Dark Blue s01e07 Episode Script


Do it! We have to get out of here! I can not! I was stuck! Strength! Come! I got you.
Strength! Go! What the hell are you and 'success? I stumbled upon a armed robbery.
You hit someone? No.
They ran both.
Well, and 'a shame.
And you seem fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
This' Ty Curtis.
I've seen around the station.
I was transferred three weeks ago.
Are the first arrived the crime scene? Yes'.
I was around the corner.
I was stuck, Fry.
The types were cold blood.
It seemed they were aiming at me.
If it were not for Ty I would die.
Excellent work.
Thank you, sir.
They finished with you here? Yes'.
Let's go for a drink.
Thanks, man.
There is no 'to that.
Can not stay out of trouble, right? I was hungry.
Did you get a bit ' with a few shots, eh? I had to make it look real if Chavez had to drink it.
He did? Like a glass of his favorite drink, brother.
What about Fry? Yes and 'presented just after you and Carter.
E 'enough gunfire a liquor store.
If I had known that was what 'we wanted I should have done weeks ago.
Friend, Fry leads a unified group.
You should see how they treat him, down 'in Central Europe.
As if walking on water.
Does not.
I swear.
Fry gave you something else? He told me to compile its report.
Use it.
Make sure to cover the man of Fry.
You mean Chavez.
Yes', the relationship do it be good.
Will show 'to Fry who are not afraid a bit of mess'.
I'll try '.
Carter does not make you sick investigate other cops? The "blue wall" of silence, the brotherhood of cops? How long, exactly, 're investigating Fry? I did transfer to division Ty Metro a few weeks ago.
Perche '? Fry and 'one of the agents most 'decorated in service.
Stranger? It was called Osiris.
Was one of my informants.
Some time.
I had spoken of a villain Terry called Isaiah.
And sells methamphetamine and ecstasy.
There are rumors that his business to remain undisturbed because 'in a pocket a policeman.
So now give more 'weight to the voices of criminals than to those of the police? Four days after having spoken Osiris and 'was killed in a raid by narcotics conducted by the Task Force Fry.
The fact 'that Osiris not selling drugs.
Know how many times Fry and 'state investigated by Internal Affairs? And they have not received anything.
You seen the dossier of his arrest? I need you to upload on somebody by the Task Force to make room for Ty Fry.
You know you are going to promote Fry captain.
I had forgotten how 're good in uniform.
I thought I'd married for my charm.
It was for the uniform.
So how long will you in this case, small? Well, hopefully not very long, baby.
Might not be a case here.
It would be a great pity, because ' I like a bit ', these cases.
Back home.
You have predictable schedules.
I'm just saying that you want to be a little 'cautious now that I'm 'm pregnant.
I heard right? You said you're pregnant? - It '? - Oh, well not too excited, because ' I did two pregnancy tests and one and a 'positive result - One negative.
- And you could not make the playoff? No, I will not know 'anything for sure until you will not see 'my doctor.
Okay, I take a shower.
We are not the Marines.
I was telling you what Fry was determinant during the shooting.
Chavez told me that seemed Wyatt Earp, yesterday evening.
Ma .
impressed me more 'your relationship.
Type when you said who fired if e 'taken with Chavez without being provoked.
Now How did you know if you come after and 'started the shooting? They are usually not self-indulgent I shoot the bastards, sir.
Gia ', I read your file.
He says he attended the academy for a special assignment.
Was a case undercover.
With all due respect, the detective chief was an idiot.
He almost did kill.
For this you are still in uniform? I'm still in uniform, sir, because ' I punched him in the face of that idiot.
He banged in Devonshire.
It took eight months to get me moved back in town '.
One of the men of my Task Force and 'was transferred.
This leaves me with a vacancy for which each agent of the division give up his ass left.
We need guys know their fact.
We have one of the most 'high numbers convictions in town '.
If you stay with me for a year, then you have any job you want.
Leaves the track by gravedigger home tomorrow.
Comfortable clothes.
Let's see what you can do.
Congratulations, brother.
You just won audition coupled with the 'more' crap division.
These are the reports on arrests performed by the team of Fry.
Are busy.
Gia '.
What name do not see in any of his reports? Terry Isaiah.
And then 'escaped the radar.
Or someone has switched off the radar.
Isaiah and 'a major trafficker.
Trafficking ecstasy and methamphetamine.
Watch the arrests of Fry, each competitor Isaiah and 'finished arrested or dead.
There 'a pattern here.
And 'as if Fry was on the payroll of Isaiah.
I have not yet understood why '.
I checked the accounts of Fry.
No unusual movement.
Then we Isaiah and we do sing about Fry? Too risky.
If Isaiah did not sing, we're screwed.
Not to mention that would be the word affected by a drug dealer against that of policeman exemplary.
We must Fry caught in the act.
Putting pressure on operations Isaiah.
Force it to turn to Fry.
Then becchiamo Fry which deals with Isaiah.
Boom! And 'our.
But we shall need 'help.
I do not know, Carter.
That man has more 'fan of Gandhi over there'.
Nobody in Central Asia will help you '.
What makes you think that andro ' ask the police for help? Go and make you a ride.
Calm down! Calm.
Carter, you'll kill plumbing here in this way.
You would have responded if I knock? No.
These two will have made the ass.
Gia '.
How are you, Carter? What are you doing, you miss shots? - Quiet.
- It 'ok.
Well, if you search for a new car, they are not for sale.
These are part of my private collection.
I need help with something.
I told you long ago that I do blow to anyone.
Not even you.
I do not need information.
I need help to take someone.
A policeman.
We have taught other languages division of Devonshire? £¿£¿£¿£¿ Can you read that? It 'best of the Los Angeles Times.
You are facing the area more 'contention the gang of the city '.
See those names? You know what they mean? "187.
" Target list.
The people who gang wants to kill.
What are those numbers? If you earn a place up there ' means you are doing something good.
I come with you.
You're already 'been here? No.
Not even I knew that Carter had a home.
Does not it seem strange to happen here just when our host of criminals? E 'pronto? Is printing.
I think it was a good idea bring these guys home? Well, it was not the case bring them to the office.
And 'that the cop works for Isaiah? Lieutenant Jay Fry.
We learned that Isaiah uses it as his private detective.
Every time someone or something threatens its activities' we ask him to Fry.
Therefore 'we must send air his business.
Have you discovered anything? Well, Isaiah has a laboratory, up in the canyon.
What measures Security is spoken? Six to eight men.
Well armed.
And 'why I need your help.
The three of us we can not manage them all.
I will use 'full immunity'.
When we do that? Oh, baby.
Excuse me, I'm late.
Ah, ok.
Have you been busy? Ah, yes'.
Small, we We had a tip-off on a hideout.
We entered.
We arrest of the big shots.
I must say, small, work with these guys and really know their fact.
You seem to be amused.
And then It was nice not having to infiltrate As usual, you know? In fact, I felt proud of having participated this roundup.
Have you been to the doctor? The fact 'that the doctor and 'out of town' for a few days.
And I I do not know A part of me and 'really excited the idea of being pregnant, even if it appears which are not.
But can you imagine? And if we had not enough room in the house? Small, are as large as footballs, right? And for the job? We invent something.
Remember our agreement.
Yes', I remember.
I interrupted something? No, no.
Sit down.
Melissa Lieutenant Fry.
Lieutenant Fry this and 'my wife Melissa.
- Pleasure.
- Hi.
People only call me Fry.
Has a lovely house.
Thank you.
Ah Can I get you something to drink? Oh, no.
Thank you.
His husband and is' shown really good today.
I'll become a true bulwark against crime.
Okay, just do not do him taking too much risk.
Oh, you can count on.
My wife and I are a small party tomorrow.
Other couples, children.
Should come too.
Knowing the family.
Sounds good.
How about if I leave talk a little 'alone? - Nice to have met you.
- The same.
Nice work, Curtis.
I am very lucky, sir.
See you tomorrow.
And, Lieutenant, thanks to be passed.
Oh E 'arrivato T.
What's happening? We broke home of Isaiah.
For a search? No.
Requirement it to him.
I come with you? No, I can not risk that we see.
We should have it all.
Carter, I can talk a minute? Of course, what happens? Fry and 'past my house tonight.
- For what? - We were invited to a barbecue.
Port wine, and 'always welcome.
Or cheese.
E 'come to my house.
Suspect anything? Do not know.
What 'the problem? We were at home and I have Mel.
There was no way to make you move another policeman.
Fry would find out.
We just changed your card.
But this involves if she now.
Ty, I can not answer this part your personal life.
What does this mean? I doubt that will happen 'something during the barbecue.
So, I have seven or giu 'di li'.
Two who prepare drugs and five shooters.
But it seems that Isaiah is in the house.
Okay, take these two.
Passed from behind.
Neil and I enter from the front.
Not by them 'in with these maniacs.
Better, are you out of balls.
Did you not command.
I do not want collateral damage.
This is not 'a shot of yours.
Carter, we're not cops.
We will do what we must.
Just do not do for fun.
We are in position.
All ashore! Stay down '! Now! 're Giu 'now! No no no, you're standing there '.
You cover, cover! No! Ashore! On the ground, now! Okay, let's go.
You know to whom and 'this house? Terry Isaiah! Then the address and 'right What do you think? We're all set.
We finished.
By the way Bellina, the house.
You're a dead man.
It 'a fact.
Isaiah exterminate 'you, your family and all those you care about.
It 'been fun.
Gia '.
I'm the only one to think that yesterday and 'was surreal? Sometimes work with people arguing, you know? No, not 'this.
Carter seems friend with them.
Does not it seem strange? Not really.
Cioe ', are those they are, you follow me? Not pretend to be something that not.
Has a certain sense.
What ', another little dig to me? What? Because of Scott and you.
You have to plant it to believe that everything about that, okay? Dean, I need you cover Ty.
- It 'just a barbecue.
- I know.
Vai stop.
Who were these guys last night? - Only people I know.
- Dean says he stole money from Isaiah.
We have foiled a major traffic drugs.
It 'was a bargain.
Are you in advance.
Actually, I right on time.
Once you liked skinny, Carter.
What 'you say? She works with me.
The latest victim, eh? Hey, do not listen to this maniac.
It'll do 'kill.
Could you have it? Yes'.
I of methamphetamine, Ecstasy and a bit 'of stimulants.
And the other thing that asks It '? What have you heard? There 'a guy I know.
Comes with all the clubs and bars.
Usually buy from Isaiah.
And 'perfect Mott.
Thank you.
Sure you do not create problems? Go quietly.
Purche 'you I return most next week.
- I have a big buyer.
- No problem.
For the rest, all right? The boy? Is improving.
Thank you.
You know, normal people? What do you mean? What are we doing with that? We go into the game.
I am a bit 'agitated.
Why did not you, baby.
Be yourself.
These guys are just cops.
And you know what? I do not know if they are bad.
I think I understand.
What? Because 'you like the work.
It 'almost exciting.
- Hey! You got through! - Hey! Lieutenant.
Thanks for the invitation.
Imagine! Hello, Melissa.
- Hello! - How are you? - Well, thanks.
- I brought the Chardonnay.
Vado to try the ice for this one.
They say, Ty? - Hey, come butta, Chavez? - How are you? How are you? Well! Melissa, my wife.
- Oh, happy to meet you.
Michael Chavez.
- Hi.
- This is' my wife, Theresa.
- Hello! And this This' my little little man.
- Evan.
- Oh, my God! How old is he? About 18 months.
Give me five! See? See? E 'a treasure! Handsome as his dad ', eh? - Success anything? - Yes, 'you'.
Ty decided to bring the Chardonnay Instead of Chianti.
What a laugh.
You do not see us, right? With the house, the lawn, barbecues I tried it once.
Not 'last long.
I need you to come with me.
Jaimie, stay to cover Ty.
Take my car.
But how 'beautiful How are the expectations? Evil.
I mean, his mother took expensive than a divorce.
I can not afford a similar case.
You know, I know a guy Usually represents the people of Hollywood, but I caught for driving on drugs.
She was with a stripper who banged in his spare time.
I'll accept 'your case pro bono.
Fry, friend - Thanks.
- No problem.
Can I talk a minute? Certain.
His wife could not bear times he did.
And now wants sole custody.
Cabbage How long you been married? Five months.
Yes', I know.
I am a novice.
You? Wow.
E 'Jackie over there'.
The blonde.
I love working with kids married.
Why 'Why? Well, have someone which to go home makes you think very clearly to what 'you do the' outside.
The best cops are married men.
Or at least and 'what' I think.
I could not 'agree.
So, what are we talking here? We speak about cooperation, friend.
I know you're caught up in all the clubs.
From what I heard You have a really good score.
I want to draw.
I already have 'a regular supplier.
It does not like competitions.
Terry speaks of Isaiah, right? Have you heard of him and want squeeze the same in his business? Or are you mad or balls.
Isaiah is running out goods, brother.
And why? The laboratory Topanga and 'state destroyed last night.
Gia ', so' if you do not escorts for the winter will serve your customers' a new drug dealer.
As you know all this? Because 'we have been.
Prompt to Isaiah, brother.
I mean, I will tell you 'and that' short of stuff.
Not like us.
This is' a tribute, man.
If you want to do business with us call.
Okay? I know nothing of this.
And even if I knew, I do not care.
I do not care No No, not not 'my problem.
I've already 'said the last time.
Is everything okay? Yes'.
Gather all.
I just got a tip about a new supplier Perhaps that is about to open shop.
Police! Hands up! Shit, man! What - Hey, what do you mean, man? - Hands up! What the fuck is going on? What does this mean? Tumi when the fuck you decide find a job? Some of you have a mandate? I heard that you are buying from a new supplier, and 'so'? Who will pay 'for my door? Concentrated, Tumi.
Maybe I heard of a couple of white guys - Selling door to door.
- Tumi, the names.
And if I gave them to you, you and I would have a place? What ', do I look like a dealer used car? Do not bother me.
Then do not play superpoliziotto.
I know it 'Isaiah that keeps you on a leash.
Probably what You heard and 'true.
I can not believe you was so 'stupid.
Turn this place like a glove! - Gun! - No! Do not shoot! E 'morto.
What have you done? He had a gun.
It was a remote control.
Seemed Looked like a gun.
Wait a minute.
E 'done.
Let them speak.
At less scoundrel in the world, ok? We have already 'named Office of the Prosecutor? I spoke with one of our lawyers.
It 'happened so' quickly.
You did the right thing.
He waited until I turned away, and then he pulled out his gun to kill me.
But it was not a gun.
I saw a gun.
Plain as day.
No doubt.
Gia '.
Tumi was a degenerate.
Selling drugs to kids.
Nobody at the office of the Prosecutor plaice 'sleepless nights on this case.
What tell him 'just happened.
And you have four other officials confirm that under oath.
We know too much thinking, man.
You did the right thing.
Chi e 'Isaiah? Tumi said that a certain Isaiah keeps you on a leash.
Chi e '? Cabbage, Ty.
Do not miss a thing, right? Isaiah, namely Isaiah Terry.
It 'a big supplier.
Methamphetamine, ecstasy So you know it.
Yes ', and' my informant.
So you're on top of a guy like Tumi, but leave to work as a supplier Isaiah? Isaiah gives me information.
Me and 'more' useful in freedom ' than it would be in jail.
And as soon as this will change ' rid of him too.
So why 'Tumi says Isaiah that keeps you on a leash? You have to let these idiots their pride.
I leave thinking that them to command, for now.
But when the day the proceedings will arrive ' Have to answer to us.
And to whom we respond? Nobody.
If you want to be a cop as they should, if you want to be a true, genuine crimefighter this and 'what we want.
And never be ashamed.
Where the hell have you been? To clear my head.
E 'thing happened.
I have heard.
You shot Tumi? - Ma che cazzo fai? - Oh, and 'so'? What do you want a hug? I have not sent the 'out to kill people.
Yes', well, you know, and 'a little' different when the bad guys know that you are one of the good.
Tumi at least told you that we are the new suppliers? - I do not know, I'm not sure.
- It's not 'enough.
I need jets that while Fry works for Isaiah, understand? And if you err on Fry and Isaiah? I'm not mistaken.
Fry said that Isaiah and 'his informant.
- What nonsense! - Tell me that does not begin and drink his ballads.
- Tell me! - What you got against this guy, eh? Fry does not do anything that we do.
What did you say? It 'a cop, Carter, just like us.
- What did you say? - E 'a cop just like us! Not 'not like us! - Okay.
- Mettitelo head! It 'always good to open up to others.
Please, vented a bit '.
Next, we go out.
We go from here.
've Been drinking.
Fry and I went out with the boys.
Hard day.
You okay? Yes'.
Did you enjoy the barbecue the other day? I must admit it '.
I mean, since you started Carter does not have to work for just spent time with other families of policemen, so and 'nice to have something in common, you know? Yes'.
By working with these guys see that there ' a different way of doing this work.
Come here.
You did report on the shooting? I was going to do it.
Perche '? Chavez, if you have something tell it to say, man.
Fry wants to make you think that it was your own mistake.
Non e 'cosi'.
I had a clear view about Tumi.
When Fry and the 'China has placed the gun.
After you shoot, when you and 'China again to check the pulse Suddenly the gun and 'become a remote control.
What the hell are you talking about? E 'so' that's right, man.
Is engaging.
E 'so' that ensures your loyalty '.
Done something like that to me.
I always had my doubts.
But at that point and ' You are already 'tab.
If you reveal everything now your career and 'over.
What do you know Terry Isaiah? Isaiah? Why 'you ask me Fry said that Isaiah informed him about Tumi and these new suppliers drugs, right? What you want is' if Isaiah and 'really the informant Fry.
It is said that Isaiah controls Fry in some way.
At that time, Fry it and 'sold Isaiah in some trades.
Fry did not know what and 'that Isaiah had recorded everything.
Well, I say to the Interior? - I am not a spy.
- Why 'me you're saying? Your wife told my wife you're looking for to have a baby.
Trust me, friend everything changed after that.
What's happening? Nothing, Captain.
Chavez was here trying to convince that your sex life does not change after you've had children.
You've convinced Chavez.
We tracked number found by Tumi.
It seems to be that new supplier we heard.
This here is' just a beautiful corpse.
Armed robbery, trespassing we eventually did now.
- I take my things.
- No, now.
Where are we? Still nothing from Ty.
Meet Fry, is not 'it? Worked together in a task force, years ago.
It was another era.
Another department.
We We were encouraged to act so unclean.
Fry was the worst.
A criminal with a uniform.
Getting to know 'and that' even the police? When escape 'all hands, complaints and began to rain We take refuge in all our code of honor among police.
Except Fry.
We were all confident that had made an agreement had somehow saved his ass.
And what 'happened to you? Let's just say I was not in the list Christmas greetings to the Cape.
Cosi 'on Fry touches a wife, a white picket fence, promotion And you touch yourself friends criminals? Not exactly.
Where is' Dean? At home, why '? Fry is heading the '.
Okay, behave by intelligent people.
We must not take any risks.
Especially after Tumi.
Nobody will lose 'some sleep if Human waste should end the Creator.
Stay here covers the main entrance.
What the heck is' success? Fucking son of a bitch started shooting.
E 'fled.
Here 2-zebra-12, agent to the ground.
I repeat, officer down! Isolated on the 1400 Lanterman Drive.
E 'morto.
Ok, 'sentenced for drug dealing.
E 'relatively new in town'.
Try with your contacts in the community ', and work together with other agencies.
Me and 'asked to report a message from the Chief.
Understands that there are strong emotions involved, but we solve this case only following the procedures to the letter.
The way I see it they have their procedures in the department, and we have our code.
Chavez was our brother.
So it's up to us to take this human waste murderess of police.
In handcuffs, if you must.
In a body bag, if you can.
You saw them shooting at Chavez? I have just managed to escape when they broke.
Chavez had come to talk shortly before being killed.
Said she was thinking leave the unit 'of Fry.
He would have betrayed? No, but Fry must have discovered he was thinking of leaving, Probably it was' scared that Chavez was having second thoughts.
Try to close the accounts pending before promotion.
Before Tumi, now Chavez.
Well, maybe I could try to contact Fry, reaching an agreement With Fry now you're a murderess police.
Not know what I mean? Each agent of this city 'will give you' hunting.
We will shoot on sight, and earn a medal for that.
Fry if e 'play perfectly.
Damn! I have to fix this mess with Maynard.
Ty, because 'no go home and rest a while '? No.
I want Fry! Why, Ty? Nor do we know what is its goal.
Drugs in your apartment.
Fry has recovered but I checked, no one has ever given as evidence.
He still has it I can talk? Tell me everything.
Well Chavez, sir.
Before the shooting, had told me his thoughts on this drive '.
Thoughts? He thought that were doing was illegal.
I think if you make her those affairs.
And why 'tell you? Since I'm the newcomer, said he wanted to know what I was joining.
Well What do you think you are joined? A unit 'that gets results.
I know that Chavez was one of his, and that this' and that 'success' a tragedy.
But for me, and 'was a stroke of luck.
The unit 'and' better without him.
I'm going to you share a little something.
Came voices from above.
Make me captain.
Avro 'my division.
You, Noyce Kim.
The handle 'the old way.
The right one.
I totally agree, Captain.
There 'only one last thing we should do.
Dealing with Terry Isaiah.
you know what I said, Fry.
're 're getting deaf with age '? I said I want that bastard dead for having destroyed the laboratory.
Every policeman of the city 'behind it.
E 'as he was dead.
This does not make me feel better.
What the fuck is this? Ah, consider it for a refund.
To maintain, SO LONG 'does not add on another laboratory and start again.
What the hell is happening? Carter.
You have always been a shrewd son of a bitch.
E 'finita, Jay.
You called the wheel? Me? You killed a policeman.
You mean he has killed a policeman.
As far as we know everyone and 'him the murderess of police.
And you You are a warning to the Police in Los Angeles.
A handful of corrupt cops in the pay a drug dealer.
If you kill everyone scenario practically you paint yourself.
Of 'them to put down' guns.
You do it first.
Wait! I can fix it! - Wait! - I can not, Fry.
I can fix it! Put it down '.
Not think to be better than me.
Okay? The cell phone was switched off.
Gia '.
Must discharge.
Look, Mel wants inviting you to dinner.
Think that you and I should spend some 'time together.
I told her that probably had an important appointment a fantastic night to follow, but I promised that I would ask anyway.
You know me too well.
Sara 'for next time.
Next time.
Listen, for a moment, Mel thought of being pregnant.
When we got married, I said that if we had had a son, I stopped working undercover.
Do what 'you have to do.