Dark Blue s02e05 Episode Script

Brother's Keeper

Now I get it.
I've been saying for months, that these anti-government extremist groups are a huge problem.
Erikson's been a bomb waiting to go off, even before arroyo.
They're worried about Kyle Erikson.
Maybe that's got something to do with the fact that he shot one of their agents and got away with it.
What's up? Oh.
You, uh Left this on the nightstand last night.
Thank you.
I don't think that's necessary, Lisa.
All of our intel says that he's here in L.
And we've got an undercover in right now with an accomplice of erikson's named Kenneth Cobb.
You're the first to know.
"Joint task force evaluation"? Some of us actually do paperwork.
Didn't know you were spying on us.
It's that time of year, Carter.
It happens to all of us.
I get evaluated by my boss.
And I get evaluated by mine You.
You really care what it says about you in a report? No.
And less than no.
You? You mean, do I ever want to make more than $60,000 a year and stop living out of a suitcase? Yes.
You make that much? Agent rice.
What?! We're on the way.
Apparently, there's a couple of sheriffs outside the house where Dean is.
Can you pull the sheriffs off? Already at the door.
Sheriff's department! Open the door! Whoo! Brother, it is on! Think about this, kenny, okay? Hold on.
They got no right to be here, man.
This is private property! You stole a car, and it's parked in your driveway.
It's not an invitation, but come on, kenny.
No, man.
This is just pretense.
This is how they do it.
Little by little, they're taking our country away from us.
Open up! Open the door! Now! Will you Will you turn the music down and talk to me, kenny, please? Or at least take it off repeat.
What are you What are you doing, kenny? Come on.
Exercising my rights as a sovereign citizen.
She's been itching for this.
A little something for you, too, baby.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Cobb, look.
I did not hook up with you to kill cops, okay? The only reason I'm here is 'cause you said you were in with Kyle Erikson.
Screw Erikson! We're on the front lines now, dawg! So what, kenny, we're not joining up with them, huh? Is that what you're telling me? Why the hell do you keep asking me about Erikson? W-why, man? Why? 'Cause he's a legend.
Come on, man.
You heard about arroyo.
Atf busts his compound.
One of them gets hit.
Sheriff's department! Open the door! Big deal! Erikson probably didn't even pull the trigger! So, you lied.
You don't even work with Erikson.
Don't sweat it, bro.
We're about to be way bigger than Erikson.
Or do I have to do you before these pigs? No.
Let's do it.
Let's do it! Here we go.
On three.
Ready? Yeah! OneTwo Oh, uh, kenny, one thing.
I'm a cop.
Where's ty? Getting his beauty sleep.
Careful, Dean.
Alex might put that in her evaluation report.
It's just a routine report.
Well, don't forget our excessive use of force and a liberal interpretation of the Miranda rights.
Got anything new from Cobb? No.
We put him under the lamp, but he gave us nothing new.
I thought he was part of Kyle Erikson's extremist group.
Liberty sons? No.
They had a falling-out.
And according to Cobb, Erikson thinks of himself as a kind of messiah.
Wants to be a rock star.
Seen his fan-page websites? Guy's got groupies.
He's a good-looking guy.
Bad guys can be good-looking.
Did Cobb give up anyone else who might be in contact with Erikson? I mean, someone's helping him hide out.
The only thing Cobb hates worse than Erikson is police.
Even if he knew something, he wouldn't tell us.
So we're nowhere.
I got someone.
Neal Erikson Kyle's younger brother.
The two seem close First bouncing around foster homes, then partners in crime.
We talked about this guy before.
He's in jail.
Atf already questioned him in prison.
There's no way he's gonna flip on his brother.
We don't flip him.
We use him to lead us to his brother.
And how the hell are we gonna do that? We break him out of jail.
DARK BLUE S2 - E5 Really? Good morning.
Tough night? You missed the meeting.
I did? Mm-hmm.
I was working late.
On the Erikson case? UhNo, actually.
Alex had me working surveil on someone out in compton, a fed thing.
Wow, man.
This lasagna and veggies is a hell of a science experiment.
Guess you've been burning at both ends since you and Melissa split, huh? No, not really.
What did I miss? Carter has a plan to catch Erikson, but it needs a lot of prep.
Let me jump in the shower.
Would it kill you to use a glass? Neal Erikson Transfer to L.
Copy that.
Watch your step.
Got another transfer.
Actually, I only got an order for two, sir.
He was supposed to go this morning, but his tummy hurt.
It's an intestinal disorder Possibly an ulcer, which, by the way, if ignored, is an actionable offense.
He's all yours.
You're Kyle Erikson's brother, aren't you? What's it to you, man? Nothing.
Just hear the dudes in the yard talking about him like he's some kind of hero, so Your brother's that militia guy? I saw him on "america's most wanted assholes," right? I can't get you an autograph, if that's where this is headed.
Ray Blake.
Carter pine.
Prison doc says I need surgery.
Like I'd let those hacks cut me open.
The only prison docs worth any damn good are at San Quentin.
That's where I'm headed.
That right? First thing you got to check out in the joint Medical facilities, honestly.
You talk a lot, Ray.
Yeah, it's a nervous tic.
No big deal.
They should be close.
So, what's this evaluation report all about? Are we being judged? No.
But don't worry I think you do a great job, and I know it's not easy.
Thanks, sister.
I'm serious.
Keep it up, you're gonna have an amazing career.
Ty and Carter coming your way, Dean.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Give me the gun now.
I know you got it on you.
Give me the gun.
Let's go! All right, keys Let's go.
Let's go! Get out now! Let's go! Get out.
Shut the door.
Shut it! How you doing, brother? That's your brother? You were right about that guard.
from Irene, and he sang about this transfer.
Nice work.
Here you go.
All right, what about these two? Kill them? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Are you sure that's what you want to do? 'Cause there's other options.
I think what the human chihuahua is trying to say is that adding two homicides to what is otherwise a clean getaway is stupid.
Ground rules You do anything I don't like, I shoot you in the face.
Anyone got a problem with that? You waiting for a show of hands? Come on! Let's go! Go, go! Let's go! Go! This your place? Nah, my old lady's.
You get the hell out of here! Baby! Don't you "baby" me.
I didn't think you two were dumb enough to break out of jail.
What, no hello kiss? Shut up.
You bring two felons here with you? Are you crazy? What are you thinking? They're never happy to see you when you first get out of the joint.
We just need a place to lie low till the heat dies.
That's all.
Come on, baby.
You know I can't live without you.
Hmm? Come on.
Come to daddy.
Want me to do that thing I do to you? Two days.
After that, I'll call the cops on you myself.
This reunion is touching, but, uh, I'm out, fellas.
Thanks for the ride.
Nobody's going anywhere.
Hey, listen.
You tell your lady what to do, okay? Not me.
You got someplace better to go? Yeah.
A beach in Mexico.
And how you gonna get there? Oh, I'm a resourceful guy.
Well, let me put it to you this way.
You get caught, you could throw the cops to us.
And I can't have that.
I don't know what to tell you.
You point that thing at me again, I'm gonna shove it so far up your ass.
Don't be stupid.
You want to stay free, we need money.
Yeah, and clothes.
Clothes, we can get.
And money? Bro, you still got that stash? Yeah.
I'll get it.
Come on, it's not like that.
All right.
I'll call you later.
Met a girl.
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
Where? Funny thing is I met her on the surveil in compton.
Dating a mark? No.
But she helped sell the cover.
Carter's got them all at his house.
Now, how in the hell did Ray Blake end up in the van? No choice, Alex.
They threw the dude in.
We'll deal with him later.
Why don't we let neal go? Trail him while he looks up his brother? And what if he decides to rip off a liquor store or shoot a nun? Good point.
Look, I promised that we'd be in complete control of neal while we had him out.
So how do we motivate him to find his brother, huh? What do these extremists like more than anything? You think they could have found me something more conspicuous? Honestly, the damn thing's bright enough to read by.
Shut up, Ray.
These are all clean, untraceable.
Think your brother might be in the market? Why are you so interested in my brother? Because we need money, and your brother sounds like someone who likes guns.
I haven't spoken to my brother in three years.
That's called "going to prison.
" And even if I did know where he is, why would I put him in business with a bunch of fugitives like you? Well, wouldn't he want to help out his little brother? Hey.
I don't need my brother fixing my problems, okay? I might know somebody.
Good friend of mine.
He's always looking for guns.
See? Solves the whole problem.
Yeah, what's his name? Big Tommy.
"Big Tommy"? Okay.
What's big Tommy's last name? W-what does it matter? You want us to do a deal with your good friend, whose last name you don't even know? Yeah.
Shut up, Ray.
Just shut up.
Yeah, shut up, Ray.
Neal didn't go for the guns.
What's the problem? There might be a little less brotherly love there than I thought.
Can I help you, Ray? Yeah, my stomach is killing me.
Did you get any of that pink crap? No! Geez.
What kind of house is this, anyway? How long have you lived here? There's no medicine, no pictures it's weird.
We'll get you something for your stomach.
But firstBig Tommy.
You really trust him? Yeah.
We've done a lot of business.
Give him a call.
All right.
I'll get bt's ass on the phone right now.
What are you doing? Stopping Ray's intestinal issues from derailing the whole investigation.
By making a deal with his friend? I think I have a way of getting rid of Ray and forcing neal to find his brother.
If he thinks we're really on the run It's gonna be hard to keep the whole ruse going out in the real world.
It might be harder stuck in this room.
I promised the brass we'd be in complete control of this situation at all times.
See? That's why I never make promises.
Big Tommy is all systems go.
This guy gonna show or what? Big Tommy's nothing if not reliable.
Top dollar, Ray.
No friend discounts, no side deals.
There he is.
Hey, hey.
We're not in the prison yard anymore.
We're business partners now, huh? Right.
And if you come back with a dollar less than we talked about, I'm gonna have my brother, Dean, run you over in the parking lot.
You seeing the blonde? The one with the glock? Let's go.
! Put your hands where I can see them! Hey! Hey! Hey! Put your hands where I can see them! Ow! No! Psst! Psst! Get out of here.
You're gonna want to get out of here.
That's sweet of you, Ray.
Oh, my stomach hurts.
Take it easy.
Come on, take it easy! We set up one deal, and the cops bust us? Screw easy! They were after big Tommy.
It wasn't even about us.
Ray strike you as the strong, silent type? H-he's probably trading up everything he knows about us right now to save his own ass.
Your girlfriend's gonna be pissed, huh? You think? All right.
So, look.
We l we lay low until we come up with a plan.
Plans take money.
Which, thanks to Ray, we're still short on.
Look, boys.
I think it's time we ended our brief, but deeply meaningful, partnership.
Good luck, huh? What? Suddenly you got some place to go?! Hey, get your hands off of me! Back off! Hey, get your hands off of me! Stop it, both of you! Come on, man! From what I hear, your brother's pretty good at hiding out.
Now, you call him and tell him we need a place to stay.
Why would I do that? Because we saved your assTwice, and you owe us.
And you know as well as I do your brother's our best chance at staying free.
He's not gonna be easy to find, man.
Then we better get started.
It's goosedown, water resistant.
Real soft Go ahead, give it a feel.
You ever been, uh, beach camping? It's pretty romantic.
Hold on one second.
What's up, neal? Thought you were in the clink.
Yeah, well, good behavior, man.
We need to talk.
In private.
All right.
What do you say we give that thing a test-drive? Phew! If you broke out, leave now.
I do not need that kind of heat, man, seriously.
We're looking for Kyle.
Has he come to see you lately? Yeah, I've I've seen him.
And if I see him again, he's dead.
Kyle came in here looking for some guns.
Told him, "sure.
Why not? Just like old times, right?" Except this time, your douchebag brother decided not to pay me.
He jacked you? Yeah.
Told me to consider it a donation for the movement.
I fronted for the guns, man.
He put me in a real bad financial situation, 'cause, see, contrary to appearances, Glenn's big outdoors Not doing so great.
Do you know where he is? No.
And I don't want to know.
Well, if we can find him, we can get your money.
You don't get it, do you? I don't want my money.
He's changed, neal.
Okay? I don't want anything to do with that crazy son of a bitch.
And now that I know what he's planning Neither should you.
I think you guys should leave.
I got your call.
Dean's coming in.
He says they have something on Kyle Erikson.
Did you have ty doing some sort of surveillance in compton? I did A few weeks ago.
Turned out to be a dead end.
What? Nothing.
Hey, did you run a bg on our man? Yeah.
Glenn fischer.
He's been picked up a couple of times for buying and selling illegal guns.
Okay, well, Glenn fischer said that Erikson came in recently to buy hardware off him.
Did he say for what? No, we didn't get that far.
But he did say it was for something big.
Got to give Erikson props Shoots an atf Agent and still won't lay low? Guy's a player.
Haul his ass in.
See if he really knows anything.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute, now.
I don't know.
Even though Glenn hates Erikson, he's still got that "don't tread on me" attitude.
He may not talk, even if we ask politely.
We still got the same guns as before, so if Glenn's still dealing, we just sell him a couple, pop him.
All right.
Take a run at Glenn with jaimie.
Hey, Dean.
How close is neal to finding his brother? Still working on it.
Can Carter really keep this contained? Ty, where the hell are you? You're gonna be late for your own sting.
Welcome to Glenn's big outdoors.
What can I do you for? Ah I need help.
Well, I'm always happy to help a damsel in distress.
I need a gun.
What kind of gun? I don't know.
I was mugged a few months ago.
The guy had a knife, so it shook me up pretty bad.
Yeah, I bet it did.
Were you hurt? No, but he got my money.
The truth is, I don't like guns, but the police were so freakin' useless.
I know what you mean.
I think I got exactly what you need.
Right here.
It's heavy.
You've never shot before.
I could show you how.
That'd be great.
Really? I-I mean Cool.
There's one problem.
When I was younger, I got a couple petty thefts, and they were bumped up into felonies.
Is there any way around that? Anything for you, doll.
This is a gun here that doesn't necessarily need to be registered.
Well, how much? UhMake me an offer.
Cash only.
Aw, you got to be kidding me.
So, Alex is grilling Glenn.
It turns out he has three weapons charges, so if he knows anything, he's gonna talk.
You didn't have to pull an audible.
I had no choice.
You were late.
I was three minutes late.
A lot can happen in three minutes.
I'm sorry, jaimie.
You working surveillance again last night? Why do you say it like that? 'Cause I talked to Alex.
The surveillance she asked you to do was over two weeks ago.
You checking up on me now? Don't deflect.
What's up with the girl? She's having fun, jaimie.
I'm having fun.
No foul, no harm, right? What you do on your own personal time is your business.
Just don't let it screw up my job.
Good time for a drink? It's always a good time for a drink in this place, man.
Is that neal? Frankie.
I'm assuming this visit isn't sanctioned by the California department of corrections.
This is, uh We don't need to use names.
This is a friend of mine.
Friends drink free here.
What kind of bar you running here, Frankie? It's more like a social club.
Listen, you seen Kyle around? Has he come by for a drink, maybe some relief? Baby, it's been a long time since your brother's had to pay for it.
He did call, though, looking for some money.
You got a phone number? Might not even be good anymore.
You know how cautious he is.
Let's go.
What's the rush? You boys are welcome to stay.
Everything free for friends? Just drinks.
We're a little light on cash right now.
Next time.
I'm glad you and your brother worked past all that crap.
I didn't really have a choice, did I? We should gogo back to the hot, call your brother.
This is all I got left.
Pump number three.
Excuse me.
Can I help you, officers? We saw you across the street.
You know you have a broken taillight? Uh, I'll get that fixed right away.
Sorry about that.
Can I see your license and registration? Listen, I'm a cop.
Lieutenant Carter Shaw.
I'm in the middle of an undercover case.
I need you to get back in your patrol unit and drive away.
You got to do better than that, buddy.
Call it in now L.
Ask for Agent Alex rice.
So now you're a fed.
Where's your junior g-man badge, then? Listen, don't ruin your careers over this, guys.
All right, secret Agent man, step back.
Get down on the ground, man.
Get his gun.
Let's go.
How you like me now, bitch? I said, "let's go.
" What are you gonna do, man? You gonna shoot me over this pig? Kill you or go down for killing a cop? Easy choice.
Nice! Hey.
What's up? Just checking in.
See if you were planning on shooting any old ladies or puppies after jacking those two cops.
Well, you see, the thing about that was Do you have any idea how big of a deal that was? I had it under control, Alex.
You let a convicted felon put a gun on an officer.
We got a phone number for Kyle Erikson.
Neal andean are upstairs right now waiting for a callback.
We're close to getting Erikson.
Come on.
I got this.
I should pull you for being such a pain in the ass.
Why don't you put that in my evaluation report? It's been a whole day.
Your brother gonna call or what? If it's his number, he'll call.
That bartender said something about you getting over something with Kyle.
What'd she mean? Man, w-what did you do, watch some kind of self-help tv while I was taking a leak? I just want to know if you can deliver on this.
If you can't, then no offense, but you can go to hell.
I was doing time in chino for something Kyle did.
You took the rap for him? Yeah.
Him and one of his dumb militia men, Reese, knocked over a jewelry store in Portland.
The feds caught up with Reese, and he told them it was me he hit that store with, not Kyle.
He told him to say that? Why the hell would you go along with something like that? 'Cause he'd do the same for me.
You sure about that? Hello? Yeah.
It's been a long time, Kyle.
Long time.
Good news Kyle Erikson called back.
He agreed to hide us.
Where is he? I didn't speak to him directly.
Neal arranged it.
We're supposed to meet him downtown at midnight.
That's when we'll take him.
Jaimie and ty find out what Erikson's big plan is from Glenn? All Glenn said is that Erikson was planning on assassinating someone.
We had to cut him loose after that.
He give you a name? No, but he did say it was gonna be a political statement.
We're checking to see if there's anyone that Erikson has a grudge with.
A political statement doesn't have to be personal.
Just has to be big.
He'll be looking to hit someone who will get him some press.
We'll bust Erikson tonight and find out who he's targeting.
OrWe don't take him tonight.
I could stay under and find out who he's targeting from the inside.
What do you mean, "no"? Why the hell not? This is coming from my boss.
I told him we didn't have an exact I.
On Erikson's target.
He said if we have a chance to take Erikson, we take him.
Deal with the assassination later.
Busting him doesn't mean we'll stop the hit.
I mean, Erikson may be a megalomaniac, but he's not dumb.
He'll probably send one of his little disciples to do it.
That's your opinion.
I'm just doing what's best for this case.
The case is Kyle Erikson.
We're taking him tonight.
There they are.
What are we looking for? I don't know.
He just said meet him here, midnight.
That's him.
Did you see them? See who? Back there.
The truck.
I didn't see anything.
They're there.
Trust me.
What do you want to do? Looks like they're loading into Erikson's van.
Get ready.
Get out of the van.
What the hell are you doing? Is there some kind of asshole pill they give you guys at the academy? I gave you and Carter exact orders.
He snuck a cellphone in.
He'll call as soon as he figures out who Erikson's targeting, okay? What if Erikson finds the cellphone on him? What if they decide they just don't want Carter around anymore and shoot him?! He'll call.
Get with ty and jaimie and check out the van.
See if there's anything you can get off it about where they might have taken Carter.
You know, he's just doing what's best for the case.
I'm getting tired of hearing that.
Slick move with your brother Sending him out as a decoy.
Any idea how they were on to you? I was about to ask you the same thing.
That's len Man of few words.
He's a good soldier.
No idea why the cops were there? All I know is that I busted neal out, and I kept his ass safe, and then I gave up my brother so you could get away.
That's what I know.
Len Get our guest some coffee.
Huh? Neal's always stepping in it.
Even when we were kids, needed someone to show him the way.
If I hadn't hired a girl to bust his cherry, I think he'd still be a virgin.
That's, uh, Wendy.
That's grace.
Come on, girls.
Show Mr.
pine some hospitality.
If I knew this is what you militia guys did, I would have joined up years ago.
We have restrictions, of course.
Of course.
I think my brother would like some company.
Enjoy yourself.
Did you miss me? Mm-hmm.
Hmm? Anything off the van? No.
Looks like Erikson stole it out of tarzana yesterday.
Ty and Dean are trying to run it down, but Carter? Sorry.
Tell him I'll call him back.
You're really worried.
Erikson's a big case.
I mean about Carter.
Yeah, well, aren't you? Mm-hmm.
Take it easy on the bear.
I know we planned this for later, but what with my brother showing up, people might be looking for him.
Don't know how much longer we'll be safe here.
It's our chance to make history.
One bullet in washburn Will change everything.
Be another shot heard 'round the world.
They'll write poems about it.
I know I can count on you.
It Carter.
Where are you? Erikson's looking to kill someone named washburn.
Federal courthouse.
Look for, uh, prosecutors, judges something like that.
Okay, uh, there's a federal judge named washburn.
Looks like he ruled a big case against some of these militia types last year.
That's got to be it.
Find him.
This is officer jaimie Allen with the l.
I need to speak with judge washburn.
Where are you? Erikson's not making the hit himself.
He sent someone else A kid, maybe 24, thin, black hair, crew cut.
We'll get to washburn, Carter.
Alex, he already sent him.
You have to move now.
No one can get him on his cell.
He's due in court right now.
We have to get to him first.
Carter, where the hell are you? Put down the damn phone.
Carter's cover's blown.
Let's get to the judge.
What about Carter? There's no time.
Call ty and Dean.
What the hell are you doing? I'm a cop, neal.
I did not see that coming.
Put the gun down.
Why? Why would I do that? Because your brother is about to execute a federal judge, and no matter what happens, you'll be an accomplice.
You already took the fall for him once, neal.
Don't do it again.
So, what? You gonna help me Is that it? if I cooperate? Please.
Kyle! Get in here! What the hell is this? He's a cop.
Drop your gun, Kyle.
Kyle, don't.
I can't believe he shot me.
There he is.
Judge washburn.
Hey! I'm special Agent Alex rice, FBI.
Put your guns down! L.
There's been a threat made on your life.
Put your guns down! Gun! Drop it.
Drop it! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.
I surrender.
You killed your brother just to try to get away? What are little brothers for? You're sick.
Aah! Hey.
Yeah, I'm fine.
All right, I'll see you later.
I will be a national hero for what I did today, even in jail.
Don't start writing your memoirs just yet.
They stopped crew cut and your girlfriend before they could get to judge washburn.
You're a joke.
Gah! That was some old-school undercover, lieutenant.
Great job.
I wish I was under with laker girls, but we worked it out.
Where you going? Good job today.
I didn't even see her coming.
Well, you got the primary suspect.
I just got lucky.
You're good.
I wasn't judging your night life.
I just want to do a good job.
You probably think I'm an asshole that I split up with Mel, huh? No.
I get it.
Really? Our jobs are great.
Just not a lot of room for other people.
Maybe in the long run, you did her a favor, huh? Good night.
He good? Mm-hmm.
Hungry? No, I ate.
Sex? Nice try.
How about a beer? Sure.
So Your bosses must be happy.
Got Kyle Erikson, saved a life.
They're happy about the bust.
But when the bureau gives you an order, you're expected to follow it, so I guess I won't be getting a gold star on my evaluation.
You know I really don't care what you write about m.
I think you care that we're sleeping together, we work together, and I get to tell people what I really think about you.
Well, when you put it like that.
All right.
Let's make it even.
Give me an honest evaluation.
Really? Special Agent Alex rice exhibits sharp tactical skills, good leadership qualities I like it so far.
But lacks creativity and can be inflexible.
" Just being honest.
So am I.
"Though lieutenant Shaw's unorthodox methods "often yield results, "he's chronically belligerent, "disdainful of authority, independently minded to the point of narcissistic.
" "Belligerent," "disdainful," "narcissistic"? Just add "opinionated" and "charmless," and I think you nailed it.
It's a joke, Carter.
I can't show you the real report.
You look like you could use a steak and a couple Martinis, on me.
If it's on you.
You know, um, "belligerent," "narcissistic" just seem just a little strong.
Just wait till you try and get me in bed tonight.
I'll show you inflexible.
Come on, I was joking too.