Dark Blue s01e09 Episode Script


We are.
We were on leave in Singapore.
We went to this mall.
Know his name? "Four levels of brothels.
" And joke.
Well, the last level was the first choice.
And the ground floor well, not not really.
Yes', check hoses and tires, thorn.
- No failures.
- Ok.
Are trying transponders.
Not 'a case.
The smuggling operation Sanchez, great for how ' - I am cautious.
- Dean and 'entered.
Knows about four people, and none of importance.
Are leaving the driving a load of counterfeit Ambien.
Yes', but let's see if I let drive all the way up to their store.
And 'that which we need.
So the Road and 'all along the 710 today.
Not do anything to irritate them.
Right lane.
90 km / h.
Where? Wait.
This' Costco warehouse.
Leave the truck, keys under the mat, in the south-east of the parking.
Someone will take it 'from there'.
Who? Even I know no matter.
Just do it.
Hey, wait, wait, Wait, Ronny-boy.
Like coming home? Call your mother.
- Yo.
- Yo.
So, I must leave the load in the parking lot.
Ok? Okay.
Then it's up to me.
- Are you okay with food and water? - It 'are right.
But try to park shade, ok? Yes', I try.
- Make yourself comfortable.
- Yes', all right.
Hey! Stop! That there '? The closure of the container.
There 'something strange.
Well, I tell you that I was here when they loaded this bin.
I want you to give a SGAS the engine do a little 'noise.
What? Perche '? If I have to start shooting I do not want anyone to hear.
Ty (Cell): She started DO IT! Hey, I'm sorry! To me 'my foot slipped! You know, all this going on laps! Vai stop.
And try not to make accidents! See you later, Ronny-boy! Then, the shortfall in California and 'increased by just $ 86.
Taxpayers have paid for my taxi.
Not let me bring deposit, Carter, as I told you.
What's happening? Where is' Ty? Hey, it and 'come out right? Yes'.
Wanted to make a turn to port, see if there was something else useful.
Really? Go fishing and not 'from him.
What can I say? That man loves his job.
Why 'we are not a seat that truck - And follow them when they move? - No.
They wait for days before moving.
Ensure that no comments.
And 'one of the keys success of this guy.
That "guy"? This guy, Sanchez and 'a ghost.
Manages all his affairs from afar.
I can not find it.
This has not prevented him put together the most 'major smuggling ring the west coast.
Drugs, weapons, counterfeit It passes everything through a deposit located somewhere.
And if we followed carrying the stuff? Do not know.
Ma .
friend, my guys only know what to do.
Not even know one to talk, ok? Compartments.
I tell you that we need a connection with someone who has already 'worked with him.
William Cline.
Who's' William Cline? What do you know Billy? When Sanchez began, Billy take care of a lot of things for him.
All? You two are arrested for possession drug and public nuisance at 603 Catherine Street.
It must have been an amazing feast.
Lo and 'was.
In 2004, he and a friend, Matt Parker, what he shot, were arrested because 'involved in an exchange of drugs and then 'led to murder.
Parker s'e 'nailed 20 years.
Billy I has served a little more '4-in Chino.
Billy and 'out? For about a year.
Jaimie, I need you go to him.
I need you to be again Jaimie Anderson.
You must convince Billy to introduce Sanchez.
Absolutely not.
Perche '? I did everything to let that life behind.
And once we have concluded You can do it again.
Billy we need only to have a contact with Sanchez, after will be 'out of your life.
Maybe not.
Billy had a lot time to reflect.
About what? Jaime, about what? Non .
I was not even there '.
I was in the car, had warned them not to carry the gun.
It 'was a stupid thing.
What are you talking about? I have taken because ' the car was mine.
Surveillance cameras.
Police said that I would have to serve least 5 years.
I was 23 Then you have them stuck? I told the police where was the gun.
And did you get along.
District Attorney and we 'invented I would assume my pain in Yuma, but I never did.
And if Billy suspects that was me who stuck? Then you lie to me.
Wow wow.
Thank you.
I have to move.
I have to go to San Diego for a case.
Undercover agents on a trip.
Play the alphabet, sing the songs on the radio, e.
take a picnic.
That case and '? Why outside the city '? Come on.
I will not say 'nothing.
Come on, you can tell me.
So keep a secret.
There 'a guy over there', we could use as a contact.
See? Not 'been so' bad.
Your boss makes you excess reserves.
It 'a little' paranoid.
You will have to disappear for a while ', until 'we've finished.
For how long? Not so much.
Only a couple of days I hope.
Ok, let's go.
Well, maybe I'll be able 'to attend to a bit 'of work, finally.
What? Nothing.
Where do you go with that stuff? I do not.
Shit, I can not believe.
Oh, my God How are you? - I'm fine.
- Oh, my God! Oh, I thought you did not I would never 'magazine.
- Here I am.
- There you are.
Where have you been? It 'a long history.
And 'always so' with you.
How'd you find me? I called your mother.
Now I live in Los Angeles, like 'I have driven here.
All this disorder just to see me.
Gia '.
- How are you doing? - Good.
Towards a drink of the nerds and stole meat to my boss.
I can not believe it.
I thought that I would not have nevermore 'magazine.
Come on, bellowing something.
I guess it is not just a courtesy visit.
What do you mean? Come am.
I have a friend that would move the stuff south of the border.
When not working for a guy named Sanchez Keith Sanchez It 'still in business? And 'why you're here.
To meet Sanchez.
You still have the balls once.
Which is' fantastic a strafigo like you.
Sanchez and 'hard to find.
For this I came to you.
I am happy.
I was shocked when the phone I left.
Have changed much in 5 years.
They look like those of Star Trek.
Gia '.
You assume the entire sentence? Conduct.
For a change, the pretty girls unable to get to the discount.
Have been quite bad for you.
You should not have imprisonment.
Neither do you.
So you need Sanchez.
A friend of mine, actually '.
Carter Sherman.
A name Country Club Now I understand.
What do you mean? I mean you've never lost time with small fish.
Always looking for something better.
Not 'true.
Well, I was mistaken for Matt.
Billy, you and I were just friends.
Gia '.
So, I'll introduce you to Sanchez.
Assume there is something for me for the inconvenience.
A couple of big heads.
Listen Things are so '.
I am a bit 'in trouble in this Currently, about money.
A drug dealer? No, no.
Are 'm clean.
In short, no heavy things.
But I indebted for another thing, and I received a call from a loan shark this morning.
I must find a way to return money to this guy before now.
And if you do not, I'll break the kneecaps.
Me smash, me off, the chop in very fine powder, and then if the sniffing.
Sara ' will be 'really ugly.
That there '? We have a Betsy.
I have the perfect guy.
I'm giving you two thousand dollars.
To those I owe 10 thousand E.
and they want it now.
Look, this guy is the restaurant would be perfect.
Will you succeed with my eyes closed.
Not know.
What ', do not do more' these things? Too low level for you? No, and 'that is not' part favorite play.
How about your friend who wants move weapons? Perhaps he can 'help.
Why 'if you want to go to Los Angeles Sanchez and the present I need the money now.
You indemnify '? Seriously? We will pay 'the usurer.
That money is gone.
Maynard will not give us' Hey, what are you going to do? Never mind.
Make a trip, guys.
Perche '? I brought him the money, we will encounter with Sanchez, and we're all happy.
Hey, who and 'this guy for her? An old friend.
An old boy? Do not know.
We must keep an eye on? No.
You know, had some very shady types as friends in the past, Carter.
I know.
We are lucky.
Call Ty.
Listen, if you have something else Los Angeles, in case this goes wrong.
So 'I said to myself "Damn!" and I dived into the fountain.
Naked? Betsy, you're crazy.
Perche 'no? We will not live forever.
I will '.
I drink a lot.
You're really funny.
'm Glad that someone would think.
Hey, sweetie.
Perche 'No Take a couple of drinks? Carter, this' Billy.
Billy, this and 'Carter.
Jaimie told me that you have helped with a small debt.
You do not mind, right? I mean told me that you are not bored.
It depends on what he did.
He just put a guy in a compromising situation.
Remaining fully clothed, calm.
He is not '.
I made a picture.
The guy and 'married.
Does not want his wife know that the traitor.
Jumps in the bank and takes a piece of candy to small.
It 'a good girl.
Gia '.
So now you are free and clean.
Gia '.
What about Sanchez? I made a call.
I wait for calls.
I do not think there will be problems.
What I wanted to hear.
Come butta? Great.
Where did you meet this guy? We met at Harvard.
Never mind.
I just wanted to make sure you were okay.
I thought we were remain professional.
Yes', we are.
Ed and 'professional make sure you are well.
So I'm fine.
Here are your MGD64.
Should be the gorilla Carter.
Do not stand so 'sticky.
So you and Jamie visited there a few months? Perche '? There 'something I want to say about her? No.
We're going to change the music.
Why 'you ask him? He was just talking.
Conversation I do not need to dig into my life and judge me.
Do this because ' you can take your man.
I'm not judging.
And 'your work.
Is this what the fuck does this mean? What do you think I did today? No matter what I think.
Perche 'talk about? Obviously, you thought the worst.
Perhaps it's you who think it.
Shut up.
Just questions about me.
We are, you little shit.
We go to Los Angeles.
- I thought meet with Sanchez.
- In practice, and 'so'.
Frank Hughes and 'number two.
I want to meet the number one.
Who would not? Sanchez and 'a big shot now.
Not to mention that lately, do not see very often.
Do you trust this guy? Frank? Certain.
Short, just met him Be easy, do not shout.
What do you mean "not worry"? Am calm.
Billy Frank.
E 'crazy that no one sees.
're Out, eh? Yeah '.
Was a bit 'I thought to show me.
Gia '.
And I understand because 'you did.
But who the fuck are you? Are with me.
Then it will be 'a problem for you, and 'a little' I want to shoot this jerk.
I was robbed.
How many fucking times No matter if you do not believe it? Sanchez gave me a kick in the ass for losing the load, Billy.
There I do.
Oh, sure.
Can not wait.
Tell him the prison.
We still discuss something that happened six years ago? And 'why I'm here I want to fix it.
I have procured a bell'affaruccio.
Sherman would move something in Mexico.
Tell him to call a courier.
E 'willing to pay charges rendition.
What do you want to move? He needs to know? There you can play balls and that 'so'.
Large caliber.
Preferred type Mexican cartels.
And where did he go? Seized by cops but too good to be merged.
The parade was the cops? Hurray.
Too hot.
I do not care.
I have an infiltrator.
Nothing burns.
Frank until 'the cops seize arms He will be 'one of our customers, a gold mine.
Shut up.
Ok? Perhaps it will help you '.
First, I see them.
With that first I paid only transport.
And where is' now? - Yes and 'retired.
- Exactly.
Ok? Not 'as good as us.
And Sanchez has rules.
If you want that we carry this stuff, I must first see it.
I'll call 'when No, no, no.
I call him.
And 'my load.
Yes, 'and to you who knows you.
Ok? He ', I know him.
I want them '.
If something goes wrong I want to know who shoot 'first.
And you know how these clowns? I know her for ten years.
If he can 'make you feel more' peaceful go immediately to check his situation.
Yes', I would feel better.
And you go to take up arms so 'I can see them.
You're going up to the great.
I'm trying.
Are you satisfied? Certain.
I told Frank that I would monitored for calm.
And so ', it seems that Carter does not live here.
I take a few beers so 'we sit by the pool.
Hey, Jamie? Are you involved with someone? No.
So who is' Scott Mueller? Nothing that concerns you, Serpico.
Naughty girl! Oh dear You've done well the outline.
There 'no "boundary".
Carter and I do not do it seriously.
It 'obvious.
I know it's' a subject.
I did not mean that.
What you mean? How long have we met we never really were together.
In prison, I thought a lot about you.
It 'a bad sentence button to attack, Billy.
- I'll need a better? - Ah no.
If I were free, would completely different.
And you're free? Scott.
A lawyer? Yes', I I like it.
- Why 'and' rich? - No, because 'I like it.
What news', for the beautiful but cold princess He who thinks history with Carter? He is not 'know.
Gia ', I know that there are a lot of things about you and which are not 'know, eh? I'm trying to improve.
I have made mistakes in the past Big mistake Ma .
Hey, Frank.
It ' I checked.
It 'always the same Okay.
Wants to see the weapons at home.
Why 'do not take the towels? I do not want to dirty the bed.
Always worrying about me - Where did you get the weapons? - Maynard.
Is everything okay? Here.
Frank with assistance.
That's it? I thought you had a large escort.
Surely I'm not going to drag I have 15 machine guns of Dragunov, 150 guns more 'or less six Browning 1919.
Not 'a beauty? Prepare them in boxes of 4 as if they had equipment.
Can you bring in Manzanillo on Friday '? If I get them packed into boxes for good can start tomorrow.
So, I suppose everything is 30 thousand.
- Suppose? - Gia '.
The weigh.
Will pay you 'after that ye did.
Sanchez and 'knowledge of this agreement? Matter? Certain.
Never heard of you until yesterday.
This is' a bargain important to me.
for my buyers.
I would like to meet him.
Gia ', even to me like.
To greet him.
It 'a little' have not seen him.
It will take 'a little'.
I'll call 'Billy for instructions where to leave their weapons.
Seems that we did.
Gia '.
So, if by chance you throw them 'a' thank you, Billy " I think we can consider custom Also, my fee as an intermediary will be applied 'to future agreements? I think it is "habit" a deal Such happens only once, Billy.
Cioe ', all this for 2 thousand? You have not helped you before? You know, Billy, were you to return to San Diego when this is all 'finished.
Hello, Billy.
"Hello, Billy" We'll stay up late here, honey.
I could not go home.
Well, not 'that can take and leave Ok.
I must go.
Okay, hello.
Carter said he was preparing fake boxes by Sanchez and then home.
You will not later.
Spared the work of investigation for the police, man.
Take cover.
How are you? Hello.
"Go ahead, Billy.
" Sure, of course.
Cute, bathrobe.
Scott will arrive 'soon.
How is Mr.
Scott Mueller Assistant District Attorney? It 'a little' more 'of a lawyer, what to fuck you, right? Gia '.
Had omitted that part.
It's all part your "turn the page"? Walking with Perry Mason? Continue.
Bring me around.
But, seriously If anything were to put you in trouble, would be your ace in the hole, right? - Fix a lot of problems.
- Exactly.
My old friend Rupert.
It '? They caught in Downtown.
He had 20 bags with you '.
The arrested for drug dealing.
Scott could negotiate to get him out.
Prosecutors do this.
Cosi 'Rup and I might still remain in business.
I do not feel calm.
You know, not 'always something "quiet" help people, Jaimie.
You know where ' that he was not quiet? - In prison.
- Yes', I know.
I got 14 months, remember? A Yuma.
Gia '.
Aracelli came to see me.
After she had gone find yourself in Yuma.
She had come to look for you when you were serving the sixth of your 14 months.
Too bad you were not there.
At first I thought they'd only transferred, but now I know them ' you've never been.
- Billy - He 'silent.
I know that you're not ever been inside therefore 'not insult me with lies.
I had a reason.
Gia ', did not want to serve your pain.
I was your friend and you give me you sold to the police.
To save your butt.
I could not go to jail.
I thought I was pregnant Do not shoot shit! I made 5 years, Jaime.
And you will be forgiven, starting from now! I'm telling the truth '! Make silence! Ok? 're just shut up, okay? Make her have to Rupert plea agreements or will not answer 'the phone when Hughes will call 'for your load of weapons.
I can not force him to have an agreement to someone! I suggest you find a way.
Otherwise, you will find 'you Attorney boyfriend and say 'what a nullity' you really are.
A bitch liar and an accomplice.
That and 'what' you are, Jaime.
Are you staying up late.
Gia '.
I am looking for Carter.
Does not answer the phone.
Is thinking.
- All right? - How 'that lately you care for me? Ok, forget it.
I speak clearly? Certain.
've Never been kind to me.
I've had enough of men so ', and no more 'concerned.
I'm trying to be nice to you now.
E 'incoherent.
Cosi 'confused me.
And deliberately, I'm sure.
- Listen - I have a problem with Scott.
Want to hear? No.
It seems fairly clear.
No agreement for his friend Billy, no Sanchez.
I do not want to involve Scott.
Not want to lie.
- It's the problem? - You can not have it done in Maynard? I use any channel one thousand would trigger alarms.
So I have no choice.
There 'always a choice.
But if you give Billy what 'he wants we make the arrest, and this story ends.
It seems to me before Billy leaves from your life, and better '.
Thanks for breaking the rules and inviting me to leave.
I must ask you a favor.
Oh, no, baby.
You were wrong.
You should ask before sex.
What? There 'this guy Rupert Crawford.
It 'was arrested a few days ago.
The fact 'that he and' my informant, and I need for this free event.
If not come out, we risk losing the arrest, and this could be serious for me.
So ', I was wondering If I could get him a plea agreements.
For what and 'been caught? Possession for the purpose of dealing.
It 'a criminal recidivist? Yes'.
Sure, ok.
Sara 'complex.
You Are you sure that this guy serve you out? Yes'.
Faro 'what I can.
Wait a minute.
I love you.
What You okay? That there ', I can not say "I love you"? No, indeed.
It ' E 'bello.
Cioe ', unusual, but but beautiful.
I love you too.
Have you stayed here.
Gia '.
Issues a.
home? Mel wants a son.
Well, listen You had to expect to have children.
And 'what happens usually when and a 'married.
Melissa and I have made a pact.
If we had had children, I quit.
No more 'assignments under a cover for me.
And you accepted? I spoke with the lawyer for Rupert.
Not 'your reporter, Jaime.
Who's' Billy? - Have you talked to Billy? - No.
No, Rupert told his lawyer who organized everything Billy.
Ok, what's going on? It 'hard to explain.
I think Hey, Jaime, and this thing 'was reported to my department head, ok? He's asking questions, and I can not answer because 'I can not tell that my girlfriend lied to me across the board, ok? It 'my fault.
This' Billy? Lieutenant Carter Shaw.
Oh, please.
Please, enter.
Jaimie has called and said who has problems with the agreement.
I asked Jaime to do so.
I thought, a deputy prosecutor who is a favor to his fiancee policeman releasing an informer, well It must happen every day, right? We Ah So This guy is' connected with your case or not? Perche 'my boss will have to' know.
E 'connected to me.
We are working an important case, and Rupert and 'our contact inside.
Rupert we need on the road.
Not 'an informer.
It 'just a criminal, he and his friend Billy.
I am sorry for not being fully transparent with her.
Ah Ok.
If there 'a way it can' do it, any way will allow us' to clear a massive smuggling network.
I mean I will see 'what I can do.
And I hate to ask but must be done today.
Sorry hooked Jaimie in all this.
I know, I know, I think okay, you're just trying to do his job.
So I guess he is only a chicken for you? Boyfriend.
E 'half to achieve a goal.
How else should get to Sanchez? He wants to help me.
What about you manipulate it! I've been covering.
I thought it was what you wanted.
No! And 'what you wanted.
Sanchez, then deposit E 'too.
I tell Scott not to.
Jaimie how do I know what He's good and what do not you well? Scott will not end 'into trouble.
Your secret and 'safe.
Should not be so 'easy.
Lying to someone you care about? Jaimie, at least he know your real name? Fuck, Carter.
Am I not your problem.
No, you're not.
That's why 'I'll' Scott the truth 'on my account.
I need to talk the settlement.
I have to explain what 'success.
E 'done.
What? Settlement.
I just learned, I was going to call you.
Ma .
Not 'been easy, but I forced them to accept.
This' Thank you.
I need to tell you because 'I lied.
Yes', do not tackle the thing at this time.
Cioe ', in fact I can not.
I have a I have to go in the classroom.
I mean, you lied.
I can not say I enjoyed it.
I mean, I do not lie, but Would not do.
But I dealt with these cases long enough to know that whatever you people you're dealing with, and 'complicated.
Gia '.
- I - I forgive you.
I know that you can not say you're sorry, because 'you're a woman.
It 'a joke.
Hey, relax, Allen.
Hey, look, next time just tell me "Scott " "I need you to do something for me but I can not tell you why '.
" Ok? Just be honest with me.
Otherwise - Begin 'to have doubts.
Ok? - Ok.
- Ok.
- Ok.
See you later.
Go to make your arrest.
OK, Billy.
Yes', I'll.
Yes', will 'the' van myself.
Okay, okay.
See you later.
Bang! The deal is going to port, eh? Yes'.
Seem a bit 'surprised.
What's happening? Jaimie is handling well the thing? E 'brava.
There 'more than I need to know? Here is the address where they want which leaves the truck.
Wait, wait.
Carter, we can not however, to follow him to the warehouse.
No, but if not go 'never from them', potro 'make a scene sacrosanct and demand to take it myself.
Wait a second, we make of it the driver? Yes', use a car from the trunk and make great so they do not have friends to control you.
Are you still here? Go! It 'almost over.
When to catch boar 'arrested.
You and Billy run away.
The police and Sanchez who have it to death with him will want to 'get away from the city'.
Everything will be back 'to normal'.
What is 'normality' for you, Carter? Go.
Hands up.
You know you work? Yes'.
You are under arrest.
There 'no there is monitoring? If you're lying and this truck remain here for three weeks, spend all that time in my trunk.
There 'no there is monitoring? - I'm not sure.
- Exit from the truck.
Out! - There is controlling someone? - No, we're fine.
Look, I caught this one who followed you in secret.
But I caught, it is not 'it? - Excellent.
- How are you? Keep your feet close.
Are you sitting comfortably? Keep up the company for a while '.
You know what? I'm not ready for having children.
Not really.
I just checked, and my truck and 'still' stop, Billy.
Call him.
Listen, sometimes it takes a bit 'more' time.
He said that my stuff would leave the country today.
- Call him.
- Call you.
Call! Hey, I'm Billy.
Listen, I think that the load is still there '.
Do you know where is the driver? I know where 'my truck.
Just where I left! Must leave the country today, something is not 'clear? Give me the address, and I'll see 'myself.
Persons who are waiting for this load not like to be disappointed.
Gia ', and I'd wake up alive tomorrow.
Gia ', I'm sure Do you like.
Give me that address! You know, customer services are not your forte.
Why 'should they? Sanchez and 'here? I would like to start dating.
What a pity I wanted to say hello.
Not 'around.
Is not 'never around.
By chance have you killed? Do not believe No, I killed him.
He had a heart attack, about three years ago.
What ', you have not told anyone? No.
Business is good, man.
Perche 'sinking ship? So 'you who's directing whole operation? Yes', I am.
You created a nice ride.
Gia '.
Nobody move! Nobody move! Keep your hands where we can see them.
Do not move.
That no one moves.
Son of a bitch! Let's go! Billy, nasty son of a bitch! - Stay on the ground.
- Where are you going? We have 20 seconds before Police in Los Angeles is here.
I know.
I know.
Christ WHAT 'possible that' thou 'Carter knew that the man was a cop? How could I know? Not even you knew.
You money? Something of value? I take them.
I settle somewhere and then come and get you, okay? Ok, you have to give me cash.
Not! Listen, are at large 'probation, and these cops know who they are.
I saved his life.
After I've almost been arrested and slammed in jail again? See to settle down somewhere, and then come here to get you.
- Stattene away from me! - You owe me! No, not 'true! I'm a cop, Billy.
I've used for this operation.
You have a badge? You're a criminal.
No more '.
If you get close to me again, or to someone who I hold kill you '.
We will place 'a gun in his hand, and say 'I did not have choice.
I am a cop.
You are a waste human I believe.
You would not ever.
Yes', I would.
Out of here.
Do not get to see again '.
Leave here necklaces.
're Serious? Yes'.
Billy has drinking? Do you think you are all running away from police? Will not be called 'review very soon.
Better than wondering if you're good, right? Yes'.
I I wanted to say to Scott whole truth 'about me.
And then I did.
Do you think I could stand it? I do not think I could stand.
You There you really him? Yes'.
Download it.