Dark Blue s01e08 Episode Script

Venice Kings

You're seriously gonna put that on your body? Yeah, full-chest piece.
The minute I can afford it, which is soon, right? If this guy ever shows up.
Sykes is reliable.
Reliable smack dealers do not exist.
Bro, he's gonna show, okay? He's gonna be here,and then we're gonna own the whole street.
We're gonna own the whole damn neighborhood.
But until then,we don't own piss.
Just white boys fighting for respect.
So drop your pud and watch the traffic.
It's their hood For now anyway.
After the deal.
No one's having fun, huh? I'm back here having a blast.
Everyone's just freakin' - What is the matter with you?! There ain't no time for fun! We're in a damn war! Put that away.
You really think a bunch of white boys can take over venice? You ringing? Text.
My sister wants to have lunch.
Meaning? She needs money.
Well, it's the first time she's asked, huh? Not the first time this month.
Black crotch rocket - Two riders.
I don't like it.
Moving kind of slow, Carter.
Two males.
Two males.
Gun! It's an ambush! Anyone got a visual on dean? Can you see dean?! You need to get to a hospital now.
There's a loke hangout a mile away.
Go there right now! We don't have time for payback, pike.
Go, halsey, now! Move it back! Go! We got to get to a hospital! Now! Right there, right there, right there.
Where? Where? Right there.
Hey, where you going?! Pike, don't! Cops, man.
Look, I'll meet me in the alley behind washington.
Go! Get out of here! That scumbag sykes,he set us up, and I'm gonna blow his damn head off.
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::: Trekker71 ::: We'll deal with the ride, okay? I'll handle the guys.
Hey, pike.
Be better for the guys if they knew there was another dope deal lined up.
Oh, your connection? Oh, yeah.
Halsey's been talking it up.
Yeah, man, it's a phone call away.
He's got product now, huh? In this draught? Sure does.
Well, o'neil - O'neil don't do deals with pledges.
You want to get something done, you work through halsey.
Look, five minutes, pike.
That's all I'm asking.
He's legit.
So is his connection.
Grab some rags and clean the ride right now.
Pike, look, you want to do this, you got to move fast.
Yeah? And why's that? Because the team with the most heroin wins this war, pal.
And the guy upstairs, last time I checked, he's got nothing.
Clean out the ride.
If I were in the back or a bullet ricocheted - You weren't, and it didn't, okay? Now shut up.
Look, I want to see this through, but But what? You want to go back to pelican bay for five more years? Rather than get a bullet in my head? Yeah.
Yo, five years is a long time not to see your son.
You're my snitch until we bust these guys.
You know what? One more week.
That's it.
We got a status on the kid who got shot? You mean the one the kings dumped two blocks from the e.
? Yeah, he's in surgery, barely hanging on.
The shooters were lokes - Defending their turf.
Eddie sykes tipped them off, most likely.
Most definitely.
The most heroin sykes has moved is a single key.
Now, in the middle of a heroin draught, he tells the kings he has five? But why the double cross? We have no evidence he has allegiance to the lokes.
And the kings' money spends like any other.
What are we really trying to do here? Get rid of whities so the lokes can win the heroin war? At least we're not racist.
I'm serious.
The kings are ambitious - Big ideas, big goals.
They think like businessmen, not gangbangers.
If the kings win the war, they'll expand the heroin business in a way the lokes never could.
So, yeah, I guess we are trying to help the lokes in a way.
Excuse me, jaimie.
I need like an hour of personal time.
Everything all right? Sis.
Good luck.
Seven grand? I told you it was bad.
D, for what? Remember Lisa.
the girl I went to beauty school with way back when? Yeah, I think so.
My head is spinning here.
Well, I borrowed her car when mine was in the shop Okay.
and then I got t-boned by some drunk in a pickup.
You didn't have insurance? Thanks for caring if I'm all right.
Sis, You're sitting right here.
But I'm not all right, okay? I paid lisa back for the car with my own money, but what I thought was a sprain in my wrist was something broken - The navicular bone.
I don't know what that is.
How bad is it, d? How bad is it? Well, it needs to be pinned, which is surgery.
It's just so tight right now, you know? I mean, we're living paycheck to paycheck around here.
Plus, mel and I are talking about kids.
Look, ty, this isn't easy for me.
You know, i'm the big sister here.
Yeah, d, I know.
You think it's really easy for me to ask you for money? I am doing everything I can.
I'm just asking you for a little help.
Hey, think of something good, man.
what about your girl - Sofie? Yeah, she's doing checkout, up from bagging.
That's good.
Works for now.
She gets a break on pampers.
She loves to bake.
Wants to go to pastry school, learn how to make those fancy desserts.
Oh, yeah? You got a tummy ache, halsey? Can I get you some ginger ale? Nah.
But thanks for your concern.
Hey, we're done cleaning the car.
I mean, best we could, anyway.
'cause I got you a meeting with o'neil in five minutes.
Yeah? Yeah.
And i, uh, put in a good word for you, so don't screw it up.
Any word on randy? Yeah, he's dead.
So, I hear you're a badass, facing down 5-0.
Yeah, well, seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
- Mm-hmm.
Shooting at the police seems kind of stupid, if you ask me.
Yeah, maybe right now, but not then.
Not after randy had gotten shot.
From back east? Yeah, queens.
Best city in the world, baby.
Go, mets.
Why'd you leave? I got invited to that party upstate - Six years, armed robbery.
After that i don't know.
Seemed like the right time to move on.
Unfortunately, there's no one in here who can back you up on that.
Nobody here was at sing sing.
Still, doesn't build confidence, now does it? Look, man, i'm not getting references while I'm doing my time, okay? You vouch for him? Absolutely.
So, who's your connection? Hector corona.
Half black, half dominican, 100% bronx.
His caribbean connections are wired into afghan dope.
Met him in the joint.
Why is he in I.
? Well, he's got a mole in the feds.
He - He knew about their plan to raid those mexican boats.
Knew they'd take all that dope off the street.
And open the market right up.
'cause it's wide open now, boy.
See this? They got it all.
Everything the mexicans had - Gone before it hit dry land.
There's no smack anywhere.
Except for my boy hector.
You interested? That depends.
Tha- That depends on what? On whether or not that scumbag sykes is alive.
That scumbag sykes is dead.
Hey, look, I got a problem about my pay grade here, guys.
What's that? O'neil wants me to kill sykes.
And he says if I do, he'll sit down with my heroin connection.
That all? Sykes have any warrants, anything at all? Bench warrant - Two old parking tickets.
Bring him in.
For parking tickets? He wants him dead, carter.
Maybe we can hide him for a bit, buy some time.
Look, my boy - my boy halsey, he's getting edgy.
I'm telling you.
- How edgy? What you might expect from a civilian who just saw some kid get shot five times in the stomach edgy.
A civilian? We popped him for selling four keys of coke.
Okay, who's talking to you, and what does that mean anyway, all right? It's okay to get him killed? I'm just saying.
Yeah, what are you saying? He's a criminal, not a sunday-school teacher.
He's an ex-drug addict who joined the gang in prison, okay, so he wouldn't get raped.
He's scared.
What's your point? He knows I'm a cop.
He flips, I'm dead.
That's my point.
Bring him in.
Arresting him is a bad idea.
Who says we're gonna arrest him? Police! Freeze! Whoa, what'd I do? What the hell did I do? Aah! You park your deville in a handicapped zone? What are you talking about? Time to pay the piper.
Spotless, too.
I don't buy it.
Turn this place upside down.
I didn't set anybody up.
I never even heard of the venice kings.
Well, they know you, sykes.
They put a hit on you.
What's he looking for? Termites.
They killed five people recently.
You want to be number six? Fellas, ma'am, no, you got me mixed up with somebody else.
I'm a financial consultant.
I never even - Yo, what the hell are you looking for, brother? Hello? I know what is there to the penny! Sit down.
Down to the penny! You understand?! You got no right coming in here, going through my walls.
You need a warrant.
Fourth amendment.
You want it confiscated? Ill-gotten gains, or walk away with every penny? Up to you.
How did you wire up the hit on the venice kings today? I didn't wire up jack.
Look, darnell wallace - Runs 28th street lokes - He said he'd pay if I told him the next time someone came looking to score big-time smack.
What, he wants a monopoly on the smack trade? What's he holding? Nothing.
It's a ghost town.
Now, about my money You play ball, sit in a cell for a week, then disappear, you can keep your cash.
Yeah, right.
So cynical.
Makes me kind of sad.
Scour the pad for the rest of the dope, then voucher the money.
You hear me? Yeah.
All right, lay down.
Yo, can I get something to lay down on maybe? That what you do when you cap somebody? Give him something nice to snuggle up on? I never "capped" anybody.
I told you, I'm a businessman, okay? Straight up.
How much was in there? How much dough was in the wall? Well, you counted it.
Not yet.
It's gonna take three hours to get through all of that, so You want the real number, or you want the number minus what you're gonna take to make this deal go down the way you said it would? Lay down.
Easy, tough guy.
I'm not stupid, okay? Shut up.
I said shut up.
Shoot him, ty.
All righty.
Carter wants us to call the morgue and see if they're set to cremate any white john does.
Oh, balls, my man.
Major league.
But this - This is "a" plus plus.
Whoa, never got an "a" before.
It's sick.
Bet I know who did the dirty work and who didn't.
No, we did it together.
It's ruthless.
That's our path, boy.
That's how we take this city.
Call your connection.
Let's get that heroin deal going.
Who are those guys? I don't know.
Never seen 'em before.
Where's the smack coming from? What do you care, okay? Look, it's on loan from the d.
In sacramento.
Well, it better be good.
'cause o'neil's gonna test it with a gun to the guy's head.
Don't worry.
You say that a lot, which makes me worry.
The deal goes down, you skate, okay? Back to sofie and back to your son.
Just make sure your boy's heroin is good.
He's in.
In position.
I see dean, halsey, pike, and o'neil.
The goods? This way, my man.
Let's get started.
What are you drinking? So, we line sealed packets of - Thank you - Frozen shark carcasses on their way to miami fish market.
They get waved through customs, take a little detour, hector corona gets what's his, The market gets its fish - Simple.
- That's incredible.
Mind if I take a peek at the other half of this equation? Who else do you do business with? That's confidential.
What, are you a priest or a drug dealer? Chin-chin de la dos.
Me no speak whatever.
That means i'm a little bit of both.
He's done business with my friend from sacramento - Guy named j.
And how do you know him? We were in juvenile together.
He's a good guy.
It's on your name, brother.
That's a good number.
To taking over venice.
Like I said, man Only the best.
That's good.
Very good.
It's done.
At the ready.
That's the last piece, brother.
This time tomorrow, we own venice.
I thought venice was the lokes.
They may have a little opinion on that.
Well, won't none of them be around to voice their opinion.
They'll be gone in a puff of smoke.
Keep your eye on the news tomorrow.
So, anyplace I should stay away from so I - So I stay safe? Stay east of the 405 for the rest of the day.
Unless you don't mind getting ash on your silk shirt.
You got to be kidding me.
Damn it.
What's going on, carter? Are we going in or not? It's a whole lot easier to bust these assholes with the doors open.
Are we moving in or not? - No! Abort the arrest! Repeat - Abort the arrest! -Why? There's a bomb.
A bomb? Where? That's a hell of a question.
I had no choice, dean.
There's a damn bomb out there.
Do you have any idea what you're doing, carter? You didn't hear o'neil talking about a bomb? He is talking smack, man.
And if he's not? Okay, then we bust him and we get him to talk.
He spent half his life in jail.
He doesn't care if he goes back.
If halsey cracks, he's dead, and then they kill me.
He made this bomb out to be something big.
We're talking innocent people.
I'm telling you, carter, okay? I don't know much my boy halsey can take of this.
Listen to me.
You are in until we find this bomb.
You hear me? If you're nervous, find it fast.
Come on, jaimie.
Let's take a ride.
Reel it back a bit, okay? Come on.
I told you, I don't know where he planted the bomb.
Okay, what about the location of the lokes? No clue.
Here's to the breezes that blows through the trees as it lifts the girls skirts above their kneeses.
Hear, hear.
Why so sour? Hey, man, I'm worried.
I mean, where exactly west of the 405 should we be staying away from? You'll be fine.
But it's true, right? You doubting me? No, I'm psyched to be a part of it.
I just want to hear an answer, a yes.
Here it is, brother - Yes.
Two friends of mine flew in from oregon yesterday and made a little care package for Mr.
Darnell wallace, c.
Of the 28th street true-blue lokes.
Homeboy will not know what hit his black ass a.
Your friends gonna stick around for the fireworks? No, they're halfway back to bend.
To a new day! You need a lap dance.
No, darnell wallace doesn't have an address.
He ain't that stupid.
Well, they put a bomb out there, sykes.
Wasn't on a guess.
Then they know him better than me.
You know what we're gonna do, jaimie? We are gonna have a little bonfire.
Well, good for you.
Using all that cash out of your wall.
Oh, man, come on.
We had a deal! And I got a whole bunch of innocent clean people about to get torn to ribbons.
You think I care about your dirty cash? It's a house downtown.
The 28th streeters call it the armory.
Tell me that's just a cute name.
No, it's not.
It's their armory.
So you wear your vest, little girl.
Police! Don't move! Don't move! Down! I said down! Any of you cats seen two redneck-looking dudes around these parts yesterday? Flannel shirt, checkered shirt? That type wouldn't come around here, g.
They wouldn't last.
No? Suitcase behind a water heater.
Easy access from outside, adjacent to this wall.
And now, if it's live It could take out the whole room.
What about a suitcase behind the water heater? You got to be kidding me.
Anything? Some guns, some coke.
No trace of explosives.
Anyone got a location on darnell wallace? If they do, they aren't talking.
All right.
Communicate that to dean.
Don't these guys know we're in the middle of a damn recession? Geez.
How'd everything go with your sister? It went.
How much she need? Seven large.
- Yep.
But I'm not gonna help her out this time, carter.
I can't keep being her crutch, man.
Never heard you say that before.
I'm saying it now.
I heard o'neil talking.
Those rednecks made a pretty big bomb.
How big? I don't know for sure, but he said, "sometimes you got to kill the innocent to get the guilty.
" I've been thinking Oh, come on.
Not this again.
i want to serve my time.
I'd rather do five years than end up in a body bag.
Why so pessimistic? O'neil's getting nervous.
Yeah? About what? About you, hector, me.
What makes you say that? He's been trying to get in touch with j.
, my "friend," So he can ask about hector.
Only problem is, j.
Don't exist.
Sooner or later, he's gonna do the math.
And when he does I'm not going down alone.
Are you threatening me? I just want out, okay? It's my right.
No, you got no f- You got no rights.
I own you.
I own your ass until we make this bust.
Do you understand me, kevin? You understand me, kevin? So get it through your head, kevin.
Stay strong and we'll make it through, you understand? And if we make it through, what happens to me? Life.
What do I get? I get a pat on my ass and a bull's-eye on my back.
I won't make it three days.
There's a bomb out there, kevin, okay? A lot of innocent people are gonna die.
The only innocent person i'm worried about dying is me Dean.
He's been locked up 25 of his 40 years.
Folsom, pelican bay, led a gang in san quentin.
Family? Mother's in a nursing home, but no wife, no kids.
I got a note here on a girlfriend.
Marcella vazquez, 25.
She got a record? Clean as a whistle.
Receptionist at some accounting firm in playa del rey.
We've tried everything, So What? Let's grab the girlfriend.
For what? Leverage.
You got a problem? She's a secretary.
- So? Dating a criminal doesn't make you one.
You read that in a fortune cookie? This woman didn't do a damn thing, carter.
Neither did the innocent people her prick boyfriend's about to kill.
And none of them are screwing him.
You're out of bounds, carter.
Then talk to her nice, woman to woman.
Maybe light some scented candles.
Run her a bath.
Just get her in here now.
You're marcella? Yeah, you're carol from the car-broker place? Carolyn.
I love your necklace.
It's my grandmother's.
Well, like I said before, your boyfriend really wants you to test-drive the car before he pulls the trigger.
Makes sense to me.
I can't believe he's buying me a new car.
- Shh! You scream, this tape goes back on.
Who are you? Why am I here? Quiet.
Who's this? I'm calling on behalf of darnell wallace and the 28 true-blue loke nation, fool.
We got told you looking to do us some harm.
Aw, you got nothing to worry about.
It's not gonna hurt a bit, mr.
No name.
Think you got tickled.
We'll see on that.
You tell us where the bomb's at, g, or we put a nice bullet in your pretty little girlfriend's head.
Marcella right here, right now.
She looking fine, too.
What the hell are you talking about? Smile off your face now, little bitch, huh? You smiling now, little bitch? What do you want? We want to know where the bomb's at.
Because if you don't tell us, marcella ain't never gonna make it back home.
And before she gets to say "what up" to allah, she really gonna know what it's like to love a black man, you cracker boy.
Here's your little boyfriend.
He dying to hear your voice.
Baby? Baby, is that you? I am so scared.
Who are these people? Quiet.
Quiet! I'm telling you, man, you hurt her, and I'll blow your brains out.
Well, then, tell us where the bomb at, g? Tit for tat, homey.
Tit for tat.
Can y- can you please just take this blindfold off? I'm really claustrophobic.
Why am I here? Shut up and you won't get hurt.
Who the hell are you guys? Concerned citizens.
Look, I have nothing to do with what brian does.
I'm just his girlfriend.
Do you want that tape back on? No.
Then shut up.
You just seem like a really nice person.
I'm not that nice.
Can, um Can I just use the bathroom? I'm really nervous.
I feel like I'm gonna get sick.
That's not how this is gonna work, g.
Okay? You give her up, and then you get the location of the device.
No, i make the rules, i tell you when you get your girl back, right? Now you listen to me, you dumb gangster son of a bitch! I know we don't got much time, which sadly for you means marcella ain't got much time, either.
What do you know? How do you know how much time you got? Lokes got eyes everywhere.
I told you, we've been doing this for a minute, man.
Where is she? She's in the bathroom.
That okay? Cd'a.
What could that mean? California, something.
I don't know.
You hear the question? Look, I don't know who you guys are or what you want from me, but I don't know anything.
Did you hear the question!? I don't have a clue! Gag her.
Aah! Aah! Call your gun out and aim it at her head.
Do it! If she doesn't stop fighting and drop the scissors in two seconds, blow her brains out.
One Two What are you doing to her? Trying to see what she knows since you ain't being very helpful.
Man, She doesn't know anything.
We'll see about that.
No, no.
Please, no, not that, please.
She's claustrophobic.
Why are you doing this? Because your boyfriend planted a bomb, okay? He's planning on killing innocent people.
He started this, not me.
No! No! Cd'a.
What does it means? Cd'a.
What does it mean?! Wait! Wait! I heard him - I heard him on the phone the other day.
He mentioned a street - Coeur d'alene.
I don't know.
Is that it? What's that? Why you discussing turf wars andheroin deals, when we about to cut your girl up piece by piece? Look, g, the homies is out searching coeur d'alene right now, and if they find the bomb before you tell us where it's at, homey, it ain't gonna be a good end for your girl.
She gonna be lying in a pool of gasoline.
You don't want that.
So give up the info right here, right now.
She walks away free.
If you don't, it's not a good thing.
End of story, game's over.
It's in a brown toyota At 2302.
It's in the trunk.
How much time we got? - You got 20 minutes! Run like hell! Go! Go! Grab your families! Run like hell! Come on! Go! Go! Get out! Get out! Take off.
Take off.
Be careful.
How much time we got? I don't know.
A minute, maybe less.
Hoping for something a little bit more encouraging than that.
- Defuse it? Most of it.
What do you mean "most of it"? It means it's time to get the hell out of here.
Text dean.
Tell him to grab halsey and cut him loose.
Then grab jaimie and bust o'neil.
Halsey? Dean, boss's office.
Strategy session, ace.
Come on.
You're invited.
Let's go.
What up, dean? Why don't you have a seat? Do you mind telling me what's going on here, o'neil? You 5-0? What? No.
Y- you're insulting me.
I called darnell wallace asking when he was gonna deliver marcella.
The lokes don't know nothing about her getting kidnapped.
Okay, what does that have to do with me and halsey? Someone fed information on the location and the time of the explosion to whoever I was on the phone with, which had to be 5-0, or how's the bomb squad get there on time? It has nothing to do with us, o'neil.
Well, someone did it.
- Yeah, and it's got nothing to do with halsey and me, so Well, it was someone, and he's the only one here puking and crying and calling his girlfriend and saying he loves her and it's all gonna be over soon.
What's gonna be over soon? Halsey, tell me.
What's gonna be over soon? I was just calling her to say hello.
I want the truth.
I want the truth, damn it! Tell me the truth! What are you looking at him for? You are 5-0, aren't you? Listen, you're being ridiculous, o'neil.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
You need to get that idea out of your head 'cause I'm not 5-0.
Well, it's still there.
I can't.
Listen Come on, halsey, if he's police just tell me.
Tell me right now, right this second, and I promise you'll get a pass.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Do yourself a favor and tell me what I already know.
I'm sorry! You're sorry? You're sorry about what, halsey? You're sorry about what, you lying sack of Ohh! Hey, could we, uh - Could we get a second? You're good to go.
I was gonna tell him you're a cop.
But you didn't.
That's o'neil's.
Always with the black rubber band.
I found it on the ground.
I killed that man today.
Man's trash Right down to his bone marrow.
So I'll drink myself to sleep.
a few nights and move on.
Sounds like a good plan.
If I'd had to kill that woman marcella vazquez I made a judgment call.
It worked.
This time.
That's all that matters.
Is it all there? Or did o'neil shortchange Mr.
Corona? I hear drug dealers do that sometimes.
I wasn't planning on counting it.
Good night, man.
You're beautiful.
Babe, you want to go out tonight? All I got to do is shower.
We're good after that.
Unless you want to join me, then we're really good.
So, your sister left a message on the home line.
She said she tried calling you on the cell, but there was no answer.
Um What did she say? She said "thanks.
" A few times.
How much did you give her? Can we talk about this after? You know what? It's bill night.
So I just need to know which one's gonna bounce.
None of them.
How's that possible? You gave her $7,000? She definitely said more than thanks.
You know, I know that she's your sister, I know that you love her, but when is it enough? Babe, we're gonna pay the bills.
We're gonna pay the mortgage.
And if we want to go eat a big steak tonight, that's what we're gonna do.
How? You told me You told me that people slip when they do bad things for good reasons.
Okay, I know what I told you, and I didn't do any of that.
How'd you get the money? My bike.
Is that why carter drove you home? Did you sell your motorcycle? Well, I was tired of it scaring you.
I'll meet you in the shower.