Dark Blue s02e04 Episode Script

High Rollers

[ Chukles ] Once is a mistake.
Twice is Stupid? But if we keep things private and don't let This thing interfere with our work Easy enough.
I mean, how could this possibly interfere with work? [ Chuckles ] Oh, what the hell.
I'm in if you are.
Does that mean we're Yeah.
I guess so.
Aren't you supposed to get me a football jacket or something? How about a glock? Our only shot is to be honest with each other.
No secrets.
I agree.
No secrets.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Beep ] Hello? Yeah, sure.
The boys upstairs want us to get involved in a murder investigation.
I hate homicides.
Jaimie: What a shame.
He's so young.
And a good-looking kid.
Good-looking watch.
Costs more than my car.
Tom curran.
Law student at usc.
Loved poker.
The problem is, he wasn't very good.
He sucked.
According to homicide, he lost 50 grand in the three weeks leading up to the murder.
About five months ago, curran left the sunset Ridge casino at 10:15 P.
[ Beep ] An hour later, l.
Found his BMW in macarthur park, engine running, covered with blood spatter -- his.
As for the investigation itself, homicide didn't get too far.
No body, no witnesses, and nobody's talking, especially the sharpies working at the sunset Ridge.
So what's the theory here? Curran was in debt, got in over his head with the wrong people at the casino.
Got himself clipped.
Jaimie: Any leads? Yeah.
This beauty right here.
Billy Hoffman.
Former talent Agent at ima.
What does he do now? Casino concierge.
He caters to high rollers.
Homicide likes him for the murder? They think he's involved, but he's not the triggerman.
He was working the night of the murder.
What's the connection? They talked six times on the phone the day of the murder, and then got into a nasty argument that afternoon.
About what? Don't know.
Hoffman lawyered up the second the investigation began.
Dean: Okay.
Has he got any priors? Yeah.
Cocaine possession.
Carter: The only other potential lead is curran's ex, cocktail waitress at the casino, but she's not really a suspect.
Airtight alibi.
So, what now? Hope you guys like casinos.
DARK BLUE [ indistinct conversations ] Carter: Excuse me.
Do you know where we can find Billy Hoffman? I always wondered what happened to failed Hollywood agents.
I worry more what happens to failed FBI agents.
Just because I don't like homicides doesn't mean I'm not good at 'em.
And you think setting up Hoffman in a buy and a bust is our best shot? People tend to be a little more talkative with handcuffs on their wrists, I noticed.
Billy Hoffman? Well, that Depends who's asking.
Jerry silvano.
Looking for a private game? Yeah, we, um We actually don't really do Private.
Thousand a hand.
Change your mind? Well, give me 10 minutes, and you'll have a room so private you'll feel like you're in the himalayas.
Have you ever been to the himalayas? Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, they need you at the craps table.
Thank you.
What do you want, a tip or something? No, I was just Then get out of here before I take your wife up on her offer to pleasure me in the bathroom.
Did she really -- oh, you always take me seriously, Steve.
Will you get outta here, please? Get outta here.
Meet me in the v.
Room in 10 minutes.
Dealer: Bets down, hands up! [ Cheering ] Eight.
Came easy.
Point is eight.
That's what I'm saying.
Keep it coming, baby.
[ All talking at once ] Eight the hard way! Hard eight! [ Cheering ] All right.
I know how you do.
I know how you do.
Hey, listen.
If you need anything, Billy h.
Is here to help you.
You know what I'm saying? I'm here to make your decadent dreams come true.
So come get some.
[ Slaps ty's back ] Mm! You know what I mean? Take it.
Take it.
[ Cheering ] Dealer: Seven! Winner! Winner is seven! What the hell you doin'? You're supposed to lose, not win.
Remember? Sorry, man.
[ slaps Carter's shoulder ] I apologize.
You know? I'm trying to lose.
I just keep winning.
I can't lose! I can't miss.
[ Chuckling ] Yeah.
Take a walk with me.
Curran didn't get whacked because he was on a hot streak.
Trust me.
We need to find out who lends money to losers, not winners.
That curran's ex? [ Cheering in distance ] How you doin', Mr.
security guard? Get yourself a new shirt, huh? Douchebag.
Come on, what are you bitchin' about? What's a hundred bucks? Yeah.
I just can't stand all these wannabe high rollers, you know? What's Jerry do for a living? Businessman.
Any particular business? I don't really get into all that.
[ chuckles ] Oh, you see, that's the beauty of being gorgeous.
You don't have to pay attention to details.
[ Cellphone rings ] Billy h.
[ Breathes deeply ] Well, you know the guy at the craps table? Good-looking black dude? Homie just went bust-o.
Lost 15 grand in 10 minutes.
[ Exhales sharply ] [ chuckles ] I love this job.
Well, I'm sorry, Ray, but you are definitely maxed out.
What happened to the whole "making my decadent dreams come true" speech? Well, I cater to wealthy clients, Ray, clients that can afford to lose.
You know, actors, directors Sex-tape celebutantes.
I make their decadent dreams come true.
But, because I like you Ray, I'm gonna comp your room, and I'm gonna give you a free continental breakfast.
I don't want your damn muffins.
I want your damn money.
I'm happy to pay a premium for it, too, if you know what I mean.
I know a guy.
His name's Tim rowe.
He's not exactly a member of the better business bureau.
So you better buckle your chin strip, dawg, because this dude don't play.
Tell him Billy h.
Sent ya.
You looking for me? Are you rowe? Who wants to know? Name's Ray, partner.
Billy h.
Told me you might be able to help me out with my current fiscal dilemma.
Who's this? She's something else, huh? This is, uh, my beautiful lucky charm.
Well, now, if she was your lucky charm, you wouldn't be here right now, would ya? [ Jaimie and rowe chuckle ] What do you say, baby, you go put some money in the jukebox? Sure.
Is that your girlfriend? We just met today at the pai gow table.
How much you lookin' for? I appreciate this, man.
What kind of juice we talkin' here? Damn.
A day? This ain't Wells Fargo, Ray.
We don't offer toaster ovens, either.
It's 5 points a day or it's no deal.
You know, nding to degenerate gamblers like yourself isn't exactly risk-free.
[ Dog barks, door opens ] How ya doin', Joel? I'm good.
You? I'd be better if you weren't such a lyin' piece of crap.
I can get you the money.
Shut up! [ Dog barking in distance ] [ Joel breathing heavily ] Look here, rowe.
I-I'll call you later, okay? No, no, no.
Stick around, Ray.
Might be helpful for you to see what happens when people stiff me.
Which finger's it gonna be, Joel? Your call.
I can get you the money.
My wife has these diamond earrings worth 3 grand -- easy.
You said that last time.
[ Whimpers ] I'm outta here, Tim.
[ Whimpering ] Jaimie, we gotta go.
Did you get the money? Not yet.
Why? [ Joel screaming ] You let broke ??? Finger? Well, what was I supposed to do, huh? Bust the man, blow my whole cover? Least we know he's legit.
And connected to Hoffman.
Alex: Two for two.
Sounds promising.
So what's our next move? Go back to rowe and borrow the 5 grand.
Pay the vig, keep your cover alive, and see what you can learn.
It's worth a shot, but it's probably a waste of time.
We need a confession.
So, if we think rowe is our guy, we need to get closer.
Find out what he says when he's sad, drunk, horny Any ideas? Jaimie.
He thought you were pretty.
I don't want to Chase that.
Let's do it.
I don't like playing that flirty-chick card, especially with a murder suspect.
Makes me uncomfortable.
Well, it doesn't make me uncomfortable.
If there's an opening, let's exploit it.
I'm good with dysfunctional men.
Trust me.
[ Chuckling ] I'd be more nervous if he was a surgeon.
[ Chuckles ] All right.
Give it a shot.
In the meantime, I'll continue to work Hoffman.
No excuses, no tears No bullshit.
First payment's due tomorrow.
Where's your, uh Good-luck charm? That bitch stole my gold watch last night.
"He who walks with the wise grows wise.
But a companion of fools suffers harm.
" Proverbs 13:20.
[ Indistinct conversations ] Don't Touch me, punk! Kappa nu in the house! Whoo! Yo, bro, relax.
We don't grab asses here.
So you're gonna go up to her, and you're gonna apologize to her.
And then you're gonna give her one of those $100 chips.
I'm sorry ForGrabbing your ass.
Come on.
Let's go.
How ya doin'? Hey.
[ chuckles ] He didn't grab my ass.
College boys.
If only they knew how stupid they actually were.
Yeah, kind of like gamblers, right? Yeah, well, for some people, I don't think it's much of a choice.
No, I don't believe in any of that addiction crap.
Yeah, well, I've seen it up close, and it ain't pretty.
Relative? Ex-boyfriend.
Ex? Huh.
Kicked him to the curb, huh? He's dead.
Well, I -- sorry.
Is it a recent thing? Five months ago.
He got killed.
They think so, anyway.
He was cheating on me.
How'd you find out? I saw them together.
The day Tom disappeared.
They were hugging and saying "I love you.
" So I asked what the hell was going on.
And he just said, "it's personal.
" Watch around the corner and watch around the bend the one you least expect will try to get inside what can I do for ya? That guy I was with yesterday? He says you're into making deals.
Where'd you get it? My father gave it to me.
It's what iou're looking for there's a pawn shop two blocks down on the South side of the street.
What are you doin' tonight? [ Chuckles ] Thanks for coming.
[ scoffs ] What, are you kidding? I'd miss my mother's funeral to be here right now.
So what's up, cookie? It's kind of personal.
Didn't I tell you I was a Jewish priest? Your secret's safe with me.
I can assure you.
[ Sighs ] I just found out Jerry has another girlfriend.
I really like where this is heading.
I need cash.
I just lost interest.
Not from you.
I'm back.
I need to make some money while Jerry and I are still together.
I have a certain lifestyle I need to maintain.
Yeah, I'm a little Confused.
I might need a partner.
A partner in what? One of your coked-out tv stars is playing Blackjack with these.
And again, it's the wrong color.
Um I'll call you later, okay? 'Cause right now I gotta go break someone's arm.
Just kidding.
I didn't peg you as a believer.
Well, I like to read the passages.
It's relaxing.
You make sure that watch stays right where it is.
It's an iwc.
It's worth about 10 g's.
I'm no thief.
That's not what your boy Ray says.
I lent that punk He never paid me back, so I stole his watch.
[ Silverware clanking ] In my book, that ain't stealing.
[ Mid-tempo music plays ] Hey.
Lookin' for Tim rowe.
Come on.
Don't embarrass yourself, big guy.
I know rowe owns this place.
I don't know where he is.
Well, when you track him down, tell him Detective broder, l.
, was here.
And tell him I want to have a quick chat about a kid named Tom curran.
Who says homicide detectives are a complete waste of time? Dean's outside rowe's apartment, right? Jaimie will be fine.
That wasn't the question.
He's there.
Any progress with Hoffman? Put the worm on the hook.
But before he could bite, he had to go spank some drugged-out actor for playing poker with fake chips.
[ Cellphone beeping ] Excuse me a second.
Okay? Yeah? [ sighs ] Make it quick, 'cause What? When? Well, what'd he say? And what did you say? Just keep your mouth shut.
Everything okay? I have to go back to work for a while.
Rain check.
Okay? He was nervous as hell when the bartender called.
Plus he has the Vic's iwc watch.
He's our guy.
There's no doubt.
Well, it doesn't prove he killed the kid.
Hell, that's not even enough for a search warrant.
He's guilty, Carter.
I could see it in his eyes and his demeanor.
We need a confession, jaimie.
That's it.
That's the only way we're gonna make this case.
Dial up your cover.
For this punk to open up, he needs to think you're as big a loser as he is.
What about Alex? She's okay with me getting aggressive on this? Yeah.
She's cool.
All right.
[ Indistinct conversations ] Dealer: You have 15, sir.
Sorry, sir.
[ Sighs ] Well, hey, it's just It's just money.
Right, baby? Well, how much was that? That is $5,000.
What? So if we win, we will hook us a suite at the peninsula.
And if we lose? The motel 6.
[ Sighs ] I will stick.
Dealer: Dealer has 15.
Dealer has21.
Better luck next time.
[ sighs ] What do you say, baby, we head over to the motel 6 and I can't.
Billy: Mnh-mnh.
Sexy as hell.
Isn't she, Ray? See, the problem is, Ray, she's only allowed to date winners.
There he is.
What are you doin' here? Uh, workin'.
You? Eh, I snuck in a few hands of Blackjack here and there.
Made a little lunch money.
Nice! [ chuckles ] Good for you.
Hey, you book that 5k into evidence yet? Yep.
Took care of that this afternoon.
[ slaps Carter's shoulder ] Good.
[ slaps ty's shoulder ] What time you meeting Hoffman? Oh.
Good luck.
It's tricky.
It's like he's part mama's boy, part scumbag.
Yeah, in L.
, that's called being an Agent.
Almond milk.
I'm flattered.
Did you make progress with curran's mystery girlfriend? No, but jaimie's still working rowe, so What do you mean "working"? I told her to escalate her cover and make herself a little dirtier.
I get it, but But what? What's the problem? I don't think jaimie running around in a tight dress is an effective use of our resources.
[ Chuckles ] You learn that phrase at quantico? We need to focus on Hoffman.
Bust him in a coke deal and press him to see what he knows about the murder.
I agree, but why not Chase rowe, too? Who knows? Maybe he'll open up to jaimie and start talking about curran.
But there's something else going on here.
Isn't there? No secrets.
Remember? INeed to get going.
[ Door opens ] Yo, "t".
Good morning.
Come on.
Let's go.
How's single life treating you? It's okay.
How's Melissa doin'? Melissa is, uh Moved into a new apartment.
Cost me $7,000 to get her all moved in.
But Melissa is happy.
Look, I can't believe you separated.
Well It's for real.
All right, come on, man.
Let's go.
Gotta go find curran's dark-haired bimbo.
First, we gotta go, uh, by rowe's bar.
Pay his punk ass the vig.
I don't get it.
This gambling thing? [ scoffs ] Makes no sense.
I mean, you blow a month's wages on some stupid card game? [ Scoffs ] for 12k apiece? From what I hear, that sounds like a pretty good price.
But why come to me with this? I don't know a damn thing about selling drugs.
Well, what makes you think I do? Oh You have so many connections, friends, clients.
Yeah, I, uh I don't play with cocaine.
Bad odds.
Even if we're careful.
In years back, my kind-hearted boss told me to deliver an eight-ball to a client.
It was a, uh, half-a-queen action hero.
Anyway I got pinched.
And -- poof! -- my fancy Hollywood career went up in smoke.
Just like that.
That's it.
Oh, for the love of Christ.
I mean, if this guy spent his time making counterfeit Franklins, he'd have a shot, but chips, really? Get outta here.
He doesn't think we check this stuff? Listen.
I like the way you're thinking, but I'm sorry.
I don't play with powder.
If I want to kiss you, Billy, I'll give you the heads-up.
Got it? Wow.
You're gonna fall in love with me.
I mean, eventually.
[ Chuckles ] "Be not quick in your spirit to become angry, for anger lodges only in the bosom of fools.
" Ecclesiastes 7:9.
I know I need to Get past the anger, but it's hard.
[ Sniffles ] My ex is such a He's mean Violent, and this custody fight is Just driving me crazy.
I'll bet.
How old's your son? [ Purse rustles ] [ chuckles ] [ Chuckles ] He's cute.
[ sniffles ] It's too bad his dad's such a Oh, it would just be easier if that son of a bitch disappeared.
She's pushing her luck.
Jaimie's fearless.
That's the problem.
Rowe: Disappeared? How? Like "move to miami" disappear or Something else? "Move to miami" would be good, but "something else" would be even better.
Some people just don't deserve to be alive.
Why are you tellin' me all this? I barely know you.
I'm getting her out of there.
Just give her a chance.
She knows what she's doing.
He's getting suspicious.
I'm pulling her.
[ cellphone beeps ] Take off your shirt.
What the hell are you talking about? I said, take off your shirt.
I like aggressive men, Tim, but I need a little more foreplay than this.
I want to see what's under there.
They're called breasts.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Purse rustles ] Sorry.
Ma? Is everything okay? Jaimie, get out of there.
Okay, I'll be right there.
[ Sniffles ] My son has this stomach thing.
Throwing up.
So I need to go.
But just for kicks Unbutton your shirt.
[ Purse thuds ] It's all me under there.
[ chuckles ] [ Sighs ] I I gotta go.
My son's sick.
What the hell was that about? Why blow the whistle? I was close.
I could feel it.
You're out.
What? He was looking for a wire.
Yeah, and he didn't find one, did he? Because it's on my purse! So what's your problem, Alex? You're done.
Hear me? Done.
Do you have problem with me or something? Excuse me? It's like you're rooting against me.
Every single time I get close to rowe or solving the case, you just -- you get more pissed.
I'm moving on.
To what? Hoffman.
He passed on the coke deal.
We'll bust him for something else.
Such as? You sure Hoffman's interested? Said he's extremely intrigued.
With you.
He knows better.
He doesn't.
Trust me.
He's all about the odds, and the odds on this are fantastic.
Exchanging counterfeit dollars for casino chips is easy money.
These cashiers aren't exactly geniuses.
How much cash you bring? $10,000.
Figured we'd start small.
Don't want him to get suspicious.
One gun should do it, al.
I mean, this guy's more likely to pull out a facial scrub than a nine.
What's the ask? How do you know this guy again? Why does it matter? [ chuckles ] Because I like to know the facts.
His name's Dave.
He has three nightclubs, and he buys counterfeit money from his cousin in South Korea.
And you just Happened to bump into him last night.
I called him, after you made that joke about how your client should focus on making counterfeit Franklins instead of bogus chips.
What's your cut? I'm putting up all the cash.
You're in for 20, and that is a gift.
Now, as for the price, I will pay 30 And not a Penny more.
He said 40.
Unh-unh, unh-unh.
[ Sighs ] [ Cellphone dialing ] [ Ringing ] Dave, it's me.
Remember that guy I was telling you about? Right.
He wants to pay 30.
He says 35 is the best he can do.
Right on.
He won't go higher than 30, Dave.
Really? Bam! That's how I roll, bitches! See, didn't I tell you? I used to be a baller back in the day? Right? I used to run crazy-mad circles around those studio clowns.
You got the money with you now? Yeah.
Of course I do.
Now, seriously.
Tonight? Me and you.
And "no" is not an option.
I'm serious.
What? You're under arrest.
Looks like we're gonna have to reschedule dinner, there, Billy.
Oh, for the love of Christ.
This is lovely.
Okay, okay.
So, this is entrapment.
'Cause there was no propensity to commit a criminal act on my part.
I mean, what do you guys take me for, a friggin' idiot? I went to law school for two years, you jackass.
If you actually finished law school, you'd know the only thing that matters is what you can actually prove, you jackass.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You're screwed.
Counterfeiting's a class "a" felony.
Not to mention the drug prior.
But there's a way out -- Tom curran.
Oh, I don't know anything about that.
Oh, really? Oh.
That's too bad.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
I know something.
I know something.
Wait, what did you think I said? No, I-I know something.
But I want complete immunity.
That depends on how helpful you are.
[ Sighs ] Curran was losing a lot of money at the Blackjack table.
So I hooked him up with a lender, Tim rowe.
What was your cut? Problem is Curran never made any payments.
Ducked rowe's phone calls.
Kept gambling and borrowing.
So I tried to help him.
Called his sister.
Told her about the whole situation.
But instead of getting a "thank you," took a swing at me.
That was it.
That was like the last I saw of him.
Police later on that day discover his car covered in blood.
So who killed him? Rowe? He's the leader in the clubhouse.
Did he ever say anything about the killing? Oh, please.
Not a word.
I mean, you know, we're not exactly besties.
And you're okay wearing a wire? Are you crazy? If I even mention the murder to rowe, he's gonna get suspicious.
And then he's gonna kill me.
You know, I'm not exactly a hero, guys.
I sort of sensed that about you.
He's right about rowe.
He's paranoid as hell these days.
I know, but what's the alternative? Jaimie.
Rowe: What are you doin'?! I got you a present.
"100 inspirational bible passages.
" I saw it at the bookstore, so I got it for you.
[ Chuckles ] So, my son is feeling better today.
Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.
I was thinking we could do something later? Sure.
Now, you just be prepared to get freaky.
So, we decide to question curran's father.
We're over at his place, and in his office, I see on his desk this picture of this cute, dark-haired girl.
I ask him about it.
You're gonna love this.
The woman he's hugging on the day he got murdered is his sister.
His sister? So there was never a second girlfriend? Exactly.
We talked to her.
The sister.
She was at the casino convincing him to meet with rowe at macarthur park.
Rowe called her that day anonymously, right? Told her about all the debts and the problems and said he wanted a face-to-face with curran or he was gonna put a bullet in the back of his head.
But if he showed up, he'd let him walk, head intact.
And she believed him? Unfortunately.
Well, why didn't she tell the l.
This? Well, I don't think she's exactly thrilled to let the world know that she helped orchestrate her brother's murder.
So, mystery is solved, answer is irrelevant.
[ sets bottle down ] I'm late.
I got a date with a thai yoga instructor.
[ Door opens, closes ] So we're getting close to busting this idiot.
That's good, 'cause he's a punk, man.
Shooting somebody over a freakin' loan is stupid.
You don't pop somebody over that.
He was probably just a reckless kid who got carried away.
You know? You talkin' about curran or you? The 5k You borrowed from rowe.
You never booked it into evidence.
I lost it, Carter, playing Blackjack.
I met this cute girl.
I'm hanging out with her.
We had a couple drinks, you know? I mean, I got caught up in the buzz, the excitement.
You blew 5 grand on some bimbo? Do you realize you just gave this prick the perfect defense?! "Undercover cop pins murder rap on my client to get out from under his debt"?! That's crap, man.
It's reasonable doubt! And that's all that matters! Not to mention your reputation, your career.
You don't gamble away evidence, ty.
I'll make it back, okay? I'll make it back quick.
You give me 24 hours, I'll get the money back! I promise! Wire's all set.
It's pretty sensitive, so no need to talk loud or anything.
Carter: Just be calm, and lead with that story about curran's sister.
It's the best way in.
I promise you.
Billy: Right.
She came to the casino late last night.
She's feeling all guilty about getting duped in setting up the murder -- I got it.
But pretend that she's actually in the loop, that she knows who rowe is, that curran told her all about the loans and the threats.
Carter: You need to sell the idea that the sister can tie rowe to the murder.
Make this about you.
Okay? You're worried about getting swept up in the investigation.
That's why you're there To protect yourself.
I'm out.
I'm out.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
Okay? Listen to me.
If you want to get me for counterfeiting, give it a shot.
It will not stick.
'Cause like I said, I went to law school for two years, and my second cousin is a defense attorney, okay? Truth is, you're probably right.
You might win.
I'd say it's 50-50.
Here you go.
Heads, you do five years.
Tails, you walk.
You wanna play those odds? [ Slams desk ] Go ahead.
Be my guest.
Go ahead! I got no upside here! Do you understand that? I screw up, I'm dead.
I hit it out of the park, and I go back to even -- a working stiff in a second-rate casino taking people's money! It ever occur to you that there's a kid out there at the bottom of a ditch, and that you could actually help his grieving parents find closure?! I know it sounds crazy, but why not help [ slaps Billy's chest ] 'Cause it's the right thing to do? You're right.
That sounds completely crazy.
You know what? I'm sick of this.
You got five seconds to decide.
I-I One Two Three Four I'll do it! All right? And by the way, watch and learn, Carter, because I am gonna get a confession.
Just remember to tell rowe -- Carter! Please.
I might be a pussy, but I'm a great liar.
I was an Agent, remember? Thanks for getting the wire in rowe's office.
Glad to be of service.
Look, I know I've been pretty outspoken about your tactics.
Oh, really? I didn't notice.
What are you trying to say? You pulled me out too soon, and I'm pissed.
Years ago, I was [Sighs] I was trying to get close to this gun runner.
Things got flirty, so I ran with it.
Then one night, he wanted more than witty banter.
Got rough.
Hit me a few times, broke my jaw.
So, yeah You're probably right.
I did pull you too soon.
[ Exhales sharply ] If you don't mind, I'd Prefer to keep this between us.
Well, looks like our white night just arrived.
[ Car alarm activates ] [ Camera shutter clicks ] About the cash, Carter Um, look, I sold my baseball-card collection, but the stupid son of a bitch only gave me 1,500, so I might need a little bit more time.
I took care of it.
I booked the money into evidence this morning.
Well, I'll pay you back.
I will.
Does Alex know about this? No.
You gonna tell her? No.
Now shut up and listen to the damn wire.
Curran's sister knows my name?! Yes.
Why else would I be here? What else did she say? That curran told her about the loans, the interest payments, and the threats, and that you told her to get him to macarthur park the night that he disappeared.
Are you wearing a wire, Billy? Yeah, I'm wearing a wire.
Just for you.
I thought it would go good with the jacket.
What are you, crazy? You happy? Why is this chick going to you and not the cops? I'm not sure.
She tells me that her brother trusted me.
I know.
I mean, I-it's stupid, I know.
That's what she told me.
Yeah, but that doesn't explain why she's going to you and not the police! How the hell am I supposed to know why she's talking to me, Tim? Am I shrink? Dude's pretty good.
I'm gonna ask you one more time why you're really here, Billy! To save my ass.
The cops have been harassing me ever since this kid disappeared.
And if they go after you, they're gonna drag me into your mess.
They're gonna bust me on some trumped-up accessory charge.
I know it.
The good news is, we still have time to take care of this problem.
What are you saying? You saying we should do something to this broad? Yeah, I'm saying, if she's telling the truth, you're going down.
[ sighs ] Which means I'm going down.
And guess what.
I'm not going down.
ThisPreppy son of a bitch steals my money.
Stiffs me.
I didn't want to kill him, but he was going to the cops.
What was I supposed to do? What was that? What was what? That little smile.
Let's take him down now! [ Gunshot ] Damn it! [ Gunfire ] Alex! In here! Jaimie, secure the front! I need an ambulance right away.
[ Both grunting ] [ Panting ] I'm a cop.
Did you really think I'd get freaky with your dumb ass?! [ Straining ] Hey, Billy? Wow.
If I knew you were coming, I would have put on a more revealing gown.
Too bad he didn't shoot you in the mouth.
[ Chuckles ] Baby girl, uh, give us a couple minutes? Please? Thank you.
[ Siren wails in distance ] You're actually pretty brave For a coward.
Rowe confessed to the murder, told us where the body is.
So, like it or not, you actually did a pretty good thing here, Billy.
UhUm Mozza.
You and me Saturday.
I'll take that as a yes.
You have the key? Yep.
Too bad.
[ Chuckles ] So How we doin'? What do you mean? Us.
The first week together.
" Yeah.
I'd say we did pretty good.
Me too.
But like we talked about, the key is being open and honest.
No secrets.
No secrets here.
You? Nope.
Oh, good.
[ Moaning ]