
I just hope you're good at stealing the to control the six cards! You scared me, son of a bitch.
I thought I'd shoot.
You made me almost come to a heart attack.
And you Oh, geez.
You grew up in Venice, si '? Exactly.
You went to Venice High? In fact, it '.
Who was the football coach when you were there '? I have no idea.
Truth 'and' wrong time school, so Hated.
Well I was not even one who was studying.
I like your ring.
Oh, thanks.
Nick has decided all by himself.
You have very good taste.
Thank you.
From what you're together, you two? - Two two years? - You ', two years.
Marriage in style? No, not really.
Hey, what about you? You have a boyfriend? You'll get married soon, right? No.
No, not soon.
Before you study.
Then he plays.
Tells me when I was two years.
It worked, right? Worked.
You know, I will go 'at Stanford.
Party next week.
Really? 'll Go to Stanford? It '! Can you believe it? His old has not even finished the years of high school.
And she goes' at Stanford.
I love this country.
Are you sure that the meeting and 'only for the division? To listen to Tommy.
Hey, girl.
Where were you hidden? Where am I hiding? What do you mean? Ho I called 3 times.
Yes', right.
Makeup more 'old manual.
I use it myself sometimes.
Ok, and with this I think I'll go ' get me a cocktail.
It 'nice to see you, brother.
- See you soon.
- Okay, Jack.
You like to resume tonight from where we stopped? I can not.
Do business with your brother.
Tommy is not 'my master.
I go out and end with whom I please.
I can not.
You're lying.
Listen, I know not 're used men who say no, but Sit down.
Yes' or not You're lying? I'm married.
Things with my wife are Are complicated.
And I thought having fun, but I feel that I have to look my problems in the right way, Liz.
Men usually make you this speech 'after' having sex.
Listen, you and Tommy were still working that proposed business? I'd rather not talk about it.
I know it sounds crazy, but I did a dream tonight a nightmare, Tommy.
Find someone else.
Tell them the deal and 'nuanced.
Tommy and 'adult.
Can 'take his decisions alone.
GAME OF Honeymooners I say "Scotland".
Come! I still can not believe that we have beaten.
Paul and I never loses.
Perche 'look at me? Well, we're together only two years so every time and 'extraordinary.
Not 'true love? Yes'.
Hey, what can I say? And 'the best.
Well, keep it close with both hands.
The Lighthouse '.
And bring it 'with me, as well.
We should go.
It's getting late.
Thanks for dinner.
It 'been a pleasure.
Please my wife.
It '? Well, I like her, then we're even.
Able to judge good character people.
And to tell you the truth ' I do not do business with anyone if she does not approve.
This is' your brother? No.
No, 'funny that you say so.
A lot of people think that is my brother.
No, we we are alike and that's it.
We've been friends for 32 years.
Reminds me of someone.
Briggs, the Nawab.
Ever heard.
Oh, and 'a great man, loyal friend and more 'rich Croesus.
Hey If you're interested, I could use aid in the morning.
I have to sell sweaters cashmere that I bought.
Once there be occupied talk about those bags.
I am a bit 'short Cash lately.
This story of Stanford is killing me.
The offer and 'valid.
Until 'we take our 50 percent, I am okay.
Remains 30 percent for us, Tommy.
We divide exactly mid ', brother.
Hey, 'official! I'm going to have a boy! Hey, hey.
Congratulations, Mick.
Shit, I prayed for a boy.
I could not tell my wife.
- The first? - Yes'.
I hope to have many more '.
Cioe ', I love children.
Hey, Dan I thought, you know maybe I should get free.
You out of that? Stroke.
Not 'like' you do.
Yes', I know, but I'm to have a child.
I mean, does not seem fair, right? Cioe', ho nuove responsabilita'.
I can not You can not what? Huh? Spit it out! Come on, man.
I told you last month I wanted to leave.
And I told you last month what you had to do to get away.
I thought I was joking.
Do I look like Jerry Seinfeld? Huh? Run a risk to enter.
Taking a risk to get out.
It's up to you, Mickey.
You are free to go.
Not come back.
Still hate Mexicans? All right? I'm just happy that ever happened to Mickey an empty room in the drum, Carter.
Why 'I was in so much' from shouting "Police in Los Angeles" and planting a bullet Kemp's skull.
And 'everything went well.
Mickey is still breathing.
And we did not fucking cover.
I suppose it's everything 'that counts.
Melissa wants a son.
Wants a child.
It makes you think.
That Mickey had playing Russian roulette once.
We play every day.
Dinner and 'okay? I would say yes'.
Today I helped to sell cashmere sweaters, so The blow and 'planned for tonight.
Without Tivnan, nothing Briggs.
I must have 'in hand later this afternoon.
There are $ 3000 in safe, if you need.
I sold 100 this morning to a friend.
$ 30 a pop.
Come on.
It 'great! Here, here, hold.
No, no, no, no, no.
The first offers the house.
You're a good boy, Nick.
Oh, sorry.
And 'my friend Bones.
Poor bastard.
Has the process tomorrow.
Aggravated theft.
Really? They caught during an undercover operation.
Some people have no conscience.
Ruining people's lives in the blink of an eye.
Come on, let's something eat, eh? I'll pay.
Hey, your daughter, Kara It 'wonderful friend.
My wife and I are very impressed.
I do not know if you've noticed, but tremendously proud of her.
And 'why do this.
For her.
Frankly, so 'ne worth it, no? Forward.
Let's get something to eat.
silent alarm.
15 minutes.
A lot of time.
Let's go to take some diamonds.
Relocker of tempered glass, Spring hinges Walk.
Dai, Kemp.
You said was a walk.
- What are you doing? - Checking back here.
- Cover the front door.
- Checking the rear.
Who the hell is' what? Come on, man.
No witness.
It 'an old man cries faces.
- Never mind.
- It 'my shot therefore 'I Decide if you shoot someone, ok? Shoot him, or I do.
And then shoot you too.
Done! Let's move now! Shoot him, Kemba.
Filiamocela away! - A job well done.
- Gia '.
Very good.
We need to make other business together, Jack.
Tommy told me you were good, But shit I mean, seriously! Now we just sell the stuff, right? Briggs and call tomorrow and 'done.
Danny, can I talk about it? Where are the diamonds? In the safe of Tommy.
- Do you trust him? - No.
But they need us to do The agreement with Briggs, so Well.
You see? What did I say? Nothing to worry about.
I hope it is worth it.
Liz? I'm almost finished.
Do you mind if I take a drink with a customer? Which? Him Your friend Jack and 'a good boy? The most 'good of all.
Potential boyfriend? Wow if e '.
Se riesco a mettere da parte abbastanza, I would be the 'one whole year Weekends traveling, take lessons.
Sounds great.
Gia ', and also blocks' you're at the center exact Europe.
You can go to London Amsterdam, Barcelona Do not forget Prague, Budapest - Travel frequently? - Whenever I can.
It ' E 'as a therapy for me.
I like to explore different cultures, different lifestyles.
I can not wait.
I have never been nowhere.
I never push more 'east of Las Vegas.
- Really, joking.
- No.
Well, you'll take me to Rome.
I know a fantastic hotel, the '.
Is right above the Spanish Steps.
Make cannoli more 'incredible 've ever eaten in your life.
I'd love go to Rome.
Perche 'no see tomorrow night and talk about it? Wow.
I'd like.
'm Late with Alex, I hope? I came home alone as usual.
I heard an informer.
Along the way, says Kemp is trying placing 3 million dollars in diamonds.
But Briggs' the main buyer in circulation.
Why 'never would be looking find another recipe? - At what time and 'the meeting today? - Noon.
Of 'I had to Kemp leave the city 'for a few days.
But let him understand that I Briggs spoke and that he and 'interested to conclude the deal.
So Dan, I was first saying to Tommy that my partner, Jack, and is' seen today with Briggs and Briggs says that there is to be Match at 55 cents per dollar.
Oh, well, and 'excellent But Briggs is not 'alone in Los Angeles which affect the diamonds.
- I thought we agreed that - I changed my mind.
Hey! - Open the safe, Tommy.
- Are you kidding? Open the fucking safe.
Come on, Danny.
Thought we were friends.
Open the safe, otherwise first I'll shoot you and then I open it myself.
E 'was great to meet you, Tommy.
She drops the gun, Tommy.
Drop it.
You are under arrest.
Are you a cop? STANFORD Please, I would propose you all a toast.
A Kara.
Thanks for being a daughter so wonderful and for making me and your mother so proud of you.
A Kara.
A Kara! I'll be back right back.
Hey, where are you going? Gia ', I see myself with a personfor a new job.
I always think of business, you.
I like it.
It 'been a good party.
Gia ', man.
It 'been wonderful.
Beat me.
I am a lucky guy.
As long as 'there will' to pay the fees.
You organized meeting with Briggs? Not yet.
Ty and I had to make an arrest.
So 'we are with the minutes counted.
And those criminals? In custody, but not can keep them forever.
What 'the problem? Listen, the villain here and 'Briggs.
And 'he the target.
In short, money-laundering for those drug dealers and arms dealers.
So where are you getting? Tivnan and 'a man right, Carter.
He has a wife, a daughter Shit, he saved my life.
Perche 'put him in the midst of all this? Gia' per averci presentati a Briggs, risks a heavier sentence.
You have another way to meeting with Briggs? No.
Make the deal.
Never make friends with the family.
Hey, but beware.
You seem in good spirits.
That there '? You won the lottery? Yes, 'more' or less.
I brought the coffee '.
Oh, well, well well.
Then, my friend, her name is Kemba Has just scored a big hit, 3 million in diamonds.
- 3 million? - Gia ' It looks for a buyer So if you know someone It also offers 10 percent intermediary.
How do you know this type, Kemba? We are good friends, we grew in the same neighborhood.
That there '? Know someone? Could.
Hey, man, 10 percent divided by two Cioe ', but I bet you do not study math and that 'the line of least one year.
- Hey, it 'a pleasure to see you, boy.
- Hey, my pleasure! - How are you doing? - All right.
Thank you for that too generous gift for graduation of Kara.
- Oh, absolutely, 'a pleasure.
- You should not have.
- It 'all right.
- Meet my friend.
This here is' Nick and this and 'his friend Kemba.
- How are you? - Hey - How are you getting? - All right.
It seems that Kemba has ice for sale.
That's right '.
Perche ' not talk in the back, eh? Are good.
Come on, are perfect! Apart from the fact who do not have certification.
Ah, irrelevant detail.
Well, you know ', and' the problem of stealing, never have time to request the documents.
We pay 12 thousand to carat.
How about 1 million 600 thousand? How do we get paid? Open an offshore account and my client transfer the money.
It seems that we have an agreement.
Police in Los Angeles.
You are under arrest! Come Good work.
I'll call 'Maynard and I'll make sure' Tivnan that has an appropriate treatment.
Dinner and 'ready.
Liz Hope you can burn in hell! You okay? For the record, I too have had a hard day.
I just need a little ' time alone, baby.
E 'so' that will ' when we have children? Gets home, does not speak and we will close your troubled world? Ok.
Hello? Hello, Alex, are Jack.
Listen, I can not tonight I had an unexpected.
I'm so sorry.